The Koch Brothers, ALEC and the GOP Are Trying To Win The Election By Destroying Democracy


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There is a saying that “all is fair in love and war,” and although at first blush it seems a reasonable proposition, it certainly is not true. For example, it is against the law for a man to kidnap a woman he loves and keep her imprisoned against her will, just as it is illegal to torture prisoners of war; unless it is America doing the torturing. But that is another story. The point is that in matters of the heart and war, like in politics, there are universally-accepted conventions that all participants are expected to follow regardless their intent to win at any cost. Obviously, Republicans embrace the “all’s fair” mindset in their drive to control the nation and since the election of an African American man as President, they have taken extreme measures to destroy democracy by disenfranchising voters who are not inclined to support the corporate-theocracy Republicans are fighting to impose on America.

Although America’s representative democracy is on the verge of becoming a laughing stock and collapsing, there are still some Americans able to enjoy unfettered access to participate in the electoral process. However, if Republicans and their money machine have their way, fewer Americans will be given access to the polls and they have abandoned any pretense of concealing their drive to limit voting privileges to white Christians dedicated to electing white Republicans to political office. Over the course of the lead up to the midterm elections, and since the conservative Supreme Court eviscerated key aspects of the Voting Rights Act, Republicans in the states have unashamedly launched vote suppression efforts in state after state targeting people of color, young people, working-class Americans, and the elderly. Crucial to their success is Republicans’ heavy dependence on one of the Koch brothers’ legislative arms, the American Legislative Exchange Council, to create template legislation for Republicans to block access to voting in what can only be termed as a direct assault on America’s rapidly waning democracy.


It should surprise no American that ALEC is anti-democracy since last February its members refused to sign a pledge supporting democracy, likely at the behest of their funders the Koch brothers. Dissatisfied that Republican-led states are doing enough to obstruct democracy, the Koch brothers tasked their other anti-democracy organization, Americans for Prosperity, to take what may be illegal actions to suppress the vote in North Carolina. Residents in the state have already witnessed a barrage of anti-democracy voter suppression tactics thanks to the Koch brothers’ ALEC legislation, but apparently it is not enough for the Kochs who charged AFP with the job of deliberately misinforming North Carolina voters to prevent them from participating in democracy.

North Carolina’s Americans for Prosperity sent out faulty voter registration forms and blatantly false information in what exceeds even the sleaziest dirty election tricks a few weeks before an election. In the mailings, Americans for Prosperity gave out the wrong deadline for registering to vote by cutting the authentic “registration window short by five days.” Included in the mailing was the wrong offices and zip codes for turning in voter registration forms as well as false information about how prospective voters would be notified about their precinct after they register to vote. That is providing they discovered the correct date and address to turn in the voter registration form on time to be able to vote.

The director of Americans for Prosperity, N.C., shrugged off the deliberate misinformation as “non-substantive” and just a “minor administrative error,” but it is not “minor” or “non-substantive” for hundreds-of-thousands of potential voters the Koch brothers’ thugs are attempting to disenfranchise. The AFP director revealed the Koch and Republican mindset is founded on their belief that N.C. voters unlikely to support Republicans are “non-substantive,” likely due to their racial makeup and economic station. That too is another story that is spreading across the former Confederacy where Republicans are actively thwarting the voting rights of working-Americans and people of color.

In Georgia once again, a second and third county are joining the Republican, ALEC, and Koch brother war on democracy by restricting voting of working-class people who have to work on Election Day. The reason? Republicans think the idea of every American participating in democracy is wrong because “it would mean too many people are voting.” Just last week, another Georgia Republican, Fran Millar, said he was working with other state Republicans to put a halt to African Americans voting because he “would prefer more educated voters than a greater increase in the number of voters.” The idea of all Americans voting, especially African Americans, is something Republicans cannot countenance and like all Republicans, Millar hopes “it can be stopped.” The idea of not supporting, and indeed destroying, democracy is by all appearance now a major policy position of the conservative movement.

This anti-democracy crusade is not reserved to the Koch brothers’ legislative arms in the former Confederacy. A couple of weeks ago New Jersey Governor Chris Christie went on a rant condemning democracy as “shocking, underhanded, and a dirty tactic” and yet there was little response from Democrats at the national or state level. If, as Democrats claim, the fast-approaching midterm elections are critical to Americans, why are they not revealing the Koch-Republican dirty assault on democracy? For dog’s sake, Republicans have spent the past five years falsely accusing the President and Democrats of “destroying the Constitution” and attempting to rule as dictators.

