Lingerie, Cigars, and Math Is Hard: Florida Republican Stumbles Over Sexism Again


The guy whose invites to a men-only fundraiser instructed men to “tell the misses not to wait up” because the very important boys would be solving the world’s troubles over cigars and whiskey criticized his female opponent, Democrat Gwen Graham, tweeting about her, “MathIsHard.” He did this right after his Women for Southerland rally.

Steve Southerland (@SoutherlandFL02) tweeted at 4:17pm – 27 Sep 14:

Had 250 supporters at Women 4 Southerland rally today. Gwen couldn’t muster 10 people to counter us, but still claimed victory. #MathIsHard

Oh, really? Do tell, Rep. Steve Southerland (R-FLA). Tell us all about how hard math is for the misses.

The people were not impressed:

twitter southerland sexism

The Democrats weren’t about to let Southerland’s regressive mentality go unnoticed. They issued a statement by Emily Bittner, noting dryly that she was “a member of her high school math team.”

“Congressman Steve Southerland can’t seem to open his mouth without insulting women and revealing how out-of-touch his Washington Way is with North Florida,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “After Congressman Southerland claimed his $174,000 taxpayer-funded salary wasn’t big enough, he’s the last person who should be demeaning women by claiming that math is too hard for us.”

Oh, that’s right. He wasn’t paid enough to be a sexist lawmaker. Life is hard for Representative Southerland, who wears a bit of Ann Rommey’s “this is hard” pique at the unwashed masses as his calling card, which probably explains why he dug a deeper hole for himself when he opened his mouth again after the 12th century styled man-vite. This time, Southerland tried to defend himself from accusations that he was a sexist by asking if Gwen Graham had ever been to a lingerie shower.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Asked to respond to the Democrats’ criticism that he’s anti-women, Southerland laughed and said: “I live with five women. That’s all I’m saying. I live with five women. Listen: Has Gwen Graham ever been to a lingerie shower? Ask her. And how many men were there?”

The old “I live with a woman” defense. I know a gay person. I’m friends with a black person.

It is irrelevant what Representative Southerland does in his free time or how many wonderful women he lives with. He actively supports policies that harm women, and he has finally managed to erase any doubt that he is unable to see a world in which women are equals. He is no accidental sexist. This kind of sexism is honed daily. It is also irrelevant if Ms. Graham ever attended a lingerie party, because that has nothing to do with actual work business like a fundraiser. Southerland just couldn’t help himself from sexualizing her because women are play toys not legislators.

So, go to a lingerie party you silly mathless women, and leave the men to solve the world’s problems. Trust that while they have no respect for you, miraculously their laws won’t reflect this bias. Contempt for half of the country should not render Southerland unfit to govern, after all, who better to write laws for us than someone who has no respect for our humanity? Wouldn’t men choose a woman who loathed them to write laws for them?

Math is hard. Female pilots can’t park. The Republican Party is full of Archie Bunkers – bitter, irrational, and full of contempt. They will soon be making laws for us all unless the sane people get out the vote. Shudder.

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  1. The clowns of that party must have been busy doing whatever when brains and common sense were being handed out. I wonder if they realize if it were not for a woman, that they would not be here. Of course in some cases I believe their mother should have opted for abortion and saved themselves the embarrassment of having to claim them as her child.

  2. From having been a party of basically decent stuffed shirts, the GOP is now an organization that wallows proudly in everything cruel and repulsive.

  3. I just can’t believe the spouses of these men can tolerate such garbage. These guys are the prime reason for abortion. To let evil like this to come into the world is horrible. Women this is your chance to get rid of scum like Southerland. protest at every event that he attends and then most of all vote. Let him know that payback is a bit$h.

  4. I think it’s time that we start labelling selfishness as a form of stupidity. The original greek word for idiot was a term for someone pathologically selfish who did nothing to support the city state even as it enriched him

  5. I think we’ve already seen and felt enough of what male lawmakers have done already. It’s time we have a lot more women in politics and retire these old farts to the back bar when they belong.

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