Obama’s Latte Salute Debunked: Thirty-Eight Previous Presidents Never Saluted The Troops

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Republicans and conservatives are freaking over what they dubbed Obama’s “latte salute,” but truth is that there is no requirement that the president salutes, and thirty-eight presidents before Obama never saluted the troops.

Video of the “latte salute”:


Conservatives have blown a gasket over the latte salute. To them, the video proves that Obama is just a Kenyan Socialist Marxist, who hates America and the troops.

The reality is that there is no law or requirement that a president has to salute the troops. In fact for 192 years, the troops were required to salute the Commander in Chief, but the president never saluted back. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Abe Lincoln, JFK, and FDR didn’t salute the troops when they saw them. Presidents weren’t supposed to salute. In a bit of stagecraft, Ronald Reagan began saluting the troops in 1981.

Rachel Maddow described how Ronald Reagan made up the rule that the president supports the troops in her book Drift, “Kline noticed that his boss was saluting members of the armed forces. Soldiers were supposed to salute their president; the president was not supposed to salute the soldiers. No modern president, not even old General Eisenhower, had saluted military personnel. It might even be, well, sort of, improper. Reagan seemed disappointed at this news. Kline suggested he talk to the commandant of the United States Marine Corps and get his advice, and the commandant’s advice ran something like this: You’re the goddamn president. You can salute whoever you goddamn well please. So Ronald Reagan continued saluting his soldiers, and he encouraged his own vice president and successor, George H. W. Bush, to do the same. And every president since has followed.”

Obama did salute the troops. He did it with a coffee cup in his hand. Apparently holding coffee while saluting is the height of betrayal to the Red, White, and Blue.

The whole thing is especially silly because George W. Bush was fond of saluting the troops while holding his dog:

george w bush salute

and here:

bush salutes troops while holding dog

and an especially serious looking one here:

bush holds dog while saluting the troops

If Obama’s coffee cup salute was disrespectful to the troops, multiple dog salutes must be treason. The fact is that Republicans hold the nation’s first African-American president to a different standard on everything. The white POTUS can hold his dog, but the black guy should be thrown out of office for saluting with a Starbucks cup in his hand.

I suspect that conservatives are freaking out because deep down inside they know that the 2014 election isn’t going the way that they were told it would be. The chances of retaking the Senate are slipping away. Conservative doubts are growing that they are going to get the win that they were promised.

The odds are increasing that Republicans are going to wake up on November 5th to a Senate and a White House that is still controlled by Democrats. The latte salute hysteria is the beginning of the post-election Republican flight from reality. Conservatives behaved this way after they lost in 2008 and 2012. It looks like they using a salute as their vehicle to escape from reality in 2014.

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  1. “Conservatives have blown a gasket over (fill in the blank).”

    The GOP needs to grow the hell up already.

    Presidents don’t need to salute anyway; it is not a requirement and technically shouldn’t even be done if you want to get right down to it.

    (I edited my post and then ended up liking my own post…I did like it, but am not sure if that’s a site bug or what.)

  2. I guess the GOP doesn’t realize how petty and childish they are making themselves look. They have nothing to offer legislatively, and all they do is harp on nonsensical issues. So much for the Grand Old Party.

  3. OMG…. when I saw this on last evenings news I thot “oh the GOPrs are gona love this…what a bunch of nitpicking babies….guess they “forgot” about W’s various salutes

  4. There must be a fulltime right wing goon squad that frets over every action and every word from President Obama to see if there is anything they can use to crank up the wingnut outrage machine. Even if they can’t come up with anything, they just make something up. It never ends!

  5. The author of this piece is clearly biased. Nobody cares if the President is not legally required to salute the troops. As they pointed out, Reagan started it and it has been done ever since as tradition and a show of respect. He is the Commander in Chief after all. Secondly, yes there are a few pictures that have popped up with Bush and his dog. Let me repeat that, Bush and a living animal which he was holding. Even then he always switched it over to his left hand and then managed to salute. A living animal and a cup of coffee isn’t even close to comparable. As the leader of the country, the guy should just know that anytime he steps into the daylight every camera, cell phone, and microphone is pointed at him and he should at least make every attempt to hold himself to a higher standard and to always be seen as respectful. Especially to our military veterans.

    I really doubt people are “blowing a gasket” over it. Author is the one blowing it out of proportion.

  6. Just because it’s been done since Reagan that doesn’t mean it’s sacrosanct.

    Moreover, unless you’ve been living under a rock today or in a cave, you could not have missed the kerfuffle this has caused in Right Wing Land (which is similar to Fantasy Land).

    I also find it mildly amusing that you think it’s a big deal because the President was holding a coffee cup and not a “living animal.” Either the salute is a big deal to you – and hence should never be anything but solemn – or it is not. You can’t have it both ways.

  7. As dumb as it may be for the right to make a big deal about this solute, it is equally foolish to pull the race card anytime someone disagrees with the president.

  8. Well when the President proposes republican ideas against the progressive base, then what would you call it?

  9. Not a reuplican or democrat. But a salute holding a cup of coffee in his hand, No respect for that solider. At least Bush, who was the only one shown here had the dog in his other hand and he gave the correct salute to the men. Obama gave them a “Whatever” motion. very disrespecful, no salute would have been better. But I am sure you who kiss his ass have no respect for the military that try to keep your sorry asses free. Nothing was debunked, this article said 38 and only showed three and of couce they were of the man Obama and company like to blame for all of this goverments problems.

