Fox Bristles At Colorado Students Thinking For Themselves Beyond Pizza And The Bible

Fox and friends Students protesting revisionist history

During the past week, hundreds of students in Colorado were protesting conservative efforts to infuse their ideology and religion in textbooks for an advanced high school history class.  Leave it to Fox to manufacture a vast conspiracy behind a protest that grew from word of mouth and social media.

After all, Fox would like to think these kids couldn’t have figured out for themselves, that when education is shaped to conform with ideology above facts, it’s no longer education.  The high school students recognized there is something wrong with textbooks that censor our history to conform with right wing ideology.

They also recognized that sort of education would leave them ill equipped to compete in the modern world, ill-equipped to recognize and question injustices.  For the great minds at Fox, it’s impossible for high school students to recognize how nonsensical it is to square the concepts of individual freedom with blind conformity to an authority that respects nothing about the very fabric of America. It was unthinkable that students would protest a concerted effort by the right wing’s ignorance activists to render them defenseless in a war on the mind, the heart and the soul of their future.

Of course, the talking puppets at Fox and Friends blamed the teachers and especially those big bad teachers’ unions who, according to Fox, are “exploiting” the children to advance their own agenda.  It isn’t like the Republican Party has anything to gain by teaching students about right wing “heroes” like Phyllis Schafley and Joe McCarthy, while Ted Kennedy and Sonja Sotomayor disappear down revisionist history’s memory hole.

Their guest for the segment was Ken Witt, president of the Jefferson County Board of Education.  Mr. Witt started the hysterics rolling when he said:

That’s the unfortunate situation that’s going on. I believe that there is a significant amount of union conflict right now that we would like to not have. The issue is that it’s easy to get children out. It’s easy to use kids as pawns and it’s not right. We have a union contract that’s expiring in August of this year.

Of course, Elisabeth Hasselbeck dutifully responded:

“What concerns me is that what I’m hearing from you, and correct me if I am wrong, is that there is someone else behind this planting it and using these students for their own gain.”

Here is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters.

Yes, Elisabeth is so concerned about people with agendas using students for their own gain because it isn’t like high school students are capable of thinking for themselves.  After all, poor Elisabeth has yet to develop that skill herself.

Witt went out of his way to dismiss concerns that the revised curriculum would white wash the history of slavery and civil rights.  However, there is a sound basis for those concerns and many others, given recent debate in Texas over the content of its textbooks books. Since Texas provides most of America’s textbooks, the quality of their books affects students throughout the country.

A report by the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund gives credence to the students’ concerns, no matter how much Witt wishes to deny it.

Among the TFNEF’s findings:

• A number of government and world history textbooks exaggerate Judeo-Christian influence on
the nation’s founding and Western political tradition.

• Two government textbooks include misleading information that undermines the Constitutional
concept of the separation of church and state.
• Several world history and world geography textbooks include biased statements that
inappropriately portray Islam and Muslims negatively.
• All of the world geography textbooks inaccurately downplay the role that conquest played in the
spread of Christianity.
• Several world geography and history textbooks suffer from an incomplete – and often inaccurate
– account of religions other than Christianity.
• A few government and U.S. history textbooks suffer from an uncritical celebration of the free
enterprise system, both by ignoring legitimate problems that exist in capitalism and failing to
include coverage of government’s role in the U.S. economic system.
• One government textbook flirts with contemporary Tea Party ideology, particularly regarding the
inclusion of anti-taxation and anti-regulation arguments.
• One world history textbook includes outdated – and possibly offensive – anthropological
categories and racial terminology in describing African civilizations.
• A number of U.S. history textbooks evidence a general lack of attention to Native American
peoples and culture and occasionally include biased or misleading information.
• One government textbook (Pearson) includes a biased – verging on offensive – treatment of
affirmative action.
• Most U.S. history textbooks do a poor job of covering the history of LGBT citizens in discussions of
efforts to achieve civil rights in this country.
• Elements of the Texas curriculum standards give undue legitimacy to neo-Confederate arguments
about “states’ rights” and the legacy of slavery in the South. While most publishers avoid
problems with these issues, passages in a few U.S. history and government textbooks give a nod
to these misleading arguments.

On previous shows, Steve Doocy and Hasselbeck defended students’ rights to think for themselves, at least when it came to deciding on what to have for lunch or whether to read the Bible in an accelerated reading program.

But, Fox doubts that students are capable of thinking about the consequences of learning from history books that preach Tea Party Ideology, distort the role of religion in our constitution and reflect right wing biases on race, sexual orientation and religious freedom. That’s where students magically lose the ability to think for themselves and are mere pawns in a grand scheme by teachers and their unions.

The issue extends beyond the right wing’s attempt to revise history in its ideological image. As reported by U.S. News, the Jefferson County school board wants to create a committee of citizens to decide on materials that promote “citizenship, patriotism, essentials and benefits of the free enterprise system, respect for authority and respect for individual rights.” Moreover, the materials must not ”encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law.”

Under the Board’s proposed mandate, the committee would have the power to determine which materials fit this criteria in subjects beyond American history. It would be empowered to bring any materials in any course it considers objectionable to the School Board which is empowered to “take action.”

