Proof That Republicans Are Creating Poverty: America Is Number One In Low Wage Jobs

Low wages

If Americans have been paying attention over the past few years, and there is no reason to think for a minute that they have, they may have noticed that their “exceptional” nation has not been the right kind of exceptional when compared to other developed and some still developing nations. Of course, whether one believes America is exceptional and a world leader depends on perspective. Conservatives are convinced that just being America makes this country exceptional regardless of the areas that the richest nation on Earth lags the rest of the developed nations on the planet. However, for Americans with a brain, and a conscience, the idea that a country awash in money cannot guarantee that all its citizens have adequate food, shelter, education, healthcare, and sanitation is frankly exceptionally pathetic. Sadly, Republicans regard those areas as just one of the primary reasons America’s “free enterprise” system makes the nation exceptional and a world leader.

In what is another damning report for the country, Republicans can rejoice that due to their adherence to unrestricted free enterprise policies benefitting the rich and corporations, America is rated number one in a category near and dear to their corporate hearts and bottom line. According to new research on America’s world-leading economic inequality, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reported that in 2014, the exceptionally rich United States has the distinction of the highest proportion of low-paying jobs among every developed nation in the world. The report is just in time for Republicans on the campaign trail to boast to their supporters that America is number one in having over a quarter of its workforce laboring for poverty wages.

The OECD report defines low-paying jobs as those whose annual earnings are below two-thirds of a nation’s median income. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics program, the median annual income in the richest nation on Earth was $35,080 in 2013. Under the OECD definition, over a quarter of Americans laboring at low-paying jobs earn less than about $23,390 annually. The federal poverty line for a family of four is $23,850 that means 26% of hardworking Americans live below the poverty line and cannot afford to adequately feed, house, or provide healthcare for their families.

It is important to note that these slave-wage earning Americans are not like Republican congressional representatives who need to be “brought into the mainstream of American society” and forced to abandon their thinking “that I really don’t have to work. I don’t really want to do this; I’d just rather sit around.” No, these are Americans that wake up every day, find their way to low-wage jobs, and put in a full day’s work and still live in poverty. They are also most likely Americans living in the “third world” former Confederacy where Republicans gleefully boast their preponderance of right to work for less jobs that dependable Republican voters boast make their states exceptional. They are also the voters who dutifully vote for Republicans who refuse to consider raising the pathetically low minimum wage while seeking new and better ways to slash food stamps and healthcare spending as a means of inculcating into their constituents minds the “culture and value of hard work.”

Perhaps this new “number one” designation will take some stress off Republicans who were disappointed that America is only number two in the world for the most children living in dire poverty behind Romania by a couple of tenths of one percent. However, it is unlikely that Republicans who are too lazy to work will tell voters on the campaign trail that the richest country on Earth has the highest percentage of low wage workers, or is second with the most children without enough food to eat. They will, however, tell voters that if they can gain control of the Senate and retain a majority in the House they will keep the minimum wage low, or eliminate it all together along with overtime pay as the best means of combating poverty. Sadly, most Republican voters will cheer wildly at the prospect of more Americans in poverty because as long as America still has the most powerful military, most guns in the population, most citizens in prison, most religious extremists, and a high incidence of homicides, many at the hands of law enforcement, then America is still exceptional.

Of course Republicans are not going to tell voters how their anti-worker policies are driving more hard-working Americans into poverty. However, there is no reason Democrats should keep quiet about yet another report that this country’s citizens work longer, harder, and are the most productive in the world and yet cannot escape poverty. While they are at it, Democrats should be informing voters why this exceptionally wealthy nation is behind every developed country on Earth; solely because Republicans cannot spend a penny to repair and rebuild the nation’s failing (number 25) infrastructure. Or why Republicans never claim America is broke when there is a war to fight, or when the oil industry needs billions in subsidies, churches need tax welfare, or corporations demand tax breaks for shipping Americans’ jobs overseas; not for lower wages because they have that here already. They refuse to pay taxes.

It is obvious that there is a large segment of the population that will support Republicans regardless what Democratic candidates tell them about why they toil for low wages that keep them mired in poverty,  but they are a lost cause anyway. As long as Republicans frighten them with tales of ISIS or President Obama coming for their bibles, freedoms, and guns, or that it is un-American for a Black man to sit in the Oval Office, stupid conservatives will support them no matter how poor or hungry they are and will show up at the polls en masse. However, there are Americans that are unaware that the reason they cannot get ahead, or are falling deeper into poverty, is because Republicans are deliberately keeping them working for slave wages. Democrats have nothing to lose and maybe learning why they are poor will inspire some people to actually vote for their own best interests.

The mainstream conservative media will not report that America is number one with the highest percentage of low-wage workers, so it is left to Democrats on the campaign trail to tell the people why, and who is responsible for, over a quarter of the working population earning slave wages.  It may prevent Republicans from gaining control of both chambers of Congress and accomplishing one of their long sought-after goals of eliminating the minimum wage to enrich corporations and cement America’s number one designation for a generation.

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  1. But but we have our guns and gawd. So what if we cant pay our bills, feed our children we all know its that Blah’s fault

  2. Republicans want to turn Americans into their slaves. GOP is this centuries slave traders with Mitt at the helm ready to sell to China and Putin. GOTP want to reverse this country to one that is not educated appropriately enough to compete in the world economy.

