The College Republicans Put Out the Most Offensively Sexist Ad Ever for Rick Snyder

wedding dress rick synder

Vote for Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI), girls, because wedding dresses are all you understand.

“Rick Snyder is becoming a trusted brand!” Or wedding dress. Which is the same as voting to you girls.

To wit:

When “moderate nerd” has been exposed as a total fraud, the war on women is manifesting with Fox News calling female pilots “boobs on the ground” and conservative columnists are saying women who get abortions should be hanged, there’s nothing left but to appeal to women with wedding dresses.

Now ladies, you know you’ve forgotten all about equal pay, the minimum wage and authority over your own body because “Brittney said ‘yes’ to Rick Snyder!”

Seriously. That’s how the GOP plans to win women over because all women understand is saying yes to a wedding dress/man.

Snyder’s Democratic opponent, former U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 7th congressional district, Mark Schauer must be side eying this ad in wonder. Are Republicans trying to score for the other team?

The really bad news is since this was put out by the College Republicans, even the “young guns” are 1950s regressive Archies, which means that rebranding is becoming an even dimmer dream for the national party.

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  1. The only voting demographic the GOP have not offended are heterosexual, male WASP. This voting block is dying out. If the If Republicans want to send all voting demographics that are sane bolting the doors to vote for Democrats, who am I to complain?

  2. Not to nit-pic, but the correct term for execution by rope is “hanged.”

    I know that no noose is good noose, but there it is.

    Other than that, well-done.

  3. The wedding dress ad just shows the ignorance of the CollegRepublicans. This is 2014, not 1931 when women were expected to get married, have babies, say home to COW TOW to husbands. Many of today’s WOMEN prefer a career and friends with benefits.

  4. The samed identical ad is being used in Florida with the names changed to Rick Scott and Charlie Crist. Time named this ad “The most sexist political ad of the year”. I wonder how many other states are being targeted.

  5. All of the GOP ads here in Michigan have been horrible. Whether the target is Schauer (for governor), Peters (for US Senate), or here in northern Michigan for Canon (for US House), the GOP ads have been nasty and full of misinformation. Much of the ad money is coming from, guess who, the Koch Brothers.

  6. They have no shame
    Mich GOP goes to the gutter, mailer asks people to call Dem candidate’s mother who is in hospice
    This story is beyond disgusting. The Michigan Republican Party has mailed out a hit piece on John Fisher the Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 61st House district. The mailer asks the recipient to call a phone number to complain about Fisher’s support of the Affordable Care Act. The number they give rings at the bedside of Fisher’s mother, 91-year-old Isabel Marie Kramb, who is in hospice care with congestive heart failure.

    Click on the link to read the whole story and too see the mailer

  7. I have a friend with 2 kids in college now and according to them it is the Republican/Conservative groups/students that are the most rude, bigoted and misogynistic of the student body.

  8. Now we know why the ad cost a millions bucks to produce:

    “The [insert candidate’s name here] dress is perfect…”

    Yes, a generic come-on works so well for traveling monster-truck rallies, and professional wrestling contests, of course gluing a specific candidate’s name on a generic ad demonstrates just how much intellectual energy the College Republicans have – the same amount necessary to jump-start a 1904 Packard.

    Those old classics never go out of style.

  9. And yet, despite the massive insults to most of the American voting public, the Republicans are predicted to take the Senate.

    I keep asking: what will finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? What will make women stop voting for Republicans?

  10. And as an homage to the College Republicans’ ad (and as a suggestion for an ad for their Democratic opponents to use), allow me to repost a comment I made on Raw Story, in response to this brilliant ad campaign:

    “The cheap [insert republican candidate’s name here] dress fell apart on the way up the aisle, leaving her the option of holding up the ring-bearer to cover her private parts. And when she went to complain, a big new sign on the door, said ‘NO Returns! All Sales final.'”

  11. And now Brittany is preggers and the baby daddy denies responsibility, takes all her money, blames her for his problems then disappears.

  12. I live in Michigan and Synder et al have done so much damage: taxing senior pensions, signing right to work (less) law even though he said it wasn’t on his agenda, education cuts, attacks on women’s rights by RWNJs in Lansing and our horrible roads to name a few things. Yet this morning in the Detroit News they reported that Synder is ahead. WTF?????

  13. Then Britney will be condemned by the repubs for having to use Medicaid and welfare. But she’s having that baby!

  14. Don’t get discouraged, the polls are bollocks! It’s just another way to discourage people from voting. Total BS!

  15. All this hoopla about polls, and the media saying this election will be a republican wave is nothing more than the right wing trying to further suppress the vote by discouraging democrats to vote. GOTV!!! Screw them.

  16. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back has already been put on the camel. This election will be a wave election for the democrats, and the media and pundits will have a lot of explaining to do on November 5th just like they did in 2012.

    People have had it with the republicans.

  17. The truth is students have been destroyed by debt, and the only people helped by Obamacare are those billionaire friends of the administration who are exempt from it. Jobs are nowhere to be found and while the democrats are b*tchin about a wedding dress commercial most of us out of school won’t be able to afford it after 6 years of commercials lying about how much better we are doing. Stop passing the buck, stop the propaganda. It would be nice to be able to live like the Obama children and the extremely wealthy royal Chelsea. Funny royalty and wealth only works if you are a democrat. Your party has been in power 6 years and we are all sick of hearing the democrats laying off blame and pushing debt to my demographic. Enough is enough. I was never a republican but I am now. The country is a mess and btw see if you Einsteins can hire someone who knows how to lock the front the door of the White House. I would like my President protected if that is not too much to ask!!!

  18. I do believe you have your parties mixed up. If memory serves, it was the TPGOP who did not want education costs to be reduced through lower interest. The same party does not want people to have health care. They would also really like it if there was no higher education available to the average person and they also want to have jurisdiction over what you are taught in high school. The dumber the better as far as they are concerned. A goodly portion of the wealth is controlled by that party also. Stop with the Fox entertainment and do some research on your own. That same group of people promised jobs at the last election but that was a pure figment of imagination.

  19. I see their dumbing down technique worked on you. Or did your GOP husband beat this much stupidity into you?

  20. Holy Cripe! I’m not a Democrat, Republican or female, but how could any woman not be completely taken aback by such drivel? This ad reminds me of those old movies and radio shows where men referred to their wives as “the little woman”. Is this 2014, or did I accidentally fall into a DeLorean loaded with Plutonium?

  21. Charlottechal, take it from someone who was probably voting when you were in diapers that it is your new found buddies the Republicans ARE the reason why this nation is in a mess. These are the FACTS charlotte, face them or just hide your head up the ass of the Reich Wing and mumble. You are as blind as the proverbial bat and your kind of cowardice and ignorance belong in the Republican party, Have Fun and knock your self out.

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