Editorial Cartoon: Target

There should be a fatwa against ISIS…oh, I forgot, there already is.



2 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Target”

  1. ISIS is fast becoming a DIRTY word in the Arab/Muslim world.

    They are nothing more than a band of Criminal, blood-thirst, renegades. Barbarians roaming the land, wanton killings and raping in the name of The Caliphate goal. These barbarians are outlaws in the mind and eyes of all of Islam. I believe that they will not succeed. How can they? Their own people are horrified by their actions and are victims of their actions. They are only winning the hearts and minds of the Criminal minded within their own religion. A bad move. The whole world is United to remove this scourge from its system. They will definately NOT survive as a movement. Backfiring comes to mind.

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