Racist Fox Troll Claims African Ebola Patients Will Seek Out ‘Witch Doctors’ For Treatment

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During a segment on Fox News’ Outnumbered Thursday, the network’s favorite little racist troll, Andrea Tantaros, claimed Africans traveling to the United States who may possibly be infected with the Ebola virus won’t go to hospitals, but instead seek out witch doctors for treatment. The discussion on the show first centered on news surrounding the first Ebola patient in the United States, Thomas Eric Duncan, and the fact that he was initially allowed to leave a hospital with antibiotics after being admitted for a fever and abdominal pains. Two days later, and ten days after he had first arrived from Liberia, Duncan tested positive for Ebola. It is now thought that he may have come into contact with as many as 100 people since first arriving in America.


When it was time for Tantaros to talk, she did her usual job of semi-coherent blathering combined with full-on racial stereotyping. She first complained that “we can’t look to people for human intelligence. We just can’t!” I want you to please re-read that quote and then try to make sense of it. It appears she’s saying we can’t count on humans to be as smart as humans. It seems to me that Tantaros got confused when putting together whatever word salad she had prepared and just hoped for the best when she opened her mouth.

After that little morsel of WTF, Tantaros then moved on to her favorite pastime — saying awful things about people of color. Tantaros said we can’t trust people from Africa to be truthful about their activities, and we also can’t trust that they will do the right thing if they feel symptoms. At the same time, she also claimed that they want to come to the US in order to get treatment, seemingly contradicting the point she was trying to make about African people going to witch doctors.


“We may see people getting on flights saying they haven’t come in contact with anybody and maybe they have because they want treatment in the US. We are not equipped to handle this, and at the time we should be preparing the President was dancing in Martha’s Vineyard and assuring us this would never happen. I’ll say it before, I’ll say it again — in these countries they don’t believe in traditional medical care. So someone could get off a flight and seek treatment from a witch doctor who practices santeria.”

Well, that’s a nice little bundle of fear mongering, racist crazy. You also have to love the shot at the President. You know, just for good measure.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:




There are ways to discuss the threat of the Ebola virus on a global scale and what it might mean for the United States. And then there’s the way Fox News discusses it. Which is pretty much how they discuss any serious topic.

95 Replies to “Racist Fox Troll Claims African Ebola Patients Will Seek Out ‘Witch Doctors’ For Treatment”

  1. Well Andrea using that conservative formula I surmise that you will be seeking out for your treatment a “Bitch” doctor…

  2. Only witch doctors here are those self proclaimed,good religious fanatics of the right wing party.

  3. It’s called Conservatism Shiva it is a Mental Disorder and it is contagious, and we who are not afflicted are called ill.

  4. At Fox,
    nothing has to make sense.
    it doesn’t even have to be true.
    They start EVERY story now with
    an !ALERT! This is by design.
    Their audience is comprised of
    people who grew up when ALERT
    meant something REALLY important
    was happening. They are then encouraged
    to FEAR EVERYTHING! Trust US! It’s
    Really Scary out there & no one is
    covering it but US! Keep it on Fox!
    We’ll keep you safe!
    and they believe it………….

  5. Methinx Ms. Tantaros is overcompensating for being the only nonblonde nonWASP on the Fox News henroost.

  6. So, how many times have you been asked to pray for someone who’s ill? How is that different than the patient seeking help from a witch doctor? In both cases are they not seeking help from the supernatural.

  7. SO, she bitches that you can’t trust people from Africa to do the right thing when they have symptoms, yet this is the guy that went TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM and specifically TOLD THEM that he had come from Liberia and described the exact symptoms, and they gave him antibiotics, naproxen and sent him on his way. But it is Texas after all.

  8. Why would anyone from Liberia bother to come to the U.S. to find a witch doctor? If they’re looking for a village idiot, we got those.

  9. I just read this and watched the video after watching Rachel Maddow’s segment on the missteps in Texas and her detailing protocols practiced in Nigeria which stopped Ebola from spreading there. What a day and night difference between these two reports.

    I have a bigger concern that Fox viewers won’t believe protocols, will become paranoid and now believe all dark skin people use witch doctors.