  10. There is a big difference between initiating a salute and returning one that has been presented to you. I think it’s entirely proper for a President to return a salute from his subordinates.

  11. President Bush’s salutes are all proper. It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying something… coffee cup, dog, or a bag of trash even… just move it to your left hand and salute with your right hand. If your hands are full then you don’t have to salute at all.

  12. Unlike some of the personally outraged crowd, I did serve at the tail end of Vietnam. The President of the United States is the Commander in Chief and it was my duty to show respect towards him and to salute him and obey his commands. It is not his obligation to salute me back and I think it is disrespectful to his post to insist that he does. He is the Commander in Chief and not the other way around. Some of you need to stop being personally outraged and realize that he is human and is not there in that position to fulfill your every expectation. If you can do better, please put your money where your mouth is, run for office and impress the hell out of all of us with how perfect you will be. If not then, shut up and let the man do a job that most of us would not want and could not do.

  13. I was only stating that G.W.’s salutes were proper since this article is claiming they are not, some people might not have realized that if they didn’t know customs and courtesies. But you totally blew that comment out of proportion. No more feeding the trolls.

  14. A few more FYI’s/FAQ’s: Is it Proper for a President to Render a Military Hand Salute? http://www.texasgopvote.com/military-salute/it-proper-president-render-military-hand-salute-002816#sthash.hyr2QXXO.dpuf
    To salute or not to salute, that’s Obama’s question | Tales from the Trail http://reut.rs/1raxVnu
    Official US Military rules of the salute: “Salutes are not required when either the senior or the subordinate is wearing civilian clothes: a salute in this case is not inappropriate, but is not required.”
    He is the commander in chief of the armed forces. He does not have to salute anybody! He can, if he wants to, or he can choose not to salute anybody, they are ALL his subordinates, each and every one of them, from the privates to the 5 star Generals. THEY are required to salute HIM, HE is not required to salute ANYBODY, except for when he is in uniform, and he is NEVER in official uniform, ever, because he is the President of the United States of America. U.S. Military S…

  15. Love how everyone calls the GOP babies and what not – yet, when you look back on Bush’s Presidency, all you see is Libs whining, complaining, this, that, and the other. I just find it funny how repubs and democrats go at it like two year olds trying to squabble over the same toy. Your parties are more similar than different…sad, really.

  16. Re-post of prior comment: FYI’s/FAG’s: Is it Proper for a President to Render a Military Hand Salute? http://www.texasgopvote.com/military-salute/it-proper-president-render-military-hand-salute-002816#sthash.hyr2QXXO.dpuf
    To salute or not to salute, that’s Obama’s question | Tales from the Trail http://reut.rs/1raxVnu
    Official US Military rules of the salute: U.S. Military Salute: http://usmilitary.about.com/cs/generalinfo/a/salute.htm
    Jim Hoft’s Incredibly Moronic Post of the Day: The “Most Degrading Salute Ever!”: Read more at http://littlegreenfootballs.com/#cjMhySyfi9g30F62.99
    Yes, Fox Nation Really Tried to Attack President Obama for Saluting Two Marines – See more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/yes-fox-nation-really-tried-attack-president-obama-saluting-two-marines/#comments
    Obama’s Latte Salute Debunked: Thirty-Eight Previous Presidents Never Saluted The Troops http://politicususa.wpengine.com/2014/09/24/obamas-latte-salute-debunked-thirty-eight-

  17. I am conservative, well Libertarian so I guess I am conservative because I don’t believe in the mass redistribution of wealth. Anyway as a “conservative” and 8 year military veteran I wasn’t bothered a bit. Nor were my “conservative” friends. I voted for the president and that was worth it to punish the statist neoconservatives. But overall it was a mistake. Stop generalizing and vote for Dr. Carson.

  18. It is not a matter of the salute and the other presidents who did or didn’t salute it is a matter of the disrespectful way it was done. it says I can’t be bothered or “yeah alright”. he isn’t doing them any favors quite the contrary the military is doing him and us the favor, the least he or anyone could do is show some respect.

  19. Conservatives have lost their last minds, they’re mean and disrespectful, hateful, and think that their shite don’t stink. Some of the so-called men are so jealous of The President they can hardly breathe. Their comments used to get to me, now they’re laughable and those same negative comments roll down into the gutter where they belong. We all put our pants and dresses on the same way, and that tall drink of water is fine and intelligent, a thinker and sure of foot, loves his family, honorable at best. And you know the rest…LOL…They’re afraid that their women are drooling at The President, and it’s too bad that they can’t hang him like their forefathers did back in the day, and isn’t it unbelievable that a handsome black man for all to see made America Proud….and doing a hellava job, all on his own….

  20. If I may continue my tirade for a minute: what you SFBs, protesting the Presidents “latte” salute, apparently do not comprehend is that Obama was giving recognition and appreciation to the Marines. He didn’t have to do anything, just walk past them, but he didn’t, he was telling them that he saw them. Doesn’t matter if he has a dog OR a latte in his hands.

