SOFA Has Become As Mythical for Fox News as George W. Bush

george w bushTo nobody’s surprise, Fox News would prefer people not know about SOFA, the Status of Forces Agreement – that little agreement Republican President George W. Bush made with Iraq that said U.S. forces – ALL U.S forces – must go home.

It kind of gets in the way of their Obama is to blame for ISIL narrative, as Megyn Kelly and others have done.

So as Media Matters for America pointed out the other day,

Fox News’ Special Report left out necessary context when previewing former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s upcoming interview with 60 Minutes in which he stated, “it was important for us to maintain a presence in Iraq.”

Ooops. Our bad, I am sure they were [not[ thinking.

Host Bret Baier could have mentioned SOFA when he referred to Panetta’s words as the latest in “a very public back-and-forth between the White House and the Pentagon,”before adding that, “Now this weekend, 60 Minutes has an interview with former CIA director and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, in which he will say the U.S. should not have pulled out all its troops out of Iraq in 2011.”

Watch the video courtesy of Media Matters:

It’s not that Leon Panetta flip-flopped. It’s that Fox News refuses to tell the truth.

And this is the conservative news filter through which male bimbos like Kevin Sorbo say all our news must come:

The media promote chaos to boost their pathetic ratings. We should shut them all off and watch clips on the internet only when republished under fair use by a conservative media watchdog group.

Fortunately, CBS is not quite as adverse to facts as their neighbors at Fox, and you would never know what they had to say if Sorbo had his way. As Media Matters pointed out, in the actual interview with Panetta, CBS’ Scott Pelley let the proverbial and by now very angry cat out of the bag and informed viewers that Iraq “didn’t want the U.S. force.”

The one thing you will never hear mentioned by Fox News (or any other right wing “news” source, is SOFA. Heck, you can barely get them to mention Bush, that most – because he validates all liberal points about Republican governance – inconvenient of presidents. We’ve all seen the consequences of this news filtering:

  • No terrorist attacks took place on U.S. soil during the Bush administration, despite Bush being president in 2001 when the attacks occurred;
  • Afghanistan and Iraq are wars started by Obama;

Bush only comes up at all in the conversation when it’s necessary to prove that Obama threw away all that Bush had heroically achieved in Iraq (other than making his buddy Dick Cheney wealthier than Croesus, that is).

You might remember war criminal Dick Cheney’s June 17 Wall Street Journal op-ed, where he infamously asserted, “Instead, he abandoned Iraq and we are watching American defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.”

Cheney subtitled his piece, “Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many,” and if he were talking about President Bush he would actually – for once – be telling the truth.

As the Democratic National Committee pointed out at the time, the “only rhetoric that needs a dose of reality is Mr. Cheney’s.” This lack of reality undermines everything coming out of the right wing media, and because conservatives dominate Sunday news programming, we can expect this trend to continue without letup through Election Day 2016.

In other words, you shouldn’t expect Fox News to say “SOFA” today anymore than you should expect the NFL to say “woman.”

It’s a hot mess, but then the GOP has been a hot mess for many years, and they have the Midas touch, in a manner of speaking, because everything they put their fingers to also turns into a, well…hot mess.

Let’s leave it at that.

40 Replies to “SOFA Has Become As Mythical for Fox News as George W. Bush”

  1. Nothing new here just the network lying as usual ;when you leave parts of a narrative out to prove a point its flat out lying; other bought off reporters just go along with the propaganda giving it credence.

  2. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ― Isaac Asimov

  3. This is a re-hash of the MMfA article, written by a woman one year out of college sitting as a research fellow watching video of Fox News all day long. And she gets it wrong, as one might expect from a drone, and a novice one at that.

    The truth is, Obama bragged repeatedly, no, almost daily, in his campaign speeches before the 2012 election, that it was his decision to withdraw troops fully from Iraq in 2011.

    Obama made it very clear he wanted our troops out of Iraq from 2007 on. If he had wanted to force Maliki to give up on the immunity demand, he could’ve very easily. It’s a canard to pretend Obama had no options and was just following the Status of Forces Agreement from the Bush administration. And if that was true, it’s a blatant admission for the MMfA research fellow not to include Obama’s constant reminders that he pulled troops out of Iraq when he needed it for election material.

