Conservative Blames President Obama For His Own Potential Assassination


While writing about the problems at the Secret Service, the absurd conclusion was drawn that if President Obama gets assassinated it will be his own fault.

Discredited conservative Ronald Kessler discussed the problems at the Secret Service in a column for Politico magazine, and somehow came to the conclusion that Obama would be to blame for his own assassination,

Despite the obvious danger to himself and his own family, President Obama refuses to replace Pierson. The truth is that no internal reviews or congressional hearings will change the Secret Service’s broken management culture. It needs better leadership. As in any organization, only a CEO who comes from the outside can make the necessary changes. That’s a major reason why Robert S. Mueller III, a veteran prosecutor and former Justice Department official who became director of the FBI, was able to change the direction and culture of the bureau after 9/11, orienting it toward preventing future attacks.

Agents tell me it’s a miracle an assassination has not already occurred. Sadly, given Obama’s colossal lack of management judgment, that calamity may be the only catalyst that will reform the Secret Service.

Kessler’s column is proof that conservatives will blame Obama for anything, including his own death. This was a horrible and shallow attempt to turn a serious problem into a partisan issue. The protection of the president, no matter what party he/she is from, should be beyond partisan politics.

The conservative theory is that Obama is such a terrible leader and manager that he is going to get himself killed, but a management culture like the Secret Service’s does not happen overnight. It doesn’t happen over the course of a single presidency. It takes years and in some cases decades to surface. Congress is responsible for both funding and oversight of the Secret Service. While House Republicans have been chasing bogus Benghazi and IRS investigations, no one was doing the real job of oversight.

It is a joke that Kessler believes that Obama could just “fix” the Secret Service. The president does not have unlimited power, but ignoring reality and their responsibility for the outcomes of their bad decisions is the Republican way.

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  1. Of course Kessler’s article leaves out one large stinking fact: since this occurred exactly zero congressional House or Senate members have even suggested restoring the Secret Service funds cut by sequestration. Their fake concern for the president and his family’s safety, is glaringly apparent.

  2. So let me get this straight, President Obama should allow a group of teabaggers to choose his Secret Service director so he and his family will be safe?

  3. To follow up my last post, readers should write their congressional representatives (especially those with republican reps) and demand they restore adequate funding for increased Secret Service staffing. It’s the bare least they could do. But of course they won’t do it until another republican wins the presidency. Then they’ll force increased spending, to protect “their” president. I just wrote mine (Duncan Hunter Jr.) and I would ask that you all do the same.

  4. If Obama was to be assassinated it would be the republicans wet dream. Their irrational hatred of him trumps their patriotism. I wonder if their cuts to the Secret Service was a way to entice their wet dream in to reality?

  5. You have to have experience in a job, in order to be able to lead others that do that job. What do you expect from a city counselor from Chicago with no military experience? Did you expect he would have a better understanding of how to run the secret service because there is gun violence in Chicago? No military experience equals no ability to protect himself, or us.

  6. Complete Bullshit. The president sets policy based on what his advisers tell him. Bush never had any experience but he killed off 5000+ Americans.
    3 years in the Senate, 8 years in the state senate couple years as a community organizer, several years law

    Lets face it, while you spread complete bullshit you have no idea what you are talking about.

  7. Criminy, the IGNORANCE you spew is ASTOUNDING.

    People like you are why the President is in constant danger.

    Just go away. Go back to StormFront.

  8. It wouldn’t surprise me if it discovered that they are behind the attempts to kill him and his family. The SS they have seem to be looking the other way when they hear gun fire saying it is a truck backfiring. Not even bothering to check it out. Letting this guy get in the White House and walk around. Yeah I think it might be an inside job. People are spreading hate and sending signals that he isn’t for the US but out to destroy this country. They have no facts or basis for their claims; just hatred and racism.

  9. Your ignorant post shows the racist attitude of right-wingers. Why haven’t congressional republicans demanded those sequestration cuts restored? Why do they want to get him killed, by refusing to adequately fund the Secret Service?

