Republicans Deploy The Buffoon Squad Of Rick Perry and Sarah Palin To Save Kansas For The GOP

Palin and Perry

Yeah, this will help. With Republicans losing both the governor and Senate races in Kansas, the GOP is deploying the dream duo of Rick Perry and Sarah Palin to the state to help their sinking candidates.

According to The New York Times, hillbilly brawler Sarah Palin is heading to Kansas to help sinking Senate incumbent Pat Roberts, “Roberts is flying in a motley crew of GOP surrogates — including former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and former Florida governor Jeb Bush — to stir suspicions about Orman and convince voters that a GOP majority hinges on Roberts’s reelection.”

Meanwhile, the flatlining gubernatorial campaign of Gov. Sam Brownback is looking for a boost from indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry, “Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be in Wichita on Wednesday for a 4 p.m. rally at the Republican Party headquarters followed by two private receptions for donors.”

The only way this would make sense is if Republicans thought that the problem with Kansas was that it wasn’t conservative enough. But the very reason Republicans find themselves in jeopardy of losing Pat Roberts’ Senate seat to an Independent is precisely because Governor Brownback purged moderate Republicans from the state legislature 2012.

Those moderates want their state back. They are siding with the moderate/sane people. They are against extremists. Clearly this rules out secessionist cheering Rick Perry and Sarah Palin. Sending Perry and Palin into Kansas as fixers is the equivalence of a white flag surrender.

Yes, Perry and Palin can whip up some frothing hatred, misunderstanding of government and a dazzling ability to con voters into ignoring their own self interest, but Perry and Palin are political failures as politicians. Perry has been indicted and Palin had to quit her “job” as governor after blatantly lying about being found guilty of abusing her power on the trail.

Hate President Obama and think he should be impeached for daring to act as President even though he was elected in a landslide? Perry and Palin are your peeps. Too ignorant to understand just how ignorant these two are? Perfect GOP voter. Need to save your party due to the influence of Republicans like Perry and Palin? Don’t send Perry and Palin to fix that.

Only in the Republican Party could being one of the least popular politicians and being indicted be a bonus. If this sentence is not enough to give Republicans pause, they are never going to fix their national branding issues.

Psst, GOP: When the best solution to your problem — any problem — is Rick Perry or Sarah Palin, you have bigger problems than you know.

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  1. That’s exactly the pair I’d choose to talk sense into a group of disenfranchised conservatives.

    If they were confused before, what’ll they be now?

  2. It is just a matter of how low the Koch Brothers will stoop to keep from losing in their own back yard, tampering with election results, etc.

  3. What better way for them to lose Kansas then to send two half assed governors trying to save the political career of another half assed governor.

    If I knew any better, you’d think they’re trying to introduce us to the next generation of the ‘Three Stooges’.

  4. Charles Pierce won the internets yesterday (at least as far as I’m concerned) with this riddle and answer:

    What is the difference between Perry and seaweed?


    Could apply to Palin as well.

  5. “two private receptions for donors.”

    That doesnt mean you joe blow down the street.

    None of these people can stay on one platform for 5 minutes. McCain and Paul vacillate like opposing magnets going in a circle. There isnt enough brain between there folks to carry their boyfriends suitcases.

    What a cast of idiots

  6. The most interesting midterm election EVER.

    A Nazi in Kentucky… GOP trying to throw a damper on minority voting… now THIS????!!!

    Oh wow.

  7. All they need now is to get Joe the Plumber to get on a bus and join them. Yeah, him the FAKE Plumber who milks his done 15 minutes of fame like a vulture gnawing at the sinews in a dead and rotting carcass that has laid out in the sun for months! Yeah him, and that goes for Brawlin’ Palin too. That’s the Republican line up of Heavy hitters. Gawd Help them. NOT.

  8. I hope there’s a big family dinner, all the palin kids there, throw in a little booze, woohoo, comedy Channel

  9. Could you imagine these two representing the USA at the UN? And the world continues to laugh at us…..oh wait, the tea baggers think the UN is the New World Order and this is fact according to Glenn Beck or Alex Jones the real terriorist’s in this country, building up militia groups of hate!

  10. It is scary, but also awesome. If these nimrods think Heckle and Jeckle will help them rather than a somewhat sane republican, I’m happy to sit back and watch them go down in flames.

  11. Is there any way more possible to say LOSER than to run in two of the sleaziest GOP losers of recent memory? Even the dumbest of dumb voters ought to be smelling the ….

  12. Talk about dumb & dumber…

    Those 2 idiots will remind the good folks in Kansas why they are considering dumping the GOP.

  13. You have to be pretty dam stupid to waste such precious time–like not even one second of oxygen to listen to these two, beyond shameful lying sack of dung uninformed uneducated baboons! For crying out loud have you ABSolutely no shame at all? Dam those folks on the right cheering for what? they dont know! Fricken idiots all of them. Ruining our civilized way of life. Funny thing is sarah will let you die if it means $1 for her PAC. Thats her in a nutshell. Evil incarnate money hungry and stupid to boot! Both of them. You know Perry stole those elections all those years. No one in their right mind would vote to suffer. Oh wait they’re republican constituents

  14. Kansas is Where Dorothy lived in the Wizard of Oz,I hope oops & the bimbo get blown away to a far far far far far far far place called he//. where they will not receive courage,a heart or brain because the Wizard will not be there & the wicked witch will keep them company…lol

  15. ..shiva..please refrain from using the colloquial phrase “joe blow”..except when referring to Samuel joseph Whurzeldouche the ersatz plumber..

  16. Palin just wants publicity. Isn’t she suppose to be anti-establishment, but she’s endorsing an establishment candidate?

    That makes sense only to a teabagger!

  17. Perry skipped his trial hearing on his indictment because he had to ‘party’ with Palin and the ‘Imbecile Brigade’…Joviality before Justice.

  18. Funny book characters from the not funny wing of comic books;proof that two brains are not better than one; even if together they don’t equal one below average brain.

  19. Of all the people to try to rescue Kansas for the GOP, they had to get two of the biggest losers in recent times to help them out. Do they really think Thing 1 and Thing 2 will help them any?

  20. The Half Term Governor and the Half-Wit Governor… Kansas GOP… Concede now and save your lame attempts at winning with the Beavis and Butthead of the GOP

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