The Secret Service Ignored Shots Fired Into the White House Residence When Sasha Obama Was Home

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If the news of a knife-wielding man getting access to the White House last week didn’t disturb you enough, late Saturday evening The Washington Post published a terrifying expose of never previously reported failures of the Secret Service to protect the Obama family. The Obama family has been repeatedly put into what can only amount to shameful peril, at the hands of a Secret Service that can’t logically be this incompetent.

According to a Washington Post report written by Carol D. Leonnig that looks to have been tirelessly researched and backed up by multiple accounts, including “interviews with agents, investigators and other government officials with knowledge about the shooting”, Oscar R. Ortega-Hernandez used a semiautomatic rifle to shoot “directly at the home of the president of the United States, and pulled the trigger.”

At least 7 bullets hit the upstairs residence of the White House. Bullets hit steps from the First Family’s living room, others hit a window frame, the roof. All while Sasha and the First Lady’s mom were in residence and as Malia was expected home at any moment.

The gunman parked his black Honda directly south of the White House, in the dark of a November night, in a closed lane of Constitution Avenue. He pointed his semiautomatic rifle out of the passenger window, aimed directly at the home of the president of the United States, and pulled the trigger.

A bullet smashed a window on the second floor, just steps from the first family’s formal living room. Another lodged in a window frame, and more pinged off the roof, sending bits of wood and concrete to the ground. At least seven bullets struck the upstairs residence of the White House, flying some 700 yards across the South Lawn.

President Obama and his wife were out of town on that evening of Nov. 11, 2011, but their younger daughter, Sasha, and Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, were inside, while older daughter Malia was expected back any moment from an outing with friends.

This is bad enough. But what makes this alarming is the fact that after these shots were fired into or at the residence of the White House, a Secret Service supervisor issued a stand down order, saying there were no shots fired.

This supervisor claimed the noises were the backfiring of a vehicle, even as agents were preparing to defend the White House. The supervisor issued a stand down order, per the Post: “No shots have been fired. Stand down.”

It took four days for the Secret Service to realize that shots had been fired at the White House. They only finally realized this because of the discoveries of a white House housekeeper (who should receive an award).

This is not the result of chaos in the line of fire. This is simply incomprehensible. The only way this level of incompetence makes sense is if someone or several someones in the Secret Service have an agenda to fail to protect the First Family.

I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but I am big on logic. There simply is no other reasonable explanation for this level of consistent incompetence that is immediately apparent. When behavior doesn’t make sense, the first question is what is to be gained by this behavior and the second is what is the most logical explanation.

Since agents were preparing to respond to the discharging of a gun at the White House that evening, it does not make sense that a supervisor would issue a stand down order. It does not make sense that they tried to put this off as a gang related shooting — that’s something Fox News would dream up. It does not make sense that they wouldn’t look for and find signs of damage on the building and in the interior.

Also of note, while PolitiFact rates as “false” the claim that President Obama faced more threats than any other president of modern times because they allegedly couldn’t find proof that it was true (this doesn’t make it false though, so this is an odd ruling), the Post researchers found otherwise.

Writing about the First Lady’s concern for the safety of her family, they confirmed, “Her concerns are well founded — President Obama has faced three times as many threats as his predecessors, according to people briefed on the Secret Service’s threat assessment.”

It doesn’t take someone from the Secret Service to tell us that this President faces more threats than any other recent president. The vitriol aimed at him by Republicans, their 6 year gun buying spree, their frothing insanity about his race and name, their beliefs that his birth certificate isn’t real and accusations by elected officials that he is going to intern them in labor camps (these are not just the fringers, but party leaders some of whom campaigned to be the GOP presidential nominee), and so much more hate — these things spell violence.

Thus the Secret Service should be more vigilant, not more complacent. As it stands, they have put the First Family in shameful peril repeatedly. They allowed the daughter of the President to be in a building that was being shot at and into, and they did nothing. They even denied that it happened.

Shameful and inexcusable Secret Service work — and in need of investigation.

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  1. Our President is in danger and these incidents are an inside job because this presidential detail has been too lackadaisical.And the Koches can afford any price.

  2. Sounds like some of the agents have been paid off. One day soon they will allow him or his kids will be shot.

  3. I recall an interview before the 2012 campaign got underway. In that interview, the president implied that his enthusiasm for the campaign would need some adjustment in order to get up to the point where it needed to be. That comment was misinterpreted by some to mean that his heart wasn’t into the position. I’m certain that the comment was in direct reference to wondering just how much reward there is in the position as compared to the risk to which his family is exposed, and the degree of confidence that he truly has for his protective detail.

    The sacrifices for this position, however accepted, don’t extend to having your family members exposed to this kind of risk every day.

