Chuck Todd Is Doing Worse Than David Gregory As Meet The Press Continues To Nosedive


It may seem hard to believe but minus the first week where he had an interview with President Obama, Chuck Todd’s ratings on Meet The Press are worse than David Gregory’s.

The ratings for week three of the Chuck Todd Meet The Press experiment are in, and they are not good. For the entire television season Meet The Press averaged 2.72 million viewers, but Chuck Todd’s third week on saw 2.416 million viewers watch. On Todd’s second week, the show had 2.589 million viewers. Things are getting worse with each passing week for Meet The Press.

The general problem is that Chuck Todd isn’t very different from David Gregory. Todd did win the ratings race in his debut week, but that was because he had an exclusive interview with President Obama. In the following weeks, it has been a return to overall dullness for Meet The Press. The Sunday shows have been obsessed with Obama and ISIS for more than a month to the point where the shows have turned into weekly non-paid commercials for the Republican position of putting boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

NBC was right to Gregory, because Disinterested David was never right for the show. Gregory was content with repeating Republican talking points and not challenging guests. Chuck Todd loves politics, but the changes that have been made to Meet The Press so far seem gimmicky and desperate. The unveiling of a weekly poll from Republican tilting pollster Marist feels like a desperate attempt to make news instead of reporting it.

All of the people who suggested that replacing Gregory with Todd would have no impact are right so far. Meet The Press needed a real shakeup, not a new face from the same stable. It has been a long time since Meet The Press was appointment viewing. Chuck Todd hasn’t made things better. In fact, he might be making them worse.

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  1. If anyone expresses nostalgia for Tim Russet, as though he were any better, I am going to vomit. Russet. Gregory. Todd. They were/are all shills for the McCain fan club.

  2. I will say it again they need a 3 panel to question the gobshites of bovine excrement but that will never happen because the 1% expect you to eat the bovine excrement and be happy and have a coke

  3. The die was cast with the announcement that Joe Scarborough would be the show’s political expert. Why would anyone watch two experts on beltway blather, giving yet another conservative, corporate-cadre spin on everything they touched. I was one of the people who said a superficial reshuffling would do no good, without including true progressive opinions. Centrist dems like Evan Byh, Harold Ford, and their ilk give zero pushback to GOP lies. By Thanksgiving they will be desperate to plug the ratings hole – and they’ll do it by having McCain, Graham, and Newt Gingrich on even more. Here’s a suggestion: announce that these three will no longer be on more than once every two months – and with Gingrich, why even bother? He’s a hack who hasn’t been right about a single thing, ever.

  4. Next in line to take it completely down; Joe the schmo perhaps bringing Jeb Bush as co moderator; thus giving up the sham that it neutral.

  5. As long as a handful of corporations owns of media, mainstream news will only worsen. The public expects reporters who will ask the tough questions. All we get now are seven-figure toadies who lob softballs and kiss butt to protect their jobs. The press should be at arms length with the people they cover, not sipping martini’s on million dollar yachts with Fascist CEOs.

  6. Todd showed his incompetence with the laughable, amateurish “Lattes vs. Chick-fil-A” framing of the coming election. And any panel that included Luke Russert is definitely not worth watching.

  7. Chuck Todd think he is the man and I know he hate to hear that he is not the man an probably saying wait til it get closer to election time, the ratings will pick up. Don’t think so, it will probably drop it worst because you have the same old gop men every week that say the same old talking points every week that we have gotten tired of hearing. I don’t even listening or look at all I have to do is read about and know that it has been a great failure with the two host you have had. People want to see someone who will challenge people on the show, they want to see women hosts and until they do that the show will never be in the running for anything but a lost cause.

  8. That was very ignorant on his part seeing that their are more Starbucks than chick-fil A in real amerikkka

  9. That’s because you have knuckleheads in charge who live in an ivory tower. They either are too stupid, too ignorant, or just as out of touch as Republicans to realize that we are a now center left country.
    Its been 6 years since Russert died and NBC still can’t figure out what’s wrong, which is them! The whole lot needs to be fired!

  10. There’s no reason for anyone to be surprised at this outcome, because Chuck Todd was already a proven dud. Along with the repetitious nonsense that RWNJ’s spew, why would they ever expect a different result?

