Paul Ryan Admits That The GOP Plans To Win The Senate and Take Healthcare Away From Millions

paul ryan repeal obamacare

In an interview Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) admitted that the Republican plan is to win the Senate then begin work on taking health care away from the estimated 10.3 million people who have gotten coverage thanks to the ACA.


Earlier in the interview, Ryan discussed how much easier it will be to pass legislation if Republicans win the Senate. The real tell of what Republicans have in mind came when the conversation turned to Obamacare.

Rep. Ryan said,

It is so fundamentally flawed in it’s basic architecture that we shouldn’t to mimic it. I believe that a smart system that is patient centered that equalizes the tax treatment of Obamacare will give everybody, the ability the option to go get affordable health insurance. Whether they choose to do that or not is not really something you can necessarily actually capture in scoring, but if you have a system that gives everybody access to affordable care in a free market system that is patient centered included people with preexisting conditions, things like risk pools, then I believe that is suffient.


I’d go back to the pre-Obamacare baseline is what I would do. I think that’s the way to go. We shouldn’t assume we’re going to have an explosive entitlement then replace it with our own. I would start over again, quite frankly.

What Ryan was suggesting is that if Republicans take control of the Senate, they are going to begin the process of repealing Obamacare. The real target date that Republicans have in mind is 2017. If Republicans control Congress and win the presidency, they will be able to repeal the ACA and replace it with a voucher system.

When Rep. Ryan talks about patient based solutions and equalizing the tax treatment what he means is that Republicans want to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a flat rate tax credit or voucher for health insurance. Paul Ryan wants to go back to the old system with the bonus of millions of dollars in taxpayer money for the insurance companies.

Ryan wants to replace the ACA and Medicare/Medicaid with health vouchers. It doesn’t matter to Republicans that millions of people have access to affordable healthcare that they didn’t have before. It doesn’t matter that the ACA is working. The Republican position is all about destroying a law that helps people while providing a huge gift to the insurance industry.

The Senate elections matter. If Republicans take the Senate, they will be two-thirds of the way towards their goal of denying millions of people healthcare. A Republican victory in November will be another step towards returning to the bad old days of the recent past.

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  1. and they would be going back to lots of money from the healthcare lobbyists and corporations that they really arn’t getting right now.

    Good old risk pools

  2. When you hear a republican talking about the free market as all knowing remember this

    In 2006, Mitch Daniels, then the Republican Governor of Indiana, signed into law a “major moves” bill that, among other things, privatized the Indiana Toll Road, which carries Interstates 80 and 90 across the northern part of the state.

    Eight years later, ITR Commission Co., the arm of a joint venture between a Spanish company and an Australian company that owns the Indiana Toll Road lease, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in federal court:

    But thanks again to the village you wont hear about lyin Ryan plans of republican incompetence when it comes to fiscal matters

  3. Doesn’t matter technically if the Republicans take the Senate because any bill passed would not survive a Presidential veto and they won’t get the 2/3s it would take to override that veto.
    Needless to say however, as far as things getting done for the 99% who aren’t the super rich, it would be a disaster.

  4. This is one of the thousands of reasons we have to GOTV because Ayn Rand’s ghost is speaking.Vote out these scums of the world,The American Taliban.Vote Blue!

  5. Wait, how can the Republicans pass legislation even if they win the Senate. As they have amply demonstrated, unless they have a 60 vote majority, all legislation can be filibustered in the Senate. So, unless they plan to end the filibuster . . . oh wait!

  6. You guys are missing the point. This is part of a years long process. It very much does matter if they win the Senate. Republicans can effectively cripple the ACA via the budgetary process, which passes with a simple majority.

    The other issue is that if Republicans win the Senate they will be one step closer to their ultimate goal. They are thinking beyond 2014 and targeting 2017.

    If you think year to year and count on Obama’s veto to save the ACA, you are a step behind. Republicans are planning for life after Obama. I don’t think it is a good idea to place all of the Democratic hopes on the presidential election in 2016. The best option is to keep the Senate, and stop Republicans short of their goal.

  7. Tomorrow is the first step in stopping the kochsuckers

    On Tuesday, help register voters for National Voter Registration Day

    Hundreds of events are being planned across the nation for National Voter Registration Day 2014. This page features a directory of all planned events so that future voters and those interested in volunteering can find local events near them. This page is also for partners to add their events to our National Voter Registration Day directory.

  8. They are not going to win the Senate. If anything, they are losing three Senate seats: KY, KS, and GA. These three seats shouldn’t even be in play, especially Roberts seat in KS.

    Pride comes before the fall. And the Conservatives are getting ready to fall. They are too arrogant, narcissistic, sympathy and cold hearted to have power to use only to aide the one percent.

