Bill Maher Unloads On Red State Democrats Who Think Bashing Obama Will Help Them Win


Real Time host Bill Maher had some tough words for Democratic candidates who believe that bashing President Obama will help them win in November. Maher said that Democrats need to stop chasing voters who will never support them.

Maher had this to say about the story that infuriated him most in The New York Times,

Q. What story incited the most fury?

A. Clay Aiken unable to make himself say anything positive about Obama, and saying he didn’t want Obama to come campaign for him. Really, Clay? You’re going to lose. How much worse could it be if the president of the United States came to campaign for you? This is what’s so frustrating about the Democrats: always trying to get votes that are never there, while not exciting their own base. Obama gave people health care, not herpes. Own it. You’re gay in North Carolina. I think the redneck vote has sailed. This could wind up as the beginning of a show-ending monologue on “Real Time.”

Bill Maher is right. When a Democrat begins to act like a Republican in order to win an election, they will lose. Red state Democrats are always tempted to transform into Republican lite in order to attract conservative voters, and it never works. Mark Sanford got elected to the House in a special election because Elizabeth Colbert Busch transformed herself into a Republican clone.

The idea that a visit from the President of the United States would hurt Clay Aiken’s House campaign is self-defeating. A visit from the president would bring national media attention and increase fundraising to any campaign. Cutting the president out of the campaign only helps the Republicans. A visit from the president does fire up the base. Why red state Democratic candidates insist on playing into Republican hands by making President Obama the great unmentionable is a mystery.

George W. Bush ended up in the White House, because Al Gore made the colossal error of being intimidated by Republicans into cutting Bill Clinton out of the 2000 campaign. If Bill Clinton would have been on the stump for Gore in 2000, the election may never have come down to Florida. One of the worst things that many Democratic candidates do is ignoring their own base while courting voters that would never vote for them.

Trying to attract voters who hate your party and think the president is a Kenyan Marxist socialist is a strategy that is always destined to fail. Republican voters in many states will never give a Democratic candidate a chance, so instead of chasing support that will never be there, Democrats would be well served to pay attention to the people who will actually vote for them.

15 Replies to “Bill Maher Unloads On Red State Democrats Who Think Bashing Obama Will Help Them Win”

  1. I don’t care how crazy red your state or district is, when you bash your president and refuse to have him campaign for you, you cease to be a Democrat. That is cowardice and cowardice and dishonesty are for Republicans! Not Democrats and Not Americans.

  2. Oh, so bang on. So infuriating! Watching AlisonforKY doing the same. It’s a slap in the face to the Dems you DO have and undermines your own credibility. I.E. which party are you running for? Be an Independent if that’s really how you feel!

  3. I don’t think the Prez should be bashed, he represents your party. Do you see Republicans bashing Bush? Campaign on the issues.

  4. This is all about the consultants like Mark Penn who try to run to the center. What that center is they never defined it

    But they don’t care because they still get paid and come the next election cycle lather rinse and repeat. That is why they are dummycrats

  5. Any red state Democrat who bashes the president and/or the party no matter how unpopular, shouldn’t be running as a Democrat. People can see through this hypocrisy & it only hurts the candidate as the voters they hope to attract will never vote for them no matter how far right they turn.

    Any politician who can’t stay true to their belifs & convictions shows that they don’t know themselves or their intended audience & have no business running in the first place. If red state Dems don’t understand that the fundamental point of running as a Dem is that they’re supposed to be different from the GOP, then they deserve to lose.

    Democratic candidates should be proud to be running as Democrats.

  6. Maher is right on. He’s is one of the few media pundits who calls out the extreme hypocrisy of all Republicans, and phony Democrats.

  7. 100% agree!

    Same deal with these Democratic “groups” on FB, they allow people to get on those pages to bash Obama and his policies and lately Hillary. I think that is bullshit. You are–or you arent–a Democrat for the Democrats.

    Anymore I leave those supposed Democratic groups that allow the trolls and fake Democrats to do this. Others seeing this happen should leave as well.

  8. I like Maher’s line:
    “Obama gave us OBAMACARE NOT Herpes!”
    “Own it not run away from it.”

    LOL Ha! True. All the two faced Democrats should LOSE! Period. Nobody want’s a fence sitter, no matter what party. Either you’re in or you are OUT!

  9. What do these folks think they’re proving by distancing themselves from the president? All they’re doing is showing their cowardice by caving in to the whims of folks who harbor unreasoning hatred for the president.

  10. I agree with bill maher to a point, BUT this is some serious sh*t and we are less than 5 weeks till election day. This is crunch time. dems are not after style points. we are after election wins and seats at all costs. if the red state dems feel Obama bashing improves their chances, then so be it. we must keep our senate control and regain house control if we are ever to get out of this Republican dysfunctional funk we find ourselves in today.

  11. We can’t afford to let any Democrats lose. I would rather hold my nose and vote for any Democrat than not vote and let a Republican win. If you don’t like the Democrat who won the nomination in your district, just consider your vote for she/he as an anti-Republican vote, but please DO VOTE! no matter what.

  12. What we fail to realize is that many of these so called Democrats like Mark Begich are really Republicans in disguise. They run on the Democratic ticket but don’t share the same a goals. I’m going independent in the next election.

  13. And you do know that one of the two parties will be in power that will set the agenda. So seeing we have a 2party system not 10 exactly what do you hope to accomplish? Unless you were one of those naderites that gave us this current SCOTUS but don’t worry they all the same

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