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Fox News Host Apologizes for His Stupidity Again, After First Apology Didn’t Fool Anyone

Eric Bolling has been forced to apologize again, after his first apology for being a ridiculous rage-o-phile with decades stale jokes didn’t go over well.

Fox News’ Eric Bolling was perfectly pleased with himself after his “boobs on the ground” quip aimed at the first female AEU pilot, Major Marium Al Mansouri, who bombed ISIS days ago. He and the locker room pals who make up Fox News were in their glory as they made fun of Major Al Mansouri, with Greg Gutfield starting the stupid fest off with, “The problem is, after she bombed it she couldn’t park it.”

The 1950s called and they want their jokes back, Fox.

While the boys and their fan club were LOL-ing over that bit of stale bread, Bolling must have felt left out so he piled on, calling the pilot “boobs on the ground.”

Only two kinds of men tell these sorts of jokes in public, let alone on national TV: Older gentlemen who don’t know any better and really angry social rejects who mask their inadequacy issues with misogyny. Bolling only talks like he’s a century old and no one is going to accuse him of being a gentleman.

Watch the September 24 edition of Fox News’ The Five via Media Matters:

All of this went down whilst Fox was in high poutrage mode over President Obama’s alleged disrespect of the troops due to a latte salute, because in conservative value systems, actions mean nothing and gestures are everything. So it doesn’t matter that President Obama and his administration have been more engaged with the troops than previous administrations or have asked for — and been denied by Republicans — appropriate funding for the VA. Nope. What matters is what was in his hand on one day.

Yesterday, Bolling petulantly apologized, per Media Matters:

Bolling angrily announced that he had gotten “The look” when he got home so now he was “making it clear to all of you” that he was sorry. He delivered this with all of the teenage petulance you’re accustomed to seeing from Republicans in the House of Representatives. Surprisingly this bit of charm fooled no one.

Yep. No one bought that apology, least of all his female co-host who had to add for him something the network clearly directed him to impart, “And you love women and have respect for them.” Uh-huh.

So Friday, after likely being dragged in front of reality by his boss who only wants the Archie Bunker clown show to go so far, Bolling apologized again. If at first you don’t succeed, try try try again.

Here’s the latest apology via Media Matters:

Transcript from Media Matters:

BOLLING: A personal comment before we go to break. Earlier this week I made a comment that was wholly inappropriate, and I apologize for it. The comment became during K. G.’s One More Thing honoring UAE bomber pilot Major Miriam al-Mansouri, who bombed ISIS. My remark was not intended to be disparaging of her, but that’s how it was taken. I should have known better and used better judgment.

Yesterday I made an apology on this show, but it was inadequate. Fox News has received letters from viewers including from women in the military, and I have taken them to heart. Therefore, let me speak clearly and sincerely. I’m sorry for what I said, I believe that Major al-Mansouri is a hero, she’s courageous, brave, and she deserves our praise, not inappropriate jokes. I appreciate that she is fighting the extreme radicals that threaten all of us. She has my admiration and my very, very sincere gratitude.

It’s unclear how “boobs on the ground” hee-hee tee-hee was “not intended to be disparaging of her.” Does Bolling think that’s a compliment? Let’s test drive that one: “Eric Bolling searched for his balls today and came up empty after humiliating himself numerous times on national TV, outing himself as a try-hard fool with no sense at all. Masculinity: Zero.” Image: The Five co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle hiding her face after Bolling’s “boobs on the ground” comment.

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