  9. Democrats should hammer this point with commercials, showing what the economy will be like under the GOP non-plan. Its political Three-Card Monte, and should be presented as such. There is no “plan,” and voting for them is the same as handing your healthcare availability over to a carny huckster.

  10. Yea lets go back to the same old money making schemes of the insurance companies ; we the people were fooled for decades that insurance costs go up 20%every year it was a scam and if they win the will try to repeal laws beneficial to most Americans including MEDICARE dont let them fool you they are after all our money.

  11. I wonder what the odds are of Karl Rove having a fatal heart attack on the Fox Propaganda set when he learns the Dems hold on to the Senate, and take the House back? I’d be willing to bet on that one.

  12. I guess Americans aren’t dying fast enough for these goons, so one way to speed things up is to take away their healthcare.

  13. Do you repukes see it now?? Do you understand that Ryan, McConnell, Boehner, Gramham and the rest of the repuke scum want to destroy OBAMACARE for they want to DESTROY HIS LEGACY. It doesn’t matter that it helps thousands of us, the fucking worm ryan has been trying since Obama first took office to destroy him and take away our healthcare.He also wants to destroy Medicare & Medicaid, We cannot allow this lying weasel to do whatever he wants.WE need to get him out of office and those of you in WISCONSIN HAVE THE POWER TO DO JUST THIS. VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE BEFORE HE DESTROYS ALL OUR RIGHTS. HE IS NO DAM GOOD AND IT WAS ALL OK WHEN HE AND HIS OLD LADY TOOK AND SUCKED OFF THE SYSTEM BUT IT IS NOT OK TODAY FOR ANY OF US TO HAVE ANYTHING. GET RID OF THE PIECE OF SHIT.

  14. And I love how he repeats the same old Republican lie at the end that “they had the government takeover of healthcare”. All sane people know by now that the ACA is NOT a government takeover of healthcare – but no Republican would miss an opportunity to throw that in. Obamacare is nothing more than recycled Romneycare and is the same system hyped by the Heritage Foundation in the mid-90’s as a rebuttal to Hillary Clinton’s plan. This is yet another example of the Democrats adopting a Republican idea that the Republicans then decide to block. What we really need is a single-payer Medicare-for-all plan that takes the profit motive out of healthcare. It is just ridiculous to believe that every single part of our economy must be market driven.

  15. The Greedpigs make me ill. They do absolutely nothing for regular Americans who get up and go to work everyday, get home and try to enjoy their life a bit while not having the same spending and saving power we used to have,and do our best to make life better for those around you or those in need.

    Congress goes on vacation for 7 weeks exactly one week after a 6 week vacation and we are told anyone unemployed is lazy,deserves no state or federal assistance. Congress does absolutely NOTHING for 99% of us.

    The MSM shows nothing but the Repig Lies and ZERO PLANS for the future while telling us the Democrats are in trouble.

    It is as though the MSM and Repigs are collusion to make our lives worse and more depressing each day.


  16. You can tell that it is getting close to election and republicans are getting scared and don’t know which way is up. They should have been working with the president when they were busying taking vacations days and planing on suing him for one thing or another. To late now to worry about the outcome of elections. The republicans governors are trying to get their ducks in a roll by accepting the medicaid expansion hoping that will save their job but don’t think so, they have tank their states so they probably will be gone to the umemployment lines. They didn’t about all those voter id laws and abortions laws they tried to pass or they pass against people, now they are coming back to bite them right where it hurt. Karma hurts even though they thought they weren’t going to get caught but they couldn’t out run karma, she will catch up with every time.

  17. Same old story. The Republicans keep stating they have an alternative plan but have yet to produce anything solid that would ensure all Americans affordable access to healthcare.

  18. Every word is the absolute truth. I live in Indiana. My husband and I knew the “Major Moves” program was a disaster in the making but…

  19. why would anyone including teabaggers vote for these individuals. they are telling you they are going to screw you and you will like it.

    forget that the president is black. this will affect. EVERYONE.

    please get rid of every single republican in congress. all you need is to vote democrat and teach these a%%holes a lesson.

  20. While it is a troubling scenario the author paints, it’s not even remotely likely. Even if the Repubs gain a majority in the Senate, it will be razor slim. So they will get a taste of their own medicine and see just how obstructionist the minority part can be in the Senate. AND The President still wields veto power. In 2016, not only do the Repubs have to deal with not so favorable national election demographics, they will find themselves having to defend 24 Senate seats to the Dems 10. Not only that, most of the Dems seats are “safe”, while a bunch of Republican Senate seats are in states that have always been competitive or are becoming much more blue friendly. Bottom line is the Repubs have only a slightly better than 50/50 chance of gaining control of the Senate this election by one or two seats and virtually no chance of keeping that control in the 2016 elections.

