Republicans Governors Facing Extinction As Democratic Wave Looms


While the mainstream media is obsessed with the contest for control of the Senate, Democrats are poised to wipe out the Republican governor class of 2010. Rick Snyder, Sam Brownback, Rick Scott, Tom Corbett, Scott Walker and others are facing a growing Democratic wave.

Politico reported, “The unsettled gubernatorial landscape has drawn a fraction of the attention of the seesawing battle for the Senate. Yet the state of play is dramatic in its own right: The fate of big-name Republicans such as Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Florida’s Rick Scott and Michigan’s Rick Snyder are all on the line, and Democrats such as Colorado’s John Hickenlooper and Illinois’ Pat Quinn are locked in tough reelection races that could go either way.”

What Democrats are putting together at the state level is being ignored, but it is even more impressive than how strongly Democratic senate candidates are running in red states. Control of the Senate is very important, but governors impact the day to day lives of their citizens more than senators.

Republicans are changing and harming millions of lives at the state level. The war on women’s reproductive rights, voter suppression efforts, the redistribution of wealth upwards through tax cut policies, devastating cuts to public education, rollback on environmental regulations, cuts to programs for those who are in need, the refusal to expand Medicaid, and build state health insurance exchanges are all policies that have been undertaken at the state level.

Congressional Republicans have used their power to prevent the federal government from doing anything, while Republican governors have been the ones who have implemented the Koch/ALEC agenda. There are a few Democrats who are in tight contests this year, but the incumbent governors who are on life support are Republicans.

The Republican governors class of 2010 was supposed to be the party’s next generation of presidential candidates. Instead of the Oval Office, many of them are eyeing up the unemployment line as voters are rejecting their agenda. It is important for Democrats to win and maintain as many of these gubernatorial seats as possible.

The long-term impact of a Democratic wave could be huge on the House Republican majority. Redistricting is coming in 2020. A Democratic takeover at the state level would mean an end to the gerrymandered districts that are keeping unpopular Republicans in their seats.

Democrats are quietly having a very good year in the midst of a political landscape that should have been horrific for them. The big story that no one is talking about is that supposed to be future stars of the Republican Party could be facing a near unanimous rejection from voters on Election Day.

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  1. Hopefully, in those states where the GOP governor is defeated, people will also get rid of a lot of GOP legislatures and switch them to Dem control. Most people don’t realize it, but Dem legislatures don’t have to wait until 2020 to remap the districts and get rid of the GOP favored gerrymandering. They can do it anytime.

  2. I don’t get it that people who live in those republican governor states are poised to vote them out but will vote for a republican senator? I am highly suspicious of the media narrative that republicans are going to win it all. They have insulted women, minorities, the poor, and the LGBT community. All these protests about climate change and fast food service workers making an unlivable wages for instance shouldn’t translate into a republican takeover seem crazy to me. I feel like the media is trying to make us apathetic about voting and yesterday’s supreme court ruling in favor of republicans should be a big reason to vote against the “f”ers.
    We have to be vigilant and vote in such large numbers they can’t steal the election.

  3. People should be aware that Republicans in Congress are just as bad as Republicans who are Governors. Governors like Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and Rick Scott are not the only Republicans committing fraud on the American people.

  4. Nothing new here. Liberals have been trying to get Scott Walker out of Wisconsin govenorship for years. He laughs at them all.

  5. This is many ways in more important than the senate races! President Obama will be president for 2 more years of dread lock. Dems will win back the senate in 2016 and pick up seats in the house from gerrymandering districts and dems will once again win the whitehouse! Bank on it!

  6. I’ve noticed how the media is trying to convince everyone of a republican resurgence. I also saw it was the right wing , or business media. doing this. Think they are trying to make us believe that there is no need to even vote in the election. More voter fraud.