    We can’t defend our nation if we can’t defend out leaders.

  4. I read the article this morning and lets just I am mad as hell. Like you said Sarah I really don’t believe in conspiracies but given the Reich’s hatred and the kochsuckers unlimited money anything is possible

  5. This makes me so angry & fearful for the President & his family. There should be no political agenda 4 members of the SS. They are hired to protect the POTUS & his family not put them in danger regardless of how they feel about him. Hold these MOFUs accountable & fire them if they can’t or won’t do their job.

    They can all go to hell. Show respect for Pres. Obama & his family & keep them safe.

  6. This was three years ago and we’re now hearing about this?!?

    Why wasn’t this mentioned when it happened? Bad enough you had a guy suffering from PTSD scaling the fence and getting into the White House with a knife in tow (along with 800 bullets in his car). Now, some whack job fired shots at the White House itself.

    I’m sorry… but whoever was part of the Secret Service at that time and let this slip by ought to be fired on the spot for not doing his job.

  7. This is such a sad time in our history. I was elated when President Obama was elected and thought we had truly turned a corner in America.

    I am so disappointed with all the goings on since 2008. President Obama’s election has exposed a dark side of America that I thought we were finally getting over.

    I always knew there were racists among us, but before Obama was elected, I didn’t know how many there were.

    I still have confidence that there are enough of we progressives to turn the tide in this country, but it is evident that we still have much work to do.

    I know it’s been said many, many times, but we must start the process by voting in every single election from dogcatcher to President, that is the only way we can win. No more apathy, vote, vote and vote!

  8. I absolutely believe it! To many Coincidences. Troll sites, you will see some oddities! Now that our president has put a stop to corporate inversions, there’s even more anger coming in from the corporate power hitters…let alone the lone wolf crazies that could just be nuts or persuaded then shot by their persuaders!

  9. I am horrified and saddened to learn of this attack, and the failure of the Secret Service to protect the Obamas. Imagine if one or both of the Obama’s children had been shot. What a horror! Certainly this should be investigated. If Congress won’t do it, an internal probe is in order, at the very least. An attack on the President or his family is an attack on all Americans. If Congress just accepts incidents like this, their “uncooperative” attitudes must plainly be denounced as treasonous. I hope that the supervisor was fired immediately, because that is a level of denial and/or incompetence that is absolutely intolerable.
    I often wonder how President Obama can continue to do his job, I really do. The entire family have shown courage and determination. How fortunate we are to have them serving the country.

  10. The gunman would have gotten away completely if he had not have wreck his car seven blocks away from the White House.

  11. This is totally unforgivable. The Secret Service is suppose to protect the First Family under any and all circumstances, regardless of political affiliations, religion, or race. If ANY of those SS people suspected that there might have been gunfire, they should have ignored the stand down order and proceeded to investigate. And Why would ANY supervisor refuse to allow anyone to investigate, I don’t care whether the stupid supervisor thought it was backfire from a truck, 7 times in a row? I think not.

    Every damned one of them, on duty at the time this occurred, should have been fired. if not fired then reduced to picking up garbage… on Mt Everest.

    One has to ask, if it had been Bush in office would the same thing have happened? The Rs were all kinds of upset when a nut actually got to the WH with a 3 ” knife, but never said a thing about this 3 years ago? where was the outrage then? SMH

  12. We must remember that all the presidents that were killed was because of their beliefs and the hatred that others had for them. We know that no matter how much we try we can’t protect an they too know this yet they take the job to serve the country they love for the people they love. We must continue to encourage those who aren’t register to vote to register and those who are to vote and vote blue, vote at every election because when we fail to vote that is when we fail to exercise our rights and keep the crazy outs. We also must speak louder than those who speak racism and hate and called them on it and not let them get away with it. If we had stop this in the beginning it might not had gotten out of hand instead of turning a blind eye and pretend it wasn’t happening, well now looking what is happening. The country is almost being pulled apart by a small group of people on hate and racism that should have died a long time ago.

  13. So was this Supervisor (that issued the stand-down order) questioned, investigated, reprimanded?

  14. Dianne, I would like the same answer.
    I put the entire blame on FOX and the right for whipping up hatred of the president from day 1. I am ashamed of the racism in this country, I thought it was way in the past.
    Whatever anyone says, I really do believe FOX has an agenda, remember how they had their hatred on every day against Dr Tiller until someone shot him, mission accomplished.

  15. What has happened to this guy? Did he have a trial?Why didn’t we hear about it when they caught him? Is he behind bars? Where was Homeland Security? They fired Sullivan after the Cartegana fiasco with the SS and the hookers? Why didn’t they tell us about their failures for dismissing the event when the WH was shot at and they denied their was any shots? Sullivan was on a plane with Mrs Obama, why didn’t he tell her about it? Why are they getting more surveillance camera’s now. We’ve had these for years! Instead of investigating Benghazi we need to investigate the SS and stop wasting money on frivolous GOP flag waving!

