White Cop Charged With Assault For Unprovoked Shooting Of Black Driver During Traffic Stop


On Wednesday, Sean Groubert was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery over a shooting incident that took place September 4th near Columbia, South Carolina. Groubert, who was a lance corporal with the state’s Highway Patrol before being fired due to the shooting, shot at Lavar Jones (who is black) multiple times after the driver went into his car to retrieve his driver’s license after Groubert (who is white) instructed him to do so. Jones was shot in the hip and has since been released from the hospital. Groubert is facing 20 years in prison if convicted.

What makes this story extremely important is that Groubert’s patrol vehicle was equipped with a dash cam, which caught the entire incident on video. It helps to underscore how necessary it is for our law enforcement to have cameras either in their vehicles or on their persons. Below is the video of Groubert shooting Jones.



Obviously, per the video, you can see that Groubert acted in an extremely irrational and, quite frankly, idiotic manner. He tells the driver to get his license. When Jones casually goes into his vehicle to get said license, Groubert unloads on him from an extremely close range without warning. He just shoots, with no sense of hesitation. After Groubert is done shooting at the driver, Jones seems rightfully confused and dumbfounded over what just happened. He is telling Groubert that he was just getting his license as he was told. Groubert tries to justify it by telling Jones to never reach into your car in front of a cop.

It is apparent from watching the video that Groubert is completely at fault and Jones did nothing to warrant being shot at multiple times. The trooper’s incompetence at his job is mindboggling, and one wonders how he managed to attain the rank of lance corporal with the Highway Patrol. It seems for all the world that Groubert saw a black man moving his hands and body and automatically thought “SHOOT!” The fact that a highway patrolman is going into a routine traffic stop with the mindset that he needs to be ready to shoot right away is downright disturbing.

The real takeaway is this: What would have happened to Groubert if his car did not have a dash cam? Would we see any charges filed against him? Would Jones somehow have been charged with something to help cover up Groubert’s overly aggressive actions? While one would like to think justice will always prevail, the cynic states that a black man in the South shot at by a white cop with only the two men’s words to go by would likely have not ended well for the black man. Thankfully, in this instance, there was a camera that caught the whole incident.

In the aftermath of Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, as well as countless other shooting deaths at the hands of police officers over the years, it is high time that all law enforcement personnel in this nation are equipped with dash and/or body cameras.

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  1. Finally! A cop is being held responsible for murder. The cop was irrational. The man tells him he’s going to get his license. If he was suspicious, he could have just warned him not to try anything funny!

    A lot of these cops are !#=@ cowards, just !#=@ cowards! They kill/murder tax payers who are their employers because they have absolutely no cognitive skills to think a situation through.

  2. This guy had thought this out for sometime. It wouldn’t have mattered if Jones had been white, Groubert was itching to shoot someone, he obviously rehearsed it in his mind over and over and finally got his big chance! Remember folks, they use the MMPI-II to determine whether an individual is fit to effect deadly force upon the public. That’s it, a silly test that never seems to have the results twice, most persons with a better than average IQ can defeat it!

  3. A picture is worth a THOUSAND words.
    The trooper is maliciously and woefully incompetent in his position as an officer with “training”. This confrontation happens countless times with Black drivers, so when you hear the outcry coming forth—there is VALIDITY to all those claims. The proof is what you see here and within the past few months we’ve heard and seen incidents like this across the country. Can’t deny it folks—chit happens. Oh, and by the way….I am sure it happens to White folks too. The point being: WEED OUT THE UNPROFESSIONAL COPS, THE ONES WHO ARE NOT MENTALLY FIT TO BE IN UNIFORM, DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC AND HAVING A GUN ON THEIR WAIST. Re-Train, and re-train over and over. Moreover–make it mandatory to have cameras and a two man patrol car. Black and white partners if possible.

  4. which is exactly why more cameras could deter police abuse. cameras on the dash of the cop car and cameras actually on the police officer as well.

