A Secret Service Agent Leaked President Obama’s Schedule To Mitt Romney In 2012

secret service agent leaked obama schedule to romney

A Secret Service agent jeopardized President Obama’s security by leaking where the president was going to be ahead of time to the Romney campaign during the 2012 election.

According to InsideSources:

As scandal continues to envelop the Secret Service, InsideSources has learned of a security failure leading up to the 2012 election. Multiple sources inside the Romney presidential campaign confirm that a Secret Service agent provided details of President Obama’s schedule several days prior to the President’s campaign stops becoming public.

While sources involved in other presidential campaigns tell InsideSources that Secret Service detail assigned to each campaign will sometimes disclose private and personal information about those they are assigned to protect to opposing campaign staff, this instance in particular is very revealing of failures inside the Secret Service.

In the closing weeks of the 2012 campaign, a Secret Service agent was on the ground in a key swing state to coordinate security ahead of several campaign stops by the President. The agent, who was married, made advances towards a Romney campaign staff member.

A married Secret Service agent leaked the president’s schedule to impress a girl.

The real world consequence of leaking the president’s campaign schedule is that it put Obama’s life in jeopardy. If someone in the Romney campaign, which could never be described as secure or tight lipped, would have let the schedule get into the wrong hands the results could have been fatal for the president.

With each day, the Secret Service scandal gets worse. The scandal has moved beyond agency incompetence, and into political corruption. The Secret Service can no longer be considered only unreliable.

The Secret Service is corrupt. Forcing the head of the Secret Service to resign is not good enough. The agency must be rebuilt and reformed. Congress must go beyond the steps that it took to reform the Veterans Administration. Legislation must pass that will allow for the immediate dismissal of agents and managers. The Secret Service must be gutted. This president and future presidents lives are at stake.

A Secret Service agent put trying to sleep with a girl ahead of his duty to protect the president. The Secret Service is a threat to our own president. This is not a problem that can wait until after the election. Something must be done right now.

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  1. You know, this is all tied to David Chaney and his affiliation with Todd Palin. As this unravels, I’m betting the Palins are in it up to their necks.

  2. The secret service has become a sex & party club, with disregard for the functions they have been assigned to them.

    The should be replaced by battle tested dedicated veterans who may be better able to stay in duty.

    I hope that the culprits get dishonorable discharge and NO pensions for their lack of accountability.

  3. I agree with you Jason. The SS needs to be blown up and started over from scratch. WTF is going on here?? It`s a wonder the President not been assassinated or wounded yet!

  4. I don’t have much respect for someone who puts chasing some coochie or some dingaling ahead of their jobs or responsibility. How deplorable and dishonorable.

  5. My concern is that some of them have taken money. In return some of the haters are being allowed to get closer to Obama.

  6. Wonder why the lamestream media hasn’t brought out the connection between Chaney and Todd Palin? I also wonder about the JFK death and maybe connections with the FBI. They must clean house.

  7. Most things in history, were done by men, to impress, influence, or control women, in some ways. Good things, and bad.

  8. The Secret service at this time is corrupted. It needs to be emptied of any member found remiss in any of the multiple scandals. This is also revealing of the Romney campaign, although it is heartening that several have confirmed this story, better way late than never. All this corruption leads to treason in my book when SS officers swear allegiance to protect the president, more than dismissal seems to be req’d. These are sad and shocking times when such evil runs rampant.

  9. Has anyone else get the feeling that they don’t care if POTUS Obama is assassinated?

    Considering that they tell us that he has received more threats then any other POTUS, they seem downright casual and careless, not to say incompetent about this POTUS’s life.

  10. Enough is enough.

    I think what we need now is a round of executions. Give every one secret service agent in ten a bullet to the back of the head.

    Frankly, this would have been unimaginable under another president, and with the amount of shit this president and democracy in general has taken, some bloody heads on a fence post seem the most effective solution. Starting with David and his brother Koch.

  11. I have not seen such a lack of protection of a president, since JFK and dallas. We all know what happen there. Something is definitely is not kosher in the secret service. Clean out the whole nest of vipers and devils, Mr. President. You need someone, you can trust. I have been holding my breath, since you were first elected. I know the america I live in.
    There were snipers on the roof and dogs and armed men on the grounds.
    Question..how did this man get that close to inner area of the white house? Inquiring minds,want to know?

  12. As if things can’t get any worst for the Secret Service, you have this thrown on the proverbial dog pile.

    I say it’s time for a complete overhaul. Fix the system before it’s broken down nature does something that would create massive amounts of damage to the President and his family.

  13. I’m sorry but I am at the point where I have to shout:


    Did they have a Job Fair somewhere and recruit a bunch of morons?

