Something’s Rotten In Georgia As GOP Cries Voter Fraud To Keep Minorities From Voting


georgia voter fraud investigation

There is something ugly happening in Georgia as Republicans are trying to stop Democrats from registering hundreds of thousands of new voters by launching a voter fraud investigation.

Newsweek reported,

On the eve of the midterm elections—with high profile Senate and gubernatorial races on the line—a group undertaking a historic effort to register tens of thousands of minority voters is all of a sudden under investigation by Georgia’s Republican secretary of state’s office. And the crime doesn’t quite match the punishment.


In a state where party politics often break down along racial lines, the fact that a group that aims to register minority voters is being targeted by Republicans two months before a big election raises red flags. Just two weeks ago, a Republican Georgia state senator lambasted a local official on Facebook for deciding to hold Sunday voting in an Atlanta suburb with a large black population. The lawmaker, Fran Millar, defended his comments saying, “This is politics. It’s not about race.” Racist or not, it is in Republicans’ political interest to make it harder for black citizens to vote.

Democrats started the New Georgia Project, which has registered 85,000 new voters for the midterm election. Other partner groups have registered an additional 20,000 new voters. The majority of these new voters are African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and young people. In other words, all of the people that Republicans don’t want to see at the polls on Election Day in November.


The purpose of the voter fraud investigation is to prevent voters who are more likely to support Democrats from registering to vote. It is telling that Republicans never investigate voter fraud when conservative groups try to register new voters. Voter fraud is the new Jim Crow and the suppression technique of choice for the modern Republican Party.

A new SurveyUSA poll of the state shows that both the U.S. Senate race and the governor’s race are a statistical tie. It is a dead heat in both contests, which means that every vote will count. The polling explains why Republicans are so desperate to keep minority voters away from the polls. Even a slight uptick in Democratic turnout over 2010 could take another big step towards turning Georgia blue.

Republicans can’t win on the issues. They can’t win based on popular support. The only way that Georgia Republicans will win this year is if they make the electorate smaller, whiter, older, and more conservative. There is no voter fraud in Georgia. Republicans are engaging in a desperate last minute tactic because they see the Senate and governor seats slipping away.

When Democrats vote, Democrats win, but first the right to vote must be protected from Republicans who are hiding their racial disenfranchisement schemes behind empty cries of voter fraud.

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  1. It is a widely known fact(by those who accept facts) that when more of the population vote Republicans have a much higher chance of losing to Democrats and Independents.

  2. The Republicans in Georgia are about to loose their Senate seat to Nunn and the Governor’s seat to Jimmy Carter’s grandson, Jason.
    This is the only way Republicans can win. Like I said before, they are panicking now. The midterms are shifting in our favor now. I knew it would, the Conservatives have angered far too many voting blocks. If the only way uou can win elections is by lying, cheating, and stealing, you need a change.

  3. I’ve seen that story developing Huebler, it seems the students want REAL history instead of the completely false history that David Barton has fabricated and the Reich Wing is trying to shove into our schools.

  4. American History X, Y, and Z The Rude Pundit was taught American history in his sophomore year of high school in south Louisiana by a crisply-dressed, porn-stache sporting Vietnam vet who drank coffee constantly, smoked every chance he got, and never, ever blinked. The first day of class, he took a dollar bill out of his pressed shirt’s pocket and held it up. “This is what the history of the United States is about,” he said. And while he taught what the book and the curriculum demanded, he never let us forget that the events that shaped the nation had less to do with a valiant march for “freedom” as a vague concept and more to do with the freedom to make money and all that followed. – See more at:

  5. They dumped my comment, apparently.

    Here’s another good one: “The Little Rock Nine was the first black singing group to hail from Arkansas.”

  6. That is what the GOP does. Cock/vote block to win, other wise they know they would lose. Georgia, do not let them silence your voices through your votes. That is how the 2nd George Bush won his 2nd election. By cheating! Register everyone that can be registered Georgia, by any means necessary, and then vote those GOP assholes right the hell out of office. I hope the Justice Department and Holder are watching this crap. Talk about violating peoples civil rights. Smh!

  7. Since the great majority of both white and black people detest these Republican Koch Brothers stooge puppets, the more people the Republicans can keep from voting, the better their chances.

  8. That is exactly right, and they know it. Next up for them after they have been defeated is their financing, and arming their tea bagger sheeple for an armed insurrection against the American people for voting them out.

  9. This is no surprise to me. Was just waiting to see what and where the rethugs would pop up with their latest attempt to cheat. lie and manipulate the election. They can’t win unless they do, cheat.

  10. Voter fraud? You have a better chance to be struck by lightening… while being eaten alive by a shark… when a Sharknado happens then to see a case of voter fraud.

    This is all about making sure minorities don’t vote and, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this illegal in every sense of the word here?

  11. All these attempts at voter suppression (cheating) by the Republicans only says one thing: They are a bunch of losers, holding a bag of loser candidates, but still can’t play the game straight. But, I say: Democrats are FIRED UP! VOTE! Show the Republicans what it means to be patriotic and honest. Honesty wins, dishonesty loses. Simple as that.

