Pierson Resigns As President Obama Concludes New Leadership Was Necessary in Secret Service


Julia Pierson, Director of the Secret Service, resigned on Wednesday following a hearing into the spate of Secret Service failures, some of which happened before she was directing the agency.

Director Jeh Johnson of the Department of Homeland Security announced the resignation via a statement. The Secret Service is under the purview of the DHS, a move questioned by Timothy P Carney, Senior Political Columnist of the Washington Examiner:

Very good question. The Secret Service has been under the DHS since March of 2003.

This happened as White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced that “the President concluded that new leadership of that agency was required.”

The issues at the Secret Service existed before Pierson, who has only been in her position for under two years. The White House residence was shot at in November of 2011, exposing both First Daughters to peril, including Sasha Obama who was in the residence at the time. But top ranking Democrats have expressed their lack of faith in her ability to get the organization under control, including Representative Cummings and even Leader Pelosi.

The interim director will be Joseph Clancy, formerly a Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protective Division of the Secret Service.

10 Replies to “Pierson Resigns As President Obama Concludes New Leadership Was Necessary in Secret Service”

  1. People in power are never fired, they always resign so they can claim their pensions and mooch off taxpayers.

  2. It has become crystal clear that job number one at the once professional Secret Service is: protecting your own reputation, protecting your own career, protecting the reputation of the Secret Service as a whole, protecting the reputations of individual Secret Service members, and promoting the illusion that all is well within the Secret Service. The thing is, NONE of that has anything to do with what the ONLY job of the Secret Service is: protecting the President and Vice President of the United States and their families. Period!

  3. Ok….whose next? That whole agency seems to be a RW who cares if the president, First Lady, and their children get hurt agency! Cleanse them ALL. Look at their background, political beliefs and affiliations….they should be fully on the presidents side if they are willing to die for him, or they will let him die!

  4. That isn’t their only job; the Secret Service is also responsible for investigating counterfeit currency.

  5. Thats why repubs did the sequester. She had to cut 550 ss jobs because of repubs. The sequester was designed to keep the 1% richer. Their cuts are impacting all govt services so people dont get help of any kind. Kinda like them making it difficult to vote. ,people get mad, blame obama. They’re taking 8 billion from food stamps for people they destroyed with their policies and were forced to go on food stamps then call them lazy and take that away too. Babies mpthers children elders are starving being left homeless because of lying cold blooded greedy Koch bitch ass hole repubs! And you people voting for them have caused this misery on us all. It will catch up to you too. B/c They dont give a shit about about non rich non white Americans. May they all rot in hell!

  6. When the millenial grow up and become the leaders of the free world, not one will be 1 solid race but 2 or more races. That will keep happening, the races will keep mixing and making interracial babies. I find them to be very beautiful babies when interracially mixed. Thats when there will be no more racism because there will no superior race. Just good people. Oh yeah, and by then, no such thing as a republicant!

  7. I am not so sure. Races try very hard right now to keep their kids marrying their own race. I bet it will be a long time before you see one mixed race

  8. Oh, please!

    Can we quit labeling each other? Better yet, can we quit the stuff about ‘beautiful bi- and multi- racial children’? Talk about infecting others with your own prejudices…

    Race is an invented concept — differences within groups are bigger than differences between them. Racism is something that happens between the ears of the insecure.

  9. I agree with Tiger Lily, the sequestration
    cut the budget for the secret service – but they also had cut it for the VA, also for the protection of embassies like Bengahzi.
    The republicans cut all of these things so
    people like Romney or the oil companies & super rich pay not taxes.
    They also cut the budget for Ebola research, I wonder when that shoe will drop!
    And all the time – Blame Obama!

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