  16. There needs to be a changing of the guards immediately and permanently. I am angry about this and believe it is an inside job.

  17. Now Obamas ISIS decisions are crystal clear to me. I believe he got the message….and the military contractors are already back to making tons of money.

  18. This is worse than suspicious. I add that one of the whack-wing righties– it might have been Ben Carson — has said there may be no 2016 election because of insurrectionary disturbances. Coupled with open calls for election violence and the actual adjuration by certain legislators to upper-echelon military to mutiny, this creates the impression that the rot runs high, wide, and anything but handsome.

  19. I agree with you Cynthia Miller. He hesitated and held out and did not want to go back to war, and all of a sudden, he gave into pressure. These hogs are so greedy to get richer, they have been planning ever since he has been in office. I pray daily for him and his family and they think they are the only ones who want him out, I am proud to say, He has fullfilled his mission under these very difficult conditions, family being scandalized, he being demeaned as President (not alone the office) for the next President. Hate makes people vote their own interest out. Let’s all pray that He will make it to the end of his term and his family can enjoy life as others. Be Blessed.

  20. HMMMMMMMMM …another order to “Stand down” …if I remember correctly … this also was ordered on 9/11/2001 when Cheney was “playing” on the computer system …war games …and it was reported to the powers to be that the warning given about invaded airspace was only the vice president …to “Stand down” … to quinky dink for me.

  21. The Secret Service cannot police themselves.It will not work. It’s time the FBI or the DOJ investgate everyone of them whose job detail is to protect the President and his family; time to clean house. This is no coincidence. I do believe this is an inside job and the stench of conspiracy should be blowing in every direction of the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.If anything happens to the Obamas it will be a sad and troubling day in America.

  22. This just makes me cry with overwhelming sadness. No president and family should have to face what the beautiful family has faced.

  23. This article or story is three years old. I highly doubt that we know what the Secret Service does or doesn’t do. That said I hope our President and his family are always safe.

  24. If the POTUS is injured or worse, who’s going to stand up and take the blame, Bohner, Mcconnell, Mccain, Graham, King, Gohmer just to name a few, I think none of them, but any and all have been doing nothing but baiting with hate and racist remarks for six years just waiting for someone to do their dirty work, his family is as precious to him as mine is to me, no one deserves this kind of treatment, fire the head of the Secret Service just for starters, shes been bought.

  25. That’s how treason is committed. you don’t do some silly SEAL team whoo-ha GOT. You plan, re-plan, adjust and make incremental progress.

    Just like every other coup attempt for the last 10,000 years.

    The engineering term is ‘sapper.’ Sappers dug tunnels under castle walls to weaken them and try to enter the inner castle.

    In a democracy , political sappers undermine community cohesion a bit at a time. Momentum builds, and power, then it crests and falls into itself, a victim of its own weight. Economics and Political Science are attempts to describe a few of the causes and effects of this type of cyclical behavior in social systems.

    Fox is a tool for sapping our social systems. For profit. Fortunately, their platform of choice, television, is no longer the mainstream method of mass communications. This is. Mind reading. We’re just starting to change the playing field to our turf.

  26. It may turn out that, sad to say, President Obama’s greatest accomplishment as President is that he survived.

  27. I hope the idiot who allowed a vehicle to stop in part of a street that was closed to the public lost his job.

  28. On the day pres. Obama was inaugurated I was so proud of my country. Thinking that finally, the Blacks in our country have someone to look up too and admire. As a white women, I was pleased, to think maybe, Just maybe we as a Nation had crossed a very good line.
    Then I heard the plan of rethugs, to obstruct every thing this Pres. was going to do. Thought, well there goes any chance we had as a Nation to really be a free and great nation. This thought coming from a family member who has more then one in the fight for independence. The revolutionary war.
    Seems evil always wins somehow, (unless)this election proves to be the final turning [point and the Dem’s take control. Please vote as if your country depends on you, because it does!

  29. This story is 3 years old and the guy was convicted. Job done. The SS nor any law enforcement can stop some idiot from taking a shot at anything from 700 hundred yards away. The SS did not cause this to happen so stop trying to blame an opposing political party or agenda. Every President lives in danger due to the Office they hold, there is no way the SS is going to not do their job per the political party involved.

  30. Vehicles today don’t backfire. That alone shows either a weak attempt to cover up what happens, or incompetence.

  31. The INCIDENT is three years old, but the article is recent. I wish that it had gone into updated information as to any investigation into the lapse of common sense by the security detail.

