Crazed Tea Partier Allen West Tells American Troops Not To Follow President Obama’s Orders

Former one-term Republican Congressman and current Fox News conservative pundit Allen West demanded that the military not follow orders from its commander-in-chief. On Friday morning, West wrote on his Facebook page that President Obama has ordered the military to enlist “illegal aliens.” He then claimed that, since Obama cannot make laws regarding naturalization, the order he signed is illegal, and those serving in the military shouldn’t follow it. West then complained about Obama’s tyranny and said all Democrats who support Obama need to be voted out.

Below is West’s entire Facebook post:

Morning folks. While you were sleeping, Barack Hussein Obama took out his pen and ordered our Military to enlist illegal aliens. In other words, this charlatan has allowed those who have disrespected our Constitution and are not citizens to take an oath to support and defend the very document, our rule of law, of which they are in violation. Obama has no constitutional authority to make any laws or rules concerning naturalization as stated in Art I Sect 8 Clause 4. This is an illegal order and should not be followed by our Military. As well, we are pink-slipping men and women in uniform, Americans, and Obama wants to enlist illegals. We are already outsourcing our national security to Syrian Islamists. This is intolerable and just another reason why we must flip the Senate and begin to reverse Obama’s tyranny. Any Democrat supporting this illegal order needs to be voted out!

Apparently, West is upset over news that the military is expanding its Military Accessions Vital to National Interest program to include those that are eligible for the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals. DACA was approved by Obama in 2012 and allows immigrants without legal status, who were brought to this country before the age of 16 and meet certain other requirements, to have the threat of deportation reprieved for two years. Currently, applications for reprieve under DACA can be renewed after the two-year period is up. The Department of Homeland Security approves DACA applications

and a thorough background check is done.

MAVNI has a cap of 1,500 recruits a year. Previously, the program targeted foreign nationals who were in the country legally, but weren’t citizens. It even allowed for non-permanent residents, such as students and tourists, to enlist in the military. The program targets specific skillsets, generally fluency in certain foreign languages or possessing specialized health care knowledge. Basically, they are always on the lookout for people who are doctors or can speak a language where American troops might be stationed. With America getting involved in another open-end conflict in the Middle East, it seems likely that the military is looking for more people who are fluent in Arabic and Kurdish, among others.

Of course, West (who always seems to refer to the president as Barack Hussein Obama or B. Hussein) has never met a POTUS conspiracy theory he hasn’t liked and embraced. In his mind, West probably sees this as a way for Obama to sneak Islamist terrorists and other non-Americans into the military, all in an effort to undermine the United States and bring rise to the New World Order. He has constantly referred to Obama as an Islamist sympathizer and infers that Obama is not American. In fact, after he made his post telling our military to defy the commander-in-chief, West made the following post, claiming POTUS is, you guessed it, an Islamist sympathizer.




Prior to the Islamist post, West tried to kiss up to Hispanics, despite his consistently offensive rhetoric towards immigration reform and recent post whining about ‘illegal aliens,’ by acknowledging Hispanic Heritage Month.



Here’s the thing. The vast majority of sane people in this country know West is completely nuts and off his rocker. However, the fact is there are a lot of people that buy his bunk and share it on social media. His post telling our military to ignore the orders of the President of the United States has been shared nearly 50,000 times from his Facebook page as of Friday afternoon, with an additional 44,000+ likes and nearly 10,000 comments. His page has well over a million likes. Even if he is certifiable, he is reaching a lot of people and making an impression with them.

With the way social media is, crazy statements like his will travel far and wide and be hard to tamper down. Therefore, it is important that people like West, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have their incorrect and/or offensive statements highlighted, fact-checked and ridiculed. Especially when they say something treasonous, which is exactly what West did on Friday.


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      • West was forced to resign from the Army to avoid being court martialed. He had tortured a prisoner.

        What a great American.

        • Does the name Oliver North sound familiar? Embracing disgraced ex Lt. Colonels seems to be perfectly acceptable to the GOP.

          Colin Powell fell completely out of favor with the GOP simply because he supported a Democrat... I guess it was his rank and outstanding military record that disqualified him from the "can do no wrong" exception.

    • I second that emotion, Joseph. Encouraging our military to ignore the orders of their Commander in Chief borders on treason and is very dangerous. There are teabaggers in the military who consider Allen West their Knight in Shining Armor and may try to take him up on his call to mutiny against our Commander in Chief.

      • What West and his GOP cronies are doing is actually against the law (see title 18 US Code § 2387) and if convicted could net each of them up to ten years in federal prison coupled with a hefty fine. They would also be banned from all government work for five years.

        Personally, I say convict them all and stick 'em behind bars where they belong.

        • 18 U.S.C.§ 2387 violates the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution and is therefore unenforceable. Free speech is free speech, regardless of whether or not you agree with the topic of the speech. Millions of hippies back in the 60s and 70s are proof that the government cannot enforce this statute.

