After Doing Nothing for Six Years, Republicans Claim We Need More…Republicans

The midterms are fast approaching and Republicans are scrambling to blame the Democrats for having done nothing at all to move the country forward since the day Barack Obama took office in 2009.

In a CNN op-ed, Sen. John Thune (R-SD) and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) claim – and you wonder if they didn’t giggle helpless over their keyboards as they wrote –

Our party has heard Americans’ concerns, and that’s why we’ve put forward hundreds of bills to help grow the economy, create jobs, expand opportunity and give American families hope for tomorrow.

The Republican Party has, of course, done nothing of the sort. But according to Thune and Rodgers, “The House Republican majority has passed one jobs bill after another.”


John Boehner keeps claiming that Republicans have produced 40+ jobs bills, and Nancy Pelosi’s office finally had to put together a fact sheet to disprove the scurrilous allegations that the GOP had tried to create even a single job for Americans:

Speaker Boehner’s list of 43 so-called “jobs” bills includes:

  • 33 partisan, special interest bills, which are message bills to nowhere and are not “jobs” bills; and
  • 10 mostly modest bills with bipartisan support still being considered in the Senate; not significant “jobs” bills.

That’s how much Republicans love Americans’ concerns. As just one example of these mythical jobs bills,

* GOP’s Budget to Give More Tax Breaks to Millionaires, As Well As To Destroy 3 Million Jobs (Path to Prosperity Budget, H.Con.Res. 96) – Instead of creating jobs, this House GOP budget is estimated to destroy 3 million jobs and decrease economic growth by 2.5 percent in 2016. The GOP budget guts investment in America’s highways, railways, transit systems, and ports and slashes education funding. In addition, the GOP budget raises taxes on middle class families with children by an average of at least $2,000, while giving a $200,000 tax break to millionaires.

Yeah, sorry Sen. Thune and Rep. Rodgers. Those just don’t sound all that helpful to the bulk of us who are NOT rich. Which is most Americans. You know, the ones you pretend to care about.

Since none of “Mythical 40 actually create jobs, what do they do? As Jason Easley explained it on September 8, “The list of “jobs bills” reveals that the legislation falls into three categories.”

  • The largest category is tax breaks and gifts for the oil, coal, and natural gas industries.
  • he second category is regulatory repeal, which is also another gift for big business.
  • The last category is attacks on Obamacare. Boehner’s jobs bills for veterans increased fees for services to vets.

But we’re supposed to believe “While Democrats stand in the way of 21st-century solutions that will move our economy forward, Republicans continue to advance them… We want to make it better.”

For whom? Not for you and me, that is for certain. The Koch brothers might feel differently.

If that isn’t fantasy enough for one op-ed, Thune and Rodgers want you to believe that,

Unfortunately, once these bills go to the Democrat-led Senate, their progress comes to an abrupt halt. Scores of jobs bills and other important legislation are currently gathering dust on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk.
The same thing has happened to Senate Republicans.

“Americans need solutions. But as long as Reid continues to obstruct meaningful legislation in the Senate, they’re not going to get them.”

In a classic example of blaming the other guy for your own deeds, the dynamically dishonest duo write,

While Democrats stand in the way of 21st-century solutions that will move our economy forward, Republicans continue to advance them.

The contrast between the two parties couldn’t be more clear: Republicans are working to create jobs for Americans. Democrats are working to save their own.

Really? How about when, back in July, you Republicans voted against American jobs by blocking a bill to end tax breaks for companies outsourcing jobs? I might be missing something, but sending American jobs overseas is a peculiar way to benefit Americans.

And what about that unfortunate little fact from just last week? You know, when, House Republicans screwed the American people by canceling jobs votes and leaving until November?

As Jason Easley wrote,

After a nearly a year of having done nothing, House Republicans have rewarded themselves by canceling all of their remaining votes and leaving town until after November’s midterm election.

DCCC Chairman Rep. Steve Israel said in response,

House Republicans are now abandoning any pretense of doing actual work for the American people, skipping town one day after doing the bare minimum required to keep the government functioning but blocking any progress for the middle class. House Republicans have proved yet again that they are only interested in doing their jobs long enough to stack the deck for special interests and launch political stunts. Democrats are committed to jumpstarting our middle class, not setting the government on autopilot and then heading for vacation.

republican obstructionIn fact, far from moving the country forward, Republicans have plotted to hold the country back. As Robert Draper’s 2012 book, ‘Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the US House of Representatives’ explained, 15 Republicans, “House members Eric Cantor, Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoekstra, Dan Lungren, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and Pete Sessions. From the Senate were Tom Coburn, Bob Corker, Jim DeMint, John Ensign and Jon Kyl…gathered at the Caucus Room in Washington” and came up with a strategy to make the Obama presidency a failure.

They planned to do this by obstructing the president. Not to move America forward. Not to create jobs. But to oppose everything Obama did so that he would not get re-elected in 2012.

That was it, their grand strategy for America in a time of crisis. A plan that – given we were in two wars the Republicans themselves had started and struggling with an economy they themselves had destroyed – was nothing short of treason.

David Axelrod tweeted at the time, and really, “appalling” just doesn’t seem a strong enough term,

“This is sad, appalling but not terribly surprising. A GOP plan to obstruct from day one.”

It is not Democrats who have refused to work with Republicans, but Republicans who, on Day 1 back in 2009, decided that they would never ever agree with anything the president wanted, even if it meant exposing themselves as buffoons by opposing their own bills should Democrats ever agree with them.

