The Secret Service Lied As Intruder Made It Hundreds Of Feet Into White House

white house intruder

There are serious problems at the Secret Service as a new report reveals that the intruder who breached security made it hundreds of feet into the White House.

The Washington Post reported,

The man who jumped the White House fence this month and sprinted through the front door made it much farther into the building than previously known, overpowering one Secret Service officer and running through much of the main floor, according to three people familiar with the incident.


After barreling past the guard immediately inside the door, Gonzalez, who was carrying a knife, dashed past the stairway leading a half-flight up to the first family’s living quarters. He then ran into the 80-foot-long East Room, an ornate space often used for receptions or presidential addresses.

Gonzalez was tackled by a counterassault agent at the far southern end of the East Room. The intruder reached the doorway to the Green Room, a parlor overlooking the South Lawn with artwork and antique furniture, according to three people familiar with the incident.

The Secret Service originally claimed that the intruder was tackled just inside the door, but this is obviously not the truth. The fact that an armed intruder was able to so easily evade security and made deep into the White House should concern every American. Secret Service agents who are assigned to the White House detail put their lives on the line to protect the First Family, but presidential protection should not fail like this.

If the president or his family would have been home the result could have been tragic. Today’s report comes on the heels of it being revealed that the Secret Service ignored seven shots that were fired into the White House. It is the duty of the Secret Service to protect the president. Luckily, President Obama was not home when the intruder made it into the White House.

What if an intruder gets into the White House with a bomb, or tries to set the building on fire? The Secret Service deals with an historic number of threats against President Obama, but the lack of truthfulness about what happened raises concern about their ability to keep the president safe.

This isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue. It is an American issue. Now is the time for members of Congress to come together and investigate what is going on with the Secret Service.

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  1. The Secret Service is a part of the Department of Homeland Security. It should be up to Secretary Jeh Johnson to take appropriate measures regarding both instances, and it sounds like there needs to be a shake-up.

  2. The President’s entire Secret Service detail should be relieved of duty and replaced. What happened is totally UNACCEPTABLE, whether there is a mole or not.

    Those rat bastards are trying to get our President killed. Was that just a trial run because they knew he and the First Family would be off grounds?

    It does not even matter. It should not have happened, and it must NEVER happen again. The whole detail should be replaced like yesterday. Smhh!!! Disgraceful. Homeland Security should reassign them or fire them. IJS

  3. Nobody is actually really “safe” in this country (U.S.A.) or the entire planet for that matter. Don’t you guys ever think about or even consider the simple (but very scary) distinct, real “Possibility” that with the “Diplomatic Immunity” given out during the “Cold War” era to the Russians (or to any other country during any time period for that matter) that their “Diplomats” could not have already carried in and set-up (remote-detonating) “Nukes” (the “big-ones” or just the “little-bitty” suit-case size ones ) in all of our major cities. Or anywhere else on the planet. In my opinion.

  4. Anybody see White House Down? I now do not trust the Secret Service to protect our President and his family. If something were to happen to our President, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be secret service. If these guys aren’t out to kill the President, then they are truly incompetent and should all be fired. What does it take to be fired? Obviously the Secret Service did not do their job … and then they lied about it.

  5. Rey……moles indeed! Let’s watch the “pretend” outrage tomorrow during the hearing! Very very close…….

  6. They lied and from the top down needs to be fired before something serious happens. This has been the worst in my life time. Cannot afford mistakes.

  7. The secret service is very lucky the guy left his guns in the car. Can only imagine the damage he could of done if he had a gun. There needs to be a big shakeup of the secret service agents guarding the President. This cannot happen again.

  8. All I know is..President Obama better watch his back because he is so hated and this might be a planned inside job and the Koch Monsters can AFFORD ANY PRICE & MAYBE THIS IS WHY THAT IGNORAMUS WAS TALKING ABOUT A DELAY IN THE ELECTION.

  9. I wondered how Willard so confident, that he held a news conference about Bengazi before Prez Obama held one. As if he was well premeditated with the whole mess. Was it coincidence? If you can smell the gun shot residue, you’re mighty close to the source and not investigate? Money, god, guns & dirty tricks. Just sayin’. It was as if he was already Prez and not Prez Obama.

  10. Yep. And I’m sure there are many others who were wishing that the WH intruder completed his mission.

  11. It’s not just the President and his family that are in danger- although they are the #1 responsibility of the Secret Service.

    But, what if they are away from DC and this guy had been a suicide bomber? He could have destroyed the White House and killed innocent people who work there.

    The White House is the people’s house and should be guarded better than this.

  12. Simple fix…Put the control of the Secret Service back under the auspices of the Treasury Dept. AND some one find James West and Art Gordon.

  13. If the “rounds” fired from “assault rifles” can actually “penetrate” the White House exterior walls and windows the President of the United States of America and his family are “NOT SECURE” living there. They should now be “relocated” to a truly “SECURE AREA”. Immediately. It would only be using ones “Common Sense” to do this “Relocation” of the POTUS and his family. In my opinion. After all we the U.S.A. are actually “At War” today with many “terrorist organizations” (in the minds of “quite a few” individuals that we (U.S.A.) are now bombing and killing on a daily basis.

  14. least we forget there was a debunked conspiracy theory a Secret Service agent accidentally misfired an AR-15 in the followup car and that shot was the fatal shot that killed President Kennedy and the Secret Service covered that weapon misfire up until that agent died….hmmmmm

    then, there’s this….

    makes me real concerned for the President’s and his families safety

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