Exclusive Interview: Young Activist Explains Situation On The Ground In Ferguson

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PoliticusUSA’s Justin Baragona was able to speak with an activist in Ferguson this weekend. The activist, Kayla Reed, lives in the Ferguson area and has participated in the protests that have occurred since the death of Michael Brown on August 9th. Ms. Reed is also involved with a local organization known as Justice Core STL. The organization is working in conjunction with other local groups to educate, mobilize and energize residents. Justin had previously spoken with Reed regarding her and the organization’s community involvement in August.

In the interview, Reed explained recent developments with Justice Core STL and events they have planned in the future. She mentioned the upcoming Weekend of Resistance that will take place in Ferguson October 10th through the 13th. The event will feature organized marches, panel and gatherings in Ferguson to discuss police violence and what steps need to be done moving forward. Reed spoke about the need for further education of young people in the area when it comes to the proper way to utilize civil disobedience.

The young activist and organizer also spoke about Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson and the incident that occurred at the protest march near the Ferguson police station on Thursday evening. Being that she was on the scene throughout the evening, she was able to give a first-hand account of the night’s happenings.

Below is the video:


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  1. Justin,

    I wanted to listen to the interview, I really did, but I could barely hear Ms. Kayla Reid above the background noise and traffic. Perhaps next time you can hook a mic on her so we can hear her more clearly? Just a friendly suggestion.

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