Even Republicans Are Outraged That a Knife Wielding Intruder Got Into The White House

white house intruder

Even Obama bashing House Republicans are responding with anger and demanding a full congressional investigation into how an armed intruder was able to get into the White House.


On Fox News Sunday Rep. Peter King (R-NY) expressed outrage over the fact that an intruder with a knife managed to get into the White House.

King said,


This is absolutely inexcusable…The fact that he wasn’t brought down because they say they didn’t think he had a weapon? He could have had a body bomb; he could have had a vest on,” King said on “Fox News Sunday.” “As we know, he had a knife, so this demands a full investigation as to what happened, why it happened. and what’s being done to make sure it never happens again.


There can be a lot of conspiracies against the president, very complex assassination plots. This is the most basic, the most simple type of procedure and how — especially in these days of ISIS and the concern about terror acts — someone could actually get into the White House, without being stopped, is inexcusable.

Rep. King is correct. Some things are beyond partisan politics. Threats are made against the president’s life everyday, but one would hope that the Secret Service would be hypervigilant right now because of the bombing campaign that is going on against ISIS. There is no excuse for an intruder ever getting into the White House.

The Secret Service described the location of the arrest as unacceptable, “Although last night the officers showed tremendous restraint and discipline in dealing with this subject, the location of Gonzalez’s arrest is not acceptable.” Unacceptable is an understatement. Protecting the president is the Secret Service’s most basic duty. If they can’t stop an intruder at the heavily guarded White House, it’s time to evaluate the entire system of presidential security.


For once, Republicans like Peter King have a good reason to use their oversight and investigative powers.

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  1. IMHO, the constant, intense and incessant disrespect shown by some Americans themselves towards our President has emboldened domestic and international terrorists as well as common criminals and street-level thugs to feel free to attack the president (and by extension, the office of the president) of the United States of America. When these terrorists and thugs attack the president, they are attacking us. ALL Americans should find these aggressive acts ugly and unacceptable, but the fact that some Americans actually cheer the thugs and terrorists on encourages them to push the “envelope of evil” further and further. If this doesn’t stop, and soon, dangerous days lie ahead for all of us as individuals, and for the nation as a whole. If ever a majority of Americans disrespect the President and the Office of the Presidency, the momentum towards chaos will be unstoppable.

    Even as a nation, WE REAP WHAT WE SOW.

  2. There needs to be a very large investigation on this. That he got onto the yard itself without being shot is an issue. I agree completely with the idea of: “what if he had a bomb”.
    But let’s take it further.
    What if he hadn’t been the only one?

  3. Must have been John McCain in disguise, he thinks the White House belongs to him.

    seriously I hear it was a veteran with PTSD
    who was afraid the atmosphere was collapsing and wanted to tell the pres so he could get the word out.

  4. A travesty. Simply inexcusable. The shroud that surrounds the Secret Service needs to be pulled back and people need to be fired. Their involvement with prostitution, notwithstanding, the clear dereliction of duty here is enough to clean house. Start at the top with Julia Pierson.

  5. Since no one was home at the time, the most he could have done is wander the hallways. He was there to tell the president that “the atmosphere is collapsing” with a 3 1/2″ folding knife in his pocket. Big threat.

  6. And when this “investigation” is concluded, we’ll see that if the First Family had been home, their personal Secret Service staffs would have been there as well, and he would have been caught much sooner, because the ones detailed with securing the perimeter wouldn’t have been stretched so thin. But since no one was home, the threat was negligible.

  7. “Even Republicans Are Outraged That a Knife Wielding Intruder Got Into The White House ”

    Um, no. He wasn’t “wielding” (brandishing) a knife. He was CARRYING a pocket knife.

  8. my Detroit news stated that the man was searched by the SS and found him to be unarmed…..this does not excuse his behavior but may be a little less dangerous to our President or anyone else that my have come into contact with this nut job

  9. The Teathugs are not concerned about the president or the White house they are only outraged because they figure someone could have the same access to their obstructive asses.

  10. It’s not a fortress. I’ve walked by the white house a couple of hundred time’s in the past. From what I understand, most of the security was on the other side due to the president and his family leaving just moments earlier. From what I can remember, there are camera’s and microphone’s all over but no guard’s visible except for the couple in the booth’s in the back. It would be fairly simple to jump that fence.

  11. And? They had left long before he arrived. No threat to the First family, at all. But keep waving the paranoid flag. It’s cute.

