Mitch McConnell Chickens Out and Goes Silent On Offer to Debate Alison Lundergan Grimes


Mitch McConnell has gone full blown chicken. He is so afraid of debating Alison Lundergan Grimes that he is refusing to acknowledge offers to debate the Democrat.

Audio of Grimes on Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR):

Grimes accepted the invitation to debate McConnell and said, “I look forward to debating Mitch McConnell here and at many, numerous
other locations across Kentucky.”

KSR posted that they had an invitation out to the McConnell campaign, “Our Secretary of State stopped by the Louisville studio to talk to KSR about her upcoming Senate race with Mitch McConnell. We have an invitation out to McConnell to come on the show as well, and if he doesn’t accept, Grimes will win the KSR vote.”

Today, Kentucky Sports Radio said that McConnell had agreed to come on the show then stopped returning their calls and emails, “Don’t tell me you’re going to come, and then not come. Why do people have to lie? … They don’t return my calls and emails.”

This is normal behavior for Sen. McConnell. In June, McConnell refused to respond to a debate invitation from The Beattyville Enterprise, “The Enterprise has twice sent email requests for McConnell to appear in Beattyville for a debate, but no response has yet been received.”

Twelve days ago, Sen. McConnell accepted a debate invitation from The Appalachian News-Express but quickly backed out because he was going to be on a bus tour of Kentucky during ALL of the potential dates.

The evidence is clear. Mitch McConnell is afraid to debate Alison Lundergan Grimes. He has turned down debate invitations from media and organizations across the state of Kentucky. It looks like Kentucky voters will only get one chance to see the two candidates debate. The only debate in the Kentucky Senate race is scheduled for October 13.

McConnell doesn’t want to share the stage with a younger candidate with a vision for the state. The incumbent is trying everything to avoid giving Kentucky voters a real choice. The McConnell strategy is to dodge and avoid while hoping that the carpet bombing of Koch ads will be enough to carry him to victory. Voters deserve a choice. They deserve to see the candidates side by side on the same stage. Mitch McConnell is trying hold off time and progress. Sen. McConnell doesn’t want Kentucky to notice that he has become the opponent of our democratic institutions.

The McConnell campaign thinks that they are outsmarting the voters, but to the people of Kentucky, Mitch McConnell looks like a chicken who is running away from a fight.

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  1. Well the bias is clear here. Have you ever stopped to think that as a US Senator, the guy is probably very busy? Furthermore, I like how a radio show declares that if someone doesn’t show up to their invitation that it means they’ll go with the other person. I mean really? That is like little kid tantrum throwing stuff. Back in my college days I worked at a grocery store and use to hear people always say they were going to Walmart instead and never coming back, just because they were mad and didn’t get their way. Reminds me of the same thing. Does anyone even care? I’ve never even heard of your show before, so… Fact is I’d actually like to see a debate but just because one doesn’t happen means nothing. All the attack ads against Mitch that I’ve seen are blatantly false. I’m sure the low education viewer buys them but those of us who follow the stuff know its all wrong. Grimes is not what KY needs when Mitch has a Senate leadership position to help KY. Dont need a ro…

  2. Mitch has done nothing for anyone except the koch. Perhaps you missed the tapes released where he said he would follow the koch agenda to shut down the government? Maybe? No?

    Mitch is the biggest traitor Ky has ever seen

    Yes he is busy, all of them spend more then 50% of their time trying to get re-elected and get donations

  3. Busy? Doing what? The entire House and 1/3rd of the Senate (including chicken-turtleman) are back in their districts or home states campaigning. Congress ain’t doing nothing until after the elections.

  4. I’m still holding my nose about BOTH of them; I don’t trust either of them.

    One would move heaven and earth pandering, and the other is a Republican.

    Of course, I DO know what has to happen – we need to elect more and better Democratic Party (I’m giving up the word ‘progressive’ as used in politics because I’m not sure what it means any more, and I’ve come to treat it as a not-so-nice word.) representatives whether I like them or not.

  5. He’s BUSY?
    Now that’s really funny!
    What do you think the reaction
    would have been if Barack Obama
    refused to debate Romney?
    Uh, yea, no… can’t make it,
    I’m too busy……….
    being PRESIDENT!!!

  6. “Have you ever stopped to think that as a US Senator, the guy is probably very busy?” Busy campaigning not helping to govern!
    Campaigning means debating, not running scared.
    How much does he care about the deplorable unemployment rate in KY…”The editor and general manager of the Beattyville Enterprise asked McConnell what he would do to bring jobs to Lee County, where the unemployment rate is 12.8 percent.
    “That is not my job. It is the primary responsibility of the state Commerce Cabinet,” the paper quoted McConnell as saying.”

