Dixie D’Souza Says Her Husband Dinesh Lied to Everybody

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So because Dinesh D’Souza broke campaign finance law, we’re supposed to believe “the government tried to get me and failed,” that “Obama is a petty, vindictive guy,” and that, well…it’s all Obama’s fault. Now remember through all this childish name-calling that D’Souza actually pled guilty.

It sounds more like D’Souza’s problem is that, like the prison time he is also sadly not going to get, he needs medication and hospitalization for some very serious mental health problems. The problem for our perceptions of D’Souza is that while he is busy blaming everyone but himself for his problems, he is such a disagreeably slimy person himself.

And don’t take my word for it, but judge him by his deeds (and keep in mind, this is the guy who criticizes what he calls “The moral disgrace of the American left”).

Do you remember back in 2012 when Dinesh D’Souza demonstrated his outspoken dedication to Family Values by sleeping with another woman while both he and the other woman were married? He probably doesn’t, because in his own mind he is being inexplicably persecuted.

D’Souza told Fox News the other day that, “The main thing for me is not being silence.” But it seems it was alright for him to silence his wife. As she put it, “I have been questioned by the government, referred to, spoken about, and even been spoken for by others to the court, yet I have never been allowed to speak for myself.”

Now she has.

Talking Points Memo reported yesterday that his ex-wife, Dixie, “alleged in a letter sent this week to the federal court that heard his criminal case that D’Souza was abusive, that he lied in his defense against the criminal charges, and implied D’Souza had manipulated the couple’s daughter into making positive public statements about him.”

Love those family values!

In her September 22 letter (pdf), Dixie D’Souza writes,

I was married to Dinesh D’Souza for more than 20 years and together with him for over 26 years. I know Dinesh better than anyone and can attest to his flawed character and lack of truthfulness. Please accept this letter as my effort to correct the record Dinesh created by his false and misleading submissions to the Court regarding me, the extent and nature of his criminal conduct, and my relationship with our daughter, Danielle D’Souza.

In the letter, she attested to what she called D’Souza’s “abusive nature”:

It is my husband who has an abusive nature. In one instance, it was my husband who physically abused me in April 2012 when he, using purple belt karate skills, kicked me in the head and shoulder, knocking me to the ground and creating injuries that pain me to this day.

Again, love those family values. Corporal punishment is not just for children, but for wives. Yet, while Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings is vilified by a horrified America (excepting Republican abusers) for beating a child, domestic violence when directed at a wife attracts no opprobrium.

Certainly she is allowed the opportunity to speak, and her assertion (borne out by events) that, “Dinesh lied to me, he lied to the government, he encouraged others to lie for him, and now he has allowed our daughter to submit multiple false statements to a federal court in order to avoid punishment,” and that, “Dinesh D’Souza is not a truthful person,” ought to count for something.

We might note here that his flawed character and lack of truthfulness are already on public display, but it is good to have verification from his wife that the incidents we have seen are not isolated. If you need further proof, look what he told Fox News:

“I didn’t think that I what I chose to do to help was a felony, but it was careless,” he explained. “Being prosecuted was the furthest thing from my mind.”

Why worry about being prosecuted when you’re a habitual liar and figure you can just blame everybody else, then talk your way out of any problems that remain?

And D’Souza still doesn’t want his wife talking. After talking for her when her husband pled guilty (instead of actually allowing her to speak for herself), D’Souza’s attorney Benjamin Brafman told TPM,

“Only comment is that the allegations in her letter are according to my client and their (daughter), completely baseless.

Dixie D'Souza Letter

You might remember in that earlier scandal (as opposed to the one where he broke campaign finance laws) D’Souza also said he hadn’t done anything wrong. I mean, all the 51-year-old D’Souza did, while still married, was to take his 29-year-old fiancé, Denise Odie Joseph II, who was also still married, to a hotel for a tryst, and spent the night together.

The delicious part is that at the time they were attending a conference on Christian Values called Truth for a New Generation. Ironic when D’Souza cares so little about the truth, because on top of committing adultery at an event about Christian Values, D’Souza subsequently lied about the tryst.

D’Souza asked Rick Scarborough back in 2012, “Why is Obama on the social issues — and I’m thinking here of abortion, I’m thinking here of gay marriage — why is Obama so aggressive in attacking the traditional values agenda?” The question needed to be answered is, “Why is Dinesh D’Souza constantly lying not only about what President Obama thinks and does, but about what he does?”

Dinesh D’Souza is not about the truth, and has never been about the truth. Not only is D’Souza a hypocrite, accusing others of attacking the “traditional values agenda” while he is busy in bed with a woman who is not his wife, but he is a liar, a fact attested to not only by the details of these two episodes (adultery and breaking campaign finance laws) but by the testimony of his wife.

The man behind “2016: Obama’s America,” which he based on his book The Roots of Obama’s Rage (2010), and “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” says it is important that he not be imprisoned, because he can’t tell more lies about Obama while he is in prison, and those lies are so critical during an election year.

I feel relief, exhilaration – not because I didn’t get a significant sentence, but I was facing a much bigger sentence that would have seriously affected my work and ability to make another movie for election year.

Who knows how many lies and scandals an impassioned, hypocritical liar who has demonstrated absolutely no moral compass, can invent, not to mention how many mistresses he can bed, and women he can abuse, between now and election day?

Nothing disabuses the world of Republican notions of “traditional family values” like the story of Dinesh D’Souza, an exemplar of corruption, dishonesty, infidelity, and a complete denial of personal responsibility. And don’t forget the tinfoil hat.

D’Souza isn’t contrite. He doesn’t apologize; he doesn’t ask for forgiveness. He just goes on pretending he did nothing wrong. As he told Fox News, “why he was exposed and singled out remains a “fog of mystery.”

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