  12. Another reason the republicans is getting afraid too is because from all their talk about what they would do tothe president and they know if something would to happen to him, they don’t what the american people would do. Considering after each time a president have been killed their have riots,protesting and looting and so soon after the mike brown killing it would really possible set off a worst change reaction they haven’t seen in years with no one to stop. Worst than the time when MLK died or JFK died and no one wants to go through those sad time of history ago. This might be a beginning of wake up call for congress to tone their racist tone and attitude toward miniorties and the president and begin to bring this together back again towards peace.

  13. But it’s not just the First Family that would be in danger. People work there; the White House is staffed to some degree every day, including weekends.

    While the threat to the First Family was non-existent since they were not there at the time, that doesn’t mean there was no threat at all.

  14. These incidents must be investigated, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter that the First Family wasn’t there; there are people there all the time and if a would-be assailant could not get the President or his family, that doesn’t mean he/she wouldn’t try to hurt someone working there or even visitors on a tour of the House.

    The White House is our house – we should all be outraged at these breaches and they should all be investigated regardless of how “minimal” some might think the threat is/was.

    Might be minimal now but next time, it may not.

  15. Republicans outraged why? because he failed. Yeah I went there.and I’ll add this:I don’t believe they are outraged since alot of conservatives have prayed for Our President’s death and have advocated for a overthrow of the Government!

  16. Reply to Heubler
    Sun at 12:37 pm

    They had left long before he arrived. No threat to the First family, at all.

    You’re missing the point.
    Henny-Penny the fence-jumper should never have been able to get anywhere NEAR the White House no less through a door. It doesn’t matter that the President and his family happened not to be home at the time of the security breach. With all the suicide-bombers now so common in many parts of the world… what if this intruder was one of them? What would have been the impact? How many other people could have been killed? Not to mention the symbolic results of a successful *attack* on the WH would be disastrous.
    The White House is supposed to be one of the most highly secured buildings in the entire country and
    *the- sky- is- falling!* dude gets in just by running across the lawn?

    But keep waving the paranoid flag. It’s cute.


    Proudly brought to you by…a liberal?

  17. Fraid your right. No matter who was or was not there, that guy should have been pasted into thin air the instant he got on top of that fence.

  18. Let’s not get silly here over a “knife wielding intruder”. Yes, it is inexcusable that anyone could jump the fence at the White House and enter the building, but he was hardly “knife wielding”. He had a pocketknife with a 3″ blade closed and in his pocket and he apparently carried that knife in his pocket all the time. The offense is that he was able to cross the fence and the lawn and enter the White House without challenge. Shooting him as suggested would be a poor solution. He’s a mentally ill vet. He needs help, not killing.

  19. White House Fence-Jumper Had 800 Rounds Of Ammo In His Car
    The man who scaled the fence and ran into the White House on Friday night had more than 800 rounds of ammunition in his car and had been arrested in July with a sniper rifle and a map marking the executive mansion, a federal prosecutor said on Monday.

    Omar Gonzalez, 42, was also stopped, but not arrested in August walking by the White House with a hatchet, the U.S. Attorney’s office said in Washington.

  20. The GOP is only outraged because they *think* the next occupant of the White House will be a Republitard.

  21. Indeed it looks like there needs to be an investigation of this situation. Problem is, it takes a while, and requires Congress to sober up, check in at the office and get serious.

    So my question is ‘what can be done YESTERDAY to maximize safety of the President and his family, and protect the White House, and to hell with the cost?’?

    Realizing that this is a sleepless opinion, I’d like to see a task force empaneled by the President himself to get this thing fixed properly. This task force should probably be led by Joe Biden, and include personnel from DOJ and DOD, and should provide a report and assessment of how fire and sword might best be deployed by close of business Friday.

    Meanwhile, the entire White House security detail should be replaced with a hand-picked force, with each individual signed and countersigned off by Secretaries of Homeland Security and Defense.

    And there’s a certain Supervisor who should be nailed firmly to a wall.

    Okay, that’s it. Good ni…

  22. You’d be shocked at the damage that can be done with a three-inch knife – not to mention the potential to use it to get a bigger knife, or a gun.

  23. Okay, say he was searched and nothing significant was found. That’s irrelevant – little would be found if he’d been wearing a suicide vest, either.

  24. Uh-huh.

    He could wander the halls, carefully plant three pounds of C4, and wander out again. No threat at all.


  25. EVEN repubs???
    Are you mad? Of course they’re gonna pretend their mock outrage, but in reality they just wanna embarras the White House as much as possible by pushing the story that Obama can run the Secret Service.

  26. EVEN repubs???
    Are you mad? Of course they’re gonna pretend their mock outrage, but in reality they just wanna embarras the White House as much as possible by pushing the story that Obama can not even run the Secret Service….
    Repubs deserve no points here, not that they ever do.

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