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Republicans Turn the Birth of Her Granddaughter Into an Attack on Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton with baby Charlotte, courtesy of Hillary Clinton’s twitter feed.

That didn’t take long. Yesterday I warned you to prepare yourselves for the onslaught of Republican freak out over the birth of baby Charlotte to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea and her husband Marc. Here’s a taste.

Senior Editor of The Atlantic and former Bush speechwriter David Frum led the charge in mocking the birth of Chelsea Clinton’s baby, with a tweet joking that she was going to have an Hispanic boy but it didn’t focus group well.

Frum misguidedly tweeted, “Chelsea was going to have a Hispanic boy named Orlando -but while the overnights were positive, it just didn’t focus group”.

I had a hard time believing that this was the David Frum, because it’s so intellectually devoid and makes him such an obvious bad guy. Frum is a smart man and this is not a smart tweet. While the Twitter account isn’t verified, it is the account linked to from the Atlantic under Frum’s name, suggesting that it is his account. It also appears to be legit from the number of followers to the industry people following him.

Okay then. Frum is suggesting that Chelsea Clinton had her baby for political gain. Republicans are terrified that the baby will help the already established Democratic front-runner, Chelsea’s mom Hillary.

What Republicans don’t understand is that Hillary Clinton does not need to use a baby as a prop, even though Republicans modeled how to do that quite well in 2008 when they ran a Vice Presidential nominee on her last baby after discovering that she didn’t even know what a Vice President did or what the Queen doesn’t do.

Hillary Clinton does not need to run on a baby. The only people so desperate to mask their policies that they would consider having a Hispanic baby just for the votes are the same people who ran Sarah Palin to get the female vote even though their polices hurt women. This was, not surprisingly, the same party that likes to use black people to express their belief that slavery was good for African Americans. The same people whose presidential candidate got a dark orange tan to go on a Hispanic TV show.

No, the Clintons wouldn’t need to “have a Hispanic baby” to get the Hispanic vote. You see, Democratic policies benefit Hispanics, because Hispanics are just like everyone else. They care about the same issues — education, healthcare, and economic opportunities for hard working Americans. The false idea that Hispanics only care about immigration is rather indicative of the Republicans’ overall problem with minority groups.

Only a Republican would need to mask their bad policies beneath a cute baby.

That said, baby Charlotte is not going to hurt Hillary Clinton if she chooses to run in 2016. Being a grandma is only going to help.

When Republicans accuse the Clintons or the media of using baby Charlotte as a political prop (which they did before she was even born), you need only to point to this tweet.

If we were Republicans, we would try to get David Frum fired over this, like Republicans tried to get Melissa Harris-Perry fired for discussing Mitt Romney’s grandchild. But just like MHP wasn’t attacking Romney’s grandchild, Frum isn’t attacking Clinton’s grandchild. He is attacking Hillary over the birth of a grandchild.

And that’s so much better.

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