    Oh, and Ingram, I personally was not in the military, but my husband was… for thirty years. He became an officer thru OCS and when the person goes thru OCS the partner also has to go thru training to have the proper manners and comportment. Nice try tho.

  21. Well Pat, this ass-kissing lib-rul certainly respects the military, and it’s beyond ridiculous that people think and say we don’t.

    Both of my parents served in WWII, as did 3 Uncles, one of whom was part of the D-Day invasion at Normandy. A cousin was a Marine helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Two cousins have been involved in Iraq and Afghanistan for several years now.

    They all served/serve to give YOUR sorry ass the right to blindly criticize others.

  22. I’d like to let you in on a little secret. If Dr. Carson runs in 2016, he’ll lose the votes of the following groups: blacks, Hispanics, Muslim and Asian Americans, just like Romney did.
    Why will he lose? Because he has the same flaws that Romney had, among those are a disdain for the less fortunate, a disrespect for all who aren’t fundamentalist Christians, bastardizing Christianity, and an inherently divisive nature.

    Since I’m black, I can say without a doubt that he will never get my vote and he probably won’t get the votes of most Black Americans. This will burst wide open the rw meme that most Black Americans voted for Barack Obama because he’s black. Dr. Carson has already shown that he’s not for inclusiveness but for exclusiveness, and to top it off, he doesn’t know enough about politics, U.S. history, economics, or foreign affairs. Instead of studying the things he doesn’t know, he’s lauding the things he doesn’t know and coming across as a very offensive tool.

  23. Your comment, your posting is correct. Correct to a point. The “error” was in the source she used. A source, one of many, the many others have used. Feel welcome and free to read the entire list I posted on this board for full details.

  24. To all of you that say he does not have to salute you are right he does not have to because he is not a true American. If he is going to salute at least have the courtesy to switch the cup to the other hand. For all those knocking Bush go back and look at the pictures idiots he did not have the dog in his right hand. If he is going to call himself Commander in Chief he should salute the troops when they render a salute to him.

  25. wow. I did not think it would start so soon, but we all know the GOP is in big trouble this election cycle let alone problems in 2016. the right and their leaders have realized that their party is in serious trouble this November at the polls. big, big trouble… the rightwing desperation and fervor will keep going up and up and up. in the last 3 or 4 days, anti-Obama and anti-democratic began to appear on a bunch of democratic and liberal websites, even this one. some the comments above are ridiculous. you rightwing trolls need to lie better than that. you are not fooling anyone. it is too late for the conservatives and the republicans and their base of sheep, parrots, and lemmings. they have been told over and over by their leadership and rightwing media that dems were doomed. guess what??? I think its the other way around. vote on november 4th for democrats!!! lets shut this conservative and republican circus down and send the clowns home.

  26. Why would anybody want to vote for Dr. Carson? He coudln’t be less qualified for the job. He should stick to the medical profession, because his political views are downright nuts.

  27. Actually it’s you who are clearly biased. You did see the first picture of Bush with his dog while he salutes didn’t you? You know the one where it looks like he is hugging the dog tight because he is about to drop it and has his head down next to the dog while saluting. Do you call that a proper and respectful salute? I sure don’t. And yes there are many right wing idiots going nuts over this.

  28. My comment as a 19 year serving member of the military is this. I couldn’t care any less that he saluted, presidents prerogative to do so, what bothers me is that it is done incorrectly, if your going to do it then do it right. One of my favorite things is to salute brand new second lieutenants when they have a coffee cup in their right hand and watch the coffee spill all over their face and the screaming that ensues from the scalding too bad he didn’t get the same. Also Bush Jr was just as wrong saluting with the dog in the right arm, what is in the left doesn’t make any difference so long as it doesn’t interfere with proper saluting. Again its not that barry saluted but did it with a cup of coffee in his right(saluting)hand

  29. I am thankful for your family’s service to our country. I have served our country for 20 years and I bet they can’t stand Obama any more than I do. With that said, what are your qualifications to make judgments on the UCMJ?

  30. This person stands up so much for their position that they use a symbol for who they are instead of a name.

    Hardly worth replying to, other than stating it to point out cowardice and lack of courage of conviction. Then they hide behind the symbol as they call us trolls.

    My position is stated very clearly above:

    Unlike some of the personally outraged crowd, I did serve at the tail end of Vietnam. The President of the United States is the Commander in Chief and it was my duty to show respect towards him and to salute him and obey his commands. It is not his obligation to salute me back and I think it is disrespectful to his post to insist that he does. He is the Commander in Chief and not the other way around. The president is human and is not there in the position to fulfill your every expectation. If you can do better, please put your money where your mouth is, run for office and impress the hell out of all of us with how perfect you will be.

  31. Can you list a few of those conservative ideas POTUS has been pushing that Congressional leaders have not been willing to entertain?

  32. For all of those claiming that he shouldn’t have saluted at all, that that would have been better than a salute while holding a cup…..you do realize that if he skipped the salute, the wackadooms would have been going off about that instead? It doesn’t matter what he does or doesn’t. To the GOPT, he’s wrong.

  33. Willie, how about the ACA? That is really “Romneycare” by a new name as was implemented in Massachusetts and supported by all “right thinking” Republicans.

