Right Wing Columnist Wants to Hang Women Who Have Abortions

National Review Online correspondent Kevin Williamson went from saying young women are too dumb to vote to saying that women who have abortions should be hanged. We can’t blame Halloween for this macabre nonsense. This is really how Republicans feel about women.

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs captured the Twitter exchange yesterday, saying,

So this morning on Twitter, this happened; National Review writer Kevin D. Williamson made the real “pro-life” agenda very, very clear, expressing his opinion that women who have abortions should be put to death — by hanging. And not just the women; he says the doctor who performs the abortion, the nurses who assist, and the hospital staff who enable it should also be executed.

Men who actually think women are fellow human beings rather than convenient “penis-homes” didn’t escape attack yesterday either, with Charles Johnson quipping that “I don’t know where anyone gets the idea that misogyny and sexism are core values of today’s conservative movement — except maybe from Breitbart ‘News,'”:

Needless to say, the Right Wing has some very serious issues not only with America but with reality itself if they’re confusing themselves with real men. And lest anyone believe for even a minute that Michele Bachmann meant what she said when she said to Michelangelo Signorile of HuffPo of gay marriage, that “it’s not an issue,” adding, “In fact, it’s boring, she now claims that the whole exchange was an attempt by the media to divide Republicans on the issue.

When she realized what she said was shocking to conservatives, of course, the new truth had to be that she had never said any such thing. How could she ever have taken such a forgiving approach to a core culture war issue while fellow conservative Williamson wants to hang people, for crying out loud?

This, despite, as Signorile points out, “she told Meghan McCain two weeks ago in an interview: ‘I think that was an issue, yeah. I think it was in the last election and the previous election, but I think, you know, it’s changing now.'”

Williamson, loathsome as he is, at least has the intellectual honesty to stand by what he says, that he wants to murder women for having control of their own healthcare decisions.

There is so much hatred for humanity on the Religious Right that it has become difficult to fathom its depth. This hatred has always been there, ever since the earliest days of the Christian movement. The Pagan critic Celsus commented on their hatred of humanity 18 centuries ago, and he was clearly running into people like Bachmann and Williamson.

As I wrote yesterday, there have always been Christians who are willing to live and let live, but because they’re busy living and letting live, you don’t ever hear from them. You hear from the likes of Williamson and Bachmann, for whom tyranny is a core issue. That is, freedom for them, but no freedom for you and me.

But what is striking is the ISIL-like viciousness of conservatives. We don’t need to go to Syria to fight ISIL, given that we have our own ISIL right here in America, wishing to deprive of us our freedoms first hand. If we are going to combat world terrorism, ought we not fight it first here at home?

These people want to kill everyone who is not one of them. Kill gays, kill women who have abortions or who need abortions but die because they’re not available or only in back alleys, kill Muslims who refuse to convert. For Williamson, facts are a “metaphysical dodge” and zygotes are people simply because he says so. If we disagree, we die.

The list goes on. And it’s a long list, and they are very well armed, have lots of ammunition, and seem eager to use it for more than accidentally killing each other. Once they figure out which end is the barrel, they will be very dangerous indeed.

moransSpelling, obviously, is optional. Once they’ve figured out how to aim, a bullet fired by a “moran” is as dangerous as that fired by a moron.

And all the while they’re busy talking about taking away OUR freedoms and killing us, they’re complaining about how persecuted they are.

It would be easy to laugh if one weren’t so busy throwing up. Whatever these people are afflicted with, it is as dangerous as Ebola. The problem is, it isn’t them who will be its immediate victims – it is US.

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  1. They hate, among other things, and perhaps before them , cnts, which are capable of providing otherwise docile vessels with pleasurable sensations that give rise to uppity notions. If they can’t actually have these cnts removed (and don’t put it past them if they get the power), they can at least make them ur-sources of pain, shame, violability, and self-loathing to the vessels.

  2. We ignore and tolerate these unhinged nut cases at our own peril. What they are calling for are serious criminal acts, all felonies, and we just shrug them off. They have the same ruthless and barbaric mindset as ISIS, and they should be dealt with in the same way as we propose to deal with the ISIS terrorists.

  3. He doesn’t care one way or another about abortion. He is using it as an excuse to express his hatred for women which he’ll deny. I believe he is afraid of women doesn’t feel comfortable with them. Most likly he was forced potty trained by his mother and hasn’t gotten over it.

  4. BUT–the guy who impregnates??? Oh yeah–we buy him more Viagra—-
    He can do his thing but women cannot protect themselves from him—-with birth control???

  5. I’d like to know how these men developed their anti-female mentality. Apparently, they do not realize that they are referring to every female in their families when they speak of the female sex this way
    It makes me wonder if they really feel this way, or are they just stating what their core audience wants because of perks they receive. If they are, then, they are taking their first amendment rights too far. All of them are, as it is affecting society

  6. I think Maxie2014 these types of people somehow divide females into the old madonna v whore. The good women are their mothers, wives, and daughters, who never would have sex outside marriage and sex inside marriage they perform only for procreation.

