Bobby Jindal Shows His Stupidity By Calling Obama Administration ‘Science Deniers’


It is not unnatural for human beings to attempt to appear more intelligent than they really are, or focus in on one particular subject to give the appearance of being an authority or an expert on something. It is also not unnatural, or unusual, for very intelligent and informed people to keep their knowledge and expertise under wraps so as not to appear authoritative and arrogant. However, it is unusual that an alleged highly-intelligent and highly-acclaimed university educated man to deliberately act like an uninformed imbecile on the very subject he studied in college. But when you seek approval from religious morons who not only lack a first-grader’s aptitude for, and completely deny, science, a man like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal acts dumb and in the process probably embarrassed a lot of stupid people.

Americans with any cognitive abilities whatsoever would never deny Republicans represent the anti-science crowd that fervently “knows” that science, education, evolution, and climate change are of Satan. In fact, many so-called intelligent Republican leaders have taken to claiming they cannot possibly comment on Earth-changing issues such as anthropogenic climate change because they are not scientists; as if the preponderance of scientists are not saying climate change is real. Obviously it is better to duck the issue than openly deny the science behind climate change that most Americans are experiencing every day. Jindal took the issue a step farther and called the Obama Administration “science deniers” because it is not pushing anti-climate change policies championed by Republican “science deniers.”

Jindal was speaking at an event sponsored and organized by The Christian Monitor after being introduced as a biology major, Rhodes Scholar, and former President of the University of Louisiana System when a journalist asked him some science questions including whether or not he accepts evolution. Jindal claimed “I was not an evolutionary biologist” and shifted the conversation to how crucial it is for ”schools to teach creationism if that’s what they want.” However, Jindal then admitted that “I want my kids to be taught about evolution in their school.” Jindal knows that university scientists say that students who were taught creationism “as scientifically valid are unlikely to succeed in science courses at the college level,” and apparently does not want his own children to be stupid like the people he counts as his supporters.

The subject shifted from evolution to climate change and Jindal’s claim that the Obama Administration are science deniers. He explained that, of course they are, because their “approach to energy policy” does not go contrary to all established science.  According to Jindal, since the White House is not pushing the immediate construction of the Keystone pipeline, and eviscerating the Environmental Protection Agency into oblivion, they are science deniers of the first order. He said, “The reality is, right now, we’ve got an administration —the Obama administration — that are science deniers when it comes to harnessing America’s energy resources and the potential to create good-paying jobs.

Jindal is dutifully serving his Koch masters and lied that under the Obama Administration the rate of expansion of U.S. coal, oil, and natural gas production is not enough to comport with his anti-science energy policies regarding fossil fuel production and export. As far as the long-established science that fossil fuel development is the reason for climate change? Jindal is unsure if it is real, what it even means, or what the consequences are; “let scientists figure that out.” Jindal knows scientists have claimed for years that human activity is responsible for all the global climate change since 1950, and that instead of pushing catastrophic Koch-Republican energy policies like building the Keystone pipeline and abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency, America should be taking more strident steps to reduce climate change than even President Obama proposes.

Jindal is not only “acting” stupid about the reality of evolution and climate change, he is also feigning ignorance of America’s ascension as the biggest coal, oil, and natural gas producers and exporters in the world. As of last October, America overtook Saudi Arabia to become the world’s biggest oil producer in the world and has been experiencing the second largest oil boom in world history since the President has been in office. According to the PIRA Energy Group, “The U.S. growth rate is greater than the sum of the growth of the next nine fastest growing countries combined and has covered most of the world’s net demand growth over the past two years. The U.S. position as the largest oil supplier in the world looks to be secure for many years.” Sadly,  that secure position as the largest oil supplier is a major contributor to global climate change. But since brilliant science major Bobby Jindal, like every other Republican in Congress, is not sure climate science is settled, he accused the White House of being science deniers for not embracing his anti-science energy policy to produce more carbon emissions.

It has been reiterated to the point of absurdity, but building the Keystone pipeline will meangame over for Earth’s climate,” will not be a jobs bonanza, and will not put one drop of oil in Americans’ gas tanks. It is an oil industry export pipeline to profit John Boehner’s portfolio, a foreign corporation, add billions to the Koch brothers’ fortune, and enrich American oil exporters who pay no taxes on exports. None of this is a secret any more than the devastation to America’s environment, including climate-killing carbon emissions, that building a foreign corporations’ money-producing pipeline will cause. Jindal’s lies are nearly as pathetic as his “stupid act” and it is worth noting that after the 2012 general election, it was Jindal that said Republicans have to stop being the stupid party.

The problem for Jindal is that Republicans, including him, have to act stupid or they would never attain political office. One can only assume that an intelligent and well-educated man like Jindal was squirming inside at having to appear stupid just to appeal to Republican voters. However, it is likely that Jindal’s lack of character more than covers any embarrassment at appearing stupid. It takes a slimy character indeed to stand in front of Christians and in one breath claim he does not want his children involved in an education system that creates imbeciles, and yet promote teaching Louisiana children’s how to be academic failures due to being taught religion over science.

