Jon Stewart Obliterates Republicans By Highlighting Their Ignorance On Climate Change

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On Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, host Jon Stewart devoted the first segment of his program to the subject of climate change. He discussed the People’s Climate March that took place in New York City on Sunday, where over 100,000 people took to the streets to bring awareness to the dangers facing our planet due to rapid global warming. Stewart pointed out that, while you would think people around the world are now acutely aware of the existence of climate change and its effects on the environment, this march was necessary because House Republicans continue to deny its existence.

The Daily Show host then directed his attention to a recent hearing by the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, where White House Science Director, John Holdren, spoke in front of the committee to discuss President Obama’s initiative to reduce carbon emissions 30% by the year 2030. Stewart lamented that Holdren had the unenviable task of “pushing a million pounds of idiot up a mountain.”

Below is video of the entire segment, courtesy of Comedy Central.



Stewart highlighted the various Republicans on the committee who peppered Holdren with idiotic questions or flat-out conspiracy theories. Confirmed moron Steve Stockman asked Holdren about global ‘wobbling.’ Stockman wanted to know why it wasn’t included in any climate models when he had read somewhere that it helped contribute to the last major ice age. Holdren patiently pointed out to Stockman that ‘wobbling’ refers to changes in the planet’s tilt and orbit and takes place over tens of thousands of years. It is very slow and has a tiny effect within a time scale of 100 years, which is the normal time frame for climate models.

Of course, the stupid wasn’t just contained to Stockman. A clip was played showing California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a well-known climate skeptic, tossing out a question about the dangers of carbon dioxide Rohrabacher wanted to know at what level does carbon dioxide become dangerous for human beings. When Holdren stated that he always enjoys his interactions with Rohrabacher, Stewart interjected, claiming Holdren meant it in the same way someone enjoys playing peek-a-boo with a baby or teasing a cat with a laser pointer. Stewart then showed Holdren’s response, where Holdren told Rohrabacher that his question was a red herring. As Holdren stated, the focus on CO2 is not about whether or not humans can breathe with increased levels, but if those increased levels trap heat in the atmosphere and rapidly change global temperatures.

However, the worst may have been Indiana Representative Larry Bucshon. The Congressman revealed himself as a full-fledged denier on the tin-foil hat variety during the hearing. He wondered why Holdren wasn’t listening to public comments on global warming. Holdren answered that perhaps Bucshon should read the scientific literature available on the subject instead of public opinion. As exasperated Stewart stated that Bucshon should read a climate science journal instead a teabaggers YouTube comments. Stewart then said Bucshon gave away the game when Bucshon told Holdren that he doesn’t believe scientists because it is their job to do these studies. In his opinion, scientists have a vested interest to create a hoax and therefore he won’t read what they produce.

After pointing out Bucshon’s idiocy, while also revealing that Bucshon’s biggest campaign donors are energy companies, Stewart then turned it back to Stockman to end the segment. He showed Stockman asking about the rise of sea levels and wondering how long it will take. Then, Stockman amazingly insisted that sea levels won’t rise because of displacement, using an example of melting ice cubes in a glass. This finally set Stewart off. Stewart tore apart Stockman’s lack of understanding of grade-school science by bringing out a glass of ice water and a bowl of ice. Stewart then proved the point that displacement only takes into account ice that is already in a body of water. However, if you take ice from elsewhere, say land, and put it in a body of water, that water level will rise.

All in all, this was one of Stewart’s best segments in a while. He tore apart the willful ignorance and Koch-funded denial of the Republican Party when it comes to the issue of climate change. The fact is, Republicans are placing us in great harm by refusing to act at all when it comes to global warming and the devastating effects it is having on our country and planet.

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  1. You have to love John Stewart, he constantly reminds us (as if we needed it)
    that we are being represented (or not) by a bunch of blithering idiots.

    After the mid terms, heaven help us, my district may be represented by the idiot repub that is willing to go to war with Mexico and wants to impeach the pres.
    On that subject of impeachment I sent an email to the candidate some weeks ago, no response, so I sent another, a couple of days ago I got a response from his helper
    who asked if there would be a convenient time for me to discuss the matter with them by phone – now that is profile in courage when you cannot put anything in print!