    The facts are, anything said, done, or thought by Obama has been opposed by the Republicans. Remember, they are the ones that said, “it’s more important for Obama to fail than for America to succeed.”

    Republicans are so polarized that they are on the verge of treason.

  34. This was a pretty decent article until you, for some ignorant, idiotic reason, decided to turn it into an issue about race. WTF?? People aren’t upset about this because he’s black. That’s the dumbest load of racist crock! People are making a big deal because they feel it’s symbolic of his lack of interest or respect for the troops.

    Personally, speaking as a prior service Marine, I could care less if he salutes. He wasn’t in the military. He’s a pure civilian politician in a thousand dollar suit. So in fact, I would almost personally prefer he doesn’t do it at all.

  35. Well where was your outrage when bush did it holding a dog? Oh I get it was a dog and he was one of you

  36. A civilian to whom the military is beholden, per the Constitution you (as an alleged former Marine) swore to uphold. Otherwise known as your muthafuckin boss. Now shut up and sit down.

  37. One of my favorite jokes from the W era: George W. Bush was exiting the presidential helicopter. Under each arm he held a pig. The Marine standing at the bottom of the helicopter stairs, saluted the president and said: “Nice pigs, SIR!” Bush stopped, faced the Marine and said: “Son, these are no ordinary pigs. These are genuine Texas wart hogs. I got one for Cheney and one for Rumsfeld.” The Marine stood a little taller, saluted again and said: “Nice trade, SIR!”

  38. The WH staff made the error and shouldn’t have promoted this particular photograph showing this particular salute.
    They didn’t do the President any favors.

  39. You know when you don’t have anything to add is when you say it was the White House error. The WH is making people like YOU look like the fool you are by mocking you dumbasses. The Reich wing panties get wet over this bullshit but you dumbasses don’t have anything to say on your party, abdicating their duties by going home and not debating us going to war. Pathetic

  40. You know when you don’t have anything to add is when you say it was the White House error.

    I said the “staff”. You know, all those people who work for the President and should have some understanding of military culture and sensitivities?
    But maybe you’re correct and they’re just trolling the right and welcoming the backlash.
    Silly if it is that though.

  41. Conservatives have lost their last minds, they’re mean and disrespectful, hateful, and think that their shite don’t stink. Some of the so-called men are so jealous of The President they can hardly breathe. Their comments used to get to me, now they’re laughable and those same negative comments roll down into the gutter where they belong. We all put our pants and dresses on the same way, and that tall drink of water is fine and intelligent, a thinker and sure of foot, loves his family, honorable at best. And you know the rest…LOL…They’re afraid that their women are drooling at The President, and it’s too bad that they can’t hang him like their forefathers did back in the day, and isn’t it unbelievable that a handsome black man for all to see made America Proud….and doing a hellava job, all on his own….
    Like8 No Way3

    Pat Rodriguez Reply to Pat Rodriguez

    Wed, Sep 24th, 2014 at 10:59 pm

    If I may continue my tirade for a minute: what you SFBs…

  42. Obama had too much on his mind on the way out the helicopter door, so naturally he forgot or was not mindful of the fact that he had a cup of coffee in his SALUTING HAND. An Oooops moment, coulda’ happen to ANY President. If it did, these Republican vultures would have given him a pass and not even have a problem with it. But because it is Obama, they pounce gleefully. They are the pits!
    Check out BUSH saluting with his dog in his hand countless times. What say you Repugnants?

  43. I agree with you JP, I too am a veteran and it does not bother me that he is sauteing it bothers me that his left hand has nothing in it and he choses to keep his cup in his right hand. I don’t care that he is the president if you are going to salute do it right!

  44. Barry with a small b said so much more to me. I am sure that you were outraged by President Bush’s saluting with his dog.

    I am also a Veteran and I wasn’t happy with President Obama saluting with the coffee but as a former member of the military I knew better than to refer to the President as ‘barry’.

  45. How ridiculous to try to make the salute into a racial issue. Does anyone not notice that President Bush’s dog is BLACK?

  46. Reply to Thomas

    Was Bush holding the dog up to his forehead?
    From my crash course in military standards in regards to saluting, if an enlisted man were to salute with his right hand while holding something in his left hand, disciplinary action would not be forthcoming. If however, he saluted an officer with any object IN his right hand while saluting, disciplinary measures would be taken. Iow, any object being held needs to be passed to the left hand before saluting with the right hand.
    The photos of Bush saluting while holding the dog don’t show him breaking acceptable protocol.
    This type of thing may not seem important to civilians, but it CAN appear to military personnel as the President either being ignorant or callous.
    Like I said, the WH staff – who is supposed to ensure a favorable image of any president is always being presented – goofed.
    Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of military conventions would never have permitted this photo to be released.

  47. What does being black have to do with disrespect? Presidents don’t have to render a salute to the troops. The reg says enlisted and officers must salute higher ranking officers with an open right hand, nothing in it. You can have something in your left hand when you salute. Obama clearly saluted with something in his right hand. He should not have saluted at all. Bush’s dog was in his left hand but his right hand was clearly empty when he saluted.

  48. Politifacts are not entirely correct either:

    In regards to the two videos … yessiree bob, President Eisenhower saluted … but the events given were military events (dedication of a memorial, saluting a Medal of Honor winner, a presidential inspection of the troops). Not exactly Apples to Apples here either.


