The Mainstream Media Ignores 100,000+ Progressive Protesters At People’s Climate March

people's climate march
A crowd estimated at between 100,000-200,000 progressive protesters who are are peacefully marching through New York City is being ignored by the mainstream media.

Live video from The People’s Climate March:

Marchers filled up an estimated twenty-five city blocks in what is being described as the largest action against climate change in history, but the mainstream television coverage has been invisible. The march went ignored by the Sunday morning news shows, which instead chose to focus on ISIS and the NFL.

Cable news provided no live coverage of the event despite the fact that it was taking place in the same city where all three networks are either located or have bureaus. Would it really have been difficult for the so called progressive network MSNBC to go down the street and provide live coverage? A live stream of the march would have been much more interesting to viewers than the standard fare of talking heads discussing the midterm elections.

The media always seems to have an excuse for why they ignore progressive marches, but there is no escaping the fact that they ignored the People’s Climate March because it was an event that drew progressive lawmakers and activists from all around the world. The corporate run media doesn’t want to discuss climate issues out of fear that they will alienate that climate change deniers in the Republican Party.

The climate change marches are happening around the globe, NBC News reported, “In London, organizers said 40,000 took part including actress Emma Thompson and musician Peter Gabriel. A march in Melbourne, Australia drew 10,000 people.” American television networks have decided that citizens don’t need to be informed about the biggest march against climate change in history.

It never ceases to amaze that a tea party rally featuring a dozen people can get more mainstream television coverage than a progressive march that features hundreds of thousands in the nation’s biggest city. The UN Climate Change Summit begins on Tuesday, but if our media can ignore 100,000 voices, there is zero chance that they will ever take their responsibility to inform the American people about climate change seriously.

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  1. Yes, after a pretty good start last week, Meet the Press devolved back into its right wing slant this week. They brought in the token liberal and then they started a conversation with some right wing commentators with a misleading title meant to draw in liberal or moderate views about how some Republicans want to actually raise taxes.

  2. That’s the liberal media for you. I remember the anti-war marches before the Iraq war. Whats that? Oh yeah they didn’t cover that either so I didn’t happen

  3. Seeing that it’s the Republicans who are in denial about climate change. I wouldn’t put it pass them that they have something to do with keeping the media quiet about what is happening today in NYC.

  4. This is the main reason I don’t dwell on their polls that always portray the obstructionist winning,winning & winning. There is no way in he//.

  5. The magic word was peaceful if you had said rioting,looting and burning bet you a $1 every network would have been broadcasting then. That is what get ratings. Nothing peaceful calm and quiet and something the president for, haven’t you learn that yet?

  6. I think the Thom Hartman and Democracy Now channel have it on live today, anyone know what the channel number is on DISH?

  7. 9415 Joan enjoy!

    All they are covering on the other networks is the missing white girl and he crazy white guy who shot cops in PA.

    I am so disappointed in MSNBC.

    Half a million people ignored 5000 tea baggers get a full day overage on fox, CNN and msnbc. Disgusting

  8. Like I posted before, the Roaches are taking over and it’s very, very dangerous when the Media purposely ignores such a large event to cover BS. Very dangerous.

  9. The media is the biggest threat in this country. Freedom of the press is the biggest joke. They should be required to reports impartial facts. To them it’s all about numbers, and they can sale more by keeping dumb stuff going. The days of decent hard working reporters are done. They would rather shove crap down our throats about what Rafael Cruz has to say. Who in the hell cares what this immigrant has to say. The media has to be reeled in.

  10. They will get it when the planet titanic starts listing at 45 degrees. Not until then. Perhaps massive food shortages will get their attention. Then again, being hungry and keeping corporate money may be more desirable than recognizing reality. Problem is, the rest of us go down with their ship.

  11. I was so angry that there was no coverage of a 300,000 people march in NYC that I called their news desks – all of them. I found myself in arguments with several about whether this was a newsworthy event or whether it had anything to do with their regional news. Channel 7 hung up on me for repeating my question, granted it was a question spoken with passion. I live in Boston where you couldn’t buy a single train or bus ticket out of South Station to NYC this morning or last night, where busloads of concerned citizens and students left at 6:00am. These journalists are a sad entitled group. I have decided that the basic Comcast cable service I subscribe to is not worth my $25 a month. I watched the entire rally live on Democracy Now. I will be canceling my cable. There is better news on the net. And by the way, the march was wonderful Channel 7.

  12. MSNBC absolutely provided live stream coverage of the entire march. A link to the live stream was available on MSNBC’s website, posted on each of MSNBC’s social media platforms. (see here:

    See here:
    And here from an MSNBC reporter on the ground:

  13. Exactly what do you mean? What climate emergency? What food shortage? You should try and keep up. We are now entering a cooling phase. Arctic sea ice (which scientist say should have melted by now) is up 60% in the last 2 years, and at an 8 year high. Antarctic sea ice is obliterating all records and nearly off the chart in area and extent. It’s cyclical, you are the one in denial, as you deny historical cyclical conditions, natural warming and cooling, and ocean cycles. What food shortage? CO2 is plant food, not pollution, and the increase has greened our planet, and crop production is at a record high. And what about sea level rise? I just check tidal gauges in California and sea level rise is ZERO the last 100 years. Hurricane strikes are at a record low, same for stong tornadoes, down; severe drought covers 6% of the U.S. compared to 37% 75 years ago. Temps in the US have plummeted in the last 15 years and acerage burned by Forrest fire is at an all time low.

  14. Strange, you forget to mention Artic is is still quickly receeding.

    Sea levels?
    “Sea level has risen about seven inches around the globe since 1900, and the most recent projection from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projected an additional rise of seven to 23 inches by the year 2100. And yet, that range did not include any contribution from the melting of glaciers and ice sheets.”


    You need to show your citations because so far you are a brain washed liar.

  15. Widespread absence of coverage: local stations completely ignored it- not even bothering with thousands of local participants who attended.

    Given the devastation that has already occurred, and the clear clarion call of scientists, the media in general is a massive fail in the face of what is clearly coordinated genocide for millions of people on the planet, for a very greedy and small number of demented and cruel persons.

  16. Actually, I saw it on most of the news channels I usually flip through in the mornings.

    What I have NOT seen is a story about the Rotherham abuses. An equally serious issue that needs our attention NOW.

  17. I know what you mean. I’ve become convinced a long time ago that the mainstream media is in the pockets of the GOP. I’ve researched the CEOs and high ranking executives at the mainstream media outlets and the vast majority of them are GOP campaign donors. One of them used to be an executive at Fart Noise. These bullshit news stories are designed to distract the public from what the GOP is trying to do to us. Most voters in this country are clueless about who the Kochs are, and what they have planned for the majority of the American people if they ever gain control of the White House, the House,and the Senate at the same time.

  18. Really? Really? I saw coverage in my local news paper the Star Tribune. It was in the NYT, the Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today, the New Yorker, New York magazine, Newsweek (online), MSNBC, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post. The Weather channel was all over it.

    I don’t know what media outlets you follow, but it’s obvious that you’re not paying attention.

  19. If it was a Tea Party march the mainstream media would have been on it like flies on crap. It was a nice start though and next time maybe half a million will show up and march.

  20. I’m seeing very little coverage on TV news of this spectacular event. I wonder if the timing of the ISIS airstrikes was bumped up a few days as a means to steal the news coverage the People’s Climate March would have gotten?

  21. Organizers should have called it a parade (and perhaps gotten a sponsor?) ala Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…then maybe the Corp media would have done wall to wall coverage.

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