Kansas Rebels,”Going to see Sarah Palin would be the equivalent of having your teeth cleaned.”

Sarah Palin

Republicans, flailing against the extremism they’ve cultivated, thought it wise to send Sarah Palin to Kansas to help Republican Senator Pat Roberts try to keep his senate seat from Independent candidate Greg Orman.

Palin gave her usual pep talk — including the requisite Palinism of “invicted” — to the “a couple hundred” attendees at a pancake breakfast with Senator Pat Roberts in Kansas Thursday morning. Palin told the crowd she supported Roberts because “he is a conservative.”

There wasn’t a lot of policy talk, but then, Republicans can’t afford policy talk these days. She did praise Roberts’ part in the government shutdown, though, which is very unpopular with all but hardcore conservatives.

Per The Washington Post:

Palin praised Roberts as a rock-ribbed conservative “who will fight like our country’s future depends on it.” And the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee thanked Roberts for standing alongside Cruz in filibustering funding for President Obama’s signature health-care law, a move which resulted in the shutdown.
“He’s not wishy-washy on the fence like you know who, the other guy,” Palin said, a reference to Roberts’s opponent, independent candidate Greg Orman. “I am so thankful because we need those with that stiff spine, with the principles that are so invicted [sic] within them, that they take a side.”

Not all of Kansas was impressed. Resident Marsha Hayes told KWCH12, “Probably for me, going to see Sarah Palin would be the equivalent of having your teeth cleaned.”

Indeed. Hayes joins the majority of the country in this sentiment, as Sarah Palin is one of the most unpopular “politicians” in the country. In 2013, polls showed that Palin not only are Alaskans done with her, but if Palin ran in 2016 she would lose Alaska by 16 points to the Democrat Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical race. Ouch.

Michael Tomasky writing in the Daily Beast used the words “mediocre” and “malevolent” in the same sentence analyzing the Republican Senator, so it makes perfect sense that said Senator would align himself with Sarah Palin, who is a heady combination of both. Tomasky wrote, “The more one studies Roberts, the more one concludes that he is the kind of fellow that former Nebraska Senator Roman Hruska had in mind when he famously quipped that mediocre people are entitled to a little representation, too. Mediocre at best, malevolent at worst.”

What can be more mediocre and malevolent at the same time than throwing cowardly shots at the President, accusing him of being Hitler by referencing his fictional “national socialism”? This is Pat Roberts’ big plan to save his Senate seat. When you want to toss a dirty bomb, you call Sarah Palin.

But not everyone found Palin to be teeth cleaning bad. A starry-eyed Republican told KWCH that Palin was great for the Republican Party. A young man said he “loves” Sarah Palin. And that’s really the problem for the modern GOP, and it is definitely Pat Roberts’ problem in Kansas.

Pat Roberts is in jeopardy right now to Independent Greg Orman because Governor Brownback purged moderate Republicans from the state legislature 2012, causing many Kansas Republicans to rebel. Who led the Tea Party charge that is destroying the Republican Party? Sarah Palin.

In other words, Republicans have the crazy vote. They have the Tea vote. They have the frothing angry vote. The idea is to branch out from crazy to somewhere near the middle, so as to get a larger tent. One doesn’t do this invoking National Socialism and Sarah Palin.

37 Replies to “Kansas Rebels,”Going to see Sarah Palin would be the equivalent of having your teeth cleaned.””

  1. Going to see Sarah Palin equates to getting your teeth cleaned? It’s more like having colon surgery without anesthesia.

  2. Yeah right! I think it has to do more with another orifice. You Know the one that Conservatives think from…

  3. “there wasn’t a lot of political talk. but the, the republicans can’t afford policy talks these days.” 1. palin doesn’t known a damn thing about policies, so why would she talk about policies. 2. for the gop to say they don’t want to discuss policy issues, reveals why they should be thrown out! they have no policies. 3. so why are they running for re-election?

