Sarah Palin Gets White House Address Wrong At Values Voters Summit


sarah palin gets white house address wrong

While speaking at the Values Voters Summit, Sarah Palin hit a new low by getting the address of the White House wrong.



Palin said,

The lies that they tell about you. Calling you the intolerant ones, the haters, the bigots. Oh, and that disgusting charge of being racist. I’m speaking to the most slandered group in America today. Join me in telling the lamestream media then that we wear your scorn with pride. The lies that you tell about us, well you can’t defeat our arguments, so all you can do is change the subject, so we win.

And pulling that race card, pulling the race card, how much longer they’re gonna. It’s not even smart. It’s not even smart when one simply wants our government to live within its means and to not tax us to and beyond death. Not to mortgage our kids future, and that being for today’s selfish wants. Because of that we’re racists? Well what isn’t isn’t smart is trying to slap that on Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and JC Watts, and Raphael and Ted Cruz, and my husband Todd Palin. Yeah, no those truly prejudiced folks just remember this. They scream racism just to end debate. Well, don’t retreat. You reload with truth which I know is an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue anyway.

Palin was talking about how right the conservative movement is while getting the address of the White House wrong. Palin’s whole when you change the subject we win rant was met with confused applause. It was as if even this crowd of right-wing extremists couldn’t follow what she was saying.

Sarah Palin isn’t some smooth operator who is doing this for attention. She really has no idea what she is talking about, but she knows the conservative buzzwords. As long as she keeps telling them what they want to hear, the crowds applaud, and Sister Sarah gets paid.

If the right wants to stop being called racist, maybe they should stop doing and saying racist things. Perhaps if they stopped trying to use race as a weapon to divide the country, no one would call them racist.

Sarah Palin is going to deliver her truth to 1400 Pennsylvania Ave, which is great for President Obama because he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Palin once again demonstrated that she is more like a crazy cat lady at the end of the block than a credible voice of opposition.

America needs to realize how big of a bullet we dodged when Barack Obama beat John McCain in 2008. At least the country never has to worry about Sarah Palin setting foot in the White House. She doesn’t know where it is.

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  1. Sarah Palin embodies everything the Tea Potty holds dear: ignorance, illiteracy, dumbdeedumbdumb, mumbledeefuck, and tits in black leather.

  2. Dear Sarah, If you come to Illinois, don’t get off the bus. We know you can’t stand and think at the same time.

  3. You would think that someone like her, who had aspirations of getting to the White House, would know the right address for the place. 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue is where a hotel is…

  4. Ha. She wants to live there but doesn’t know where it is. Anyway it was just a mess of recycled word salad. I don’t know how many dozens of times she claims she’s “living vibrantly”. The Palin Brawl was so vibrant.

  5. Christ on a cross! In the name of all things holy, please expedite November 6th so we can kick some Rethugs out of Congress/Senate. This is killin me!

  6. This bimbo skank needs to go find a bar to start a brawl in. Maybe she can flip a few tricks while she’s at it.

  7. Well, I looked up 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue on Google earth! Either She wants to do her business at the Willard hotel(NW end) or at the local liquor store( SE end). Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised! Maybe she was covering both bases. Go to the liquor store first, followed by a night in her hotel room boozing it up with her friends while poor hubby is stuck at home brawling with the neighbor kids?

  8. And to think John McCain thought that
    Ms. Palin was up to the job as POTUS.
    The Grifter from the Great White North
    is going down in flames w/her recent
    speehes and her family brawling at a
    party in Anchoradge. I wonder if she will
    blame “the lame stream media” for her
    1400 PA, Ave. remark.

  9. She just says the same stuff over and over and over. Don’t they get tired of it?

    Of course, she did throw in the wrong address of the White House so that bit was new.

  10. First she lists every tea party person of color that she can think of, and that fits comfortably on the fingers of one hand. I wonder if you run into palin at a grocery store, if she uses that sing-song imitating a nitwit screech.

  11. Just embarrassing ..She is simply an attention seeker.. Every year she becomes more and more of caricature..
    Doesn’t get it..
    Wow.. If she had of just went home, and shut up after the bid for VP..
    She might have salvaged herself.
    But she is hell bent on making a mockery of herself.

  12. Politico is now reporting it as a joke: “Truth is an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.” Part of her yukkin’ it up schtick, doncha know……

  13. …the Wicked Witch of Wasilla does not HAVE brains in her head; they are in her ass; so she wouldn’t have a concussion unless somebody was banging her from behind…

  14. It is a joke. It is also the former half-term Governor of Alaska, a failed Faux Snooze analyst, a failed reality show clown and the current Queen of publicity whores.

  15. I’m sure that whoever gets her delivery at 1400 will just walk it over 2 blocks! That’s what neighbors do.

  16. Some folks just get more confused in front of crowds if they haven’t had a drink or two, just sayin’

  17. I was raised black in the South under Jim Crow, and there is one thing I can attest to: If a person has to deny being racist, it’s very likely that s/he is a racist. That Palin felt compelled to mention it indicates to me that she’s seen the racism in her party, knows it exists, and knows she’s a part of it, but she thinks that if she gives voice to denying it, it means it doesn’t exist. Oh, no, ma’am. It’s there, and I am uniquely qualified to recognize it. I think what has Palin and other GOPTPers very worried is that other White Americans realize racism is alive and well in America and that they oppose their denial of its existence. This is what I think hurts them the most–many like themselves are no longer willing to look the other way as they peddle their racism to divide the nation and to maintain/gain political power. This has to be causing them to experience many nightmares because they felt quite sure that other White Americans would support their racism. They don’t.