    President Eisenhower saluted <> in civilian clothes.

    Here are some protocol guidelines for saluting:

    Salutes are not required when

    Indoors, except when reporting to an officer or when on duty as a guard.

    Saluting is obviously inappropriate… carrying articles with both hands, or being otherwise so occupied as to make saluting impracticable… or return the salute to a subordinate.
    Either the senior or the subordinate is wearing civilian clothes (a salute in this case is not inappropriate, but is not required.)

  49. You’re missing the point. Obama has no clue what it means to honor or respect those who serve this country. His coffee cup salute speaks volumes about what makes him tick. No respect and no couth.

  50. Hey dumbass I guess your definition of respect is letting VETS stew in their piss and shit like your cod wearing hero bush. I bet your mouth watered seeing that

  51. As a Marine I can tell you that what Obama did was disrespectful and it doesn’t matter what anyone before him did. Of course, considering Obama’s attitude toward the military, it’s not surprising. If one can’t give a proper salute they should elect to not salute at all. Stop blaming the actions of others to excuse Obama. He is the President and should be held accountable for his actions.

  52. Boy I see you teahadist got your talking points in your email this morning. For once can any of you brain dead idiots come up with an original thought of your own

  53. I wish this society could get to a point where race is not the first thing brought up in discussion about our president. Seriously, get over yourselves and realize that THEY’RE NOT PISSED WITH THE PRESIDENT BECAUSE HE’S BLACK. People who keep bringing it back to our attention that he is are, in fact, the ones who are being racist. True, the press is being rather harsh about this, but I think their grounds for taking offense are not all totally ridiculous; He is out commander in chief, after all, and it is his duty to represent our nation with dignity.

  54. The President of the United States is a civilian. He is not a member of the US Military and is therefore not entitled to salute. The military salute is a privilege earned by honorable service in the military. It is also a privilege that can be taken away. Military prisoners are stripped of the privilege of saluting. While the President is Constitutionally the CINC, he is not a member of the military.

    One of the core principles of our country is our military is under civilian control. The President is that civilian authority over the military as is the Secretary of Defense and the Secretaries of the branches of the armed services. Reagan started saluting in 1981. Bush held his dog and saluted. Damn Obama

  55. Military Customs and Courtesies:

    1. Don’t apply to the President

    2. State that you can hold something in your left hand (such as a dog) while saluting.

    That being said, the “hugging-the-dog-Bush-salute” didn’t look too good.

    Not to mention there have been tons of soldiers, Officers and Enlisted (including myself), who have botched a salute.

    I do think that if any President, past, present, or future; is going to do it, he should get it right. However, let’s not blow up one picture shall we? I mean he probably saluted correctly many times before and after this specific salute.

    Bottom line:

    He doesn’t fall under Army Regulations and all military personnel botch salutes at least once, just no one cared to take a picture.

  56. James, you are on the wrong site if you think you are going to get anyone here to believe there is no racism going on with President Obama.

    We are all very well read and informed and do not buy anyone’s bullshit.

  57. Yeah, that’s the ticket, racist. Dubya had his dog in his arms while he saluted many times, sometimes he had the dog salute, but guess since Dubya is white, it is okay.

    Anyone who claims to know ‘military’ traditions and spews nonsense is obviously a fraud and has never served.

  58. Joseph,

    President Obama does not ‘have to call himself’ Commander In Chief. He is the Commander In Chief and you sound like another Bagger Racist in Lowlife.

  59. First thing is first the proper hand salute is rendered with the right hand free of all objects. You maybe holding anything you would like with your left as long as your right is free. So your BS debunking of Former President Bush is just that BS. This has nothing to do with race color or religion. This has to do with customs and courtusies. So you may want to learn what a proper salute is before you start bashing former Presidents.

  60. This has everything to do with you being a dumbass. BTW I am waiting for your post on your teahadists anal tongue sucking to get riled up on their dereliction of duty on not debating going to war. You are pathetic

  61. I had 4 years of ROTC before joining the army and in both I learned that you do not salute unless you are in military uniform. The U.S. President is a civilian and not in a military uniform and therefore does not salute. President Reagan mistakenly started a tradition that needs to end now. Also a proper salute was never demonstrated by dubya in any of those photos.

  62. He’s actually RETURNING the salute not giving it. It’s a mark of respect from the Marines to the President.
    Much ado about nothing.

  63. Did you just swear at our President. You remind me of my my father, who’s gone now. But, before he passed away he was retired Lt. Col from the Air Force. He was constantly watching the news and swearing all the time about things presidents did.
    But he was drunk. Are you drunk? Do you have any respect at all for the presidency?
    (Rolls Eyes)!

  64. LOL Jam117, Your funny, what has that to do with anything? Actually our President isn’t black he is both. Perhaps he is a descendent of many nationalities. A true American. Because, if your really a descendant of a long line dating back to the beginning, you would be. And he is that through his mother. We all got mixed up through the centuries. Does you’re line come from pilgrims. How can you be so sure what you have in you?

  65. If something this menial and silly makes yer blood boil, you really, really, REALLY need to get a freaking life.

  66. This is not a DEBUNK Ronald Reagan began saluting our troops and EVERY president since has done it NOW Obama wants to rip apart this countries traditions? As a US citizen I am so proud of the men and women who serve this country, for a president to disrespect them, well we just need to Marie Antoinette him because seriously why did he even run??

