Republicans Disrespect The Marines While Trying To Raise Money Off Obama’s Latte Salute

obama latte salute

Republicans have turned their outrage over Obama’s “latte salute” into a crass fundraising ploy that is disrespectful to all Marines who have served, fought, and bled for their country.

Badly trailing in fundraising the National Republican Senatorial Committee is trying to raise money off of Obama’s latte salute:

The Republican fundraising pitch is that Obama has disrespected the troops, “Our Commander-in-Chief should take the time to properly salute our nation’s heroes in uniform. They do it for him. Unfortunately, his disregard is part of a larger pattern. If you want to send a message to this White House that you’ve had enough, fill out this form and get your free bumper sticker.”

The bumper sticker tells Obama to put the latte down and features the hashtag semperlatte. Semper Latte is an abuse of the Marine motto Semper fidelis, which means always faithful or always loyal. Hundreds of thousands of Marines have bled and died for our country with that motto in their hearts. It is the height of disrespect for Republicans to warp the motto into a crass political gimmick that they are trying to use to raise money for their struggling Senate campaigns.

This behavior is nothing new for the GOP. The Republican Party wrapped themselves around the flag while raising money off of the troops that they sent to die during the Iraq war. Exploiting the troops for financial gain is normal behavior for Republicans, and the irony of Republicans claiming that President Obama disrespected the Marines while they disrespect the Marines to raise money should not be lost on anyone.

The fact is that Obama didn’t disrespect the Marines. There is no rule or protocol for saluting the troops. It is a bit of political theater that Ronald Reagan invented in 1981. The basis for the Republican outrage over the “latte salute” has been debunked. The conservative tizzy over Obama’s salute is another distraction that is hiding the reality that the 2014 election isn’t going well for the Republican Party.

Republicans could be facing another defeat in November, so they are inventing a new Obama scandal to distract the voters from figuring out what a terrible job their party is doing. What is disrespectful the troops has nothing to do with a latte, and everything to do with Republicans exploiting phony patriotism for political gain.

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  1. The TPGOP has done nothing for years for those serving in uniform. Accept work hard to keep them fighting anywhere and everywhere that the TPGOP wants. Any in uniform should be glad that John McCain is not in charge for they would be fighting on numerous different fronts.

  2. Not surprising. How would republicans know what might be offensive to a United States marine? The vast majority of them are chickenhawks, quick to bang the drums of war and send others off to die, while not risking their own cowardly necks.

    Of course they are oblivious to the meaning of service mottoes.

  3. Where the heck was he supposed to put the latte? Set it on the steps behind him? The fact that he acknowledged their salute at all shows tremendous respect for them on the President’s part. And those Marines know that! Protocol dictates that THEY salute HIM, not the other way around. And even subordinates are not supposed to salute when wearing civilian attire or carrying items which made a proper salute impossible. (It’s all part of basic training, as anyone in the military would know.) I agree that the people trying to raise money over this fake scandal is disrespectful.

  4. They need the cash. Their cash cows have or are nearing their donation limitations. So of course they are disrespecting Marines, the only thing the GOP respect is $$$, greed, and power!

  5. The republicans must have forgotten the pictures of gw bush saluting while he is holding a dog. funny how that works.

  6. If they really care about the military they should give the money to Veterans groups.Other wise this just anther scam.

  7. Hundreds of thousand Marines have bled and died for the 1%…NOT America. The rich all over the world. Israel gets more benefit from American Marines blood than we do. This whole ISIS thing came up just in time to get the Gaza murders out of the news. I read at the beginning who was funding ISIS…the stories sure have changed now. Behead a few men that have been held captive for very long keeping cattle penned up waiting for just the right time to slaughter. One journalist for how many innocent people in Gaza? And the five or six that controls all the MSM leading the charge. Someone HAD to come up with something quick.. Too much profit being lost if there were no wars in the Middle East. Iran wasn’t going to plan. So drumroll please…here comes ISIS and the highest paid operatives the war machine has McCain and Lindsey starts beating those drums to go after “ISIS”.. What a terrible bunch of crooks we have in the house and senate.

  8. When you have no facts, no rational reasoning, or nothing of value to offer, you must resort to lies, whining, and juvenile posturing. Unfortunately, that works just fine on most Americans.

  9. The rethugs “support the troops” until they come home. They could care less about the destruction the war had on many of the vets.

  10. But their panties sure do get wet over non issues like a salute. The funny thing is at least 90% never served their country they supposedly love

  11. What does the TGOP expect, the President to buy each of them a latte?

    It they were doing the job they are getting paid to do they’d be focused on that and not on being a political busybody!

  12. This Latte Salute BS is so childish and petty that it tells you how the Republicans Politicians, pundits and fan base (voters)will go to ANY lenghts to find SOMETHING to mete out their ingrained dislike for the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Their shameful obsession with a SALUTE is obviously a reach. BENGHAZI syndrome. The Tan suit is another. Golfing, vacations, shoes on the desk, etc. What’s their problem? Really? Petty A-holes. Oh, and one more thing…remember the Birther issue? Should I say more? There it is. We KNOW where they “comin’ from” and obviously not from a good place. So F them. Obama: Don’t even let this bother you. Keep saying: F-Them..and keep moving on with your job. The idiots have nothing else to complain about except these petty, non-issue stuff. Small minds=Republicans.

  13. LMiller: I agree with your observation. “Where would he have put the Latte? Step back, put it on the steps of the Helicopter, salute then go back and retrieve his coffee cup? That would be awkward and look clumsy. He should have just acknowledged the Marines with a nod. Remember, as Commander-In-Chief he is not REQUIRED to return salutes by uniformed military. Prez. Reagan started the return salute protocol. Present and future Presidents don’t have to follow that. But I think that that was an Oooops moment by Obama…His mind was on other things at the moment coming out the helicopter and without thinking about saluting, he realized he had to, but had that cup in his hand—and chose to give that quick acknowledging salute. So, why the bitching by the Republicans? But as you know, they find JOY in complaining and bitching like the unwashed mindless creeps that abound in their party. If they can find fault with his TAN suit, tells you where those Bozos are coming from.

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