  3. Exactly djchefron Exactly! The Christian Reich Wing think that if you got your guns and your Bible you are set and nothing can hurt you….except that gun you love and that book of fiction who’s contents are why you are the poor stupid sap that you are and whom you vote for.

  4. And even when there are some better paying jobs open, the corporation are choosing to “import” people from somplace else, to continue paying lower wages than the job requires, e.g.: my neighbor is young, bi-lingual, has a masters in Electrical engineering from Stanford, yet, he is by-passed every time for hires from some foreign country, as they can pay them less.

  5. Corporations have been undermining our nation for years by shipping jobs offshore, or abusing the H1B Visas. Offshore outsourcing is economic treason, as are H1B Visas. It’s long past time to end both.

  6. Cuz that damn National Socialism is even worse than capitalism is, you see!
    This is why it is vital for us to vote in November, and we will. In the long term, in 2016, when citizens elect another Democrat into office, there will be much cleaning up to do to help this country get back on track.
    Thanks to the House controlled GOP, we are sinking because these idiots are still angry that they lost two elections, not just to a Democrat, but to a uppity n****r Democrat, they refuse to help we the people. We have to change this downward spiral in 2016! It’s embarrassing how far we have fallen!

  7. My Facebook friends and followers can read my note, “In case some idiot or greedy and Fascist psychopath tells you that there’s no wealth inequality”…
    The statistics are staggering and pathetic:
    1,645 billionaires in this world and they own 2% of the world’s $241 trillion worth. There are more than 7 billion people living on this earth…
    Here in the USA, 492 billionaires own 4% of the country’s wealth in a country with a population of 315 million. By the way, more than 400 of those US billionaires are Republicans….
    The 66 wealthiest people in the world, 28 of them Americans, have the same combined wealth as more than 3.5 BILLION people.
    The statistics mentioned in the article provide even further proof of wealth and income inequality :( ssmdh

  8. I guess you forgot the 60 billion per month still being spent on Banks and Wall Street since Sept 2012? I guess you forgot.. the 350 bills passed in the HOUSE that Harry Reid has Blocked and will never come up for discussion or vote.. many are JOBS bills and bills that deal with Democrat/ Obama Policies causing poverty and misery? I guess.. you have no clue to the fact Democrats have been the majority in the Federal Government with the power to BLOCK the REPUBLICANS since January 2007? Pay attention .. go look up some facts. Democrats Run the USA… so how can Republicans be responsible for all this misery if Democrats have the power to FIX it? Yup, more empty Democrat Promises.. here we go again…

  9. Did you forget.. the Democrats have been in power since January 2007, and with only a few votes in the Now 2014 Republican controlled HOUSE.. they could pass just about any CLEAN BILL? Clean bill being a bill without all the additional funding attached for things the bill is not supposed to fund? I guess you don’t follow the politics, where the Headlines just bitch about the GOP is against a bill because the Democrats have attached all kinds of funding for their pet projects? Get a clue.. 350 bills passed in the HOUSE and Harry Reid won’t let any of them come up for discussion or vote in the Senate.. these bills, which could be modified by the Senate and sent back to the House for approval.. are Blocked? You really need to educate yourself.. get informed.

  10. You are an idiot. House Republicans Blatantly Lie To America By Claiming They’ve Passed Dozens of Jobs Bills

    The Cost To Our Economy From Republican Obstruction And Sabotage

    Other Republican House “jobs” bills, listed at Speaker Boehner’s “jobs” page include:
    •Repeal ObamaCare
    •Working Families Flexibility Act – Eliminates overtime pay
    •Preserving Work Requirements for Welfare Programs Act
    •Approve Keystone pipeline, to build a pipeline across the country so Canadian oil can be soil to China, easing an oil glut here and bringing prices back up. offshore oil drilling

  11. The problem with you folks is you never attach an example to your assertions. Ever. That’s why your criticisms always fall flat. Nothing but empty rhetoric, devoid of substance. And there have been no “clean” funding bills from the House, so your point is moot. Why do you bother? We’re not republicans. We make judgments based upon facts, not empty rhetoric.

  12. It has taken almost 80 years but the conservatives in the US have finally moved the US economy back to what it was at the turn of the 20th century. They only have two more laws to void, medicare and Social Security, and all that was accomplished by the New Deal will have been erased. The irony is that they have convince large numbers of US citizens to vote to do this. Those same voters have in reality hurt their and their children’s futures. They and their social conservative friends are still at work slowly destroying the Democracy that made the nation great to allow the top of the economic ladder to get even higher up said ladder.

  13. The conservatives have? No, the conservatives have done nothing but wreck the economy. Others, as history proves, have to clean up their child like messes.
    You are simply one of the people who think your taxes will go down if we allow people to die in the streets. Guess what, they wont. You will just have more wars to pay for

  14. You would have to live under a rock not to know what theGOP(GET OUR PROFITS) has done to ruin the American Dream.. Struggling to support a family, working two jobs for slave wages, facing foreclosures, getting food stamp, or visiting food banks are allsigns 0f the trouble with the wealthiest country, we have now! Look at the voting records of theCongress, when it comes to humanitarian needs, ie raising minimum wage……………..

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