John Boehner’s Lawyer Quits Because Lawsuit Against Obama Could Harm His Credibility

Speaker of the House John Boehner had to find a new lawyer to represent him in his lawsuit against President Obama after his attorney quit because he was worried that the suit could harm his credibility.

The New York Times reported,

House Republicans on Friday replaced the firm handling their lawsuit against President Obama after the lawyer representing them pulled out over what was said to be political backlash among his colleagues at the firm, Baker Hostetler.

The lawyer, David B. Rivkin Jr., had taken the case on behalf of House Republicans in August, right after they voted to sue the president, accusing him of overstepping the powers of the presidency. Two people with knowledge of the situation said Mr. Rivkin withdrew from the case under pressure after facing criticism that he had taken on an overly partisan lawsuit. Some members of the firm feared the case against Mr. Obama could drive off potential clients and hurt Baker Hostetler’s credibility, according to one of the people with knowledge of the case. Both people said they were prohibited from publicly discussing such a delicate case.

Boehner’s lawsuit is such a joke that he can’t keep his attorney. The fiasco surrounding the House Republican decision to sue President Obama keeps getting more delightful every day. If there was ever a sign that dropping a lawsuit would be a good idea, your attorney quitting because the suit could harm their credibility is a large omen.

House Republicans have no credibility, so this is a question that they never have to wrestle with. The odds are that Boehner’s lawsuit against the president will end up humiliating Boehner, the Republican Party, and the speaker’s attorney. The lawsuit so extremely partisan and lacking in credibility that no respectable professional should want to be associated with it.

Democrats have already raised millions of dollars off of Boehner’s abuse of the court system. Voters are angry that the speaker would waste millions of dollars of taxpayer money on such a frivolous and partisan pursuit. Democrats are fired up, while Republicans aren’t buying what Rep. Boehner is trying to sell.

All you really need to know about Boehner’s plan to sue the president is that it is such a bad idea that even his own lawyer doesn’t want to be associated with it.

40 Replies to “John Boehner’s Lawyer Quits Because Lawsuit Against Obama Could Harm His Credibility”

  1. I’ll comment when I stop laughing at this. Boehner and the House republicans are a real bad joke, and a laughing stock. I wonder if Boehner will resign from the Congress when he loses his speakership to the Democrats in November?

  2. Muhahahaha!! This is only the begining of how your idiotic, poorly advised lawsuit is going to cause harm to your legitimacy as Speaker (what’s left of it) and the conservative cause at large, Orange Boy.

  3. Yes, but there are plenty of others who would love the chance to make their bones with the conservative movement, and who don’t mind being labeled as GOP flacks. Their lawyer’in skillz might not be so hot at the national level, but they have great experience with “slip and fall” lawsuits, which this is, in spades.


    “Help, my credibility’s fallen, and I can’t get up!”

  4. what ya goona do in 2017 when the human chip is mandatory!!!!!!!ya better start looking better at the news n getting ready 4 the rapture if u r saved n know jesus

  5. (A.)-“The odds are that Boehner’s lawsuit against the president will end up humiliating Boehner, the Republican Party, and the speaker’s attorney. The lawsuit so extremely partisan and lacking in credibility that no respectable professional should want to be associated with it.

    (B.)-“Voters are angry that the speaker would waste millions of dollars of taxpayer money on such a frivolous and partisan pursuit. Democrats are fired up, while Republicans aren’t buying what Rep. Boehner is trying to sell.”–

    A and B says it all about this frivoulus, partisan law suit with no merits, and no chance to succeed. And the bottom line is:
    SMART LAWYER. STUPID BOEHNER AND his band of Fuddy-Duddies.

  6. Let me throw some reality back at you. Your belief in stupid, ignorant fantasies and fairy tales only make you look as stupid, and ignorant as your reply was. 2017? That will be when the Democrats still hold the White House, and both houses of the Congress, and the GOP fades into political obscurity.

  7. Boehner’s desperation is front and center, hes flailing. This is his idea of getting things done (for himself, not Americans). We should call for a class action lawsuit to recoup the pay of a do nothing but vacation Congress, Boehner scheduled the least amount of work days in history, and the GOP calls unemployed lazy! Boehner and his gotp moochers should refund at least 50% of thier outrageous pay.

  8. You have to be kidding. I can’t believe that ANYONE really believes that chip business. If you do believe it, I feel sorry for you, I really do. Ignorant and brainwashed is no way to go through life.

  9. They could always turn to Rick Esenberg, the WI lawyer bankrolled by right-wing think tanks who is handling Ron Johnson’s ridiculous ACA suit.

  10. Of course the righties will spin this and claim that the mean old Democrats are putting pressure on this law firm so that the Republicans can’t get fair representation. And their ignorant, brainwashed flock will believe them.. that somehow this firm dropping out is all due to that tyrant Obama. (snark)

  11. What would you expect from a god bothering christian whose belief is so strong that she is divorced from reality to the point where she owes reality alimony payments.

    It’s imbeciles like her that give me a huge laugh.