  67. Are you stupid or just a klan member? I don’t recall you being upset when your boy toy bush let VETS stew in their own piss and shit at Walter Reed. You are the most vile of humans in fact your ass is like a day old tampon reuse for another day.

  68. You must have never been given a salute by an older officer, just about every single one of them gives a whatever salute to his subordinates. You’re a complete tool!!!!

  69. Due to a bad decision i made when i was younger, i spent 9 months in a military run bootcamp. All of the staff were veterans and most had been deployed over sea. More than 1 had 20+ years with the armed forces. While there i learned pretty much everything that a regular soldier would learn in basic, except for the weapons part as that would have been illegal. I learned how to march, run and line up in formation as well as how to march my own formation. I also learned how to properly take down and fold the flag. And related to this thread i learned that if you are going to salute you do it with the right hand, and nothing is to be in the right hand. If you fuck the salute up it is a sign of disrespect no matter who you are. When i got promoted to corporal, even though i was not a real soldier and was arrested, the DI promoting me did not half ass his salute. the salute should be right hand at a 45 degree angle, middle finger touching eyebrow, palm open and slightly bent

  70. Why is it that both Conservatives and Liberals can make something very simple swirl into a toilet of insults and ridiculous “I know you are but what I?” childish back and forth?

    The only issue I have with the salute is the half ass nature of it. Do it or don’t do it but if you are going to do it then do it correctly. Its simple, there should not be anything held in the saluting hand.

  71. The only issue is how you people get worked up over this trivial matter but had nothing to say when Republicans cut Veterans spending over the years. But talking about that is childish

  72. rule or not, doesn’t matter, if you’re going to give a salute, give a whole-hearted salute NOT a half-assed salute with a cup of coffee in your hand. The dog may not have been the greatest idea either but at least He had the dog in the other hand! IMHO

  73. What is disrespecting is how you CONS had nothing to say when your cod piece wearing butt boy had veterans sleeping in their piss and shit at Walter Reed.

  74. Let’s compare: a democratic president offers a sloppy salute. A conservative Fox News talker jokes about a servicewoman, in battle, having “boobs on the ground.” Which was worse? Your selective, partisan-driven outrage is duly noted.

  75. Did you say President Bush was tearing apart this country’s tradition when he kept saluting while holding his dog? If not, you are being extremely partisan in criticizing Pres. Obama for botching one unrequired salute to our soldiers.

  76. This is really the best thing you people have to argue over? A salute?

    This country is going to hell in a handbasket due to BOTH sides of the party line. Neither is fully at fault and neither is guilt free. Anytime something happens it becomes a mudslinging event where its right vs left or the other way around. Nothing is truly ever accomplished because the left doesn’t want the right to win and vice versa. Aren’t they in office to represent what WE as the American public really want? Not what they tell us they think we want?

    Instead of being focused on hating the sides, take a minute to look at what is actually happening in our country. Can anyone honestly say we are headed in the right direction? Are you proud of what you will leave for the next generation to deal with?

    All the current politicians need to be removed from office and fresh blood in office. These career guys only care about who’s lining their pockets and not what is ACTUALLY best for the American public…

  77. You are correct except for one thing. No American President has ever been this disrespected or attacked or criticized like this guy. Do you wonder why? Question: There’s a steaming pile of crap sitting near you and it stinks, are you just supposed to IGNORE it? The hatred directed toward this President is unprecedented. The disrespect is beyond reason, and you think people should just “Not talk about it”? Because it’s UNCOMFORTABLE? Get a life and grow the F UP!

  78. How can you complain about Obama yet ignore the pictures in this article showing Bush saluting with a fecking DOG in his arms?

  79. JP– you nailed it. I like Obama, and I support him, but this was an example of sloppiness. He exits that helicopter hundreds of times and knows he will encounter these fine saluting marines each and every time. He is not caught by surprise to see them there. As with a handshake, be prepared and if you have at least one free hand, let it be the one you shake with (or salute with.)…and do it like you mean it.

  80. Ralph,
    You say you are a libertarian and against the redistribution of wealth but voted for a man who very clearly is for the redistribution of wealth…? Furthermore, you voted to punish the “statist neocons,” are you insane? There once was another libertarian who insisted he was a patriot for NOT serving in the military and now I am just beginning to wonder about you guys. It’s not just the foreign influence or radical factions that are shitting up this country it’s clowns like you who vote like its a game. Your whole statement stinks of BS.

  81. Not a fact, Ron. Clinton was dogged every single day of his presidency. Carter was treated like a no-nothing hick. They absolutely hate Democrats and are the sorest of losers every time a Democrat is in office. I’m not saying many of them aren’t racists as well, because they are. But in the end, they treat Democratic presidents like crap. They are still fighting against FDR.