    McConnell has this disdain for his home state..can you imagine how much he WON”T work for the rest of the country??

  7. He’s doing a bus tour? Time to bring the old chicken suit out of mothballs, and appear at all his rallies. But have the chicken carry a toy gun at arm’s length, like Mitch did at the NRA convention, and wearing a cape. And have the guy in the chicken suit surrounded by a cadre of other chicken-suited flacks in sunglasses, wearing earpieces, and loudly clucking. Two holding a banner that reads: “Mitch McConnell, Superchicken!”

  8. Busy my beeswax! He’s been ducking debates with Grimes for months! If it were the Koch Brothers asking him to fly out to see them, he’ d move heaven and earth to be there. So don’t give me this he’s busy BS!
    McConnell talks out of both sides of his mouth! On the on hand he has ads in KY saying, vote for me because I care about you, I’ve gotten deals done at the last minute. I’m the go to guy with edited comments making it sound as if Obama and Reid agree. It’s sickening!
    But, at the same time, their are skeletons in his closet about him and the wife that will reveal they don’t give a damn about those who lack wealth and power! He’s even attacking Grimes for liking Obamacare, cuz poor folks don’t need health insurance. just rich folks!
    So don’t make excuses as to why he won’t debate Grimes! If he appears on TV with her, he will look like what he is: old, tired, uncharismatic, two-faced, a liar, a divider, uncaring, aloof, and old news. He has one foot in the g…

  9. Dems need to remind people.. “What has my rep done for me” They vote for you ..They make the legislation.. What do you want.. Why am They there?? What they do is more important than who is president

  10. We’ll see if Mitch has the balls to show up to any debate. Then again, he could win without campaigning. Kentuckians are just that stupid.

  11. I just went through Real clear politics and lots of states are going to the R’s for governors and the senate

  12. uh, isn’t a senators job to do debates especially when he is running for office again?? you guys don’t even try to hide it any more. you are a worthless troll paid by the GOP to harass and spread hate. your desperation is hysterical. the more your comments how up on a small site like this, the greater your desperation grows.

  13. The RCP polling is no more trustworthy than a Rasmussen. The Democrats look good. It’s the Conservatives that are quaking. Roberts is going to going to be defeatec. The GOP hadn’t counted on this seat being taken. They are worried, so now the cheatinv begins, and the SCOTUS is aiding and a bidding

  14. Low information voters don’t feel a need to research the facts and learn not to vote against their own best interests, so they continue to do so. Then you have those who vote for Republicans for the simple reason that we have a black Democrat in The White House and finally the religious zealot and their anti choice views. That covers a good chunk of red states and Republicans know it. It’s why they continue to get reelected even though they accomplish nothing good for their constituents.

  15. Of course it’s biased! This is Politicus, “Real Liberal Politics.” That doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Liberals spin things, sure, but usually liberals don’t resort to outright lies to convince people. These days, conservatives often do.

  16. It’s very similar to those who criticize Media Matters for not being a “news” site, when its clearly stated purpose for being (in writing, plainly stated on the main page) is to call out rightwing misinformation.

  17. Plenty of other US Senators find time for debates. If McConnell can find time to campaign, he can find time to debate

  18. Guess a challenge by an intelligent person, let alone a woman scares him! He can’t hide behind his own shadow.

  19. Michael.
    We live in Louisville, KY. Mitch McConnell isn’t busy. He hasn’t shown his face. He’s schmoozing with his favorite donors, the Kochsuckers.

  20. You take time out to debate your opponent. That’s what campaigning is all about. If you have solutions, you try to sell them to the people, if you have nothing, you run and hide like a little bitch.

  21. Only liberals consider an ID discrimination. The democratic party is made up of traitors and communist

  22. This is why you guys have no clue. Its not the ID itself, its the fact they take away ID’s that most people have and then put in silly ones like gun ID, but not college ID’s. And then taking away voting hours in minority areas along with about 100 other transgressions against Americans

    How pathetic you are for not keeping up on reality by yourself. Offer up a state ID for everyone and call it good. But no, all you have is name calling like a child

    BTW, if you ever figure out what a communist is let us know.

  23. Why should I have to carry a specialized ID to exercise my constitutionally guaranteed right to vote but you don’t need to carry a specialized ID to buy an AR15 at your neighborhood NRA circle jerk gun show?

  24. Eric your comment is just pure drek! Go take a airborne fornication in a rotating deep fried dough ring.

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