How To Lose A Senate Election: Joni Ernst Wants to Discuss Privatizing Social Security

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Republican Iowa Senate Candidate Joni Ernst, whose castration of the swine in DC ad earned her a devoted conservative following, thinks “we all need to sit down” in a bipartisan manner to discuss privatizing Social Security.

That alarm bell ringing in your head is warning you that “we need to sit down” is the equivalent of “It’s not you.” It is you, and by sit down and talk, they mean they have already made up their minds.

Siouxland Matters (ht/ Greg Sargent) reported:

Ernst and South Dakota Senator John Thune met with votes in Sgt. Bluff Wednesday. According to polling results from the Des Moines Register, Ernst enjoys strong support in rural areas, even though her opponent has hammered the republican for her comments on privatizing social security, a hot button subject for ageing Iowans
“I talk about those options,” said Ernst. “I think we all need to sit down together in a bipartisan manner and work through the options which there are many, in order to solve this issue. However Congressman Braley has used this issue every two years in a reelection cycle to scare seniors, but not do anything to solve the problems.”

In 2010, Tea Party Koch Republicans ran as “moderate” Republicans, and then when elected set about in a Great Collective Heist to steal from the poor to give to the rich. They went after unions, poor babies, unwed mothers, the elderly, the Veterans Administration, they shut down the government after wildly and irresponsibly slashing budgets – but they always had more money to give to big business.

So when someone like that says we need to “talk” about privatizing Social Security, it should bring about the same reaction as Ernst’s proud castration ad did for sane people. Especially after the debate against her Democratic opponent is Bruce Braley in which she repeated Tea Party talking points like a broken record.

Factcheck: There is no need to privatize Social Security. Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit, as Republican hero Ronald Reagan explained :

“Social Security, let’s lay it to rest once and for all… Social security has nothing to do with the deficit. Social Security is totally funded by the payroll tax levied on employer and employee. If you reduce the outgo of Social Security, that money would not go into the general fund or reduce the deficit. It would go into the Social Security Trust Fund. So Social Security has nothing to do with balancing a budget or raising or lowering the deficit.”

Not only that, but Social Security is also not going broke. A 2013 Social Security trustees report found that the program will be able to pay every benefit until 2033.

Ironically, it is the Republicans’ own Medicare Part D that “threatens to explode entitlement costs”. Dan Gross explained in The Daily Beast that it is the “Republican-designed Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit that threatens to explode entitlement costs, by as much as $1 trillion in 10 years.”

Speaker John Boehner has even admitted that there is no debt crisis, but Republicans want to gut Social Security and Medicare anyway. They will use any excuse to gut it. In other words, “we need to talk about this” is code for “it’s over.”

Privatizing sounds good on the surface, but of course, if it worked these social safety net programs would not have been needed in the first place. Republicans have been trying to privatize Social Security and Medicare for years. It is on their agenda, no matter what they tell voters in an election year. Their minds are made up, and there is nothing to “discuss”.

If Republicans are really concerned about Social Security and Medicare, they might try cutting their buddies off from looting the treasury of the taxpayers’ money. Or they could raise or eliminate the cap on the payroll tax. They could do a lot of things before coming after the people’s rather paltry safety net. But they have already made up their minds. They are just looking for a good excuse to hang it on. It’s not you… But it is.

This concludes this session of how to lose a senate seat, GOP style. Ernst should be following her Republican playbook of denying that she is going to do whatever the party tells her to do. She should be pretending that on this issue, she breaks with the Republican Party’s platform. But no one is going to accuse Joni Ernst of being super astute.

21 Replies to “How To Lose A Senate Election: Joni Ernst Wants to Discuss Privatizing Social Security”

  1. She’s doing everything in her power to blow this election sky high… which would be funny as hell considering she’s the Farmland version of Sarah Palin.

    Then, I realize this: It’s Iowa. The state is mostly full of nincompoops who think Steve King is a freaking genius.

  2. Please proceed, Joni. How about you talk about the heinous regulations on the poor oil companies who make billions and STILL get tax breaks, in fact, who get REFUNDS! Talk about how evil abortion is, and how closing clinics HELPS women in need of contraception. Talk about how well unregulated charter schools are educating our kids, and how public education just needs less money and more oversight, and how teachers are the problem (oh, and their evil unions!) Talk about how people just need to work harder, not earn more money, and all will be well. Keep talking Joni. Pretty soon, only Palin will be listening.

  3. In other words she wants to “castrate” your benefits at gun point and give the “flesh” to the corporate overlords who get monsters like Joni elected.

  4. Not all of us in Iowa are nincompooos. I don’t like in Steve Kings district, and I would never vote for him or Ernst, to me they are both a waste of space.

  5. That’s why I said ‘mostly’, Ryan. I realize that there are people in Iowa (mainly those who live in the bigger cities) who realize what shams they are.

  6. The biggest one in Iowa is the poll released by the Des Moines Register on this past Sunday and Braley is down by 6 to Ernst.

  7. Joni Ernst would like our Social Security checks to fund her election so she can pay back the Koch Brothers. Any volunteers?

  8. I heard yesterday that Braley said something stupid on tape about uneducated farmers and now he is trailing by 6 points. Let’s hope it blows over before the election

  9. Joni is appealing to the farmers, because a lot of them probably only paid the minimum into Social Security and are getting very low Social Security checks. She probably has made them think if Social Security is privatized they will get larger checks.

  10. If he said it then I guess the truth hurts. Iowa farmers depend on corn subsidies for ethanol which comes from corn. I have driven through Iowa and all you see are cornfields. Ernst is a kochsucking puppet whose wet dreams are getting rid of the subsidies. Now we can have a argument should we be giving them welfare but the farmers do depend on them and for them to vote against their interest, well that is the true meaning of uneducated

  11. I suggest a compromise, since the social security lockbox is full of government IOUs and precious little cash:

    Privatize social security and let each individual wage earner determine how to invest their own money, but, when the money in the account runs out, you follow the Comrade Zeke Emanuel plan- you die as soon as you put a burden onto the backs of your fellow citizens.

  12. Braley made a comment during a fundraiser, how a farmer with no legal degree could end up being the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was aimed, basically, at Grassley, who needs to retire!

    I agree with Braley on that issue. Grassley’s voting record in Congress is disturbing to anyone even slightly left of center.

    Joni Ernst would make GrASSley look like a lefty.

    I just hope sanity reigns and the people get out and VOTE!

  13. Silly rabbit. I see you have a severe case of amnesia or did your 401k grow during the last bank robbery by your masters

  14. The same way King appeals to farmers, if only they would look at his voting record, they would realize he doesn’t vote for farmer’s best interests. King is an embarrassment to our state!

  15. I can see a cartoon of her castrating a pig labeled social security. The knife would be labeled privatization.

    The helmet head republican woman with a wicked smile dressed by a Koch styler to charm Iowa.

  16. Keep shooting off your mouth joani, not everyone in your district is as stupid as you are. I just hope the majority are smart enough to not vote for you.

  17. So Ryan are you saying that your trying to help show what this lady is by sharing this article to other Iowans? Because that is what you in that state ought to be doing!

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