  2. Jon Stewart certainly has a talent for highlighting the absurd. When I hear these same arguments from right-wingers that I know, I just have to laugh. Of course, when you point out the absurdity of their arguments, you need to be ready for the anger, anger is the number one response of RWs when they are presented with facts.

  3. It’s scary to think that idiots such as these are not only elected to Congress, but then sit on the Science and Technology House Committee. Just proves that the GOP care nothing for science and progress, but only care to reward their Koch/Murray backers by placing their not-so-useful idiots in positions of power. Hard to believe that a country which used to be regarded around the world as the most innovative has stooped to this.

  4. Unfortunately, the well-funded deniers will win again. Another example of how capitalism fails a society. Just look how the climate has worsened over the last 30 years. Imagine what will happen if the “free market” were truly free and unregulated. New York will look like Beijing, The East River would catch fire, and nobody would be able to afford the medical care to combat pollution caused diseases. Money and politics, a fatal concoction.

  5. I watched Jon Stewart last night and it was both hilarious and absolutely pathetic at the same time.

    My two favorites were Rep. Larry Bucshon who wonders why the scientists aren’t taking public comments into consideration in building their models and Stockman and his theory of displacement.

    These people displayed a level of stupidity that was unbelievable. Yet they are on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, and they haven’t a clue.

    Rick Scott, when asked about climate change, said he didn’t know, he wasn’t a scientist. Charlie Crist said he wasn’t a scientist either, but he could talk to one.

    The worst part of this is that the people who elect these cretins to office are just as stupid.

    I weep in despair for what is happening to this country.

  6. Yes we have stooped this low and even lower if we don’t get these REPUBS out of the House. Every last insane one of them. You have RW women/representatives who took a cut in their salaries to show their is no war against women with GOP. It doesn’t get any worse than when a party of women –tell women to lower themselves to men? As opposed to fighting for equal pay?? And you expect me to follow you??? and vote RW???? The gop made laws that makes it easy for a man to rape you beat you and they get off! You did see that judge who gave the rapist of a 14 year old one month? She committed suicide but he gave him a month. You have the rich white guy who brutally raped a 2 year old BABY!!! Got off because of his wealth! The white kid killed 4 people while under the influence of problem send him to Sweden to a posh rehab. So unless your white and filthy and I do mean filthy rich you are no more safer than we are against ISIS.

  7. Ironically, if the US were to take up Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s suggestion that a “citizenship test” be administered prior to being allowed to vote, most red states would be vast areas of low voter turnout, and we wouldn’t be suffering the likes of these idiots in office. The GOP is one giant bowl of “be careful what you wish for” sprinkled with “now you’ve gone and done it.”

  8. I saw this…but, this is not ignorance…you have to remember something: the GOP Cons are not “ignorant”…to assume such a thing is quite dangerous…yes, the Tea Partiers (Teaidjits) and Libertarians (Firebaggers) are ignorant idiots…but the Cons are Fascist psychopaths…they know EXACTLY what they’re doing…they’re using Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda to try and fool people. They’re intentionally muddling the issue and hoping we’re not intelligent enough to realize what they’re doing…

  9. Want to have a twitter debate with He’s always willing to come back at you with more ignorance. This segment gave me such relief that I cannot express how much gratitude I have for Jon Stewart. My recent exchanges have caused me to tell Rohrabacher we’re going over his head and dealing with the world while he wallows in his stupidity.

  10. Focks media reported that Al Gore left the Climate March in an SUV.

    The whoppers are getting bigger by the day.

    Gore’s carbon footprint is minuscule and his efforts to preserve precious resources is an ongoing effort.

  11. Personally, I don’t call the TGOPs deniers. They are puppets for polluters from whom they get the “green stuff” for “denying” climate change. They want to keep their pockets filled.

  12. Unfortunately for us, some of these Republicans do believe in the science, but believe more in Koch brothers’ money in their pockets. They’ll sell out the planet for money and their moron base blindly follows.

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