  12. Out of the 85,000+ voter registration forms, only 25 were found to have been incomplete or filled out inaccurately (.0006%.) What makes it even more embarrassing for GOPTPers is that the New GA Project had already flagged these forms and notified the Sec. of State, Brian Kemp, about them. Before the election board last week, Kemp said “We have not said anything derogatory about the New Georgia Project or about Rep. Abrams.” A lie. A few days prior, Kemp had screamed the NGP was guilty of committing voter fraud.

    “Just as predicted, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp has no evidence of anyone trying to steal elections and no evidence that leaders of the New Georgia Project, a major voter registration effort, have engaged in fraud, have tolerated fraud or have been anything but cooperative in efforts to make their operation as mistake-free as possible.”

  13. U.N. and federal election monitors must be dispatched to all red states to either stop, or collect evidence for prosecution of election fraud since it’s the only way republicans can win. Their spite, and loathing of democracy is blatant, and obvious.

  14. Third World tactics used by the Republicans to suppress voters. That’s criminal and desperate by those shameless bandidos.

  15. WTH is Obama and Eric Holder??? WTH dont they advertise like the GOP does their lies everyday..get out there and tell the people what they’re doing. What is wrong with these democrats. Why do they NEVER tell the people or make them aware of how the GOP is stealing their right to vote! They plan to have militia at voting booths harassing minorities!! WTH does the Pres not say anything? And warn the people! Always playing nice while they trash him to death and he wonders why his numbers are down. YOU LET THEM CARRY THE MESSAGE ALL THE TIME! Never publicly correcting their lies so people believe their lies. WTH?? when are you gonna stand up to the party of NO & DESTRUCTION? Why are you so afraid to speak the truth about them and what they’re doing???

  16. The President has the world to run as well as protect and take care of the citizens here at home, and he is doing it all on his own. I am glad he does not address the slime. That would only take him and his mind of off his job. Voters and those that voted for him can do just what you ask. Call them out…no one who is doing serious things to keep this Country’s head above water, has time for petty name calling and the such. Those people who engage in that sort of thing are no more that gutter rats.. All of that is old and stale…moving on…

  17. Playing nice and staying above the fray is what got us George the first and his son. Fuck that. And it is not up to the U.S. or its president to run the whole world. Attempts to that is exactly why so many people hate us.

  18. The “Republican Base” is too ignorant of history to recognize that the Republican inner circle is doing almost to the letter what the National Socialists did in Germany in the late 20s and early 30s.

    By any other name, they are fascists.


  19. I live in one of the heaviest republican county in Georgia. Even when I go to the gym all you hear is bashing and ridiculous comments.

  20. Where is the DOJ? This should have been investigated from 2008 when this was still a “babe” in the USA!

  21. I for one am so tired of all the garbage, that both parties throw at each other. You can never tell who is telling the biggest lies, not who is telling the truth, as I really don’t believe that, [telling the truth] ever goes on. If the Dems, and the Reps
    , would stop fighting, and just do what is best for our country, regardless of whose idea it was, then MAYBE things could get back to what they should be, and once again we would live in the greatest country on Earth

  22. PictouGene, yeah don’t try telling that to Pres. hopeful Dr. Ben Carson. He still goes out and lectures for cash of course and claims that the Democrats and Liberals are the exact copy of the National Socialist Workers Party of the 30’s in Germany. When in fact Hitler, Mussolini and Franco were ALL Religious CONSERVATIVES!. I found his e-mail add. and explained to him his glaring error and even sent several pages of historical proof. He of course sent back some ignorant form letter and blocked my internet address. So I enlisted several people to do the same. He still goes out and lies through his teeth.

  23. Well,
    That’s the thing Maxie.
    They Lie & Cheat & (try to)
    Steal Elections, even BUY
    Elections and they STILL
    can’t win!!
    This is why they are apoplectic…..
    When WE #Vote,
    WE WiN!!

  24. Here is evidence that voter fraud does exist and it does undermine our democracy. All citizens should want safeguards like “free” voter insure that any party can not steal an election. Now, the evidence———-In Connecticut, State Rep. Christina Ayala, a Democrat from Bridgeport, was arrested on 19 counts of voting fraud.

    The arrest warrant alleges Ayala provided “fabricated evidence to state Election Enforcement Commission investigators that showed she lived at an address in a district where she voted while actually living outside the district, according to the release.”

    According to the Connecticut Post, the investigation was launched after it was learned Ayala lived outside her district. She apparently used an address where she did not live to vote in nine different elections. She also used the fake address to apply for public campaign funds.—–There are more, but I don’t want to write a book.

  25. So that one case means we have to have jim crow voting laws. Now Here are some facts
    A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation finds 31 credible incidents out of one billion ballots cast

    So according to your logic we must ban guns because of the idiots who shoot themselves.Idiot

  26. There is much more than just ‘one’ case. It has become a rampant issue that has created a false and demeaning government. A country can only run progressively if the TRUE people can be represented. And with voter fraud, it is not a true representation of the majority. It becomes the ‘mess’ of opinionated people when they can vote deceitfully. So Voter ID is a must because of many dishonest people.

  27. What part of only 31 cases out of a billion votes you idiots don’t understand? You should sue your parents for homeschooling you

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