  21. YEP! GOP used to mean Grand Old Party,,,,,,nomore it’s Get Our Profits whether from lobbyists, long vacations (7 weeks)pay to…. play……stick with the Koch brothers who pay big bucks for our campaigns ,,,free health care…life long pensions after 2 terms or more………..entitlements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Arrogance mixed with stupidity is a sad thing to witness.

    Just who the f*ck does he think will sign any bill repealing Obamacare with Pres. Obama in the WH, even if GOPTPers win control of the Senate in November?

    This is more peddling of BS by Ryan and his buddies in Congress. They’re selling the idea that if they just had a majority in both houses of Congress, they could repeal Obamacare and deregulate everything.

    These guys think they can tell us anything and have us believe it. Just because Congress passes a piece of
    legislation doesn’t mean it will automatically become law, at least, not according to the U.S. Constitution.

    Any American who believes this BS needs to be duped and disappointed when s/he discovers that a major scam has been played on them. GOPTP supporters should be fed up with being used and abused by the likes of Ryan, Boehner, McConnell, and their buddies in Congress. They have had the majority in the House since 2011, and Obamacare is going strong!

  23. If Republicans hate America, then why is the military (you know, the people that actually DO something for America) over 80% Republican?

    Oh, and that news bit about the terrorist al-Baghdadi being released by George Bush? Yeah…your Democrats are lying to you again. I was personally in Camp Bucca in 2007-2008. Al-Baghdadi was held in the compound where I was working at that time. He was still there when I left in 2008, so he could not have been released in 2004.

    Nice try, but epic fail.

    Obamacare CAN be repealed by a three-fourths majority of Congress. Obama has no power to stop it. You might want to try reading the Constitution and the laws attached to it once in a while, retard.

  24. Ol’ Rover will be just fine on election day. It’s the morning after when he looks in the mirror with excitement to see his full head of hair has grown back!! A miracle! He’ll drop into hellfire when he sees his blessing though, it’s an Afro.

  25. According to US Department of Defense records, al-Baghdadi was held at Camp Bucca as a ‘civilian internee’ by US Forces-Iraq from February until December 2004, when he was recommended for release by a Combined Review and Release Board.[16][19] A number of newspapers have instead stated that al-Baghdadi was interned from 2005 to 2009. These reports originate from an interview with the former commander of Camp Bucca, Colonel Kenneth King, and are not substantiated by Department of Defense records

  26. Yes, the Affordable Care Act could be repealed by 2/3 majority of Congress (House and Senate both). Even if they win the Senate this year, it will likely not be 2/3 in the Senate (59-50 likely if they gain seats) and that is not a 2/3 majority. The 59 wasn’t a mistake. The Independent candidate from Kansas, if he wins, is likely to caucus with the Democrats. Current projections have the Democrats, thankfully, and likely retaining the Senate.

  27. I live here in Georgia, being a transplant from Michigan, and as much as I plan on voting for Nunn I doubt she will win. The Republicans already are creating such roadblocks to keep voter turn out low that many Democrats will be unable to cast their vote.

    I live in Buckhead which is predominately Republican so our voting places will move quickly with little problems. But for more Democratic leaning areas it is going to be a nightmare.

    I hope and pray that I am wrong and you are right.

  28. Hmmm… well, you’re wrong in your estimate; it’s much less, and more accurately reflects the general population.

    Perhaps the vets you know are… and perhaps that’s maybe because when one is trained to break things and kill people (even the unit clerk’s ultimate gig is infantry), voting Republican seems a logical progression, in the cases of those you know.

  29. Never happen because after 8 years of Hillary. The next president will be a gay black man. The last of the haters will have left.

  30. I live in a military town, I’m a proud vet who has no use for what’s become of a once reasonable political party, your beloved Republicans.

    The relatively few wingers here are mostly elderly retiree transplants, a few in uniform that have no business being in 1st Cav., let alone have their hat and spurs (such as the violent schmuck that just killed his daughter with a strap), and some that served long enough to be called a vet, albeit in REMF positions, in offices with Limbaugh cranked 3 hours a day.

  31. Rethugs are always planning for life and if they ever gain the Senate, House and the WH they have plans to keep it that way. That thought alone, should put everyone on notice. These people are very serious when thinking of their kind change, in our country. Please notice, I will not use the term (HOMELAND)That term always makes me think of a totalitarian Gov. Which is exactly what they want.