  18. One more reason to send a Thank-You card
    to Village Idiot John McCain.

    I think back to the Good Old Days when Sarah Palin was just another White Trash half-term Governor of Alaska.

    Seriously. What can you say about people that don’t have the Self-Awareness to be Embarrassed by their own Stupidity?

  19. “…. and tits in black leather.” That is how the republican males imagine her, until they are distracted from their fantasy by their wife.

  20. Conservatives who believe nincumpoops like palin, will now go to their graves believing that the White House is at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. Does dumb ever get smart?

  21. Confused implies she actually knows what she’s talking about, I believe ignorant is more apropos anytime she opens her mouth.

  22. Where do the republicans find these women, Michelle Bachman, Marsha Blackburn and Palin, I really do think the drugster Palin
    tops them all for dumbness.
    They seem to have found another one I think her name is Joni Ernst or something like that.

  23. It’s unfair to have such high expectations for Sarah Palin as to think she would know the address of the White House.

  24. Isn’t the location of the White House a question in Trivial Pursuit? I seem to remember that.

    Not that I’m suggesting Sarah Palin has ever played Trivial Pursuit…

  25. Majii,

    You are 100% correct. I was raised in Texas during Jim Crow and have lived all over the country. I have spent 15 years in Tennessee. Yes, although white, I see and hear the racism every damn day on the streets, in the malls, in traffic, racism is alive and well…particularly those who still drive around with the Flag of Secession stuck in the back of their 25 yro pick-up trucks while they shop with EBT cards or cash their SSD checks at Walmart’s ‘money centers’!

    These are the ‘white people’ you see around that seem to think wearing pajama pants into any establishment is okay while calling others names; betcha Snowbilly and her offspring wear pajamas around town as well.

    Racism is alive and well in America, people know it, Repigs like Snowbilly saying ‘it ain’t so’ – does not make it so.

  26. This has never been about Sarah Palin. It’s always been about the rather large, dumb-downed portion of our population who pay her to speak.

  27. And the Tweets from it are pretty hysterical …

    Palin got White House address wrong, said 1400 Pennsylvania. She wasn’t just one heartbeat from presidency, she was a couple blocks away.

    Totally agree with Sarah Palin. There is a lack of leadership at “1400 Pennsylvania Ave.” The Willard Hotel needs to get its act together.

    Sarah Palin thinks the White House is at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. Obama must be relieved that she won’t stop by to sell him Amway products.

    In other news, the guy at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave now knows who’s been calling in those pizza orders for the last five & a half years.

  28. Sarah Palin’s whole life has been a trivial pursuit of something for nothing from grifting the Canadian public health system on.

  29. “The sheer arrogance of this President! Why, that damned Muslim Kenyan even presumed to move the White House!”


  30. Uh, Maxie2014, the election is Tuesday, November 4th. I agree with your comment, however, about electing no Teaparty politicians.

  31. MRS PALIN…..Didn’t your doctor tell you that there is no cure for stupidity????Maybe some moose milk is the cure!

  32. A true sickening case of “WPS”. Still can’t get pass “do you know who I am?” comment. Yes we sure do. Please someone tell her so she can just disappear like all the rest of those delusional political wanna-a-be morons of old.

  33. So it’s all the fault of the Lame Street Media? The same media that sucks up to the gopers all the time?
    Why is that person still being trotted out as though she was a winner? SHE LOST, SHE LOST, SHE LOST AND THEN SHE QUIT!
    The gopers say that we can’t afford to extend unemployment for 26 million unemployed people and we certainly can’t afford SNAP benefits to hungry people, but we can afford what will probably be a multi-trillion war against 15,000 chunks of crap.
    The GOP is the reason this country is a used-to-be great country.

  34. She thinks she is tired of hearing about a racecard? How sik of it does she think we are? First of all, there is no such word, underlines in red everytime you type it! Just a bigots way of saying,”I don;t want to talk about race problems anymore! She is such a dink!

  35. Is this woman certifiably insane or is she on a campaign to demonstrate to everyone how abysmally stupid she is?

    How many Americans over 14 are there that do not know the address of the White House?

    It usually comes out automatically. But not for Sara Pathetic.

  36. I actually friended SP on her Facebook page back when she was running with McCain to get find out more about her and what people that followed her were thinking. Several of her “friends” immediately friended me–must have thought I was one of them. LOL Though they kept there comments “clean” on Sarah Palin’s page, 4 out of the five people that friended me used the “n” word when referring to Obama and generally made nasty remarks that had nothing to do with his politics. One woman commented that they were probably going to have to get a new barber because…use your imagination. I won’t repeat her ignorant remark here.
    BTW, the admin on her page banned me after I pointed out several facts about how Obamacare would benefit most people. So add close-minded and intolerant to racist and you pretty much describe most conservatives.

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