  7. This is very important. Republicans losing state houses is a very big deal. However I disagree with you about the repugs winning the Senate. I don’t think they will win the senate, and I have serious doubts that they will keep the House. I think this will be a wave election. A Democratic wave, and the pundits, and media will have a lot of explaining to do.

  8. The ‘Mortal Lock’ that was predicted
    for Republicans last year?
    Hmmm, not so muchie anymore.
    They just keep opening their mouths.
    Like our POTUS said,”When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk,”
    The GOP does more to motivate Democrats
    to get to the polls than ANY Campaign
    Ad ever could!
    So, my friends,
    Register to Vote!
    Get in line.
    Stay in line.
    If WE Vote,
    WE Win!!

  9. No those are only the ones in the news…right here in Tennessee, one of the least educated, high unemployment, low wages, No. 1 in Rx Abuse, our BILLIONAIRE Guv Bill Haslam wants Medicaid patients to PAY A CO-PAY or he will not accept the Medicaid Expansion.

    36 Asshole Repig Guvs are doing this to their citizens. Too bad we got no Democrat in Tennessee with a chance to oust Billionaire Bill and his crooked Pilot Oil-Flying J/Cleveland Browns billions.

    We are stuck and the General Assembly here is full of EvangeliBaggers like you would not believe. Gawd, gunz, stupidity.

    We have totally unconstitutional amendments on the ballot this year, see if they pass so they can waste more money suing the feds for Repig IDIOTS.

  10. When folks elect folks who hate government and all things government those elected haters refuse to make anything having to do with government work.

    Case in point, Florida’s inability to run an election.

  11. Kimbutgar: It’s because their is NO mainstream liberal media. they either fall off of their chairs to sit on the fence or are too busy kissing the ass of the policians so that they can keep their acess. Remember, the media is owned by corporations and is mostly concerned with making a profit…thats why having a close race is so important to them….real journalism is DEAD in this country…you will never see another Woodward and Bernstein again

  12. I agree about the senate, we won’t loose it. congress, I have not really followed. I did read where we will pick up a repub seat in north dakota that wasn’t expected.
    many of the repubs are in danger of loosing their races because of corruption: deal in ga, martinez in n.m. you never hear about them, but they are loosing. fallon in ok was also loosing, primarily cuz she did not expand medicaid.
    we may be in for some nice surprises come nov 4.

  13. Roger, the MSM is repub owned and repub corporate board run. It has nothing to do with kissing asses either. While folks were loving Reagan (not me), the repub take over of the media (tv, radio & print) was put into play. Then the repubs used skillful marketing tools to brainwash and propagandize those lacking in critical thinking skills. I know repubs who are all about the money and they don’t care about the rest of the damage done by repubs. The rich will always have abortions (they call them D&Cs)and anything else they want.

  14. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry
    In his defense, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett just said they they were jobs. He didn’t say they were good jobs.

    A state job portal includes job openings for exotic dancers at a bachelor party, “car dates” and “casting couch openings.”
    The casting couch ad in Pittsburgh sought “hot mom and daughter combos” and “young busty females between 18-45,” according to the state’s Job Gateway site, and the car date seeks “a sexy woman” who is older than 18.

    But I guess in teahadist land they are jobs

  15. If democrats hold the senate and pick off a couple GOP governors the mainstream media will be shocked. They have been towing this line for over a year about the upcoming conservative wave. That wave is now barely a whitecap, and by election night could be a dribble.

  16. Hell, I hope the whole damned party faces extinction and I don’t mean just Governors. The GOP needs to change their symbol from the elephant to the dinosaur!PS I hope My governor, Nathan Deal is on the list.

  17. The Republican party has reaped what they have sowed, with all the hate and smearing of the President on the internet and so called colleges in the House & Senate. They have convinced the public and Secret Service that he is a low life and don’t deserve the protection. The Republican Party creates a problem by reducing funds then blames the Democrats for failure example, security breach, they are stonewalling appointments recruiting ,then wonder why the breach of security?

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