Washington Post Gives GOP Senate Candidate Four Pinocchios For ‘Smarmy’ Campaign Ad

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On Monday, the Washington Post published an article from their resident fact checker Glenn Kessler that highlighted an awful campaign ad from Georgia Republican David Perdue. Kessler ‘awarded’ the ad Four Pinocchios, meaning it is a complete and total lie. Perdue is running against Democrat Michelle Nunn for Georgia’s open US Senate seat. Polls show the race is extremely tight, which is especially concerning for Perdue as Georgia is a reliably red state that went overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney in 2012. Also, the seat is currently held by the retiring Saxby Chambliss, a Republican. With the GOP putting on a full-court press to take over the Senate, losing a Republican seat in a red state would put a severe crimp in those plans.

Due to the pressure Nunn is placing on Perdue, his campaign decided to run a pair of ads this month claiming that Nunn and the organization she used to run, the Points of Light Foundation, funneled money to terrorists. Perdue’s campaign is claiming that Nunn and her campaign have already admitted to such, and they are only repeating what her campaign plan states. Of course, her campaign plan says nothing of the sort. What it did point out is that Republican opponents may try to falsely claim that Points of Light gave money to terrorists due to some money being directed to Islamic charity funds. Which is exactly what Perdue is doing.

After the first ad was released by Perdue’s campaign, Neil Bush, son of former President George H. W. Bush and current chairman of Points of Light, called on Perdue to renounce the ad. The younger Bush was furious with Perdue for insinuating that the organization his father started would have anything to do with funding terrorism. Instead of renouncing the ad, Perdue doubled down on it and ran another one against Nunn, adding in additional comments about ‘amnesty’ and claiming that Nunn’s support of immigration reform would bring terrorists like ISIS to our front doors. One would think this made Neil Bush even angrier, considering his dad and mom gave Perdue an endorsement this month.

Below is the second ad:



Media outlets in Georgia have already ripped Perdue and his dishonest ad. Kessler decided to analyze the campaign ad and see how far it deviated from the truth. He found that it was as bad as one could imagine. His research shows that the organization in question that was the recipient of funds that were directed by an organization tied to Points of Light, Islamic Relief USA, has no ties to terrorist organizations. Also, even if it did, Points of Light never actually provided funds directly to IRUSA. Instead, IRUSA received donations directly from eBay sellers via MissionFish, an arm of Points of Light that helped direct funds to charities by providing a list of approved tax-exempt organizations. MissionFish is now actually part of eBay, as Points of Light sold it in 2011.

After giving a detailed account why Perdue’s ad was dead wrong and grossly dishonest, Kessler provided the following conclusion on why he gave the ad Four Pinocchios:

This is a pretty smarmy ad, so one can see why Neil Bush is demanding it be withdrawn. The Perdue campaign tries to give itself cover by saying it was quoting from a Nunn campaign document, when in fact that document simply said this would be an expected campaign attack.

On top of that, the claim that Nunn “funded organizations linked to terrorists” is utterly bogus. She did not fund any such organizations; neither did Points of Lights. Islamic Relief USA has no links to terrorism and in fact has been embraced by the White House — which is why eBay continues to list it as an approved charity.

Atlanta-area journalists have already said it is one of the worst ads they have seen this year. Besides Neil Bush, other Republicans like John McCain have called on Perdue to pull the ad due to Perdue’s claim that the Senate’s immigration bill will make it easier for terrorists to come into the country. Now, Kessler has helped bring it national shame and scorn by labeling it a whopper of a lie. It seems likely that all of the negative attention both ads have received will only hurt Perdue in the long run. If Perdue were a smart man, he’d apologize now for the ads, pull them, and fire his campaign manager.

9 Replies to “Washington Post Gives GOP Senate Candidate Four Pinocchios For ‘Smarmy’ Campaign Ad”

  1. Nunn is going to take this seat that was vacated by Chambliss. Perdue has been behind in the polls, and this “swarmy ad” smacks of desperation on Perdue’s part.

    The Bush family must be beside themselves knowing that the candidate they endorsed has thrown Bush under the bus. It seems to me like there may be grounds for a lawsuit.

    Republicans will do and say anything to win. They’d pimp out every female in the family, even babies to get what they want.

    Perdue is amoral, but that seems to be a prerequisite these days to be a card carrying member of the GOP.

  2. Perdue is just following the example of the man whom he wants to replace, Chambliss.

    It was Chambliss who ran an ad in 2002 accusing his opponent, Sen. Cleland, in effect of supporting terrorists and showing pictures of Cleland and bin Laden, conflating the two. An ad even McCain called reprehensible.

  3. These lowlife scum like Perdue will still get votes from low-information voters, the bulk of the Republican base. They believe anything Fox tells them and don’t believe anything that doesn’t come from an extreme right-wing source.

  4. Imo, Pres. GHW Bush deserves to be thrown under the bus for endorsing the candidate with the (R) beside his name instead of the one who would look out for the interests of average Americans. David Perdue is a corporate creature, through and through. If Georgians expect him to represent their interests in D.C., they’re mistaken. There’s no way I’m voting for Perdue to go to D.C. to plot with other corporatists on ways to further erode the middle and lower classes. This ad has created a mess for Perdue here in GA, but instead of backing down, he and the PACs that are supporting him have decided to continue running it. I guess it doesn’t matter to him that millions of republicans in GA might be offended that he’s lying about a charity that a former republican president established.

  5. Everything Deal says is a lie. The first claim he and his budget director made was that the BLS got the numbers wrong. Deal went on to say that the BLS only ranks states with republican governors as having high unemployment rates, but this is a lie. The four states with the best unemployment rates are states led by republican governors. Deal will say anything to cover his failure at governing. GA not only has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, but we also a high number of uninsured citizens, low wages, and low academic achievement for our students among the 50 states. Deal did the same thing Brownback, Walker, and Christie did—gave huge tax cuts to the wealthiest citizens and millions in subsidies to Big Business even though economic research shows these to be failed economic measures. He’s in panic mode and the RNC has sent someone to help him. It won’t change the facts, though. He’s a failed governor, and he knows it.

  6. Perdue has been leaving a trail of slime like a garden slug for years. This latest revelation on the part of Regressives and ‘baggers in GA isn’t surprising. Remember, they lied about Chambliss’ predecessor, when Saxby was basically a ball-less coward letting others go to war, while he claimed to be a patriot.

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