Editorial Cartoon: Fence Jumper

Let us pray that this intruder can be stopped soon.


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11 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Fence Jumper”

  1. Racist cartoons that depict unwashed, Ebola-carrying third-world freeloaders entering our sovereign nation through flimsy borders is simply outrageous.

    Your right to free speech ends where my sensibilities are violated!

  2. Ebola is not easily transmitted. The person in Dallas with Ebola had been to Liberia, returned and had no symptoms for six days….since bodily fluid exchange is needed for transmission, (not coughing or sneezing) we can assume this person had an intimate relationship with an infected person in Liberia.

    At least the patient is in a big hospital in a big city with all the resources available to treat this scourge.

    I look forward to hearing about the recovery.

  3. My point exactly!

    The racist cartoon make wild-eyed assumptions about offensive and hateful stereotypes.

    Has the cartoonist been incarcerated?

  4. Time to Build a Fence Around Texas Now that the first Ebola case in the United States has been diagnosed, we know that the infection of the entire nation is imminent. Because of this very real possibility, it is time to build a fence around the entirety of Texas, all 3029 miles, in order to keep the rest of the country safe from diseased Texans. This task will not be easy, especially since we know that it will be necessary for the fence to be double-layered and electrified. While its construction is happening, the nation will need to provide for thousands of armed border patrols and surveillance including helicopters, drones, and cameras. We have to be prepared for any circumstance in a crisis situation. If necessary, the border patrol must be allowed to shoot to kill any illegal Texans who crosses the fence into non-Texas territory. We are talking about the possibility of a plague that could end civilization as we know it. In this fight against sick Texans, no measure is too extreme. Quarantine is rational; doing nothing is not an option. – See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/?tw_p=twt#sthash.TpaxP6YL.dpuf

  5. Exactly how is the cartoon racist? My take on it is the xenophobia of real amerikkkans that building a fence will keep us safe while they are the same ones who would cut funding to the CDC to combat this and many other diseases. But I may be wrong

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