  4. ” If he had wanted to force Maliki ”

    In other words, make sure Iraq knew they were not a sovereign nation.
    Iraq wanted us out bad. Maybe you dont remember that part. It was not Obama’s place to force Maliki to accept our terms.
    Obama made sure we knew he took the troops out because of moronic people like McCain and Graham who were pushing to keep them in to continue war. A war that even today is a large part of our debt. Sorry, you are way off base

  5. This is what you get with brainless conservative leadership. If we hadn’t invaded on false pretext, there would be no ISIS. Try actually dealing with reality. You only go as far back as 2007, to make a specious point, ignoring all that occurred from 2002, forward.

  6. No, sorry, Shiva, let’s just agree to disagree.

    If Obama was impotent to do anything other than obey the SOFA in place, then why was he boasting in campaign speeches repeatedly, daily, of doing what you and this blog author claim as him having no other option than to merely comply with something put in place by his predecessor?

  7. You called what I said a lie, and then qualified it with an example of how it wasn’t a lie. Just one example, there are many options Obama had at his disposal, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to take credit for it as much and as often as he did. It was even a contention between he and Romney in one of their debates, of a difference between how each would’ve handled it. Obama didn’t say ‘hey, I only did what Bush put in place’.

  8. President Obama campaigned on getting all combat troops out of Iraq. He later tried to keep at least 3000 troops in the fustercluk the Iraqis said no. I know you think we are the all knowing white man can dictate to other counties what we want but in the reality base world that is not true.

    Even today the Iraqis have said if any Americans enter their country they will fight them.

  9. Ah, therein lies the difference between policy and politics – if you get the blame for the bad that occurs on your watch, whether it is your fault or not, then you also get to claim the good, even if, as in the case of the troop withdrawals, it was a pre-determined deal. As for option, yes, he had the option to weasel out of his predecessor’s agreement, he chose not to. Whether or not to have maintained our troop presence in Iraq is a debatable point, but it’s an undeniable fact that our current President had nothing at all to do with our troops being there in the first place. It’s also an undeniable fact that he inherited not only that particular mess, but also the Afghanistan War and the economic recession, both also legacy’s of his predecessor, and has thus far handled them all as well as can be expected despite the opposition on all sides of those who would rather see him fail and the nation suffer than to help their political opposition move us all forward.

  10. Mr. Copolapasta, your criticisms of President Obama’s removing our troops from Iraq because he was unable or unwilling to force Iraqui Prime Minister Maliki to quash the Status of Forces Agreement put in place by former President Bush reeks of sheer partisanship in that, if you so wrongly assume President Obama should have just steamrolled Maliki into allowing American troops to stay in Iraq, then why is it still not former President Bush’s fault for negotiating and signing the SOFA in the first place? If, as you say, President Obama could have forced Maliki to accept our terms, then why are you letting Bush off the hook for the very same thing?

  11. Sorry. Obama had no options except to take your advice. Destroy Iraq as a sovereign country

    Sorry Mr McCain, not a happening thing.

  12. Impotent is not the word. He had no other options. Iraq wanted us out and you know it. You are going on about a non argument.

  13. Let’s now “WAKE UP” the massive numbers of citizens and residents of the U.S.A. (who have actually been Brain-Washed and Programed by the evil Corporate Elite 1% and their very much “Owned and Controlled” News Media, Entertainment and other Propaganda Facility’s in the U.S.A.) that still do not know the Truth that the ANTICHRIST (if you actually believe in one, if not disregard) and his Servants the Republican Party (the GOP) and their Evil “Elite” 1%” Corporate RICH-MASTERS want to “ENSLAVE All OF US”. Lets Legally “CARPET SPAM” them and their local Govt. offices, Business’s, News Media and Food outlets, etc. with the Truth on how the GOP and their “Money Gods” the Corporate “Elite 1% are “Screwing and killing” All of US (as we speak). In my opinion. Access any and all Public Govt. and Legally Available Internet and Media Webb Sites to “Spread The Truth” using the POWER OF THE INTERNET TO SET ALL THE PEOPLE FREE (WITH THE TRUTH). Make it simple.

  14. If you claim he had lots of options, but provide no examples, you know how that looks, right? It makes you appear as if you cannot supply those examples, because they don’t exist. That’s another strike against your “honesty.”

