Former GOP ‘Attack Dog’ Barbara Comstock Flees Reporter’s Simple Question



One of the GOP’s top “attack dogs” can’t handle even simple questions on the campaign trail.

Here’s Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-VA) fleeing a debate with Fairfax County supervisor Democrat John Foust after she compared immigrants to FedEx packages. No, seriously.


Local News Channel 8 caught it on tape as a reporter who was a colleague of the moderator’s tried repeatedly to ask a question, like the press is supposed to do. Comstock refused to answer and left her campaign manager to issue stern warnings that the reporter had been given her business card, so shut up please.

The reporter explained on Channel 8, “My first question was just, ‘How do you think this went?’ A softball question –” His second question was about reproductive health, another issue Republicans can’t talk about if they want to get elected. Hence the fleeing.

The reporter continued, “I want to underscore the fact that she did not get the last word in that debate, and as a journalist it’s our obligation to give candidates for public office a chance to reply –” The anchorman cuts him off, “That’s a good point, you’re kind of giving her the last word.”

Apparently Comstock thought it unwise to speak about the issues.

Here’s the part where Comstock compared immigrants to FedEx packages:

Comstock offered her wisdom on immigration reform in the debate, “FedEx contract packages coming in here all the time. We can track people who are coming into the country and we can do that right.”

Here she is fleeing:

comstock fleeing

If you’re the type who falls in love with the back of someone’s head, you’re going to love this crop of Republican candidates.

Comstock was an opposition researcher for the national GOP, and was behind the charge to impeach former President Bill Clinton. She’s not exactly a moderate Republican or someone who focuses on getting things done, unless those things involving destroying a Democrat, ala Darrell Issa.

Comstock loved scandal mongering when it was aimed at Bill Clinton, telling the Atlantic in 2004 (per Talking Points Memo ) “A campaign is a lot like a trial. You want people aggressively arguing their case.”

Instead of aggressively arguing her case, Comstock has taken to fleeing the press.

Comstock is running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th district. After the brown shirt tactics of the Tea Party Republicans in 2010, this is becoming all too common. The cowards flee from the 4th estate while proclaiming their love for the Constitution and misguidedly criticizing President Obama with it. It’s almost surreal in its ridiculousness.

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  1. not yet ready for prime time. you can just forget about debating any member of the gop. all they have are talking points which come from fantasy land.
    are you sure she was once an attack dog? so she can dish it out but can’t take it, huh? well she should have stayed out of the kitchen, cuz kitchens always get hot.

  2. Her answer, deflecting to bh1b visas, is deeply dishonest, considering the question was about low-skill, low wage immigrants that labor-intensive companies need to be profitable. Her disingenuous reply was aimed at high-skill, higher paying employers, who salivate at the opportunity to bring in high-skilled foreign workers willing to work for less than high-skilled American workers, thus depressing the wages and market for Americans in these better paying jobs. We’ll see if any journalists make that quite easily interpreted connection.

  3. I’m reminded of cockroaches. As soon as you turn the light on, they run and hide. LIke the GOP with questions that deserve answers rather than rhetoric. (My apologies to cockroaches.)

  4. Comstock was also all for McDonnell’s vaginal ultrasound law before she decided to run for Congress, but now, she’s running away from it as fast as she can and she’s trying to convince women in her district that she supports a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. Yeah, right. If she makes it into Congress, she’ll be another Koch wh*re who will do an Eric Cantor and forget her constituents and work for the benefit of corporations and America’s wealthiest citizens.

    How could she not since these are the groups she most closely identifies with?

    This tool will forget about the rights of women, the poor, the sick, and the elderly folk in her district as soon as she wins the election.

    Count on it, because after all, she’s a GOPTPer.

  5. The sad part is that the low information voters will continue to vote for these idiots because…….Benghazi! Obama!…. Squirrel!

  6. GOP Tea Baggers: cowards all.

    I forget: which branch of the military did Ted Cruz serve in? Ah, Rand paul? Mitch McConnell?

    Not only cowards and liars, but essentially draft dodgers.

    In my opinion, no registered Republican should be allowed the vote, or to run for office.


  7. I’m also getting tired of Mrs Mitt Romney opening her mouth, she won’t shut up about how Mitt would be such a great president, I wish they would go away and ride in their car lift to oblivion.

    These rethug losers like McCain have cried from day one, they just cannot handle the fact that they were beaten by a young black man.

  8. Rather sad – heart and mind have ceased to exist, replaced by pre-programmed comments, stored away on some implanted chip. Comments, btw, crafted by “clever” but thoughtless hacks who spend a lot of time in the gutters and back alleys of conservative thought, well paid, I’m sure. And when the light is turned on, however, they can only scurry away, frightened.

  9. Excuse my correctness but a female “attack canine” is more commonly known as a “bitch”. I think that term applies to Barbie more accurately.

  10. They run like rats from a sinking ship. Hope we sink them in this election. They aren’t worth the pay they receive. Make this country great again and Bote in November.

  11. The republicans want so badly to have a repeat of 2010 that they can taste in only in their heads. They forget they are on a different playing field now, the country don’t actually hate the president the way they want them to so all those who got elected and screwed up their jobs will lose their jobs because they them because they didn’t do what they promised to their followers and to others they just plainly screwed up the rest of the others lives. So they get pay back and they will not like it at all.

  12. Speaking of chips. How does she propose to keep track of all those illegal immigrants like “FedEx packages?” Chase them all down and implant a chip in their butts?

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