  32. Why wasn’t it mentioned at the time? Because we have too much Fox and not enough journalism. So much of our media is focused of hiding the President’s accomplishments and making up failures of his, false scandals and such. That greater threats are being made against him, and some even attempting to act on them, is being hidden is not surprising.

  33. In addition to the hooker(s) while on duty in Columbia, I also recall a story about the Secret Service getting drunk while “protecting” the president on an overseas trip. This was not just appalling, but it was downright embarrassing as one member was found passed out in a hallway! Like it was Spring Break in Florida or something. I wish I could remember the country…

  34. I believe there’s truth in conspiracies and in conspiracy theories.

    The U.S. is the only country in the world whose population has been thoroughly brain-washed not to take conspiracy theories (or theorists) seriously. This nips any serious investigation in the bud.

    Every other country in the world, believes a healthy acceptance that conspiracy theories might be factual, has no problem with the fact that conspiracies do exist.

    To keep firm control over Americans, we are told that to believe in conspiracy theories is akin to believing in the Tooth Fairy, and that only serves a small segment who are working behind the scenes for own financial and power-grabbing gains.

    So, I’ll keep an open mind as long as I can until there’s ample proof that a theory is wholly debunked.

  35. I agree with Doris. Somebody is paying the Secret Service to not protect the President and his family. The wealthy, who are so against him, have plenty of money to pay off the Secret Service to allow those who want to get rid of the president!!!!

  36. They’re not protecting this president like they should. I’m afraid they are deliberately leaving gaps/openings for some crazy to do him harm. They haven’t been able to stop/silence him for 6 years. They’ve had enough of the black man who dares to be president……

  37. I love and very proud of my president but I will be glad when his term is over he has aged his children are always in danger no matter how good a job he is doing its never good enough we know the secret service could care less about his or his familys safety so sad

  38. While I don’t condone the administrations policies,I find it reprehensible that this happened.Even if you don’t respect the President at least respect the office. There is just too many questionable acts going on around him. Everybody ain’t stupid.

  39. Are the Republicans paying the SS? WTH? It’s amazing to me that this happened so long ago and was never broadcasted. They never have a problem talking about everything the President does, but it never comes up, everything that they actually do, SMH!!!!Unforgiveable! Every last one of the SS should be fired and the President (every elected President) should be able to select his own protection.

  40. So f****** what that this story is 3 years old. The article is new.

    Everyday we hear about some incident that happened in the past but are just finding out bout it now. You can’t be this dumb.

    I’m willing to bet the shills and hacks in the msm who service the republican party heard about it. They would never have covered the story if it would have displeased their corporate pimps.

  41. I don’t know how I even find myself at this site but this article is laughable. First off, it is COMPLETELY plausible that people in the white house wouldn’t even know that a gun was fired at it if it was any distance away at all. Even if the gun was a big caliber, its not going to cause very noticeable destruction like this article tries to suggest. Yes, it would put a hole through a window but likely it wouldn’t even break or shatter. As for hitting wood, brick, roof, etc it would be little more than a small hole. There wouldn’t be construction materials blown away or falling out of huge holes. That is all Hollywood junk. Furthermore, while I’m not 100% on the Secret Service’s jurisdiction and policy, a shooter from off the premises would probably be the job for DC police and not Secret Service. Since we can be pretty sure the shooter left in a hurry, of course they’d stand down since the building was secure. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t called in to DC police… duh

  42. No its not plausible. The place is surrounded by audio and visual equipment

    You throw out a lot of “likely and Not going” but nothing of content.


  43. This is a lot more serious that we were led to believe

    White House fence-jumper made it far deeper into building than previously known
    The man who jumped the White House fence this month and sprinted through the front door made it much farther into the building than previously known, overpowering one Secret Service officer and running through much of the main floor, according to three people familiar with the incident.

    An alarm box near the front entrance of the White House designed to alert guards to an intruder had been muted at what officers believed was a request of the usher’s office, said a Secret Service official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.



  45. It is so very sad that we are in the Year of 2014 and have not learned that God created us all EQUAL. To those of you who display such blatant hatred for another race are (in my opinion) deemed as ignorant/and unlearned. If you have the foolish notion that you are demonstrating behavior in line with God’s Commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself, your hearts have been hardened as the Israelites and you have been deceived. Please REPENT and get help, people, before it is too late! If not, you will be dealt with by the hand of God Almighty! For God so loved the world that He gave His BEST – His only begotten Son. Believe on Him and have everlasting life. He loves you in spite of…

  46. inside plot; you hit the nail in the usual spot! i’m sure a plot that involves the highest levels of the SS would certainly also involve “some guy” taking random pot shots at the front of the whitehouse blocks away when the president or first lady aren’t even home. seems you should shy away from conspiracies and resume with logic.

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