Racist Fox News Host Claims Eric Holder Ran DOJ Like It Was The Black Panther Party

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During Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News’ Outnumbered, co-host (and longtime sufferer of Obama Derangement Syndrome) Andrea Tantaros spouted off that resigning Attorney General Eric Holder ran the Department of Justice “much like the Black Panthers would.” During a segment discussing Holder’s resignation, Tantaros claimed that Holder is one of the most dangerous men in America because he “didn’t enforce the laws on Obamacare.”. She also said that Holder is unethical, divisive and polarizing, which is really just right-wing code for Holder having the audacity of being black while AG.

Below is a clip of Tantaros whining about Holder and unleashing her dog whistle, courtesy of Talking Points Memo:



Mind you, this isn’t the first time Tantaros has invoked the Black Panthers while describing Holder. Just a month ago, while on The Five, she made almost the exact same comments. So, not only is she a mean-spirited race-baiter looking to cozy up to Fox’s target audience of bigots, she is an unoriginal one to boot. Then again, Tantaros doesn’t really have a history of deep philosophical statements to her credit.

See, her typical modus operandi is to take whatever the day’s top stories are and twist them in a way where she can whine about Obama and his staff. Video of Ray Rice beating his fiancee goes public? Blame Obama. Protests in Ferguson after Michael Brown’s death becoming intense due to militarized police presence? Blame Obama. Boko Haram kidnaps hundreds of teenage girls in Africa? Not only blame Obama, but also claim he is siding with the enemy.

It has to get tiring trying to find ways to blame the black president, and his friend, the black AG, for all of the ills and problems facing the American people. Going through life with your outrage meter turned up to 11 has got to be absolutely exhausting. Of course, when your one and only job is to make indignant faces at the mere mention of Obama or Holder while blowing your dog whistle, then I guess you have to suck it up and keep on keeping on.

25 Replies to “Racist Fox News Host Claims Eric Holder Ran DOJ Like It Was The Black Panther Party”

  1. In order to know how the Black Panther Party is ran, you have to be a member and familiarize yourself with the structure inside the organization. So, when did she become a member of the BPP?
    I think she is confusing them with the KKK, of which I am sure she is a member and understands the hierarchy really well. She probably attended a cross burning last night!

  2. The FCC should require all Fox News on air personnel to wear Klan robes and hoods while they are on the air.

  3. FoKKKs news saying AG Holder acted like a Black Panther… I suppose they think John Ashcroft was God almighty himself.

  4. Who is this woman, she must be the most evil
    person, she is nasty, vindictive and a liar, but then I guess they must love her on FOX.

  5. Taking bets on who his replacement will be. My guess is Jim Comey, since he’s a republican, people like Tarantos will have nothing to criticize. And he’s already proved himself worthy, when he refused to sign off on the warrantless wiretapping memo that Gonzales tried to force upon him, when John Ashcroft was ill, and unable to do his job as Bush’s attorney general.

  6. What do you expect from a fox news host. The only reason she is even on the show is to lure guys in because she looks halfway cute. She is a pawn for Fox, nothing more and her opinions don’t mean squat. Maybe someone should put some black panther D*** in her mouth since she loves them in her mouth so much, but I don’t think they would even stoop that low…

  7. really no surprise here. the only thing that motivates these rightwing talking heads is hate. this woman has no heart, no soul, and no brain. shes a regular on the Fox Five show where she sits around with four other haters, one a ‘liberal’, and the other 3 some of the most angry, paranoid, and hateful people on the fox news channel. use the hate from the right to motivate yourself. get angry. get motivated. get ready. go vote on November 4th. every single vote is gonna count this cycle for these midterms. do you want to send the GOP, the conservatives, the rightwing, fox news, and all the haters, bigots, sexists, and homophobes a strong message??? vote for dems on nov 4th. 40 days away!!! it will be here soon!! VOTE!!!

  8. She is a Brunette in an Ocean of Blonde Stupity at FOX, She had to find a hook. She picked pure, unadulterated, White Robe, Hang em High Racism as her gig.

  9. Well, since this goober thinks Holder ran the Justice Department like the Black Panther Party, I should expect to see members of said department carrying shotguns and making sure the police are doing their jobs.

    Except for the fact that, you know, the Justice Department isn’t the Black Panther Party and I’m probably pretty sure that Holder had nothing to do with them in his younger years.

  10. yeah, hair color makes any difference… speaking of racism, you might want to check your own before judging anyone else. Lemme guess- you’re a “special” brunette. well, most dumb blondes are brunettes anyway.

  11. ” the other 3 some of the most angry, paranoid, and hateful people on the fox news channel.”

    Now that’s saying a lot since there are an unlimited number of competitors for that title working for that station.

  12. Stupid is as stupid does. Bigotry can be spelled FOX. I never waste my time watching Faux…it isn’t news, it isn’t even approaching fair. It is unbalanced opinion, by unbalanced jerks.

  13. personaly, I think it is a prerequisite for Fox news to be nasty, vindictive and a liar, also have short skirts, low neck lines and hair long and flowing, hanging in face. Being able to mouth what ever they are told to.

  14. I watched that segment. Beckel could only laugh at the 4 fruitcakes, as he stated on-air that he wasn’t supposed to say anything against the show, but he said it was the worst clip editing he had ever seen.

  15. Fox News, has the largest audience of all the cable news channels combined, that includes CNN,MSNBC,HLN. Why is that?

  16. That’s funny, poverty is a weapon of mass destruction, and that’s exactly what your Dear Leader is trying to accomplish, but you people have no clue, just like the lemmings you are, you’ll blindly follow him right off the cliff, as you drink your kool aid.
    Getting back to your question, Fox tells the truth, fair and balanced. CNN,MSNBC,ABC,CBS,and NBC hide the truth from there listeners, and when they find out who is telling the truth, they switch. The only time Obama is not lying, is when he keep his mouth shut.

  17. Way to ignore a political prisoner’s human and civil rights being violated while they are tortured. [sarcasm on] You are a really upstanding person; and all the morons who voted this down as well. [sarcasm off] And if you think I am against one party but for another think again. I am against corruption. Got corruption? http://goo.gl/0UjIJO #Extortion #Conspiracy #Murder #RICO #FBI #DOJ #WHITEHOUSE

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