  82. Sadly James, the color of the POTUS skin is a huge deal for some people. The talking heads at FOX News make reference to the president’s “race” all the time. Talk about disrespect…

  83. Way to whip out the race card! Explain why Allen West is offended by this also? Or is he not black?

  84. It always amazes me that you lefties cannot simply admit when the president makes a mistake. Just as you say the right always attacks Obama, the left always reverts back to blaming Bush. Obama doesnt salute correctly and you all run to your macs and google Bush’s botched salute as quickly as you are able to. You all want to talk about double standards, but you dont understand that you are walking talking double standards. The truth is the vast majority of the armed forces and armed forces retired cannot stand this president. They do not respect him. They do not respect him because he clearly does not respect them. His actions make that crystal clear. Not him “latte saluting”

  85. Ralph
    Unfortunately it’s been redistributed over the last 30 years facilitated by Reagan and his corporate deregulation. Yep, it’s been redistributed right out of the pockets of the working class and into the pockets of CEO’s and upper corporate officers at every single corporation in this country.

  86. I guess you were giddy when Veterans were laying in their piss and shit at Walter Reed under your cod piece wearing lover. But like you said ACTIONS speak louder than words (and speeches

  87. Of course Obama was disrespectful! He’s supposed to bow at the waist and say, “Yaza massas”, even to a private.

  88. and for my 7 year old grandson who on his own (when his grand father was buried with a military funeral) stood back at the end of the casket alone and saluted all during the 21 gun salute, .. that was respect., yes they want us arguing about a silly salute, and not about Benghazi, the economy, Isis or Isil as the President prefers. not about his declaring war, without asking congress, yes I know President Bush did the same, but we were attacked on our soil at that time, as we were with WW2 and President Roosevelt did the same, but then they went to congress and requested back up from them and got it overwhelmingly if you remember.. 80 % of the country was for Bush until they decided it was going on to long.. Who really cares if he saluted the troops, just made him look small and arrogant in many people minds, but I care about the bigger picture, and yes I am a veteran of the Korean war.

  89. Have the soldiers themselves been asked about it. Shit, the man is your commander, what the fuck do you care if he has coffee or a fucking dog in his arms?
    My biggest worry when I saw the picture was about spilling the coffee but I have learned it is an espresso, which you know are very small shots of coffee, so no fear there. I could just imagine him spilling a big cup of Dunkin’ all over his nice Mr. President suit. Turns out though that he is sipping an Italian roast espresso, an Illy.
    I thought they were some big deal but I see them online and everybody knows the Illy. Kind of glad it wasn’t a Starbucks.

  90. I agree Dr. Carson will NEVER be elected President, though someone upstream said he had the same flaws as Romney. Well, afaik, he’s not Mormon, though, admittedly I’ve not looked into him all that much, just caught things now and then. Also he’s not a psychopath, afaik, so he has that going for him. However only a very few foolish Americans of African descent will vote for the man, and then, only if they are paying NO attention, or are nuts themselves. And white racists won’t vote for him ….. and Democrats aren’t so I’d predict, were he the nominee (and he has ZERO chance even of that) He’d maybe get at best low double digits.

  91. Well, Sophie is partially correct. The biggest strike President has against him is he’s a Democrat. However the second biggest is he’s 1/2 ‘black’ and very much looks like it. But let there be no mistake. IF he were 1/2 black, but had the complexion of his mother. NO WAY he’d be THIS BLATANTLY disrespected, they wouldn’t dare. He’d still be dissed and nit picked, but they’d not be quite THIS determined to ruin him. Let there be no mistake, this bs is as close as they can get to lynching the man. And, assuming he nixes the KXL and drops the TPP, he will go down as the BEST President in modern history. Of course the Repukes will attempt to take the credit.

  92. And the President has been told this? He would know this how, exactly? Did YOU know it prior to entering the Military? No? You had to be TOLD? you unpatriotic jackhole!

  93. I think he’s saying that Regan started saluting when he shouldn’t have and that Shrub 2 saluted, often w/ a dog under one arm (and being in the National Guard (sorta) he should have known better. U+I think the “damn Obama” was meant facetiously). Because I think he knows damn well President Obama would be raked over the coals if he did NOT salute at all…. even though, technically he shouldn’t.

  94. the problem i see is that while “bushy” bush was half ass saluting he was doing it with his right hand and holding his dog in his left..while President O WAS holding something in his right hand..that’s what most people are having an issue with…

  95. Well, not JUST that. It wasn’t EVEN coffee! It was TEA! TEAGATE! and SALUTEGATE! omfg!

    Republicans do not comprehend … well… much of anything they ARE children, it”s why they behave LIKE children, how can they be expected to do otherwise? They are a major embarrassment and are too f’ing stupid to comprehend it.

  96. Why are people complaining about this again? It seems so petty.

    Then again, I feel the proper way to salute anyone who believes in Republican/Tea Party ideals is to extend your hand (either one or both if you’re really confident) and then extend your middle finger.

  97. Allan West is a phony and a CRIMINAL. He was kicked OUT of the military.

    IF it had not been under Shrub 2, he’d likely have been court martialed. He was deployed to Iraq in 2003. In 2003, West was charged in an incident that involved the beating and simulated execution of an Iraqi police officer. West was fined $5,000, accepted a Non-judicial punishment and allowed to retire as a lieutenant colonel after an Article 32 hearing.

    The man is an actual thug, and criminal. And another of Shrub 2’s mistakes. He is also pus bag full of putrifying flatulence. He shouldn’t be allowed to handle sharp objects OR be allowed to within a thousand miles of Washington, DC.