  10. Nope. She’s an idiot because she’s an idiot. You’ll have to ask her the reason she got that way.

  11. “African Ebola Patients Will Seek Out ‘Witch Doctors’ For Treatment”

    So where’s the beef? Isn’t that the GOP’s healthcare proposal?

  12. http://africanshamanism-anth375.blogspot.com/

    Above is a blog. If you want more information (which I’m sure you don’t), you can google information for yourself.

    It would not be so unusual for an African person to seek out a Shaman, Witch Doctor or a Medicine Man. This would not be all that different than an Amish person seeking assistance from his church or spiritual leader.

    I’m not sure if Tantaros knew what she was talking about or not. However, Shamanism is not that unusual in Africa.

    The only thing racist about any of this is the stupidity of the people reacting with their idiotic and usual faux outrage.

    Learn about Africa before you run off at the mouth. #Morons

  13. Look no one is denying that witch doctors are in Africa but it is her that station racist attitude that people object to. Now being pale skin I know you cant hear the dog whistle but I can and I don’t need you to tell me about where my people came from. A little Rudyard Kipling in you I see

  14. Truly an U likeable young woman. Has a nasty face that if it becomes frozen,little children will run screaming. Her true nature is. Wing nasty and it shows. No wonder Fox hired her. She’s dumb and not a nice person. It’s either blonde or brunette bimbos for them.

  15. The fact of the matter is all travel except for essential aid must be halted from these ebola infected countries. The enterovirus that is spreading across the country is indeed from all of the recent illegals that were dispersed throughout the USA. American citizens are dying because of lax border policies. And now this government wants to throw Ebola into the mix. I hope everyone on here realizes that most of Africa has halted all travel from these 3 countries that are epidemic with Ebola – are they racist for doing so. Someone mentioned Nigeria and their success in halting the spread. They stopped all travel from ebola infected countries.

  16. he lied to get into the country. He is a liar. He needs to be prosecuted both here and in Liberia. What he did is attempted murder.

  17. Oh bullshit. No one is dying from illegals. Did steve Doocy tell you that? There is no ebola in Mexico for gods sake. Learn to THINK

  18. Bullshit

    He was sent home by his company, he never even knew he had ebola till 10 days after he got here. Damm, dont you read?

  19. The enterovirus that is spreading across the country is indeed from all of the recent illegals that were dispersed throughout the USA

    I’m sure the CDC would like to know as much about this outbreak as you do. BTW, where did you get your information? A link to a reputable source would be nice.

    I can claim it came into this country because Halliburton executives brought in boatloads of contaminated cash and have as much credibility and proof as you submitted.

    Now, back into your plastic bubble before your paranoia infects anyone else.

  20. Shiva not from ebola – not yet at least. The enterovirus that is spreading across the country – it has killed 6 people – 4 children – 2 adults. It is from the illegals dispersed throughout the country.

  21. Why is everyone so angry on here. Shouldnt everyone here be on the same side. We need to protect our families first. Geez….what is up with all you people. Would you rather disease spread without any control…..it is common sense. Nigeria stopped their spread of Ebola using common sense. They stopped all travel from the ebola stricken countries. Why should that make anyone angry. They did the right thing. Other African countries have followed their lead and have also halted travel. Why is that racist. What is wrong with all of you.

  22. I am not paranoid at all. I am still sure why everyone is so angry. All of us are so connected on a spiritual level. Maybe all of this must come to pass so we once and for all come to understand that there is no separation and that all in fact is one. I just didnt think we were ready for it yet but everything seems to be happening so fast.
    I guess maybe we shouldnt try and stop anything then -come what may

  23. I think you are on another planet. Your response has nothing to do with anything.

    Go back to your news source and demand to know why they lied to you.

  24. Your claims are bogus. Which disease are you talking about?

    Are you saying we should stop all travel from the US?

    Dump the illegals claim, thats pure BS. If travel from those countrys is halted, then what do we have to worry about? THINK

  25. To be honest at the moment I am glad I am not in the same place as you or as you say planet. But even so I send you blessings. I am part native American so I suppose I look at things somewhat different – maybe that is why it seems I am from a different place because I am.
    I wish you all well.

