Obama’s White House Fights Back By Going On Fox News And Debunking The Propaganda


The appearance by Dep. National Sec. Advisor Tony Blinken on Fox News Sunday was an example of the Obama White House directly confronting right-wing propaganda at the source.

Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: All right. We’re counting on moderate Syrian rebels to be our ground force in taking on ISIS inside that country, but on Friday, and let’s put some pictures up on the screen, there were a series of demonstrations in cities across Syria. Thousands of Syrians protesting the U.S. airstrikes, saying we’re killing civilians and that we’re also aiding the regime of Bashar al Assad.

In fact, Mr. Blinken, aren’t we alienating the very people that we’re counting on to help defeat ISIS?

BLINKEN: Actually, Chris, we’ve seen strong expressions of support from the Syrian opposition for the effort that we’re making against ISIL.

WALLACE: How do you explain that?

BLINKEN: The moderate opposition is the common denominator to both being able to be a counterweight on the ground to ISIL, and then over time also being a counterweight to Assad. Building them up enables us to have forces on the ground that can deal with ISIL, as we use our airpower and other unique assets.

At the same time, if you’re going to change the dynamics in Syria, if you’re going to get to a political transition that moves Assad out, you have to have a strong moderate opposition. We are doing both.

WALLACE: Fine. Those protesters — and you seem to be ignoring the fact of their protests, thousands of them, they were chanting that “Assad, Obama and the coalition are the enemies of God”. The Assad regime says we’re in the same trenches, fighting with them, on behalf of Bashar al Assad.

Question: Will the president impose a no-fly zone which would, one, show the demonstrators that we are not helping the Assad regime? And also would protect those civilians from attacks from the air from Assad?

BLINKEN: Chris, we’re proceeding very deliberately and taking this one step at a time. First, in Iraq, we have now in place an inclusive Iraqi government, to be the partner on the ground in Iraq, and we’re going to be reforming the Iraqi security forces to work with them.

In Syria, thanks to the strong expression of support from Congress, bipartisan support, majorities in both parties, we now have authority to go ahead and train and equip the moderate Syrian opposition. We have Saudi Arabia, as a partner, working with us. We have other countries who are going to take part in that. This is a process.

WALLACE: What about —


BLINKEN: These are all things that we’re looking at overtime, if they prove useful, necessary and effective, we’ll take them on. But right now, the main emphasis is starting to move ISIL back, get them on their heels, off their toes. We’re already seeing an impact in Iraq where we’ve taken strikes, and in coordination with Iraqis and the Kurdish forces, we’ve been moving them back. Same thing in Syria, you see the first days of strikes. But again, the president has been very clear. This is going to be a long- term effort. It’s going to be sustained and it’s going to be more effective because we’re going to be working with partners on the ground, not sending in hundreds of thousands of Americans.

As the Republican news network, Fox News had been trying to portray President Obama’s ISIL strategy as a failure since before he officially announced it. What is interesting is that the Obama White House is pushing back by going to the source of the propaganda. The Obama administration was too sensitive to Fox News early on, think Shirley Sherrod and Van Jones. They tried to ignore Fox News and freeze them, and now they have moved on to the most effective strategy of directly knocking down the falsehoods.

Fox News is the Republican talking points dissemination machine. Fox claims that the Syrian people oppose Obama’s strategy, but they feature guests and hosts that want boots on the ground in Syrian. If the Syrian people oppose bombing, they really aren’t going to like having an invading army on their soil. However, consistency and logical thought aren’t what Fox News is about.

Fox is trying to score partisan points before a midterm election. The network was gung ho in their support of Bush’s war of choice, and one suspects that if a Republican president were bombing ISIL, Fox News would be leading the media flag waving. There is no better way to counter the right-wing propaganda than challenging it on the network that is disguised as news.

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  1. Looks like someone got told on their own turf.

    Thing is that regardless of what efforts our countries takes in lieu of situations like this, there’s going to be issues like it always has been, and that’s to be expected. If we and some of our other partners are going to be merely doing bombing runs okay cool, but things like damage to the surrounding areas of targets need to be taken into account. I actually would hope our precision with air strikes be it bombing or drones has improved to decrease civilians causalities so as not to emboldened support for the Daesh Douchebags.

  2. I wished they’d stay the *bleep off of the Clusterfaux network. Their viewers aren’t capable of understanding, but rather only the vitriol Wallace and other GOPhers give them. They hate anything this administration does or says, so stop wasting your time!

  3. And where did the “no-fly-zone” rhetoric appear from? Is Fox getting “unnamed generals” who are already thinking of quitting, to suggest strategies that deliberately make him look weak and feckless, as the first step in a coordinated campaign to undermine whatever the president attempts? Say he puts such a zone in place, and they then “go out in a blaze of glory” by mass resignations, blaming the no-fly-zone they themselves suggested, as the reason? All the generals in command positions of this endeavor, should be grilled, with recordings taken of their answers, as insurance against just such an attempted coup.

  4. There is something terribly WRONG in a country when the news media is calling the shots on elections, war and every serious issue in the nation..The propoganda mill needs to be shut down

  5. No way, Sweets. We’ve tasted blood.

    Can’t wait to see Samantha Bee gut Hannity without breathing hard.

  6. {WALLACE: Fine. Those protesters — and you seem to be ignoring the fact of their protests, thousands of them, they were chanting that “Assad, Obama and the coalition are the enemies of God”. The Assad regime says we’re in the same trenches, fighting with them, on behalf of Bashar al Assad.}

    Propaganda sliders!!! They go down in a single bite……

  7. I hope that Fox Tabloid will lose most of their followers for propaganda will wake up, and the audiences will die out for good, and we get real news programs of truth!!!……. joe

  8. This should have been from the start.. But it’s even better now because what can FUX do ..campaign against him in the next election.. Mr Prez.. Take off the gloves and give as good as you get.. Bring every fact and figure with you to support your cause.. Make sure you call a sanitation company when you do cause the processed veg matter is going to pile up fast

  9. While I share your hope, I believe both our hopes are forlorn. There are too many who simply hate Obama because he is black, and too many hate him because he is a Democrat, elected when they thought a Republican would be a shoo-in.
    I’m just sorry Reagan got the “fairness doctrine” tossed.

  10. You have to give the Obama administration credit for going on Faux news knowing that they will be under attack.

  11. And Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which allowed for the media consolidation we have now with only 6 major corporations owning 80% of print, radio, and television. That is almost bad as repealing the Fairness Doctrine.

  12. My humble opinion is: Any Republican or News hosts, Pundits, talk radio hosts, Whiny, bitchy Congressmen, naysayers, arm-chair Generals who think they know better than ALL the Generals in the Pentagon and our National Security teams—that are showing ISIL that this American house is so divided and against what the President proposes to do, are in my opinion supporting ISIL’s propaganda. ISIL is watching too. They see that a portion of Americans (all types, political persuassions)are not united in our determination to COME AFTER THEM in a united front! So, they are emboldened. Bullies love having friends on the sidelines while they Whup peoples arses. Know what I mean?

  13. So if FOX is the official republican network and they are pushing for the war when will the rethugs come back to Washington and be brave enough to vote on it?

    The also so want boots on the ground, I be all of their own sons are lining up to enlist!
    Looking at you Romney and Morning Joke.

  14. ” all generals in command positions of this endeavor should be grilled with recordings taken of their answers, as insurance against just such an attempted coup” Love this line.. then have a question. should any or all generals take up this suggestion, will they be given their retirement? retain the title Gen? will they still be walking the streets? Or will they be under arrest? Traitors are shot in times of war are they Not?

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