    OTOH, assuming President Obama kills the KXL after the mid terms and permits the TPP to fail being passed. He will go down as THE best President in modern history… then again, look at his competition…. not like that was difficult for him. But this bs he has to endure is beyond shameful on the Repukes.

  98. I’m pretty sure the reason they’re attacking Obama over every little thing is because he’s a Democrat, and the reason they did not hold George W. Bush to the same standards is because he is a Republican. It has a lot more to do with party allegiance than race.

  99. Really Ron have you forgotten the number of times Bush was hung in effigy or the time a Bush replica head was stuck on the end of a pike and paraded around? The media never had a problem with denigrating Bush at every opportunity but routinely ignore anything negative about BO. Claiming BO is being singled out by his detractors any more than any previous president is simply little more than disingenuous wishful thinking. I can remember presidents as far back as Eisenhower and every single one of them had to deal the same occasional disrespect. Actually it’s kind of a measure of how effective they are at doing their job. BO deserves every bit of it.

  100. And we glad we did. Can you imagine the grifter and her trailer trash family one heartbeat from the Presidency? Well we don’t have to worry about because her ignorant ass don’t even know the address. You and people like you is whats wrong with country with your ignorance. Go get a life loser

  101. four years in the U.S. Senate representing Illinois.
    state senator in Illinois for eight years.

    senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School during that time.

    teaching two or three classes in the fall and winter terms — usually Constitutional Law III: Equal Protection and Substantive Due Process; Voting Rights and the Democratic Process; and Current Issues in Racism and the Law.

    worked for a year as a financial analyst;

    three years as a community organizer in Chicago before going to Harvard Law School.

    There is more, but I doubt there is some one at home to read it to you. Do try to give up on conservatives sites that want you to stay dumb

  102. Just saying, you are allowed to hold objects in your left hand for a salute with the right hand. You do not need to drop things out of your left hand. at least President Bush had his dog in his left hand and his right was latte free.

  103. As a veteran I agree with the comments about the proper way to salute. I disagree with the ROTC comment about not saluting unless you are in uniform. The United States Code now authorizes Retired Military veterans the right to render the salute whether in uniform or not. This primarily applies to saluting the flag during the National Anthem.

  104. the ignorance is rampant amongst the left. Protocol if one chooses to salute is empty right hand, and yes you may have a dog or something in your left. The hypocrisy of the left is rampant as all they did was say how everything Bush did was bad, and lately the lunatics are using Bush’s actions to justify the disdainful and disrespectful behavior of this traitorous president

  105. You miss the point. If he is not REQUIRED to salute so be it. But if he is going to salute he should at least show some respect for the people saluting him. Taking a 1/2 second for changing the cup to the other hand is not a lot of trouble. Reagan, from my reading returned salutes so that the Marines could lower their hands. Since at least as far back as Eisenhower presidents have been saluting and Reagan standardized the practice there is now precedent. So if the President is going to follow it he should bother to do it right or not at all. After all street gang members who “if he had a son…” will beat the crap out of you or kill you for “disrespecting them”.

  106. As far as the salute goes…if you noticed in the Bush photos the hand doing the salute was being used properly…holding the dog, not saluting with the dog.

  107. Enough with the race blame game. Any racism started when the current POTUS was elected, as admitted to by many folks coming out of the polls, by black folks voting for him simply because he was black. Don’t believe me, check the formerly live news reports from many large cities in Michigan at the time. As for this current mistake, not the same as Bush holding his dog. The dog was held with the opposite hand, not the hand saluting the troops. When saluting with a coffee cup in the hand he is saluting with, he is disrespecting the troops. It doesn’t help that he looks like he forgot to do the salute until the very end. He may not have to salute but, if he is going to, he needs to at least show enough respect for those who are protecting his sorry behind to not risk spilling his coffee on their uniforms. Please, you democrat supporters here are really reaching at straws now. Knock it off before you lose all respect from logical free thinking not party affiliated people like the repubs.

  108. If you look at the first photo of Bush, Mr. Piper, you will see that not only is he saluting with a hand used to hold his dog, but he is actually bending over while saluting as well, because he is unwilling to move his dog higher.

  109. Fuck you. It’s because he is a Democrat. It’s not because he is Black. Clinton got the same treatment from Republican assholes.

    All Republicans get the same treatment from Democrats.


  110. A President is a CIVILIAN Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces IN WAR TIME (only). Technically, we’re not really at war. We are involved in ZERO declared wars at this time. We’re involved in many undeclared wars due to Obama and his warmongering administration. That said, technically, Obama is not acting as Commander in Chief at this moment.

    He is the President. As the President, he is the top US Civilian government official. He is a civilian. He should not salute. Period. Even when we are in the midst of a declared war, the President is still a CIVILIAN.

    Civilians should not salute. The President is always a civilian. If he wasn’t, he could not exercise oversight of the US Military. Such an act would be unconstitutional.

    CIVILIANS should not salute.

    Obama should follow the precedent set by Dwight David Eisenhower not Reagan. Ike refused to salute. Ike was a retired General. He knows better than Reagan who was an actor.

  111. Oh…it’s 43 Presidents who were not Black. Unless you know something that the rest of the world doesn’t. #Dipshit

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