  11. If Todd wishes to cheat the ratings hangman (sorry, listening to the Doobies on Youtube right now) he could start by interviewing Tom Pickety, and asking relevant questions about income inequality in America. And shave that hideous looking thing off his face. He looks like a middle-aged child molester.

  12. I agree with Sugarpea…Bring in Rachel Maddow to run the show. That would be awesome but alas, they are too chickenshit to actually select someone with brains and style.

  13. Don’t think anyone is surprised ratings continue to fall. I, too, would love to see Rachel on MTP, but not at the expense of her extremely informative nightly program. Besides, we know that corporate is not at all interested in presenting a fair center/left program on MTP, in spite of the fact that ratings would improve. Sorry, Derrick, but I do miss Tim Russert and think he did a good job.

  14. Both “hosts” are/were corporate shills with more corporate shills as guests. America is over. The right wing is now straight -up fascist.

  15. Do you realize how spot on you are Ron? Between Reagan’s elimination of the Fairness Doctrine by edict, and Clinton’s signing of the 1996 Telecommunications Act which allows for the media consolidation we have today it’s no wonder the media is the shambles of hack journalism it is today.

  16. Meet The Press is where truth and facts are no where to be found only republicon talking points. 6 years of whining and complaining about the president is pretty overwhelming. A party really should be FOR something not AGAINST everything………..

    I’m ready to Vote!!!!!

  17. Just shows that the Repub Media/TV/Cable and the Repub Congress don’t give a hoot about what the people want it’s all about stroking the 1%.

  18. Me too. The thing you may be missing, Derrick, is that Tim Russert maintained some of the most consistent, highest ratings for a Sunday news show, so he must have been doing something right. Go ahead and vomit if it makes you feel better.

    Gregory was, IMO, a right wing shill. McCain, Sessions, Graham all knew they would be guaranteed a spot if they wanted it. ChucK Todd said it wasn’t his job to call out a politician’s lies. Russert, apparently, felt differently because I watched him every Sunday and saw him call out EVERYBODY, both Republicans AND Democrats, when he knew they were lying or evading a question.

    I miss Tim Russert and will never watch MTP again until they get an adult in there as a moderator. And “morning joe” ain’t it.

  19. MSNBC jumped out of the skillet into the frying pan and Todd must learn,AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

  20. Chuck is a VERY knowledgeable “wonk.” Wonks are boring, for the most part UNLESS you’re one also.

    Russert was animated, enthusiastic, willing to poke fun at himself. MtP is ENTERTAINMENT and neither DG nor Chuck are “personalities,” independent from their expertise/wonkiness… It’s no surprise no one is watching!

  21. I too would like to see Rachel Maddow Do the show but not if she has to give up her nightly show… Without a doubt She is the Best!

  22. Does anyone notice that the KOCH brothers have commercials during MTP? My guess is the Executives are wanting the big bucks that the Koch pay for commercials….that’s the name of the game. AGAIN, the right wing ultra RICH are calling the shots on MTP. THE RIGHT wingers have 24/7 FOX news, but the rest of us have nothing…….we all thought Meet the PRESS was a show where all parties and politicians were put to the fire…..(MEET THE PRESS) where guests were ask tough questions and challenged on their decisions in Congress……but no more. It has turned into FOX news, a highly paid commercial for the Republican party……I am tired of this and want some quality programing that will ask the tough questions………not a Koch brothers bought and paid for slant with right wing slant and lies…..

  23. All “commercial” news channels are profit driven. PBS is by far the most neutral however they do accept corporate donations too.

  24. I’ve been saying this for years. This is why the corporations bought out the media. They can now filter what “news” is actually reported. Fox is the worst case, but the rest are bought and paid for as well. Journalism is dead except for some news papers and internet.

  25. How intelligent has RWNJs proven to be? Corporate media is no different. No station has good ratings. Of course shows on FOX are doing okay because they have most of the racists, a lot of the elderly and ill-informed. No offense to the elderly.

    I don’t watch the Sunday political shows. If fact, I don’t watch MSNBC anymore. I’m sick of the media and the know-it-all Monday morning quarterbacks on MSNBC.

