Republicans May Try To Steal The Senate By Rigging The Kansas Election


Democrats and Independents need to be on alert because the environment is right for Republicans to try to steal control of the Senate by rigging the vote in the Kansas Senate race.


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VANDEN HEUVEL: I think one of the biggest — first of all, turnout is going to be a big issue. And there’s no denying that the Democratic base, Latinos, African-Americans, single women, young people, are not in great form and not that happy about what’s going on.

But rigging the vote has become a Republican hallmark. When we talk about Kansas, I don’t look at Greg Orman or Pat Roberts. I look at that secretary of state who manipulated the ballot and registration. And limiting the voting access means cutting out large parts of our community, African-Americans, single women…

Katrina vanden Heuvel’s concern is justified, especially in Kansas. The Secretary of State in Kansas, Kris Kobach, has been called the nation’s worst Republican. Kobach is a tea party darling who has close ties to Gov. Sam Brownback. Brownback and Kobach both support incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts, who currently trailing Independent Greg Orman. Kobach tried to keep the Democratic Senate candidate’s name on the ballot after he had withdrawn from the race. The Sec. of State had to be taken to court and forced by the Kansas Supreme Court to remove Democrat Chad Taylor’s name from the ballot. After the Supreme Court ruling, Kobach tried to send absentee ballots out overseas with the Democratic candidate’s name still on them, but reversed course a day later.

Republicans realize that if they lose Kansas, they probably won’t win control of the Senate. Kobach is desperate to get Roberts reelected, so it would surprise no one if the same Sec. of State who purged 20,000 people from the voting rolls in Kansas would try to rig the Senate race for Roberts.

Democrats should be worried about the potential for what could happen in Kansas. The environment is perfect for some Republican vote rigging in the state. Democrats have been very successful at combating Republican vote rigging schemes in the past few elections, but with an Independent running, and Democrats staying out of the way, Kobach attempting to sway the election to Roberts isn’t just a possibility. It should be expected.

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  1. With Kobach as the Sect. of State in Kansas it is imperative that federal, and UN election monitors be on the ground in Kansas looking over the shoulder of all Kansas elections officials.

  2. Or have a partisan USSC decide the election by ordering that recounts be immediately stopped thus handing the election to the candidate who should have lost.

  3. The RNC beats the DNC in fund raising and that’s how they want to win the midterm elections. Big money can sway the most gullible of voters, but bush-beating, boots-on-the-ground voter registration in urban areas. The rural area gets less access to data and information from news outlets. Couple that with consolidation of news outlets around the nation strangles sources. Money has killed access to news sources rurally. Discussion and conversation thus is blocked. Sunday morning talk shows are re-pleat with anti-Obama ads. They hawk Jobs tied to oil exploration or Alaska oil production. Then there’s the anti-tax benefits to states like Kansas which had their credit rating lowered by the rating agencies.

  4. We may not have a parliamentary system such as Weimar had; but the Tea Party, in coalition with the GOP, nonetheless sets the legislative agenda and near-controls the outcomes by way of shut-down blackmail, etc.

    Whether or not the Dems hold the Senatel, this will not change and shows every sign of becoming more so the case.

    We are on the cusp of a coup.
    Cruz will be its leader.

    The ammosexuals, para-militaries, militias, ultra-nationalists, white powers, Evangelicals, racists, misogenists, NASCAR’ites, Koch-suckers, separatists, Bundy Ranchites, etc will embrace it with rabid enthusiasm.

    It may very well succeed.
    If it does, there can be no turning back of the clock short of arned civil war.

    We face 1861.

  5. Anyone else read the UKMail about the declassified documents of 9/11, apparently when Bush was told he could not do anything and froze for about 5 minutes.

    I do hope he took that 5 minutes to think about the memo they had received about Al Quaida going to attack using planes into a building.

  6. TPM is saying the Republicans outspent the Democrats, but said the Democrats had their best fundraising ever and they outdid the GOP.

    Regardless of who is correct, I am sure the GOP are worried. They thought they had this seat, and did not give it much thought. I hope the Democrats are playing offense and not defense. So far Kobasch has been stopped dead in his tracks.

    If not Kansas, there are other places that have them worried. The Grimes-McConnell matchup has to have them worried. Same for Nunn in Georgia. Pride comes before the fall, and the Gop were strutting around like peacocks.
    They need more money, and the fat cats are reaching their limits on donations, so,yes, this is a good time for them to rig the election.

  7. The stench of desperation is permeating the Republican Party, and they will go to any length to win those votes. Corruption and intimidation, along with the Koch’s money is already at the forefront.

  8. yes be sure to take you cell phone. Remember the person that hit democratic three times and each time it registered republican. Take a picture if this happens and address it to the president.

  9. Something suspicious is happening to the up/down voting, since they had that comment hiccup. More than once I’ve posted long comments, and seconds later, sooner than anyone could possibly read the whole comment, I find lots of approval/ disapproval votes. Like someone at Politicus is manually adding them, based upon some algorithm.

