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Grand Jury Looking Into Michael Brown Shooting Now Being Investigated For Misconduct

The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office is now investigating potential misconduct surrounding the grand jury that is currently investigating the shooting of Michael Brown. On August 9th, the unarmed 18-year-old was shot six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Since the shooting, Wilson has been on paid administrative leave and has not been charged with a crime. St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, instead of looking at the evidence himself and issuing any subsequent charges, decided to use a grand jury to decide Wilson’s fate. McCulloch has also not directed the grand jury towards any specific charges that should be levied. Instead, he’s allowing them to decide for themselves what charges (if any) Wilson should be indicted on.

On Wednesday morning, activist and Daily Kos writer Shaun King highlighted some tweets from a St. Louis resident who claimed that she knew one of the grand jury members and that her friend said that it looked like there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Wilson. Ed Magee, McCulloch’s spokesman, confirmed to the Washington Post that King’s twitter feed was the reason why the county was investigating the grand jury for misconduct.

Below are selected tweets from King detailing the suspected leak:



While it is quite possible the person who posted that info on Twitter was exaggerating or just plain lying, it absolutely needs to be investigated. The fact that she deleted her entire Twitter account makes one think that there might be some truth behind what she sent out. I agree with what King said — McCulloch opened the door for this to happen by not only sending this to the grand jury but by extending out the time for them to hear evidence and investigate this matter. It has been argued all along by people in Ferguson and beyond that McCulloch’s objectivity is an issue when it comes to law enforcement and that he is going to do anything possible to give him cover while also allowing Wilson to walk.

This investigation is only going to infuriate the people who are looking for justice more. There is already a huge amount of distrust when it comes to the local police departments and the prosecutor’s office. More and more, people feel that local government is doing its best to screw them over and ensure that justice will not be served. This is why the protests in Ferguson that have continued since Brown’s death are a true watershed moment in recent American history. The people there are letting the powers that be know that they aren’t going to take it anymore. Change needs to come. And it needs to come now.

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  • It's time for the Justice Dept. to take over. These local yokels have no intentions of doing a fair and unbiased investigation.

    They're the Faux Snooze of jurisprudence.

  • Kudos to Shawn King. Hire that volunteer, Daily Kos. There's actual investigative journalism going on here, and that alone gives me an intellectual erection. But brain-boners aside, the prosecutor's ham sandwich seems to have spoiled, if you get my meaning.

  • Instead of investigating the grand jury the grand wizard Bob McCulloch should be made to answer a few questions

  • Is it possible the lady posted this just to cause more trouble and left it up just long enough for someone to see.

  • It has been pass time to charge this prosector with of obstruction of justice. It is not the pout that he decided to turn this matter over to the grand jury. The point is that grand juries are prosectors clown show for cover to deny justice. If all the facts are not presented, the line used is " if you make it not fit, then any jury must acquit". This bastard knew that it would completely clear him. Can see him in front of the cameras making that claim. This case should have been in outside hands from the onset. Then to, one should not expect much more when comes to justice for people of color these days. A clown show with the main clown jester being the justice system. So many times across this country excuses are made for killing Black men by law enforcement and absolutely nothing is done. Karma will sure visit, but why should karma be necessary in the first place. Justice is proclaimed to be blind, but these days its eye are wide open shut with a White tunnel visioned mentality.

    • Eddie, this post has nothing to do with yours. It is a comment on the fact that today I believe all black people should have picture phones on them at all times.
      Just watched Another video, of another black person being Tazered by Police. 62 years old walking down a street, with no side walks, when police were reacting to some sort of illegal activities.(on raw story) Once again this was videoed. six police men standing around, all not doing any thing to help this poor women.
      I don't have a cell phone, don't like them, but am beginning to think, they may keep police in check. The video's in the latest police wrong doings, have proven to be the decision of all guilty actions of police lately...My advice to all black people. Get a picture cell, keep it close, use it!!

  • Jeepers. We had reason to suspect the game was rigged in favor of the killer cop but this is so blatant and flagrant as to be stunning.

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