    They don’t see women as real people. Oh yes, they see us as fragile and worthy of protection(until it is to their advantage to toss us under the bus for their benefit.)

    If we are truly seen as a symbol, (madonna/whore) then we lack basic humanity. If men are seen as the standard then the women are something other than. Once a group becomes an “other than” it is then easier to control, kill, restrict, discount them.

  7. I’d like to know who told him the Mongol look was sexy. They must have been laughing when they said it, but he didn’t get the hint.

  8. Conservatives are binary thinkers.

    Science is starting to show that they have physically different brain structures than Progressives.

    While this does not recuse them from their ignorant viewpoint, it show us that they needs to be politically culled from public office.

  9. Just think what these people would be like if they were in power. And most southern baptists I know where I live would go along with them thinking they were christians.

  10. So we all go back to the early 20th century and even further back were cattle and land are more important and women where just baby factories. And everything wrong with the world is because of Eve. Well no one twisted Adams arm and without a woman to produce children we wouldn’t be having this conversation and the glare off that creeps head wouldn’t be blinding me. The guy scares me, if you look at his eyes they are evil and his face is creepy. Go back to the bridge and start thinking about all the women in your life, start with your mother and grandmother because without them you wouldn’t be here to spew your hate. I feel sorry for them having a child/grandchild like you.

  11. Set to execute? I thought the headline of that rag said postpone. I find it amusing that they would try to chastise other countries when here in the good old USA we execute mentally ill people, innocent people and lock up children for life

  12. Just another way to control women. If he had a daughter that had an abortion would he be willing to carry out his evil proposal and kill his own child?

  13. “Men that support Feminism are Frustrated”.

    What a Crock of SHIT.

    Men that treat Women as EQUAL partners have
    MORE Sex and BETTER Sex than those Stupid Men that don’t know any better.

    So Go Ahead. Keep treating Women like Slaves. Every time you do, You make things
    EASIER and BETTER for the rest of the Male population. Thanks for the Help.

  14. My thought is that he should hang with the rest of them. Unf***ingbelievable. Everybody is responsible and thus has to pay the price for the “misdeed,” according to Williamson, except the guy who impregnates the woman. No surprise there.

  15. As a woman, I’m here to tell you, men who treat women as equals are hot! :D

    Seriously, thank you guys. Not only for being human beings that treat other human beings with decency and respect, but for standing by our side as we all fight this war for our freedom and equality and the rights that come with that.

  16. So let me get this right, Republicans have 0% empathy or compassion for anyone unless that person hasn’t been born yet / isn’t actually a person yet.

  17. I will say that have total compassion if you are white, male and rich. Now you may fit the first two but I doubt you are part of the 1%. Then again they do like them some neo-confederates.

  18. Hrafnkell – Please stop calling these evil right-wing criminals Christians. They do not come close to following Christ’s teachings. They have no support in scripture – at least not in any rational view of scripture. You might as well blame the dictionary for what these people believe as blaming the Bible.

    We need a new word for them. Perhaps Foxists? They seem to practice Foxism: the unthinking, hate-filled verbal attacking of anyone who is not just like them in political, social, or economic thought;

  19. When misogynist Kevin says all women who have abortions should be hanged he is including women who have abortions to save their lives.

    An ectopic pregnancy is when the egg is fertilized in the fallopian tube and as it grows it will burst threw the tube and the woman dies of an agonizing death.

    The Catholic Church calls ectopic pregnancies exploding gift from God.

  20. wEll, nto surprising. this comes from the two main churches that oppose abortion and for some believe that gays and their supporters deserve death

    These are the same churches that rape children all over the world by the millions. It not just the catholic celibacy disaster but the baptist of slavery in the past, both who dont allow women to be religious leaders.

    We really need a devils island for these people. Let them live on it where they can live off the land, wonder how long it would be before Isis type beheadings became their solutions for disputes



  21. wlcome to the republican party for the most part – captured by the people who in this nation still think that the wrong side won the civil war

    And whose ideas on women parallel those of extremist islam in saudi land

    A baby factory, kept pregnant and bare foot (so they cant run away) in the kitchen

    Maybe a proper punishment for these nut job extremist mysogonists would be the old punishment for homosexuals in places like Holland, by the catholic churcch

    Turn these guys into almostgirls

    As for bachmann she went to oral roberts university (no kidding) Prob had to give a Blow job to graduate cum failure. She knows exactly which nut buttons to push on the right wingers

    What she really means re boring is a reference to gay sex, whihc drives some conservatives crazy

    Ps here hubby is a gay fixer who obviously wasnt fixed, since he joins here in hatred and she has13 adopted children all certainly mind poisoned like she is courtesy of both her german background and confeder…

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