Ted Cruz Is Already Vowing To Obstruct Obama’s Unnamed Attorney General Nominee

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President Obama has nominated anyone to be the new Attorney General yet, but Ted Cruz is already signaling that he will lead the fight to obstruct the new nominee.

In a statement, Cruz said,

To this day, no one has been yet held accountable for the IRS scandal, and it is incumbent upon the next Attorney General to uphold the law without regard to partisan ideology.

To ensure that justice is served and that the Attorney General is not simply replaced with another extreme partisan who will likewise disregard the law, the Senate should wait until the new Congress is sworn in before confirming the next Attorney General. Allowing Democratic senators, many of whom will likely have just been defeated at the polls, to confirm Holder’s successor would be an abuse of power that should not be countenanced.

The problem for Cruz is that if Democrats hold the confirmation hearing and vote during the lame duck session, he can’t obstruct anything. Both Senate Democrats and the White House are signaling that they want a fast confirmation process. If Democrats confirm the nominee during the lame duck, there is nothing that Republicans can do about it.

Obama hasn’t nominated anyone yet, but some Senate Republicans are rallying the campaign to obstruct his nominee. Cruz’s remarks are typical of Republicans. Anything that comes from Obama is bad. Anyone that the president nominates does not deserve confirmation. The nominee has already been judged as unfit, even though the president has not picked who he wants to be the next attorney general yet.

Republicans say that Obama is the problem in Washington, but it’s clear that the real issue is that conservative extremists continue to abuse their position and power.

56 Replies to “Ted Cruz Is Already Vowing To Obstruct Obama’s Unnamed Attorney General Nominee”

  1. As I said before, if they want a smooth confirmation, select Jim Comey, head of the FBI. Cruz will have no partisan purchase with such a stellar, republican appointee. He’ll be left looking like a fool, and he’ll be alone in his obstructionism. More Green Eggs and Ham, smeared on his disgusting face. I’d like to see his attempts to walk back his criticism, with Comey as the nominee.

  2. Hubris and narcissism gets Ted Cruz every time. He is already acting like Democrats losing the senate is a done deal, just like the GOP arrogantly assumed that Romney was just going to waltz into the White House with a landslide.

    Remember, the media confidently predicted that GOP was going to capture the Senate then, too.

    It’s NOT over until the greasy fat Cuban dork eats crow.

  3. Ted Cruz is a unprincipled moron. Notice that the only thing he is worried about is making sure that all those SuperPACs who are 100% political continue to get their tax breaks. Really, what is Ted Cruz’s job as senator?

  4. Ted Cruz is the hemorrhoid on the anus of the Conservative party. I knew he would be the first one to open his sewer and spew forth vile contemptuous contagion.

  5. Thanks to Astorix, finally I agree with the name you gave this so called human. “It’s not over until the greasy fat Cuban eats crow” Many times I have tried to think of a word low enough to describe this piece of human flesh. ” greasy fat Cuban” does the job. Many thanks!!!

  6. Select another black man, or hispanic one, so the Republicans can go into cardiac arrest. As for Cruz, he’s just inhaling wasted 02 and exhaling CO2 that we could have done without.

  7. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter (and Cruz won’t be alone in obstructing Comey).

    The Republicans already think and say the president is a partisan, lefty socialist- even when he incredibly is not.

    I say- go big and nominate the person they want and Republicans be damned.

  8. Just how does idiot Ted Cruz believe he can obstruct the nomination? Senator Harry Reid went nuclear so it will take only 51 Senators to confirm President Obama’s nominee. Unless I’m mistaken.

  9. The republicans would have made better time staying in congress and debating on the war because everytime they open their mouth they put their foot in it. They have too much time on their hand to say what the president is doing wrong and what they will not do and by the time election day get here you better believe people will remember. They did this right up to the election of the president, they predicted everything but the right thing and boy it backfired on them. I hope who ever he picks will be as great as the one who is leaving and will take the fight to the enemy and not be afraid to talk back to congress. I admired him the most when he spoke up, back to congress,not let them walk over him. They hated it because to them blacks didn’t back to them well he let them know this is 2014,not the days of slavery. He could do what the president couldn’t do but what we all wish he would do but for the good of the country know he shouldn’t. But he will before he leave office.

  10. President Obama should pick a black woman and the Republicans will really have a fit, 2 types of people they hate, blacks and women.

  11. Cruz looks like a smarmy used car salesman, with that greasy look of his.
    I’d cross the street if I saw him coming my way.
    No, he will NOT be annointed ‘King’, even though his daddy’s got him brainwashed into thinking so.

  12. This is just a desperate plea by Cruz. He’s so sure that Republicans will win the Senate that if they delay the confirmation until the new Senate takes over there won’t be a confirmation. Two problems with that thinking; first is that if that did occur, Eric Holder would stay on and they hate him. Secondly, I don’t think Republicans will win the Senate in 2014, so they’d be right back in the same place.

  13. Why do you make it about race? Let’s talk about what an obstructionist to justice Eric Holder has been?
    Race has nothing to do with the fact that he enforced some laws, didn’t enforce others. He obstructed in the IRS and was in contempt for Fast and Furious.
    It’s all about the Washington political maching. How disgusting you bring race in.

  14. I would think Republicans would be perfectly fine with a black woman. Why would you think that is an issue?
    Liberals always playing the race card.

  15. If you want the facts about Fast and Furious then subpoena Alberto Gonzalez and have him answer the questions. He started the scam. Holder ended it.

