Democrats Might Get Their Wish As Mitt Romney Opens The Door To 2016 Run For President

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney continues to plot his 2016 comeback by taking another step towards opening the door to what could be a disastrous campaign against Hillary Clinton.

In a New York Times Magazine profile Mark Liebovich described way of keeping his foot in the door,

Romney, for his part, is noticeably playing along. He recently told a radio host that he was not planning on running for president but allowed that “circumstances can change.” A recent column by the conservative pundit Byron York noted that Romney had kept in close contact with many of his advisers and aides. As we spoke, Romney compared the barrage of 2016-related questions to a scene in the film “Dumb and Dumber.” After Jim Carrey’s character is flatly rejected by Lauren Holly, she tells him that there’s a one-in-a-million chance she would change her mind. “So,” Romney told me, embodying the character, “Jim Carrey says, ‘You’re telling me there’s a chance.’ ”

This was the obvious opening for me to ask if there was a chance. Romney’s response was decidedly meta — “I have nothing to add to the story” — but he then fell into the practiced political parlance of nondenial. “We’ve got a lot of people looking at the race,” he said. “We’ll see what happens.”

Earlier this month, Romney claimed that he would be a better president than Obama or Hillary Clinton. The talk about it being someone else’s turn to be the Republican nominee has been replaced by some overt door opening to a run in 2016.

Mitt Romney still believes that he should be president. Romney got routed by Obama in a blowout, but Mitt still thinks that he could have won. Romney is selling off houses in order to look more like a regular guy. He is still in touch with his campaign advisors and staff. In May, Republicans launched a draft Mitt movement.

In June, it was reported that big money Republicans were trying to cut a deal with the RNC to clear the 2016 field for Mitt Romney. Some of the conditions that have to be met for Romney to run include, “Mitt Romney wants the GOP donor class to pledge all the money to him — up front — as a means of scaring other possible serious candidates out of the race so that he can preserve the money for the general election. He wants the field cleared — the same way the Democratic field is being cleared right now for Hillary — so that he, too, can arrive at the GOP convention Fresh, Full of money and ready to Feast on Hillary — and President Obama’s — record. If these conditions are met, he will make a third run for the White House.”

A third Romney run would be a dream come true for Democrats. Romney is convinced that he can use Benghazi to defeat Hillary Clinton. If the Republican establishment doesn’t find a candidate, it will surprise no one if they return to Mitt Romney.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party would have a field day against Romney. Getting to run against Mitt again would be a dream come true for Democrats. Romney wants to be president. Republicans have no real front runner, and the result could be a crushing victory for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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  1. gee, i’m on a very long flight. I’m hungry and tired and feeling mighty low. until this: hahahahahahahahaha! I needed a good joke. I feel better

  2. “Mitt Romney wants the GOP donor class to pledge all the money to him — up front ”

    Would certainly piss off a lot of republicans who wanted to run.

    Mitt certainly has to look at losing again. After all he as well as Cruz were both anointed

  3. Bain capital will be the abratross that the Dem’s need to hang around his neck. They better get to work identifying companies in each state that Bain did their lbo’s causing people to lose their jobs. Rmoney made his money on the backs of innocent people and he stole their pension money.

    Once people get educated unless they are stupid fox viewers ( thanks John Cleese) they will not be voting for this evil bastard.

  4. If he runs, he will win because the GOP has perfected their cheating prowess by now…BTW..those tax returns..were probably altered by he can show them.

    This man is a loser, in every sense of the word. He thinks he is entitled to the presidency.

  5. So Mitt the outsourcer, the runaway to Paris for the duration of the Vietnam war, whose boys had better things to do than serve the country, and who the 47% still will not vote for, will run again, hope we can make him a 3 time loser!

  6. OMG!!! please please please!!! please mitt the twit, please run again. I really cant wait to see you squirm in the spotlight again- first up, how bout those tax returns and tax records for the last 5 or 10 years??? and can you comment on your 47% comment???

  7. I still think anne “queen of the ewe people” berates and belittles him in private every damn day. He better run again or he will be a “loser for life” she would say. We see more hints of this coming out lately.

  8. He recently told a radio host that he was not planning on running for president but allowed that “circumstances can change.”
    Translation: Wife Anne’s goading him on. Remember when she said, “It’s OUR turn”

  9. Mitt’s 47% comment was based on a mathematical fact. He was simply acknowledging tat 47% of the people were not going to vote for him. Big deal. But Dems are crazy if they think anybody who makes a quarter million dollars every time she gives a 45 minute speech understand their pain any better. have they REALLY forgotten that a woman with this earning power described herself as “DEAD BROKE??” If you ask me, Hillary Clinton has a lot looser grasp on reality than Mitt Romney does! At least he’s been there & done that long enough to have worked for & earned his money! Hillary more or less inherited hers by being married to a President. She knows nothing about struggling. I doubt she’s ever mopped a floor – Governor mansion & White Houses have servants who do all that. Don’t forget – she was SO broke, they could barely afford their “MORTGAGES. In 08 people were losing the ONE home they had – are we really supposed to feel pity because Hillary felt strapped juggling payme…

  10. Dee,let me give you a tip…You need to take your arse on over to PsYcHo NeWs aka Fake News and rumble there,troll

  11. Dee,let me give you a tip…You need to take your arse on over to PsYcHo NeWs aka Fake News and rumble there,troll

  12. Now if only those on the left who don’t want Hillary would just keep their eyes on the prize. Along with Hillary comes a progressive wave(think House, Senate and governorships), she will be able to get things done with. That is what this is all about. Hillary has been attacked going back to Bill’s governorship in AR. She will be one hell of a fighter and one I would be mighty proud to vote for.

  13. Did you conveniently forget Anne Romney crying about how “poor” they were while living together in the early years, even though they were receiving a generous stipend from Mitt’s wealthy father?
    Hilary Clinton may not be the ideal candidate by any means, but she is FAR preferable to Mitt Romney, and even far more preferable to those others who are trying to climb into the GOP 2016 clown RV.

  14. too bad Hillary is too moderate. We need a true progressive in office next (left of Obama to be sure). Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate who can claim true populism. I am READY FOR WARREN.

  15. Romney needs to persuade all the other hopefuls to bow out for him…HAHAHA Scotty, beam him up to his Mormon planet which is nearer to God.

  16. DownriverDem, you are clearly a card-carrying liberal kool-aid drinker. Hillary and Bill the power grabbing, narcissistic, opportunistic, look at me, i hate the military, Saul Alinsky radicals. Hillary Clinton deserves to lead this great nation about as much as a blind insect. You have my heartfelt pity.

  17. And you think a financial buzzard “deserves” the presidency because he knows from experience how to run companies into the ground, while taking fat commissions? Why do you hate working America so much?

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