As Earl Ofari Hutchinson wrote over at HuffPo in January, “the GOP’s biggest foe in 2014 will remain the GOP.”

Reading Thune’s and Rodgers’ op-ed, I can only think that Lewis Carroll could not have indulged in a more bizarre wonderland of the imagination.

You want to help Americans, Thune and Rodgers? If you want to help, don’t come back. Stay on vacation.

21 Replies to “After Doing Nothing for Six Years, Republicans Claim We Need More…Republicans”

  1. Well, as far as the senate races go, the GOP are set to loose seats! We received a fundraising letter from the DCC yesterday in our email, and it reports that Nunn is up 3 against her opponent. Both are vying for the seat vacated by Chambliss. Grimes is up 2 against McConnell in KY. The third Senate the GOP will loose is in KS.
    From what I can remember, the email stated Pryor is up 4, Landrieu is up 3, Hagan is up 2. I strongly believe we will keep those 3 seats in the Senate and gain the seats in GA and KY.
    The Republicans are still in fantasy land. Many voter who would vote for the GOP are voting for the Democratic challenged, especially in KS! They’re also losing 6-8/gubernatorial races. If what I read yesterday is accurate, we might gain control of the House, but I’m not for certain

  2. If Republicans aren’t lying, they’re projecting their shortcomings onto Democrats. It is a sad thing, but a lot of Republican voters believe this rhetoric because they can’t be bothered to actually get the facts. Republican voters should be ashamed of themselves for helping to ruin this country.

  3. Hrafnkell, I must call out your obvious partisan lie. Of course they accomplished something. Something grand, and unprecedented. They brought Americans a fine, first time downgrade to the nation’s credit rating, just in time for Christmas. Ho… Ho… Hoes.

  4. There are far too many races like the one in Tennessee where Marsha Blackburn has all the kocksukking money and the veteran running against her has no money. The 101st Airborne, Air Assault could toss Marsha the Moron if they supported a veteran.

  5. I’m getting that same reading and sense. MSM, Inc., (always on the side of Republicans/Koch Bros/the undeserved wealthy in this country) continue to report (albeit with less fervor these days) that Republicans “have a very good chance of winning the Senate”, and all their reporting is from that perspective.

    We’ll see. But I can’t believe that the vast majority of American people will vote for the Party that’s been the laziest Party in U.S. history, and that will only vote on bills that benefit the already wealthy and well-connected.

  6. Hope you are right Maxie2014. The trouble I think is: not enough people read sites like PoliticusUSA. Not enough dis-believe the rethug pap handed out daily. Those of us who do read sites like this, know Pap is a tasteless product meant only to fill empty places.

  7. I read that opinion piece. My first thought after reading it was ‘No. Why in the world would they think that a GOP lead Senate would be good for anyone that isn’t a filthy rich asskisser?’

    Not to mention that anything that could be passed in that right wing loony bin can (and will) be shot down by the President. Remember, he has the power of the veto.

  8. The Pres would have to negotiate if both houses held by GOP. (scary thought for libs). He will want something and because his phone went dead and his pen went dry. Then he will agree, and sign the bill. Finally winning back the country from liberal tax and spend.

  9. I am a Liberal/Progressive DEMOCRAT and I APPROVE this message:

    —“After Doing Nothing for Six Years, Republicans Claim We Need More…Republicans”

    Are they kidding? We need more Republicans as we need more EMPTY PROMISES! Or more PAIN. NOT So. Please, What we need is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. Yes, clean Air to breath sighs of relief and HOPE that meaningful Bills that are put forth to create Jobs, and other worthy plans are implemented WITHOUT the petty, mean, spiteful objections and obstructions by those insignificant lawmakers. SEND BACK HOME! Worthless lot.

  10. As the British parliament today debated the attacks on Iraq for 6 hours, they then voted to join the US led force. This is a big big deal, there is no one more anti war since they got suckered in by Bush Cheney.
    It is pathetic that our do nothing congress (Boehner) says he will probably hold a vote next year!!!!!!!

    They should be shamed and told to come back and vote!

  11. Tax and spend (pay for your programs) vs. borrow and spend (put wars and programs like Med part D on the credit card). Democrats believe we should pay for what we do now and not pass it on to the next generation like Republicans do.

    Republicans are the opposite of what they claim, they claim they are fiscally responsible, when in fact, they are very irresponsible. Republicans need to step aside and let we progressives straighten this GOP mess out.

  12. As compared to say, the conservative “don’t tax the rich and spend.” History shows, if you bother to turn off Fox News, that Democrats do better with the economy and that the Republicans are the REAL big spenders

  13. wow. you know the desperation of the rightwing is reaching new highs when righty trolls begin posting on websites like this!

  14. a lot of angry folks on here. im angry too. we must shut down the republican and conservative circus and send their clowns home for good. the elections going on right now are gonna be very close. that is why every single democratic vote is so important this November. your vote could literally make a huge difference. if we get mad and we don’t vote then we only have ourselves to blame. 38 days to go… vote for dems on November 4th!!!

  15. I take that reading is not a strong point of yours, Carl.

    Didn’t you read what I said? The president still has the power of the veto. So, even if all hell broke loose and the Republicans got control of the Senate and the House and started to create bills that do nothing more then give the Kochs daily handjobs, the President can still veto those bills.

    BTW: No sane person would EVER negotiate with crazed loonies. If they want to negotiate anything, the Republicans must learn to get back to planet Earth and be reasonable for a damn change.

  16. Keep shooting yourself in your own foot–vote repulseicons. They con you into voting for them,then their ideas repulse you, of course their believers are just as bad as the party is.

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