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Sarah Palin Gets White House Address Wrong At Values Voters Summit

While speaking at the Values Voters Summit, Sarah Palin hit a new low by getting the address of the White House wrong.


Palin said,

The lies that they tell about you. Calling you the intolerant ones, the haters, the bigots. Oh, and that disgusting charge of being racist. I’m speaking to the most slandered group in America today. Join me in telling the lamestream media then that we wear your scorn with pride. The lies that you tell about us, well you can’t defeat our arguments, so all you can do is change the subject, so we win.

And pulling that race card, pulling the race card, how much longer they’re gonna. It’s not even smart. It’s not even smart when one simply wants our government to live within its means and to not tax us to and beyond death. Not to mortgage our kids future, and that being for today’s selfish wants. Because of that we’re racists? Well what isn’t isn’t smart is trying to slap that on Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and JC Watts, and Raphael and Ted Cruz, and my husband Todd Palin. Yeah, no those truly prejudiced folks just remember this. They scream racism just to end debate. Well, don’t retreat. You reload with truth which I know is an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue anyway.

Palin was talking about how right the conservative movement is while getting the address of the White House wrong. Palin’s whole when you change the subject we win rant was met with confused applause. It was as if even this crowd of right-wing extremists couldn’t follow what she was saying.

Sarah Palin isn’t some smooth operator who is doing this for attention. She really has no idea what she is talking about, but she knows the conservative buzzwords. As long as she keeps telling them what they want to hear, the crowds applaud, and Sister Sarah gets paid.

If the right wants to stop being called racist, maybe they should stop doing and saying racist things. Perhaps if they stopped trying to use race as a weapon to divide the country, no one would call them racist.

Sarah Palin is going to deliver her truth to 1400 Pennsylvania Ave, which is great for President Obama because he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Palin once again demonstrated that she is more like a crazy cat lady at the end of the block than a credible voice of opposition.

America needs to realize how big of a bullet we dodged when Barack Obama beat John McCain in 2008. At least the country never has to worry about Sarah Palin setting foot in the White House. She doesn’t know where it is.

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