  16. You again with your bullshit. How exactly he obstructed the IRS and in contempt of a car thief over some documents that even the Bush administration claimed immunity?

    I think you and the rest of the pointy headed sheet wearing assholes didn’t like Holder because he enforced the Civil Rights Laws.

  17. I’d like to hear your reasoning for thinking they’ll reject Comey. He’s been a non-partisan member of both a republican and democratic administration, and any senator who votes against him will have to explain why they didn’t object to him while he was in the Bush administration with specifics, or they’ll just look like partisan fools.

  18. This Canadian Azzhole obstructionist needs to take his azz back to Canada because he serves no other purpose in these United States of America & daddy needs to go too,Canada or Cuba but get the hell outta here!

  19. Unknown to Faux News viewers, the IRS probe revealed that both conservative and liberal groups were targeted in spite of what Issa was trying to make it look like. The trumped up contempt charge by the Republicans (by the way, most Democrats boycotted the contempt vote), Holder has not been indicted on them and therefore has not been found guilty of it. Find some real news stations and get some facts rather than Foxes Republican talking points for a change.

  20. Carl N. first of all you need to go get a life & 2nd. you won’t be invited to the Koch billionaire’s club & 3rd. grow a brain.

  21. Doris, I agree 100%.
    I used to scoff when the rethugs would talk about people who hate America but I honestly feel like Cruz and his father hate America, they are really vile and always trying to divide and disrupt the government, Cruz still thinks he is great for shutting down the government and costing the country 24 billion. I say they should go back to Cuba or Canada whichever will have them.

  22. Now let me get this straight. Cruz is upset because no one’s been held accountable for the “IRS Scandal,” despite repeated investigations showing there never actually was an IRS scandal (unless you count the way Darrel Issa withheld information from his own committee to create the scandal).

  23. I do have a life that is why I can’t spend more time dispelling the lies and extremism here.
    I wish I could sit around and browse the internet all day, but I do have a life.

  24. John, trolls try to divert the discussion. I am here to take you on directly, engage you in rational discussion. You only call it trolling because you want every one to sound like you. This site is full of people who all agree with each other’s liberal views. A Mutual Admiration Society

  25. Holder chose not to enforce the law, repeatedly. His job was to serve and protect Obama. Not to serve and enforce the law. Examples:
    Armed Forces of National Liberation (Puerto Rican Terrorists) pardon. March Rich pardon. Failure to prosecute New Black Panther Party re voter intimidation. Dragging his feat on Fast and Furious. Failure to enforce immigration laws on the books because he and his boss didn’t feel like doing so. Failure to investigate IRS harassment of entities disliked by the Administration while pretending to do so.

  26. Yet, another opportunity to thank the fine citizens of Texas for placing this ignoramus in the Senate. (I’ve been trying for years to unseat his grandpappy, McCain, to no avail. So a round of applause goes to my fellow Zonies, too.)

  27. On August 11, 1999 then United States President Bill Clinton offered clemency to sixteen of the convicted militants under the condition that they renounce any kind of violent manifestation

    What voter intimidation? Holding the door open for elderly voters
    Fox Poised To Manufacture Another Bogus New Black Panther Controversy

    Obama is deporting immigrants faster than Bush. Republicans don’t think that’s enough.

    Your other claims have been debunked so I wont even go there. You are a shit for brains who cant think and more than likely have a blah friend so you are not racist

  28. Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Rick Perry, et all are all great reasons to expel Texas from the nation, and force Mexico to take it back.

  29. It would make a great story to think this site is important enough to have paid plants. But sadly I am here on my own accord.

  30. I just can’t understand how anyone can live their lives bashing someone who has done nothing to them. Nobody can’t tell me this isn’t all about race. It will always be about race. I don’t care what the SCOTUS says. What the republicans have been doing to the President since 2008 has never happened to any other President in the history of the United States. Was Pinnochio Cruz imported from Canada to give the President hell? How can a man who was not even born in the United States have that much power?

  31. They’ll oppose it simply because Obama named him. They obviously don’t care about looking like fools since they’ve done that on too many occasions to count.

  32. hahahahaha!!! thanks I needed that. the only reason this troll is on such a small site like this is not only do the GOTP leaders know they are in big trouble on November 4th, now their brainless base of sheep, trolls, parrots, and lemmings are beginning to realize it too. the rightwing desperation, lunacy, and madness will continue to increase as we approach November 4th.

  33. its all about money. the more the rightwing leadership hates and brings race into it the more they solicit donations from their base of racists, bigots, sexists, and homophobes… and it works just about all time. the GOP play their base like fiddles and pull their strings like puppeteers. its insane!!!

  34. Cruz isn’t worth all this attention, guys. He’s so unlikable and so basically unattractive as a human being that he has no national appeal. Besides, he was not born in the USA so he is ineligible to be President of the United States. HIs father was a Cuban communist fighting with Castro until Batista put out an arrest warrant and the coward fled to Canada as an illegal alien. Who the heck knows who is mother was. I heard she was married to another man at the time and living in Canada. We don’t even know for a fact that she’s American.

  35. Ted Cruz is puffed up with his self importance. He, his father and their co-horts sono ignoranti e stupidi!

    They are dangerous to the health and survival of the USA.

  36. Please correct the first sentence. I am sure the author means the President did not nominate anyone to be Attorney General.

  37. I am deeply disgusted that that Canadian bastard is a senator from my state. I loath that guy with every cell of my body.

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