  10. Tye45, the gun violence in Chicago can be blamed squarely on the NRA and gun nuts in politics. I have rarely read a comment that was so completely wrong and rambling going nowhere. Turn OFF Fox News and seek help.

  11. I must disagree. Obama’s assassination is the last thing the Conservatives want. Think about it: Obama is assassinated, Biden automatically becomes President. Any conservative running for political office (either 2014 or 2016) would be unable to attack Obama anymore. Biden would be the automatic candidate for the democratic party in 2016.

  12. Exactly Di. I would also follow the money on this as well. There is no love of country or patriotism in the republican party, and the right wing. They all became part of the KKK when Obama was elected.

  13. Be glad when the top tier Roaches return to the congressional nest. Maybe the Roaches in training will leave this post.

  14. This is an attempt by Obama to scare away all the GOP candidates for President!! It is so obvious to any tea baggers mentality. Fox will no don’t make this spin to suit their low food chain base following.

  15. I disagree. They would go after Biden as well. Republicans are anti-American, and I wouldn’t put it past them to try to start a violent civil war once they are voted out of power entirely.

  16. Since Obama became president and we have been subjected to the hate, nastiness, lies
    and racism from the right, and knowing there are so many uninformed voters who believe that garbage, I have long worried that they were trying to set up the president for some idiot to try harming him.
    I still think I am right, in spite of their
    fake concern at the hearings yesterday.

  17. We should actually think about hiring some very “Loyal and Professional” (highly recommended and “vouched for” by the individual “Mob-Bosses” themselves) “Mafia Security Personal” from the various Mobs and Gangs to protect the POTUS and his family. Place them “In Charge of Security” at the White House etc. They don’t “play games” (I hear) and it would “Dishonor” their individual gang’s “Reputations” if they did. In my opinion. Plus we need to “Relocate” the POTUS to a “SECURE AREA” now. The White House is “NOT” a “SECURE AREA” (in it’s present location and structural status). In my opinion. When you cant “trust” your own “assigned” security personal its time to make some changes, quickly.

  18. The White House (itself) is actually a “Historical-Building”, “Museum” and “Public site” for “ALL” of the worlds “tourists” to visit and actually “walk-thru” (one door away from the POTUS and his family)) on a “Daily-Basis”. And Because of this “Public-Accessibility” feature it is “NOT” A “SECURE LOCATION” for the POTUS and other world diplomats and leaders to “Occupy” or “Work” in. We have all been really very “Lucky” so far. In my opinion. The White House “Security” is a “farce”. It has “proven” itself too be just that. So far…

  19. And the number of conservatives who are besides themselves that the President hasn’t been assassinated yet, is…? No matter what happens with the Obama Presidency, history will be kind to Barack Obama. When you look at the slow torture the Republicans have put him through since 2008, you will understand.
    I am not the President, but I am Barack Obama.

  20. So….who would want our President gone? People within our own country for financial reasons? RW religious fanatics, militia RW hate groups ( militarized or lone wolves) or foreigners because of his national policy or financial restrictions he’s put in place?
    Who knows, The entire White House may need to be scrubbed and bugged along with all personnel with any contact with the administration. Immediately!

  21. Of course it’s all Obama’s fault. He got elected, didn’t he? He has the nerve to govern while Black, doesn’t he?

  22. The TGOPs have been fertilizing the soil since 2008 and would be totally responsible if, God forbid, something happens to the President.

  23. Tye, just exactly what type of experience would prepare ANYONE for the position of POTUS. As far as I can recall, none of our previous Presidents have had that kind of experience. Reagan — a B-grade actor; George W. Bush — a failed entrepeneur and a deserter from the Texas National Guard. Very few of the previous Presidents have had ANY military experience. There were candidates who did — Al Gore and John Kerry are both Vietnam vets.

  24. I say, remove the Republican Secret Service personnel and replace them with Democrats. there! Problem solved.

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