    Thank you for this blog and others of this caliber.

  26. I’m probably alone in this, but that’s okay. Rachel is very good when she’s does investigative reporting. What I don’t like is her know-it-all attitude, especially went it comes to the President. She makes unsubstantiated comments about intel matters, of which she has no knowledge. She doesn’t get daily briefings, yet she sits in judgement. She was awful about DADT – wanting PBO to do an EO (which could be overturned by the next president) instead of waiting for him to do it the correct way. She sets her hair on fire way too much for my liking. She’s smart, but I’m just not into pundits.

  27. You are spot on – her analysis about intel and military action is completely flawed when it comes to Pres Obama and DoD. You can tell she has never been around the military or intel and seems have little clue how an operation is carried out from the air – putting ground troops in would be foolish but then the pundits got it all wrong when our soldiers landed on the mountain to save the people which did not equal ground troops fighting ISIL.

  28. hey mtp- the majority of this nation are LEFT LEANING LIBERALS. that is a fact. chuck todd is a feckless shill for the GOP. just look at the commercials during the breaks. they are all for Koch bros owned businesses. I hope everyone stops watching. hey nbc, get a goddamn left leaning moderator is is not afraid to push back against republican and conservative lies!!! I have noticed nbc slowly moving towards the center again. that is not what we want when their are abominations like fox news. we have to fight the rightwing lunacy.

  29. so true. Chuck is a good guy but not for Meet the Press. Need a neutral player. My God why not Tim Russert’s son? or Brian Williams?

    this show is doomed until you get someone who really is not hating Obama or Hating republicans.

    you have them, why don’t you use them?

  30. We can’t ”meet” a press that doesn’t exist. Maybe they should change the name of the show to something else.

    Meet the Shills? :-/

  31. Nothing will happen until we get Comcast and Xfinity out of the mix! they are controlling factors and pander to the far right wings. They must be stopped! they are trying to take over broadcasting in every state and are controlling what you see. Comcast is like Joseph Goebbels…a propaganda machine making sure you see more and more right wing crapola. They have to be stopped! Yeah what John said above, thanks to Clinton and his telecommunication act allowing Comcast to monopolize cable tv, unfortunately this is just the beginning. used to like A&E until they went rightwingnut and shows nothing but FDuck Dynasty. It’s sad to see these things happen.

  32. I hate it, but I agree with renaming MTP to something else – and a new time slot. Maybe Sat or Sun (but not opposite 60 mins- that would be suicide.)

    It seems like nobody is going to let TR rest and it won’t happen until there’s a totally clean break.

    If you really want a female moderator, I’d go with Andrea Mitchell. D on’t say anything about her age – she’s extremely competent and knowledgeable and a great interviewer. Maybe she and Chuck could cohost, kind of like Morning Joe, with Joe and Mika.

    That would be a good team, IMO and would let TR finally RIP.

    They have to move away from TR, because every host will inevitably suffer from TR’s presence whose image becomes more legendary the longer he’s gone.

    Maybe put the show on Sun after all the other shows are done. At least initially.

  33. Chuck Todd could have pulled it off a few years ago, but you can almost point to the date when he lost his credibility and his fear of back up questions. The one thing these people will never figure out is this: When you ask a question like, “How do you respond to critics who say…?” In an environment where “critics” have marginalized their credibility with racially tinged FOX News talking points; you fail to be taken seriously either.

  34. Having Todd in front of a map or any chart shows how bad he is in front of the camera. I turned to see if MTP was over and there he was moving his body as he was talking. It looked like he had ants in his pants. This guy moves around in his chair, has a pen in between his fingers all the time pointing at his guests, and interrupts everyone that is talking. He is the worst person for MTP and I will not watch it until he is gone! And if Joe S. takes over it will be even worse. Mika should do the by herself, with a NEW name for the show, and have a new guest host every week. Those ratings would sky rocket. Chuck and Joe need to GO!

  35. Step 1: Allow Dick Cheney and other right wingers to use you repeatedly as their “best format” to “control message.”

    Step 2: Allow host to inject himself into a U.S. Senate election with Republican-biased, asinine “disqualified” remark.

    No wonder why Meet the Press has lost all credibility with viewers.

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