  26. We are all native Americans who are born here.

    But thanks for running from your claims and not presenting any proof

  27. Theres proof all over – pull up enterovirus68 – illegal aliens. you will have your proof. Thousands of kids were sent throughout the u.s. end of August. That is when the enterovirus began to spread….I believe there have been over 600 cases so far……some kids are even paralyzed because of it. We have never had 68 before this. Ask any doctor and they will tell you the connection is without doubt. And no everyone born here is not a Native American.

  28. Actually the CDC is the one that said this new enterovirus 68 from illegals.
    PUT in search……CDC says virus spread by illegals

  29. Since I moved to where I live at I find it funny that a lot of whites and blacks claim Native American ancestry to claim benefits like free health care, breaks on fees and taxes. Not saying you do this but just saying

  30. Oh please. I have never had a free lunch in my life. My father is an engineer. My mother a nurse.
    I live in a 9000 sq ft home. I take vacations whenever I choose. Now wait for the jealous haters. And yes I happen to look white but part of me is Native American.

  31. Houses and vacations dont make the person. Actions and words do. So far you have made bogus claims and ran from them.

    My DNA says I am part native American to. My birth certificate says I was born here, that makes me native AMerican

  32. You proved my point for me. The top five sites listed in the Google search:

    1. westernjournalism.com
    2. breitbart.com
    3. offgridsurvival.com
    4. wnd.com
    5. toprightnews.com

    I don’t see any reputable sites, all right wing fear mongering conspiracy sites. Where is the link to the CDC statement?

    Oh, here it is. Show me the where it says the origin is from the immigrants you are blaming.

    Search for your self.

  33. You’re not thinking clearly, Nadia.

    How is it possible for kids who have been locked up in a detention facility to spread the enterovirus?

    Also, the first thing HHS and the Dept. of Homeland Security did was give the migrant kids a physical exam after they turned themselves in at the U.S./Mexico border.

    I Googled the enterovirus and found no info stating that immigrants/migrant kids brought it to the U.S. None.

    Poliomyelitis, encephalitis, pericarditis and/or myocarditis, which are all caused by the enterovirus, have occurred here in the U.S. before, so your claim that the migrant kids or undocumented immigrants introduced the virus into the U.S. is wrong.

  34. I get that it would be illogical for a person seeking medical care in the US to look for a witch doctor, everyone knows the best witch doctors are in Tanzania, but expecting groups of people who utilize witch doctors to act logically, under western conceptions, is a stretch.

    The dog whistle thing I have never understood. It always seems the people meant to here it miss it and the people meant to miss it catch it. It’s an ineffective way to send secret racist messages. I think her comments were ill conceived and perhaps prejudiced against third world cultures but not inherently racist. If you don’t set a higher bar to call people racist no one will listen when you do.

  35. Not to completely agree with Nadia, because her statement is impossible to prove, but the nature of Enteroviruses is they spread quickly when people are in close quarters, hence it’s ability to decimate cruises. It is not unreasonable to think that perhaps the government housing of illegal immigrants in cramped conditions and then transporting them across the country could have contributed to a nationwide outbreak of such a disease. I enjoy that you will apparently believe anything the government says, because they have never omitted information or flat out lied in the past.

  36. Um yeah.tors without borders a very reputable organization that certainly isn’t known for being conservative, or racist has stated that in rural areas in Western Africa village elders are superstitious and distrustful of western medicine and don’t allow access to infected patients. They instead hope that rituals will cure their sick tribe memb Maybe you don’t call them witchcctors, but the statement WAS factually correct. I know most liberals don’t like when inconvenient facts get in the way of their name calling.