  5. As an advocate on the issue of police misconduct against minorities, I am relieved to see an officer finally charged for this type of behavior. However, it happens all the time. Black people say so. Why won’t people believe them? If people say something is happening, it is happening. If women say they are being abused, they are being abused. If they say they are being raped, they are being raped. If an entire race of people has to keep crying out, “We have a problem with the police.” We need to listen to them. It’s time to start holding officers accountable for their behavior. The murder of the man in Ohio in the Wal-Mart with absolutely no accountability held to the officers just yesterday is but one example.

  6. Big lawsuit coming for the state, and the plaintiff’s lawyer will get a chance to sift through other officer-involved shootings by this thug with a badge. 5 million, at least, because the state will have to prove in court that he (the thug) was some sort of unhinged individual, and not responding in the manner he thought was typically used in these situations, because of the police culture he belonged to. It will also bring to light similar shootings by other highway patrolmen who acted in this hysterical manner.

  7. Quite a few police departments are being infiltrated by Oath Keepers and similar types. It bears looking into.

  8. “shot at Lavar Jones (who is black) multiple times”

    he shot multiple times and only hit the guy in the hip. A trained shooter who should be capable of hitting the guy with every shot, as the guy was not moving away from him.

    Two items. One is that the cop had no regard for anyone who may have been in the background and could eventually and/or possibly be killed.

    Item 2, this reminds me why people running around with guns should not happen. Cops are notorious for missing the people they are shooting at. When you have civilians shooting at people the same scenario exists even though they think they are the best marksman in the world.

    One thing I would’ve done is told the cop that my ID is in my car. I understand what this gentleman did, he automatically turned around to grab his ID. The cop Could have walked up behind him and overpowered him instead of simply shooting. This guy needs to go to jail as well as his watch commander who is responsible for him

  9. No malice here. The young trooper panicked, thinking the worst when the victim responded so quickly to his order.

    This is strong evidence of prejudice and poor training… automatically assuming the worst from citizens. Looks like both citizens and LEOs need to know better how to act during encounters.

    And note he immediately took care of his victim once he figured out what was going on.

  10. It amazes and flabbergasts me the amount of people on Youtube that 1. are justifying the cops behavior and 2. Are saying this has nothing to do with racism.
    I know this probably shouldn’t have to be said, but I’m white and I can clearly see it, why can’t they?

  11. Some police departments around the country are showing signs of VERY bad training and behavioral guidelines. I wonder if it’s coming from the Feds?

    How can it be ok to shoot first, or shoot a family’s non-threatening dog, or tase a parent in front of his children, or a an older woman or a belligerent child or teenager?

    This can’t continue.

  12. Insipid- part of the young trooper’s fear was likely rooted in racism, but if he’s already nervous (fear of Blacks) and a subject, whether White or Black, quickly turns and dives headfirst in his car, its something other than malicious shooting. More like overreaction and really shitty training. You can see in his subsequent behavior he knew he’d screwed up and immediately called in the shooting and called for medical help.

    Most of the shootings we’re seeing reported on YouTube and Facebook are cops acting without respect for citizens and their rights. That’s what has to change.

  13. Just another white wimp with a gun afraid of anyone thats not like them. This wont end until we demand justice for every incident of this racial injustice. These cops are pathetic.

  14. Outrageous and unprofessional behavior on the officer’s part.

    A lot of the problem is that cops are scared because there are some damn many guns in this country, and too many fools just want to pull the trigger on something.

  15. Has anyone had the desire to go out and buy a gun just to protect yourself from the police. This has gotten completely out of hand with the Police. It is no wonder why people don’t trust the Cops any more. I don’t believe they are out to protect the citizens any more. They have become the terrorist.

  16. I have a question for you. If Lavar Jones had been a white man, and everything else happened exactly the same as it did in this shooting, do you honestly think that a white man would have been shot?

  17. EVERY cop car should have a camera
    & a camera on EVERY cop.

    Automatic Termination if you shut
    camera off.

  18. The driver should have told the cop: YOU GO INTO MY GLOVE COMPARTMENT AND GET MY PAPERS.

    Guess what the cop would have said? YOU A WISE GUY OR SOMETIN” ? Just for that I am going to also write you up for disobeying a direct order. Blam!