There is no secret why “science major” Jindal is pushing an anti-science energy policy and calling the Obama Administration science deniers for embracing science to combat climate change. It does not take a brilliant mind to comprehend that like all Republicans, Jindal will stoop to any low, including acting like a moron, to enrich the fossil fuel industry regardless the damage to the environment, national security, the economy, and as Jindal is well aware, his own children’s future. But acting like an idiot is crucial for Republicans no matter how well-educated or intelligent they are because they only appeal to idiots in the religious right, teabagger, and conservative movement and unfortunately those morons vote in droves.

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  1. Until laws are made to stop elected officials from making laws that harm the people, this will not stop. It is time to question the rights of free speech, and the liability of those in public offices that say things that kill people. We now have enough quick data, research, and response to sanction any politician for policies that only serve corporations and harm the majority of people. Politicians need to pay for the harm they do, out of their own funds, not out of our tax dollars.

  2. Louisiana’s Bayou Is Sinking: Can $50 Billion Save It?

    A debate over what to do in the face of rising seas and sinking land

    When Terry Serigny was growing up in Leeville, Louisiana, in the 1950s, the Mississippi River Delta town was also known as Orange City for its many citrus groves. Today none of those groves remain. Leeville itself is vanishing, sinking into the Gulf of Mexico.

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair.

  3. King Bobby knows that ignorant peasants are docile peasants. He’s returning Louisiana to its ‘natural’ place as a slave state.

  4. once again to quote Ron White…

    ‘you can’t fix stupid’

    ironic he was on the Redneck Comedy Tour and Jindal seems so desperate to be a good ol’ boy redneck…

  5. HEY EVERYONE!!! The pseudoChristian Koch-Sucking TeaTard Parade is in full swing!!! Watch each Teahadist wrap theirselves in an increasingly tattered US Flag while spouting Sedition and Treason!!! Listen while NeoConArtists roar “What the world needs now is WAR, ETERNAL WAR!!!” While the whole party tramples on Voting Rights, Womens Rights and ANY other Rights they can lay ahold of…Slitting the throats of “We the People” whilst proclaiming THEMSELVES as champions of the “people” {millionaires and Billionaires}… Does any of this sound good???

  6. I guess those Republicans can’t comment on smoking and cancer … I mean, they’re not scientists, after all.

  7. What Bobby Jindal has in education he more than makes up for with his lack of critical thinking.

    The Democrats have constantly been critical of Republicans as anti-science climate change deniers. I guess Jindal thought HIS remarks of Democrats being science-deniers was an original thought.

    IMO (I refuse to use the “H” in regards to Jindal), He is an opportunist. In a number of speeches he has given I have noted that he has used a number of comments made by Democrats, only turned them around and use them to attack Democrats. Apparently he considers himself so intelligent that no one would spot this. Nothing like arrogance to prove how stupid he really is. Ignorance, to me is lack of knowledge, and can be forgiven, stupidity is having knowledge and refusing to use it. THAT cannot be forgiven.

  8. How can Jindal’s anti-science supporters overlook such a telling statement as his answering that he wants HIS kids to be taught evolution? I mean REALLY!

  9. Nearly all (I believe it’s 97%) climate scientists agree that our climate is being impacted negatively by human activity. Global warming is real, it is happening, and anyone who doesn’t think it is has their head in the sand.

    The mountain of evidence pointing to man-made climate change is bigger than Mt. Everest. Incidentally, if you want to see the effects of climate change, take a look at what’s happening on Everest and elsewhere in the Himalayas.

    Time for people to wake up and stop lying to their constituents; stop lying to the world; and, most importantly, stop lying to themselves.

    I’ve never seen a bigger collection of anti-science idiots in my life than I see in offices of government across this nation. It’s not only disheartening – it’s dangerous.

  10. In a way, he’s right. The current administration are science deniers…

    We deny the existence of the science of stupid, which is what people like Jindal and his ilk excel at. In the science of stupid, people don’t cause global warming because, you know, nature and stuff.

    In the science of stupid, it took six days for God to create everything that is on the Earth and on the seventh day, he rested to watch football (It’s been noted that God was, and still is, a Dallas Cowboy fan)

    In the science of stupid, oil lines won’t harm a thing… even though that most of us sort of remember the Exxon Valdez and what a mess that made.

    You see, we are science deniers. We just deny their science of the stupid for real science. The one that proves that evolution is real, spilled oil can harm a lot of things and global warming is a big problem.

  11. pandering for some of that koch money ; same as the guy standing with a sign on the corner “Will Work for Money”

  12. Mr. Jindal seems so ignorant, I wonder if he really did graduate from the college he says he did, or is he just another Palin claiming to have a degree, we never see?

  13. “and the potential to create good-paying jobs.”

    Goddamnit, it’s “WELL-PAYING JOBS”!!!!! Does anyone in government, the media, or the general public actually speak English???

  14. D’inesh Jindal, Bobby D’Sousa (not Bob’s real name, just like Mitt’s name is Willard)are one in the same but, in reality they’re just two among many of the gang of Roaches that have infested this country & Wigvalley.

  15. I really, really hate stupid people and by stupid I mean they have more brains than god gave a goat but refuse to use them.

  16. I guess we’re just going to have to wait until Hallowe’en for him to take off that silly clown mask.

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