  37. Not much call for witch doctors in the US. But dont let that get in the way of making a fool of yourself. We enjoy it

  38. Except some DO go to witchdoctors…

    This, from the NYT…

    ‘Efforts to monitor it (the epidemic) are grinding to a halt because of “intimidation,” he said. People appear to have more confidence in witch doctors…’

    This is from the IBT, not exactly a right wing pub:

    2014 Ebola Outbreak: Afflicted Resort to Witch Doctors; Locals Believe Virus is a Western Conspiracy

  39. What is the f*cking difference when some Christian sects instead of going to a doctor lay their hands on the patient and pray? Oh I get it they’re not in Africa

  40. As an agnostic, I doubt there is a difference, but that isn’t the point. You can’t discredit the contents I provided (via links) by asserting other groups’ failures to act rationally. That doesn’t refute or disprove the articles I’ve provided links for.

  41. No one is disputing that their are witch doctors, shamans or just plain Dr. Bombays its the racist tone of the faux news bimbos who try to turn it into a racial issue. And if you cant see that then you need to open your eyes and see what is going on

  42. I didn’t get a racist tone from it, just factual information. She was talking of particulars, not universals.

    In Africa, some believe in witch doctors. In Africa, most of the population is black. So the conclusion might be: some blacks in Africa believe in witch doctors (an example of a particular). The conclusion is NOT all blacks everywhere believe in witch doctors (an example of a universal).

  43. Of course you didn’t. You also believe Fox is fair and balanced and President Obama promised you unicorns shitting golden bricks

  44. Actually, I watch BBC, not Fox. And your argumentum ad hominems don’t do anything to advance your viewpoint.

  45. I didn’t ask you what you watch and I am not trying to advance any viewpoint other than tying to stop you from the stupid. Fox is a racist channel. Plain and simple. All they were doing was reinforcing the bigotry of their old white viewers. They offered no information only fear of a black planet. Like I said if you cant see it then maybe deep down you enjoy the dog whistles. But don’t worry I know you have a black friend or two so you cant be like them

  46. You implied I watch Fox and/or agree with it, which I do not. I gave the summation of her argument above, so I won’t repeat it, but nowhere did it imply fear of a ‘black planet’. It implied that some Africans believe in witch doctors and this can impede the treatment of ebola. That is a fact. One would have to be ‘stupid’ to deduce from this that it applies to all blacks. And the races of my friends are immaterial to this discussion.

  47. Wonder why FOX is #1 among all viewers? Could it be they are right about the issues and give a clear picture as MSNBC does’t.

  48. First all less than 1% of Americans watch that bovine excrement. Second they are old white and dying not a demographic I would want. Third WTF have they been right about?

    John Galt? Really you take a name from a fictional character and from a author who regardless of her insipid writing only teenage boys and idiots like you in adult hood enjoy and take for gospel but she was everything your dumbass despise.

    But then again you and the baggers in their scooters are the welfare queens

  49. Very good that they have a system to do this, and it would be very useful if they could train people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to use it, but what does it have to do with the topic at hand?

  50. Nothing other than you bought into the racist argument of fox that the Africans are uncivilized and all they know is witch doctors. Like I said Ooga booga

  51. First, where did I mention civilised versus uncivilised? Nowhere. Second, where did I say ALL Africans believe in witch doctors? Again, nowhere. Some do, many don’t. Does that fact make me racist?

  52. I disagree, as I don’t think that was being implied at all and I stated my understanding of her comments. Obviously we’ve interpreted what she said differently. We will just have to agree to disagree about it.

  53. do people on here not understand that Africa still has which doctors, and some Africans still go see them?

    it isn’t racism it is simple fact.

  54. How many of you have actually been to Liberia? It amazes me that so many people can have so many opinions about this when they actually have NO education or exprience with the culture. People in Liberia either DO NOT trust the medical system -and rightly so -or they can not afford it. They DO seek witch doctors and traditional medicine FIRST in most cases. I have seen and experienced it first hand there. I know this is a difficult thing to understand as Americans but it is still very real in Liberia (and other african countries) and has nothing to do with racisim. It just is what it is. It is sad to me that so many want to turn this into something that it is not.

  55. A doctor named Benjamin Black who is fighting Ebola in Sierre Leone has said that the fight against the disease is hampered by the population’s belief in witchcraft. He discussed the issue in an interview given to The Telegraph. Perhaps you should find and read the article if you are really interested in becoming educated on the issue.

    If you prefer to live in ignorance, go for it.