These Republican, ALEC, Americans for Prosperity, and Koch brother attacks on America’s democracy are not solely targeting African Americans; they are targeting working-class Americans who are working longer hours to survive and have issues making it to the polls on Election Day. Regardless if it is eliminating early voting, sending out phony polling place and voter registration information, or threatening armed intimidation of voters, Republicans are attacking America’s fragile democracy.

It is, frankly, astonishing that Republicans are openly working to restrict all  Americans’ right to vote with little pushback from Democrats because the concept of democracy is allegedly the defining feature of “American exceptionalism.” Regardless of any Americans’ political leanings, it is difficult to imagine that only die-hard theocrats and corporatists would condone destroying democracy, but it is just as difficult to comprehend why Democrats are not making the Republicans’ effort a major campaign issue; particularly in former Confederate states where Republicans are actively touting their efforts to restrict democracy to white, Christian, and Republican supporters.

Democrats need to come to their senses and put half the effort into informing Americans about the Republican attack on this nation’s democracy as they do promising to fight for middle-class Americans. Because at the rate Republicans are destroying democracy, Democrats are doomed to do nothing for the people because the Kochs, AFP, ALEC, and Republicans are easily eliminating Democrats’ chances of remaining in office by killing democracy with little to no opposition.

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  1. I just hope people know how serious this is, these egotistical assholes are trying and are in the process of ruling this country, we must close the door in their face now, who the hell let these (unelected) repigs into Washington hiding in the form of alec writing our countries legislation. It has everything to do with ruling government and not so much the laws they can push down our throats.

  2. Jodi Ernst THINKS she won the debate against Braley the other night BUT when she attempted to shut him down when he nailed her on the Koch sucking she’s been doing, she failed.

  3. Joseph, is there a video of that debate? I would love to see her get taken down a notch or 10. Thanks.

  4. Here is some good news

    North Carolina judge: ‘Why does the state of North Carolina not want people to vote?’

    North Carolina’s sweeping voter suppression law, passed in August 2013, may or may not be in effect for the 2014 election. Last month, a federal judge—a George W. Bush appointee—ruled that the law would be in effect in November, but an appeal of that decision to the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit could prevent that. The three-judge panel hearing the appeal consists of one Clinton appointee, Judge Diana Gribbon Motz, and two Obama appointees, Judges James Wynn and Henry Floyd. Oral arguments were held last Thursday, before a skeptical court.

  5. The Koch Brothers and ALEC have a two-pronged attack in the elections:
    1. Restrict voting for minorities and liberals.
    2. Modify election results via paid officials at the election sites.

  6. Detroit shutoffs to continue after judge says poor have no right to water

    This is the future the kochsuckers have in store for you. You have been warned

    Just wanted to add that these corporations, The Palmer Park Golf Club, who owes $200,000.; Joe Louis Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings, who owes DWSD $80,000. and Ford Field, which owes $55,000 has not had their water shutoff

  7. I signed it last week (# 19) and I put the link on my page. I sure was hoping thousands would have signed it by now.
    It’s so damned important!

  8. Talking Treason: Is Hatred of Obama Trumping Patriotism?

    The Newsweek piece opening paragraphs go right at that:

    Congressman Doug Lamborn, a Republican from Colorado, is an un-American demagogue, willing to sabotage this country for his own grandstanding narcissism. If his words are to be believed, this brigadier blowhard is thoroughly unfit for public office and instead should be rotting in jail on charges of treason.
    Or am I being too subtle?

    Lamborn is the latest type of political muck America needs to scrape off the bottom of its national shoe: an officeholder so absorbed with his hatred of the opposing party that he is willing to do anything, no matter how much it damages our national security and the underpinnings of our democracy, if it will win him some applause and maybe a couple of votes.

  9. These are the same people screaming about the elections in Russia being rigged. The same people condemning the Theocracy in Iran while trying to put one in place in America. Wake up America! Get these Koch minions out of office!

  10. …no; they’ll trigger the Second American Revolution…we’ll LITERALLY have to fight for our lives…

  11. When you shine light on cockroaches, well you know the rest. The Kochsuckers are having a fit over the latest news on how they are the biggest criminals in American History

    Koch Industries Responds to Rolling Stone – And We Answer Back

    “Koch Facts” calls our story “dishonest and misleading.” A point-by-point rebuttal.

    Read more:


    The media remains silent about the KB buying off their puppets(politicians) so it seems they are on the side of oligarchy!

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