  12. Boehner and his hapless Republican House have been throwing everything at Obama except the proverbial Kitchen Sink since day one. To no avail. Trying to pin foolish made up scandals on him: NOTHING there! Tried to block Affordable Care Act (a/k/a Obamacare) 50 times! Nothing happened! Disrespecting him along the way; Blocking his duly qualified Cabinet appointees. And today STILL with the BENGHAZI witch hunt. Geeeze. Stronger men would have folded….but Obama keeps on ticking while taking a licking from the dysfunctional and spiteful Republican Congress of the House. Disgraceful. History will condemn them. Their names will be forever on that wall of SHAME.

  13. The sad thing, though, is that most of their Republican followers believe them. I have rightie acquaintances and family members and they ALL believe that this is the most corrupt administration since Watergate and that all of these scandals have been “proven” in some way. Even the people I usually regard as the “loyal opposition” firmly believe in rightie lies and that the only reason that Obama hasn’t been impeached is due to the “liberal bias in the media”. So disturbing.

  14. On the positive side of your comment is that that same base is the minority of American voters. When people show up to vote the GOP loses. Why do you think they are trying to suppress the vote as much as possible? The GOP knows if people vote they’re doomed.

    Wake up America. Get out and vote on November 4, 2014.

  15. When did this attorney decide this lawsuit would destroy his credibility? Before or after his fellow attorney’s in the firm quit laughing? The very fact that the attorney took the case not only shows that he lacks credibilitu, but also wisdom.

    When Boehner first approached him, common sense should have told him to say no, so he’s as laughable as the Republicans.

  16. Sarah, you’re gonna have to find a different scare tactic. No chip is gonna be mandatory in 2017. The site that ran that story is by no definition “news”…they used an old NBC clip that ran in 2007 and was speculating 10 years into the future. And the story NEVER said or theorized chips would ever be mandatory. That site is straight up misleading garbage.

  17. The chip has been used since the 80’s in churches across the country. Like when the checks came out, then the credit card, the chip is the work of the debbil

  18. So this lawyer has some morals..decided he wasn’t going to let this turd,boner take him down the toliet with him..Kudos…next moron,next!

  19. Hmmmm…. I hate to say this but win or lose this will be a major point in his career. Lots of money, dang near set for life either way…. makes you wonder the political affiliations of the higher ups.
    Just proposing a potential cause.

  20. Sarah, if you were knotting the gussett in your XXL Walmart granny unmentionables about actual government intrusion in lives in Oct. of 2001, then continue on in that vein. Otherwise, get your tinfoil hat-liner reworked.

  21. Sarah, you really need to think seriously about what you typed. No health insurance company would approve of, or pay for, chips to be placed in Americans, and no republican in Congress would either.

    Why? Because it is cost prohibitive, and we all know how much insurance companies like pinching pennies, and how much republicans hate spending money on “those people.”

  22. I’ve been reading what legal scholars have been writing about this lawsuit, and I’ve reached the conclusion that GOPTP House members won’t be able to prove that they’ve been harmed by a delay in the employer mandate, which is what this lawsuit is all about. None of them have been harmed by having the employer mandate postponed by one year. None of them, and they know it. This lawsuit is a stunt being pulled by Boehner to satisfy the TP Caucus in the House who would rather impeach this president than to breathe. It’s also a sign of Boehner’s weak leadership. He lacks the courage to tell the nuts in his caucus to sit down, STFU, and govern effectively because he’s so worried about maintaining his speakership. If he would have put them in their place when they came to D.C. in January 2011, he would have a list of accomplishments to show for his leadership, but he wimped out then and has been wimping out ever since.

  23. Texas Lt. Governor Greg Abbott has spent millions of Texans’ tax dollars in filing 25 to 30 frivolous lawsuits against the Obama Administration on anything from the EPA to the Affordable Care Act to interpretation of the Second Amendment and immigration. (Huff Post)

    When Democratic candidate Wendy Davis beats his butt in the race for Texas governor, he’ll probably be looking for a job. He’s just the shyster Boehner needs to sue Obama.

  24. If only 2010 didn’t happen. Gerrymandered districts are going to keep repubs in power in 2014 even if “we the people” don’t want it. I would love to be proven wrong.

  25. Well Sarah, I find you a total embarrassment. As a woman, you are so out of touch with not only women but everyone else in our country. Turn off Fox News. You have been sucked in and it shows.

  26. Neither the RepubliCURDS nor the DefecRATS have represented the best interests of either the nation, it’s sovereignty, or it’s citizens or Citizens in well over 6 decades! All inferences to things of a ‘fecal’ nature are fully intended.
    America is broken beyond repair. It has to have it’s government totally replaced with what our founding fathers had in mind and nothing more except the Bill of Rights! So long as the special interests of big business [The Military Industrial Complex especially] continues to pull the strings and international bankers continue to rob us blind via the IRS and the Federal Reserve, nothing will change for the better.

  27. I seriously doubt the attorney was motivated by “morals” but by concern about the company’s “bottom line” due to the resultant bad reputation if he tried to fight the case. Kind of like a judge who refuses to hear cases because they are “frivolous.”

  28. Like “Slender Man”, “Orange Man” is a menace and a freaking fantasy. People have been hurt because of both of these so-called “Men”. One is not real, one is…time for him to be gone from the house. Vote him the f*** out!

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