    4. This is when you discuss policies, when you are stumping around, meeting voters. If they are not discussing policies, what are they talking about, the weather?

    seeing palin is more akin to a root canal!

  4. I’ll bet by now the citizens living in Palin’s home town wish they voted for “Roads and Bridges” when they had the chance. The real question comes down to what Sarah Palin does with her touring bus after the elections since there is no way for her to get it home and no where to drive it if she does. I know; she’ll just “invicted” it.

  5. Kansas is full of ranchers and farmers on the take from the annual farm bill. So, if the republicans just keep quiet about their non-plans, they have the elections in the bag (so to speak). Ah. Yes. The best government money can buy.

  6. The woman is AIP to the core. What does she care if she destroys the GOP? Paybacks for kicking her bony @ss to the curb, and if there’s one thing the Palins believe in, it’s paybacks. Ask Alaskans.

  7. Or getting a root canal and the drill hits a hot spot: where the anesthesia didn’t quite take hold.

    Seeing Sarah Palin would be kind of like that.


  8. What the heck is ‘invicted”? No matter how I tweak it, I can’t come up with….oh, wait….why am I even bothering with something Palin said? delete delete delete

  9. Im a Dental Hygienist and I resent very much my work being as horrible as it would be to listen to that nitwit Sarah Palin for even one minute!!

    Myself I would rather stick shards of glass in my eyes….

    I LOVE OBAMA!!!!!!

  10. Where was McCain? Shouldn’t he be there also with his protege PALIN? Raising their hands on the stage and Yelling: Whooo!, Whooo! Whooo! Yeeeha!!!!!!
    I think that even McCain would not be caught on stage with Palin. Bad optics. He knows this, but will not say it. He got burnt by that Witch. And does not want seconds. Do you blame him? Whatever. BTW, I think that in two years, Sarah will disappear into political oblivion. Why? Obama will not be around to be her object of derision, hence popularity among the Obama haters will wane. Her importance to those Yahoos will not have any impact going forward. She is a comic figure, kept around for comic relief, as far as I’m concerned, Hannity will cry and miss her. The tickle down his pants will be gone.

  11. She no more ran that marathon, djchefron, she was badly photoshopped in on one action shot. Everything about her is a put on!

  12. I think the twit was going for ‘convicted’ and ‘imbued’ but…well…..it’s Palin, you know? Gads, what an asshat.

  13. Ms. Palin has quit Alaska and now tends to reside most of the time in AZ. In her own words she was thrilled to leave Alaska behind.

  14. What you’re seeing is the evil that shows through when the cosmetics come off. If the eyes are truly the mirrors of the soul, we know now just how ugly that is.

  15. She must spend enough time in Alaska to get into a drunken fight between other Alaskans. shouting over it all “don’t you know who I am?” Husband with a bloody nose, son with a few broken ribs, Bristol punching a man in the nose, then climbing into their stretch mobile and leaving.
    Aren’t we lucky this family never made it to the White House? Imagine the hillbilly shindig that would have taken place, with all their little bastard grandchildren in tow.

  16. Saw it and thought, finally the truth, you ain’t so pretty without the make up!!! Thought the word ain’t would work well with the Palin brain and her so called diploma. The one no one ever saw!

  17. Jeeeeeeeebus palamino! Now that’s a real war on women. Alien’s a shoo in for being crowned miss Universe. Got one question:Were the lights on at the wedding?

  18. The dumbass doesn’t even know the White House address. An elementary school kid knows that address. We all know the correct address. Oh wait, not this ass.

    OMG and this wanted to be VP of the US.

  19. I live in Kansas and can say Roberts is pretty much done. And Palin, well what words can I use to describe this woman except for delusional and arrogant.

  20. Snowbilly Grifter maintains a residence in Alaska to keep receiving the Alaskan resident entitlement of the ‘Permanent Fund’ which gives money to all Alaskan citizens on an annual basis.

    Hell, now Brisket and Trackabilly receive their ‘own’ entitlements simply for being an Alaskan citizen.

    Grifters gonna grift.

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