Chelsea Clinton Welcomes Baby Girl Charlotte, Prepare for the Republican Freak Out

Chelsea and Hillary Clinton

The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is celebrating the birth of her daughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky this morning.

Chelsea Clinton announced early Saturday morning on Twitter that she and her husband Marc had their baby, “Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.”

This news isn’t welcome by all, of course, as Republicans have been freaked out by Chelsea’s mom’s presidential front-runner status for 2016 and have been trying their best to bring Hillary Clinton down in advance of her even announcing a run. Being a grandmother is only going to help, because it reinforces an every woman image at a time Republicans are seeking to paint quite a different image.

The thing Republicans can’t understand is what Hillary Clinton represents to women. So it’s fitting that Chelsea gave birth to a baby girl, because her mom has been fighting for the rights of women and girls around the globe.

“I certainly feel all the better whether it’s a girl or a boy that they’ll grow up in a world with so many strong female leaders,” Chelsea said during a Clinton Foundation forum that promoted the empowerment of girls.

In May of this year, Page Six reported that when asked “What if you have a Republican?”, Chelsea Clinton volleyed, “I would find that very hard to believe.”

Clearly bitter about the “royal baby” buzz, the folks at Fox News could barely contain their pique upon the announcement of Chelsea’s pregnancy:

Granted, Chelsea is a former president’s daughter. But when Jenna Bush Hager announced her pregnancy in December 2012, it hardly got a big wave of media attention. Sure, she unveiled the news on the “Today” show, but she works for the program.

Fox also made sure to inject ugliness into their discussion by quoting Ted Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter, whose capacity for vitriol and dissemination is always reaching new heights, “I love days like this when everyone recognizes a baby is a baby and not a fetus.”

Those may or may not be the days when Ms. Carpenter isn’t trying to kill affordable healthcare reform for all just because she fears she might have to change doctors. (Actually, no one is forcing anyone to switch doctors and if Republicans would only stop feeling so entitled to things and pull themselves up by their bootstraps they’d realize that if you want to see a certain doctor, you can always pay to see him or her yourself.)

Fox jealously referenced Politico’s Clinton baby hysteria:

“… the youngest Clinton’s declaration was a politico-obstetric earthquake, a doozy of a story that highlighted both Chelsea Clinton’s growing personal prominence and Washington’s total fixation with the woman who could be the country’s first female president.”

“Clinton will be something else entirely: the most prominent American politician ever to become a grandmother. As far as sympathetic roles go, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

To which Fox spewed, “Ah, so the baby-in-waiting is already a political prop for the 2016 campaign,” as if this concept had not been exploited by them in 2008.

So you can see, Republicans will be accusing the media and the Clintons of using Chelsea’s baby as a prop and of sexism. Perhaps this is the only lens through which they can view a human being, or perhaps they only know what they needed to do in order to sell Sarah Palin in 2008.

However, the former First Lady doesn’t need to use her grandchild as her calling card, because she can actually discuss issues and Democrats don’t run by ginning up the resentment of their base. That is not to suggest that being a grandma isn’t going to be helpful; it is to suggest that Hillary Clinton doesn’t need this kind of help.

Prepare yourselves for the fallout, because nothing brings out the pettiness of the GOP like the happiness of a Democrat, especially when said happiness will only make it harder for them to smear Hillary with their misogyny toolkit.

29 Replies to “Chelsea Clinton Welcomes Baby Girl Charlotte, Prepare for the Republican Freak Out”

  1. I can remember when the appropriate response to the birth of a baby was, “Congratulations! ” and “Oh, how cute!” No damned decency anymore.

  2. Congrats to the new parents! What people on the right has to say is irrelevant. They are only happy wallowing in misery, not joy and happiness over a blessed event!

  3. As awful as this is to think or say, I can’t help but wonder just how long it will be before one of those wretched dimwits on the (wrong!)right, uses the horrible phrase ‘Charlotte the harlot’ to describe this innocent child. It will eventually happen, simply because that’s just how damned miserable and pathetic their mindset is! So sad to have anyone sniping about a sweet, loved, wanted and welcomed baby, into ANY family! They go on and on and on, about how they are the ‘party of family values’ yet prove that to be yet another lie day after day, hour after hour, ad nauseam!

  4. What another Democrat is born!!! Can’t wait to see her sitting on grandma’s lap behind the Presidents desk..

  5. Jenna has several arrest records…I don’t believe Chelsea has one. Does that answer your questions why Jenna got no airplay. She’s a hack, who cares.

  6. “To which Fox spewed, “Ah, so the baby-in-waiting is already a political prop for the 2016 campaign…”
    They can make this charge, but I doubt if they can make it stick. I am pretty sure that the baby will be kept out of the limelight to the greatest extent possible, just as Bill and Hillary did with Chelsea.

  7. Let it up to Fox news and all the other Republicans to make the birth of a child sound despicable. Congratulations to both parents and grandparents. I sure wish they would invite me to make a statement on Fox. Instead of Charlotte the H, I would love to call all of the women Hot to trot Harlots.

    Again congratulations to the parents.

  8. So happy for the Clinton’s and their extended family. Their first grandchild I’m sure has stolen their hearts.
    As for Faux news and the reich wing let them waller in their hatred, they are miserable people!

  9. My congratulations to Chelsea and her husband, Marc, and congrats to the grandparents as well.

    I hope that for once, Republicans can just be happy for the couple and keep any disparaging remarks to themselves.

  10. Scot, I saw headline the other day on an article on Facebook, that said neither Jenna nor Barbara were Republicans. but I didn’t read the article. If they had a brain in their head how could any female vote Republican. they want us back in the dark ages! Regards from IA

  11. Nope. Won’t happen. Republicans wouln’t quote an Iron Maiden song because heavy metal is the Debbil. or something…

  12. Charlotte is the most liberal president we’ve ever seen in this country. She’s so liberal she’s a communist!!

    And Charlotte would do well to remember to keep her boobs on the ground.

    And for you libtards who are going to cry sexism, just stop. Don’t set gender relations back 50 years! We are already in a post-sexist society, you wenches.

  13. The right wing media talking heads are reduced to talking like the bitter, bigoted old people living in denial by themselves and permanently tuned in to their program, Faux News, Rush Limbaugh and the like. By bigoted, I mean bigoted against everybody who doesn’t think, talk, look, or sound like them such as other poor people, other white people, other women, the guy down the street, people of color, you name it. We have all known people like them. The only thing they ever do in the community is vote. Scary.

  14. GOP can attack Charlotte, Chelsea, and Hillary all they want. Hillary’s views and leadership will elect her in 2016. They’re merely scared and don’t have a single competent contender for the elections. Screw GOP and their War on Women.

  15. This must be an article from the religious Right. I guess attacking 2-day old girls is part of their War On Women.

  16. GOP only cares about fetuses. When the fetus is born and it is a female, GOP tries to repress her as part of their War On Women.

  17. The phrase long antedates Iron Maiden. I first heard it cited, in my long ago youth, by my (now departed) ex-friend from Hell.

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