  32. I am of the opinion that republicans and conservatives would never again allow a democrat to be elected to the presidency if they control the court, the congress and the presidency. The vote will be so restricted that never again will there be heard a dissenting word

  33. absolutely Shiva!!!! All part of their plan.
    I come from a family who had more then one member fight, in the Rev War. Lost everything as some battles were fought back and forth across their land. After losing all, they went down the river to Ohio to start anew. Once again there was another war, Civil this time. Once again family members fought and won. Then comes the 1WW the sec WW, Korea, and more.. The rethugs plan on continual war, there by needing more and more cannon fodder to be used. Their thought, why do these people need any thing? They are only cannon fodder! Women stay home, have more children, we need them…Keep our quiver full.

  34. Unfortunately, the General officers of my era (76-94)sold us out to contractors and fashionistas in their quest to become Tom Cruise or an employee of war profiteers.

    They raised the current crop of officers to be ignorant corporate running dogs, so unaware of military history that they think invading ‘The Graveyard of Empires’ is just peachy.

    By contracting out the logistic tail, these traitors have handed over the ability to deploy military force to for-profit money grubbers.If Halliburton doesn’t get its price, the Army goes nowhere.
    The rank and file suffer when these faux ‘warriors’ sell them out. You can die for your ‘country’ but they won’t trust you with a beer. And piss in the cup. Forget the VA. We are throwaway soldiers.
    The US military, particularly the Air Force, is losing its professional status as religious and political fanatics bend it to their own foul purposes.
    Broadcasting your religious and political affiliations used to be shameful. It sti…

  35. Terri Lynn Land pledges to take health insurance away from 630,000 Michiganders
    Michigan Republican Terri Lynn Land is proving her fealty to the tea party by treading where fewer and fewer of her colleagues will go: full on Obamacare repeal. That repeal would take health insurance away from 630,000 people in Michigan.

  36. You are an arrogant a$$hole and will never be more than a ‘grunt’. Try watching more than faux for your news and you might get it right at some point…

  37. dj, I feel like we’re singing to the choir here. What will it take for the majority of the American people to wake up and realize that we are frighteningly close to losing FDR’s New Deal; LBJ’s Great Society programs, and every other social program that has literally saved the lives of millions of people, and helped to support our economy. Paul Ryan is telling us that they plan to undo as much of what PBO has accomplished as possible. Their likely plan is to try to force PBO to attack his own legislative accomplishments, the Voting Rights Act, social programs, etc., by threatening to shut down the government and refusing to raise the debt ceiling. It would be absolute insanity for people to not vote for the Dems and hand over the Senate to the Koch brothers. And let’s not forget voter suppression efforts and other tactics that they may employ to try to steal the Senate. If they take the Senate, we’re gonna be in some deep shit. This shit is serious.

  38. Does anyone in the USA believe that a Republican House and Senate will get the votes need to overturn a Presidential Veto?

    Article I. The Legislative Branch
    Section 7. Revenue Bills, Legislative Process, Presidential Veto

    Every Order, Resolution, or Vote to which the Concurrence of the Senate and House of Representatives may be necessary (except on a question of Adjournment) shall be presented to the President of the United States; and before the Same shall take Effect, shall be approved by him, or being disapproved by him, shall be repassed by two thirds of the Senate and House of Representatives, according to the Rules and Limitations prescribed in the Case of a Bill.


  39. Vote blue…vote blue… blue….vote blue….vote blue….vote blue….vote blue….It cannot be said enough, please people get out and vote, please don’t sit this election out. Show the koch brothers that only a few dummies can be bought, but not we the people that care about America!!!

  40. Paul Ryan is a horrible excuse for a human being who takes pleasure in hurting others. The world will become a better place the day he dies.

  41. I don’t remember where I read it but it said one reason that conservatives join the military is because they come from the south where they don’t question authority and like being told what to do without thinking. It goes back where the poor whites were cannon fodder for the rich landowners and that attitude carries on to this day.

  42. Why is every Republican a chicken hawk coward? Count the number of deferrals of this current bunch of lunatics and mental patients. Think VP Darth Cheney is in the lead with six,

  43. I certainly wish we could replace Ryan with a health voucher. What’s interesting about the Rep. is not so much that all he talks about has something to do with $$$, but that he is not going to be thinking about what people need or want but what he needs and wants instead. In other words, Ryan is too self-centered to be in politics. He’s not interested in the public good, he’s interested in a dippy ideology that is failing us everywhere it is applied.

  44. Okay, 66 (senators) is the magic number, got it. Can’t happen next month, but if the current vile for Our Agenda increases much more we are in serious trouble come January 2017. What can we do?

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