    • In my opinion any of you who disagree with Mr. West is not to be rude but ignorant. What he wants is what a normal person should want. Democrat or Republican doesn't matter, all that matters is the result. If your a normal good hearted person you want peace and to feel safe and to fight for what is right. So if you think differently from him then I feel you are more likely to make things worse so do mankind a favor and not vote and vote in the wrong person like you probably did the last 2 times. Thanks

  • And the word for this is... oh, right, "treason". Can we get a drone by this guy's house? Soon?

    Also, the very fact he looks like Ernie and Bert's lovechild makes taking him seriously even more difficult than his rhetoric.

    • Thanks for that. I knew he'd left the military under less than favorable conditions. It appears that this is the new definition of 'patriot', as embraced by the GOTP.

  • The viewers of Fox are ignorant fools! How would West know what President Obama has planned? He is not a part of the Administration's, therefore he does not have access to information.

  • He is not the only one suggesting something like this. From an actual sitting congressman:

    "But that is exactly what Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) told a group of voters he wants to see happen, the Colorado Independent reported.

    "A lot of us are talking to the generals behind the scenes, saying, 'Hey, if you disagree with the policy that the White House has given you, let's have a resignation,'" Lamborn said Tuesday..."

    At what point does urging military members to defy the Commander-in-Chief in time of war become seditious or traitorous (especially from an elected official)? How many urging this in a short time frame does it take to charge them with conspiracy?

    • Nefer, these conservative rethugs want Pres. Obama to fail so bad they, are willing to commit treason to accomplish their goals. All should face the fact they, are guilty and be charged of treason. I fear tho- none will ever be called on to answer for their treason.

      • Treason is a uniquely republican trait. They have no love of country or patriotism. Investigating and charging Allen West with treason would be a great last hoorah for Eric Holder.

  • He wants military members to face court martial and possible dishonorable discharge just like he did? This guy is beyond nuts.

  • Anyone else notice that this valued voters thing has all the crazies there, like Cruz, Palin and West, not a sane individual among them!

  • Allen West is what was called in the old days a "House Nigger". He waited on the masters hand and foot. He slept in the masters house, he ate the food from the masters table that he did not want. Allen and his kind informed on the other slaves, all to keep his spot.

    • Diane: On spot with your characterization of that fool> House Nigah! I have been posting and alluding to this for the past two and a half years ever since that piece of Dog Doodo became a Congressman from Florida and started to Trash talk Obama ...FOR NO REASON! His criticisms always were personal and foolish. They were always directly from the Right Wing Haters memo. Go back and Google Allen West you will see what I'm talking about. Allen West should not walk among Black people for the rest of his life. And, you know what? He knows it, but don't care. His attitude shows it. Ben Carson is his team mate. You know Ben Carson, right? Okay. Birds of a same feather. Allen West is, in my estimation: Confused and Mentally unstable. Why is he still allowed to give opinions in the media? Well, if they allow Sara Palin, I guess why not him too...they are both comical figures, used for comic relief. His self esteem should tell him--Hey, you ain't NOTHING!!!!! STFU and go away!

    • BTW Diane I posted something here about 45 minutes ago....go find it, you will see what I alluded to on the same theme. "THOMAS P-51 FLY BY". Tell me what you think. Ok?

  • I had the displeasure of serving with Allen West, my FA battalion was the "sister" battalion …. this guy was the worse kind of narcissist, and a commander who led, if you can call it that, through intimidation and veiled threats. I would not have lost a minute of sleep if he was one of the men hit by an IED. As far as his claim of no ambushes while he was in command one has to take that with a grain of salt because up until Aug/Sep the Iraqi people were not resisting, and the insurgency hadn't really taken hold, in Aug/Sep the ambush attacks really started in earnest, and Taji was hit hard due to it's proximity to Baghdad, so his unit, an FA Battalion was charged with securing an area, which they weren't trained for, and ill equipped to do, but because he wanted to have a command in combat he jumped at the opportunity, and his soldiers paid for it, then he gets all up in arms and does his notorious interrogation. This guy's a loser and which is about right for Fox, hire all the...

    • PTALLEN: I am an former MARINE, Viet-Nam Era. And let me tell Ass Hole officer like Allen West would NOT be an inspiring leader. His sorry ass would have been shoved out of any unit he commanded, but for being a Jack-ass that no one of my Marines would have had respect for, inspite of the stupid, reckless Rambo shit he seemed to think was the way to go. Marines are FOR REAL! This guy seemed PHONY. Reckless and Psychotic.He would have NOT passed muster and probably would have been given a "NO confidence" vote, then....removed to the rear. Out of the battle area. Today, he got a taste of that when the folks in Florida kicked him to the curb and did not re-elect his crazy arse. Why is he still mouthing off his crazy chit? Who knows...maybe people love a good laugh now and then.

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