  10. The vote counts are administrated by a third party service. Since it appears we at PoliticusUSA are being accused of manipulating the vote tallies, comment ratings will be suspended until further notice.

  11. Heubler, every day you see a certain amount of posts here. The number of people who post are but a tiny fraction of the number who read and dont post. Why would you even think the website is adding votes either way?

  12. We have contacted the third party service and requested the vote tallies be reset and for them to investigate the possibility of vote manipulation.

    In the mean time comment voting is reinstated but VOTE COUNTS MAY NOT BE ACCURATE.

  13. TPM is saying the Republicans outspent the Democrats, but said the Democrats had their best fundraising ever and they outdid the GOP.

    Spending and fundraising are separate issues since the Citizens United ruling allows all that undisclosed donor 501[c][3] (read Koch Bros.) money which isn’t technically political fundraising

  14. Kobach, who is another one of those so called “good Christians” is as corrupt and despicable as they come, and not only is their Senator at risk of losing his seat in November, but so is another corrupt crony of his Brownback, as well as Kobach himself right now.

    Kansas may be a red state, but they are not extremists like the southern red states are, and the people of Kansas are sick and tired of the teabag militia running their state into the ground. Kobach is like a caged animal right now, and we know what caged animals will do when they feel threatened, so nothing underhanded and devious would surprise me of this corrupt teabag Kobach.

  15. Before we go down the Republican corruption road.
    Some one needs to ask why Democratic candidate ran, got the primary vote and then proceed to quit with no reason given.

    Why are all of you not worried about the voters in the primary that were just disenfranchised. They went to the polls in good faith and their vote was made invalid by someone, a political machine or something.

    Why is now one worried about all the money and time he stole from the voters that backed him. Then he stabbed them in the back.

  16. Americans understand that we’re six years into a lousy economic recovery, being orchestrated by a Democratic Senate and a Democratic President and that’s the core issue …

    Uh … Mister “pro-choice” Republican, Bret Stephens, the HOUSE decides domestic policy, not the Senate, not the President.

    But as a good Wall Street Journal propagandist, your contention – and assumption – that the American people aren’t smart enough nor informed enough to understand how our government works, is true, and were they chickens, they’d stupidly vote for KFC (Republican) rather than PETA (Democratic).

  17. Before we go down the Republican corruption road.
    Some one needs to ask why Democratic candidate ran …

    No, wait-a-minute, someone needs to teach you to discern between legal political strategy and outright corruption (voter suppression, gerrymandering, intimidation, voter-fraud by mail-in ballots, election fraud, using friends on SCOTUS to usurp State’s Rights and install the son of a buddy in the WH) by the GOP in order to win elections.

    After all, it wasn’t a Democrat who infamously stated, “I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people. They never have been from the beginning of our country, and they are not now. As a matter of fact our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

    Paul Weyrich, co-founder of ALEC, the Heritage Foundation, Moral Majority, and Council for National Policy said the above.

  18. This may be wishful thinking, but I’m suspicious of polling data. I’d be interested on opinions…
    For instance, my husband and I have never been polled, and only a few friends and neighbors, of any party, have ever been polled. About half don’t have landlines, the rest (like us) rely solely on cellphones.
    This may be a stretch, and again I’m looking for opinions, but the demographics for landline phones seems to be older, white and Conservative. As for online survey data, it seems to me this is an easily manipulated method. Simply do a survey, clear your cookies and take it again using a different email address. This could conceivably skew a poll to significantly favor one candidate over another.
    I think this is what we saw in 2012 when the Republican “shock and awe” of a Mitt Romney win turned into a whisper and tickle.

  19. Maybe North Korea could send over some poll watchers to monitor our “democratic” process. I see no difference between the North Korean voting process and the US except that the Koreans don’t have to pay as much.

  20. Not the negative polls. Only polls I have had sent to me are from the DNC or DSCC. NONE of these I see on news. I also think it’s mostly those haters that take the time like they troll on Dem sites. As long as we get to the election polls let them have their delusions and the party of greed be fooled again.

  21. Wisconsin Republicans are trying to fool around with the ballot on Wisconsin as well. They already got the most restrictive voter photo ID by the 3 panel 7th circuit. I dont know how since the Wisconsin constitution makes it clear that nothing is allowed to get between voter and the ballot.

  22. yes and militai groups in wisconsin are saying they will be at polls in african american districts fully armed to harras blacks and i have already emailed the us department of jusitce about it, they called me on the phone and assured me they will have armed agents at polls in winsoncisn

  23. got news for u all we dems will keep the senate, all the gloom and doom saying dems will lose senate is nothing but propaganda by the tea baggers and gop to scare us dems to sit home on november 4th and not vote, i will tell u all this get up and vote in huge numbers this november 4th and vote no excuses, as long as dems come out and vote in big numbers we win, but u need to stop griping and just vote in november ok thank you

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