    I’m pretty sure Dr. Benjamin Black has more first hand experience than you on what the issues are on the ground in West Africa.

    Do all people in West Africa believe in witchcraft? NO.

    But does some portion of the population believe in it? (To quote the doctor) “There is a section of population here who simply don’t believe Ebola is real, they think it is witchcraft and so they don’t come to the treatment centres.”

    I guess I would have to say YES.

    Next time perhaps you should do some research on your article topic. Especially if you plan on calling someone a troll.

  56. Benjamin Black Obstetrician / Gynaecologist well I guess that makes him a expert in infectious diseases, BTW could we have a link to this interview?

  57. How arrogant are you? He has actually worked at an Ebola clinic. I think that earns him the right to comment on the issues they are facing.

    Sounds like you prefer to live in Ignorance, USA- It’s a fun place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

  58. Is that all you asked? What was this:

    “Benjamin Black Obstetrician / Gynaecologist well I guess that makes him a expert in infectious diseases”

    Find it yourself and then find a therapist for your passive aggressive personality disorder.

  59. I am not, but I think you may be full of it and some other stuff too.

    Its so much easier to call people names like troll, racist, full of shit, etc. than to take the 5 seconds to run a Google Search to see what kind of data exists. Apparently you found that he does work for Doctors Without Borders and is an OB/GYN. Perhaps you could have typed Dr. Benjamin Black and The Telegraph in Google Search. I think it is the #1 search result for that search.

    After that why don’t you search Sierre Leone and witchcraft. There are many articles on the subject. Just in case you don’t think he can be trusted since he is only an OB/GYN.

  60. Ask for a link and I get this bullshit. Its only a link damn! I know there is witchcraft in Africa asshole just like they’re white Christians who lay hands on people to pray away the illness so I don’t get your f*cking point.

    Just provide the link to the interview or just STFU before I ban your trolling ass

  61. Well, to cut her the ever-so-slightest bit of breathing room…


    or this


    or this…


    Yeah… there is without question race-baiting going on, but all 3 links are from the 21ST CENTURY.

    She’s an idiot and incoherent, but when the facts back up whatever her besotten ramblings seem to blather forth, you have to really consider that she’s not too far off from the truth.

    To paraphrase the late Rick James, “Witch Doctoring is a helluva drug….”

  62. My point is:

    – A portion of the population of Western Africa believes in Witch Craft. It is well documented.
    – Doctors working in clinics have said it is hindering their ability to fight EBOLA.
    – Andrea commented on this issue and was called a racist troll in the title of this article.
    – You have now agreed with her that there is a belief in witch craft in Western Africa.
    – That means you are a racist……troll. Right?

    That’s my point and your point is on the top of your head.

    I am not your secretary. You can not force me to add a link. Block away.

  63. So childish how liberals resort to name calling when they don’t like a different opinion.
    I do not align with any particular party, I choose to vote for the candidate that I feel would do the most good. I do have one burning question, why are Liberals so hell bent on destroying America? I watch, read and listen to the agendas, responses and actions of both parties. What I have witnessed in my lifetime is a catastrophic loss of morality and decency in our society, which appears to escalate when we have a liberal President. We all should be trying to build this country back to the greatness it once was instead of trying to bring it to its knees.

  64. And thank you mr conservative. We see and have received your email talking points. You are now free to leave. If you need a note telling your handlers you said your points, I will gladly supply it

  65. What I have witnessed in my lifetime is a catastrophic loss of morality and decency in our society

    So when you rethugs cut mental health, transfer the nations wealth to the few, start wars on lies, fail to protect the homeland, try o bring back Jim Crow, refuse to pay a living wage that’s what your baby Jesus would do?
    It’s too bad the Bible doesn’t teach better morals, since some people actually try and derive their morality from it. –Daniel Florien

  66. I guess his morality are women know their place and the blahs get to the back of the bus and I don’t even want to think what he thinks of the browns and yellows. Before I forget the native Americans deserve what they had coming

  67. Reporter speaks to critic. The critic starts calling her Racist and other insults.
    The reporter asks, ‘Do you have anything NICE to say?’
    ‘Yes. Hitler was a lot worse than you’.

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