Illinois Republicans Stand Behind Candidate Who Confessed to Committing Voter Fraud in 2008 and 2012

Myalls Walker

Illinois Republicans are stooping particularly low with their support for a candidate who admitted she was registered to vote in two states and voted in both states during the 2008 and 2012 election cycles.

We already know that Republicans will do anything to rig the vote.  They passed vote suppression laws and gerrymandered districts to legitimize voter fraud, GOP style.  Wisconsin’s version of a voter ID law will be in place for this year’s election, with the potential to disenfranchise 300,000 voters.

Republicans in Wisconsin also made voting hard and they are stepping up the voter intimidation tactics.

Wisconsin also allows thugs like the Koch Brothers funded “True the Vote” to stand 3 to 8 feet  from voters and election officials.

A vote suppression Militia is on record saying it will intimidate  African-American voters and concentrate its “efforts” in Democratic strong holds. Of course, the militia made it abundantly clear that Republican vote fraudsters will continue to get a free pass, just like Kathy Myalls did when she voted in Wisconsin and Illinois in 2008 and 2012.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Myalls cast a vote in the Illinois primary.  Three months later, she also voted for Scott Walker, in Wisconsin, during his recall election.  Myalls voted in the presidential election in Wisconsin in 2012, before returning to Illinois where she voted again.

Myalls admitted to the Sun Times she is registered to vote in Illinois and at her second home in Fontana, Wisconsin. Records confirm she was registered to vote at her primary address in Illinois since 2005 and in Wisconsin since 1996.  The records also show she voted in both states during the 2008 and 2012 elections.

After admitting she was registered to vote in both states, and records proved she voted in both states, Myalls emailed the Sun-Times admitting she was a serial voting fraudster.  But that is all changed now that the Sun Times has exposed her.

I was registered to vote in WI from 1996-2013,” Myalls wrote in a follow-up email to the Sun-Times. “My voting registration in WI was based on a house we own and have lived in during that time period. I am now only registered to vote in IL and I no longer vote in WI.

It gets better. Myalls is running as a GOP candidate for the Illinois General Assembly.

Even though they know that Myalls is a serious duplicate voter, the State’s Republican Party continues to support her candidacy.

She’s legally qualified to run for office based on residency things we looked at. If she’s afforded the opportunity to become elected, at that time that will be two years,” said Joe Woodward, political director with the House Republican Organization. Woodward indicated HRO’s legal team had been consulted on her issues. “All I will say is this is political. The opposition had time to look at this and that time has passed and they were asleep at the switch. She passes our legal requirements.

Under Illinois law, any person who is a U.S. Citizen, at least 21 years old and lived in the district they intend to represent for at least two years meets the legal requirements to serve in the State General Assembly. So technically, nothing about Myalls’ history of voter fraud precludes her from running.

It appears that Illinois law is “murky” when it comes to knowingly registering in two states and voting in both states.  Under Illinois law, it is too late to challenge Myalls’ candidacy.

However, voting twice in elections is a crime in Wisconsin.  Another individual who committed voter fraud during the 2012 election in Wisconsin was sentenced to a harsh sentence of 9 months  in jail. At best, Myalls faces the possibility that her serial voter fraud will hurt her election chances.  Poor baby.

Image: Chicago Sun-Times

16 Replies to “Illinois Republicans Stand Behind Candidate Who Confessed to Committing Voter Fraud in 2008 and 2012”

  1. The party always shouting voter fraud stand behind a candidate that admits to voter fraud! Whoda thought! The GOP should be given a trophy for projectionism, they project better than anybody!

  2. So….if records prove that she is known to have committed voter fraud and goes so far as to admit that she did, why is no one seeking to prosecute her, especially if she is running for office?

  3. I just hope the republican’s militas don’t take the mininorties granted on election day and think this is the good ole days. All they need to do is take a good long look around them and open their eyes and ears and see that miniorties don’t play that mess any more. This is a new generation some things have change and when you tell them you are going to stop them from voting,they will remember how hard the past generation fought for them vote and the fight is on. So look for the lines to be long for long period of time.

  4. No surprise here, Republicans and their constituents are simply dishonest people. In reality “voter fraud” means voting for a Reich Winger since they have made an art form out of fraudulent activities.

  5. 1) It’s okay to commit voter fraud if you’re white
    2) It’s not okay to vote if you are
    a) a person of color
    b) a person without state issued ID
    and have voted all your life but now the
    rules have changed.
    We need another rules change that is fair for all. Because what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  6. Not much difference from one of our own dear reps here in Tennessee.

    Has sex with his patients, has several affairs while married, demands one of his girlfriends get an abortion, AND still gets elected in our wonderful southern baptist family values gods country state of Tn.

    Proving one again that the gop is a fraud

  7. Of course the GOP is made up of frauds; they don’t live by their rules, they just want to make sure YOU live by their rules!

  8. IDC what Republicans are
    This has been happening for
    like, EVER!
    WE need to be more diligent,
    making sure:
    WE are ready!
    WE are Registered to Vote,
    WE get in line,
    WE stay in line,
    WE #Vote!
    If WE Vote,
    WE WiN!!

  9. this story is factually incorrect. this woman didn’t commit voter fraud. you jump on this only because she is a republican. illinois is in deep trouble. hard decisions coming up that the Dems are not facing. Dems are in power and completely disregard the will of the taxpayers. we must make them stop spending. waste of time to slander. need solutions.

  10. Kind of stupid to admit something like this, which is a federal crime. Where is the DOJ when you need them?

    I wonder how she is going to vote in the General Assembly from jail.

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