  15. I didn’t argue what he should have done or not done, not here on this particular blog thread, anyway. I’m saying the original article on MMfA is faulty, and about what one would expect from a research analyst at a think tank one year removed from college. It was in no way an omission not to have mentioned the SOFA when reporting that Panetta has a disagreement with Obama on whether or not we pulled out of Iraq.

    Fine to debate the war, fine to debate the SOFA, fine to debate who was right and who was wrong and the mistakes made, and all the what if’s and why not’s, and what Fox’s roles in it were and their blunders, but it makes little sense to fault them here for not mentioning the SOFA in that report.

  16. If the republican party was moderate and the Democrats leaned way toward the left, things would be better than the situation you have now, the republican far right and the Democrats moderate.

  17. Attacking the messenger? Only when you have no convincing argument. Its a diversion, and a desperate one at that. Still awaiting your list of “other options” that Obama could have used. Where is it? Do you even have one? Or is throwing chaff about research analysts all you’ve got? It sure appears so.

  18. I think you need to do a little research and you will find that Bush said we could not pull them out too early and this is exactly what Obama did. PoliticoUS just twisting the truth into a lie. Thank God for Fox News because the American people wouldn’t know what the crap is going on in this country if it were not for Fox. Fox is number 1 in news reporting for some reason and it has to do with reporting the news regardless of where the blame lies!

  19. To: Francis Ford Copolapasta

    It takes a lot of guts to step into an extremist forum and stand up for you believe in. Banter like the sparing match just made me glad to know that their is still a healthy debate about the important subjects in the world. However, it pains me when people have been completely brainwashed by the media, and do not take a reasonable argument into consideration.(That goes for all the liberal in this conversation too*.)

    Good debate… I enjoyed reading it, and thought both sides made some good points.

  20. he said that a year BEFORE he signed the SOFA agreeing for troop withdrawal in 2011. This is what Obama inherited and when he tried to renegotiate it, Al-Makiki refused to agree to give US soldiers immunity from Iraqi law. Therefore the agreement THAT WAS SIGNED INTO LAW BY BUSH IN 2008 went into effect. YOU need to do the research yourself.

  21. A democrat could explain the truth to a conservative all day long and into the night and the poor conservative would still be like “huh”.

  22. That is complete garbage. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Condo Rice nearly destroyed America through stupidity, dishonesty, prejudice and corruption. Only an idiot would refuse to recognize the facts of what those scum did to this country and the world.

  23. I’m a regular follower of FOX News and after the first beheading (of John Foley), I clearly heard them report that Bush did make an agreement to get the troops out of Iraq by 2011, so where are they lying? Since most of you have been hypercritical against Bush, Republicans and FOX news, I find it hard to believe that you regularly tune into the broadcasts, or at least, I question that you do, so my point is if you aren’t watching FOX, how do you know what is or isn’t reported? They have said Bush entered into the agreement to withdraw by 2011. You’re responding to a claim here via hearsay. This morning, when the Semper Latte flap hit with Obama saluting the Marine with a coffee cup in his right hand, they not only reported that but also mentioned the time Bush saluted hold his dog Barney. I will add to that report myself–at least Bush saluted properly with his right hand as is acceptable by military standards–you can salute with your right hand with something in the Left.

  24. I hope I am not flirting with a “post hoc” accusation when I say, as I always have, that George W. Bush destabilized the entire Mideast, knowing when he went into Iraq that a civil war would erupt in the wake of the incursion, a war that would spread like a Tucson flood throughout the Levant and into North Africa. The village idiot unleashed the dogs of war and we are going to reap the blowback for generations to come.

  25. Sharon, bush may have said not to pull out too soon, but he did set a date that President Obama had to follow. We should not have gone to Iraq in the first place. bush and cheney lied in order to attack a sovereign nation. bush, cheney and rumsfeld (lower case because they are little men) are responsible for ISIS/ISIL and the deaths of over 6,000 of our troops and hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens in Iraq alone. We should not have attacked Afghanistan either. Neither nation had anything to do with Sept. 11, 2001. Why didn’t bush attack Saudi Arabia, I believe 16 of the hijackers were Saudis? Probably because he was afraid of them. Attack weaker nations instead.

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