  19. I just hope that we don’t see a rash of “broken” video cameras pop up when there is a shooting in dispute.

  20. The lady (black, of course) that was punched in the face repeatedly (by a CHP cop that was straddling her) just received over $1 million dollars. I don’t think you can change people’s racism. I do think that if enough people who have been wronged by the police sue their departments and it becomes a worry about money then they may be reigned in. Let’s face it folks, money tops all.

  21. I totally agree. Who exactly are they protecting and serving — it sure as hell is not the average person (especially if they are black). Even if I needed help I’d be afraid to get in touch with a cop.

  22. I don’t dissagree with you about the officer being held accountable…not at all. I just wanted to point out that in this case, thank God, the black man lived. I’m glad the dash cam recorded the whole thing. I think we need to require all police departments to have not only dash cams, but personal cams on each officer as well.

  23. I am happy he is being charged. As disproportionately as African-Americans and Latinos are impacted by police brutality–especially men–there is an increasing number of stories about young white men and one white woman I know of also being brutalized by cops. That tells me that the denial and complacency among a number of white middle-class and upper-middle class status is dangerous because problems unaddressed in minority communities always spill over into the larger society if they are unaddressed.

  24. He’s and idiot. He let his emotions get in the way of common sense. He thought he was going to shoot this man and get away with it, just like all the other shooting cops.

  25. What was the reason why the Highway Patrol approached him to begin with. When the Officer asked him for his license, the normal train of thought is that this guy should be reaching for his back pocket as he is going in to the store to buy something, but when he seemed to quickly jump forward into his vehicle it appeard that he had an agenda and maybe reaching for a weapon. I agree the Police Officer should have warned him first, and said, “Let me see your hands”! Instead he just started firing at him.. that was wrong and for that he should be punished. He almost killed this man for no reason! So many cops are paranoid these days because of how many cops are shot at., this cop was just a bit to trigger happy!

  26. Thank you, Shiva. As usual you said pretty much what I would have. I’d still like to know where the rest of those bullets ended up. I mean, thankfully they didn’t end up in Mr. Jones, but what else did this nut hit?

  27. 1. He stopped him for a seatbelt violation.

    2. Watch the video again. He does reach for his wallet. Watch the drivers right hand. It flies to his pocket, he has a moment of “oh yeah” then goes to retrieve it from his truck.

    3. He had to turn around to reach in his vehicle. He did not “jump forward”.

    4. Can you really think of no other reason the driver moved quickly? Could it be he was trying to comply with the armed white cops instructions SO HE WOULDN’T BE SHOT.

  28. Yep. Because in America, the old adage, “Money talks, b.s. walks” still holds true.

    If we want to get rid of police overreaction and extrajudicial executions of our fellow citizens at the hands of trigger-happy cops, the only way to do it is to bankrupt them – just as they did to defeat the KKK, just as the lack of money defeated the USSR in the cold war.

    Make no mistake: it’s always about the money. Take enough of it away from trigger-happy idjits in uniform, and they are forced to become at least half-human.

  29. This is the first article I’ve come across that finally points out the big elephant in the room. Clearly this was a racial act. No one wanted to admit it but this guy. Thank you for bringing this to the rest of the world’s attention because the media is in denial about why this really happened.

  30. What would have happened if he had a partner or backup .He’s obviously a rookie and shouldnt be allowed to patrol on his own .Use common sense people!!!! Felony is too harsh of a sentence I hope he appeals or gets a good lawyer. Scapegoating at its worst .People are too hungry to see people be hung up on a cross for the sins of “the establishment”

  31. I want you to explain that to the man who was shot. The first rule of firing a firearm is that the shooter is responsible for the bullet and any damage it causes.

  32. it doesnt matter if hes white or black, hes a cop, fry him.

    cop killers get the death penalty while killer cops get off. society should fear a killer cop more than a cop killer. killer cops have an arsenal of weapons, a (supposedly) higher IQ, and, scariest of all, the backing of the entire judicial system on their side.

    to break the trust of the entire judicial system of the united states, one you are sworn to uphold should warrant a sentence equal to treason. and the only sentence for treason is death.

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