The students recognize it for the censorship that it is and that, is what they are protesting.  When you think about it, by protesting, the students in Colorado proved they are way smarter than the average host on Fox and Friends.

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  1. Fox nitwits trying to scare their lowinformed Foxbots into spewing their propaganda to the gullible. These kids are too smart for the hypocritical Christians that lie their asses off at Fox Propaganda/Ailes Temple.

  2. Fox & Friends is a parody of a morning talk show. In fact, it’s now impossible to tell the difference between the real F&F and the SNL send-up.

  3. These kids should challenge those `FAUXNewz bubbleheads to a debate on education, history, science, etc., maybe ‘Jeopardy’ style.

    The ignorant liars won’t accept, of course, but they should be challenged, nevertheless. It would also add ‘cowards’ to their list of rightwing requisites.

  4. So, now the republican party is acting more like the Nazi party than ever before. The GOP is changing the history books printed in Texas so that the “facts” presented fall more in line with their thinking. Their trying to control the teachers from changing the minds of students as to what really happened in our country’s past. Just how far will these dog-breath demons go to control this country?

  5. These kids are not being used. Good grief. By the time we get kids to the high school level they have developed critical thinking skills.

    Hasselback is just playing dumb.

  6. Fox and Nazis I report you decide

    Forget facts. Teach “right” attitudes or “character” through feel-good experiences: An important aspect of Nazi education was the cult of ‘Experience’ as being more crucial to the development of the individual than the academic process of learning with its stress on ‘knowledge’. Unlike knowledge which involves the intellect, experience involved ‘feeling’ which alone provided access to the deep truths of Nazism which were essentially based on [ideological unity]. Such an ‘experience’… was regarded as essential to character-building.

  7. yep… once students learn to think for themselves you end up with the Freedom Riders in the South, the Free Speech Movement at Cal, the VietNam war protests…

    and don’t forget those serious youth rebellions of the ’50s… led by Mad Magazine and the other comic books and Rock ‘n Roll…

    can’t have that… everyone needs to turn out like the fine upstanding Stepford men and women on Fox News…

  8. This textbook set of changes in Texas, for example, makes one wonder about the publishers of same. Texas has been a focal point for textbook sales for years, insofar that what changes were done for Texas schools had been thought to be a valid transfer to the nations’ schools as well. If I was a parent of high school age kids, all of this would scare the crap out of me and get me to do some serious review of the textbooks my kid was studying, as teachers pretty much still stick to the textbook as a core for curriculum. Not a practice I approve.

  9. Female hosts at Fox must realize by now that Roger Ailes and Fox are much more concerned about their legs than their opinions.

  10. Remember, when tea partiers engage in public protest, it’s an act of pure patriotism for a righteous cause.

    But when progressively-minded students, scientists, union workers, environmentalists, feminists, ethnic minorities, etc. express their views and concerns through the fundamentally American act of protest and civil disobedience … then it’s clearly contemptible conduct by unAmerican thugs and punks.

  11. Ok, history(as I was taught{35 yr old Ohioan}) (also, actual, confirmed, Cherokee (albeit a long time ago, but i get a good tan) roots)is that Thanksgiving was awesome and we talked some people into moving their shit out of our way to the west. Cowboys and Injuns! Native Americans kicked the f’ing vikings out around 1100. Fact is, at least, 90% of native Americans died of a plague brought by new worlders. Had Europeans had to face the full might of the natives, guerrilla warfare would not be a modern technique.

  12. If the Europeans had to face the full might of the natives, they would have just brought more Europeans. Outcome? The same

  13. All conservative organizations need to wake up. Those high schoolers will be voters in a couple of years. If the GOP and all it’s followers don’t begin changing their policies, these “kids” will vote them into oblivion. The angry old white men are a dying breed and Fox and friends will have no one left to listen to their garbage. The extreme right is peaking and they will soon be gone. It will take a few decades to undo the damage they have caused, but it will happen. Those “kids” will see to it as they take control of the political landscape.

  14. People who can actually think are poison to the republican/teabag/libertarian party and thus to FOX “News”…

  15. From what I can tell, these kids are not just smarter than the average Fox commentator, they seem to be smarter than a lot of the adults running their town.

  16. I am a history teacher who has been at war with history textbooks for decades. The textbook I have been required to use for the last 5 years (History Alive!) does not even include a list of US Presidents. This article also proves that public schools are doing a great job at teaching higher order thinking skills.

  17. (S)he who teaches his story while infusing truth and the need for justice controls the future.

  18. Everywhere the white man went the 3 D’s accompanied him—-death, disease, and destruction. Not much has changed.

  19. Vetting what goes into a history text is an academic pursuit.

    Interpreting what is in the text is an ideological pursuit.

    At the collegiate level, these two pursuits come together.

    Since college is becoming less likely because of the cost, public funds will be used to bring the two aspects together at the secondary level.

    The problem then becomes identifying causal relationships, which is where historians tend to disagree.

  20. Here is the problem with your comment “Hassleback is playing dumb” she’s not playing. Have yet to meet a Conservative capable of thinking for themselves. All ‘dittoheads’ who only do what Limbaugh,Hannity,and that Waffen SS refugee Beck tell them.

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