    You may have heard of things happening here and there over the years in the Secret Service, but it has been one egregious offense after another since Pres. Obama took office.

    It’s time for a house cleaning.

  14. I understand your sentiments, and I am appalled by the Secret Service as it is now. However your execution solution is not the way to go. Prosecute, and incarcerating them is the best, civilized solution. Going ISIL on them sends the wrong message.

  15. There is something fishy going on here … I mean more than the obvious. So if President Obama is assassinated now, where will the conciderable anger and finger pointing go to? The Secret Service of course, instead of where it would probably belong. I feel a big fat ol red herring is being set up here and it makes me terribly uneasy for the well-being of the president. There is more here than meets the eye.

  16. Why didn’t the Romney campaign hand the schedule to a Secret Service agent, preferably one with a higher ranking? Romney always talked about “values” but it was ok to keep something that could have had higher consequents for the President. What does that say about Romney?

  17. My head just hit the desk
    Ex-Secret Service Director: Agency Needs To Be ‘More Like Disney World’

    In the spring, Pierson was irate at what she considered the excessive security measures her team had planned for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which Obama hosted this summer, demanding that it dismantle extra layers of fencing and reopen closed streets, according to two agency supervisors. Supervisors who had mapped out the security plan said they were taken aback when Pierson, who worked during high school at Walt Disney World as a costumed character and park attendant, said: “We need to be more like Disney World. We need to be more friendly, inviting.”

  18. Here’s a fix: Make it a requirement that the Prtesident’s detail and the White House cops (SS) be of the same party as the President in office: Democrats with a Democrat Prez. and switch to Republican SS is it’s a Republican in office. The loyalties to ensure the President’s safety would be more intense and watchful. Just a crazy thought/suggestion. (Wouldn’t work probably) but hey, one’s gotta to think of something, No? ;)

  19. Is it true that Todd was a pimp who procured prostitutes for Chaney?

    If true, this seems to me to be a terrible mess!

    I, for one, would not put anything past the Palin’s.

  20. There is no question in my mind now that the Secret Service is pretty well infiltrated by those who want to see the protection of this President fail.

  21. I had an agent give me someone’s social security #, arrest records, immigration information, etc. simply because they could. The plain clothes agents that protect the perimeters spend a lot of their work hours on their personal phones texting, calling, playing video games, napping in their vehicles. I know first hand how much (at least one agent) actually spent time working versus on personal matters. The issues are systemic and the house needs to be cleaned top to bottom.

  22. Recently a distant family member went into the police academy. Before they went in they were politically balanced. But when they finished the academy they were a RW nut. Hating our President along with all minorities and non christians! I kid you not, The transformation was very visible. I think they need to look their culture and training! This could be regional, but needs to be checked, are they teaching our men and women to be anti government and intolerant of differences?

  23. The screening process for every SS Agent and prospective agent should include a mandatory lie detector test.

  24. FOLKS… He gave the the presidents schedule to Romney… THAT IS PUBLIC RECORD… Hell the NEWS networks KNOW where he is going to be… ITS NO SECRET on a campaign trail.. NONE… because GUESS WHAT… the people in the auditorium hes going to already KNOW where hes going to be, and so do the LOCAL press….. GET A GRIP

  25. Folks the schedule is kept secret for a reason. So the SS can scout the venue. Only when its secure do the press gets the time of the event.
    I know being a teabagger comprehension is hard for you but try reading again
    Multiple sources inside the Romney presidential campaign confirm that a Secret Service agent provided details of President Obama’s schedule several days prior to the President’s campaign stops becoming public.

  26. While we’re cleaning house, how about cleaning out the Republicans in the house and charging them with treason for taking an oath to uphold the constitution when its clear they’re only oath is to ALEC & the Kochs as they promise to destroy the constitution & US government.

    Something about this SS scandal doesn’t smell right. It’s interesting it’s our first black president whose life & family’s lives have been put at risk. I think we’re going to find some GOP policians involved in the bribing of agents. They’ve made no mistake about how much they hate Obama.

    Even if the GOP isn’t involved in this, they’re getting exactly what they deserve; just look at Kansas.

  27. Agree, all you need do is take a look at how police treat ordinary humans. Not with respect, even to listen. ask any one in Ferguson! When I see any law enforcement officer, I see swagger, arrogance, and FAT..Look for the coffee house they patronize, all fat, and getting fatter every dAY.


    Funny how 1 black woman I remember was killed by the SS when he car was in the vicinity, apparently out of control or whatever the “story” was. But the felon is allowed into the WH?

    BULLSHIT..investigate who is behind it. C’mon MEDIA..get to it and publicize it.

  29. I was wondering the same thing. When is the media going to start looking into the 2008 Secret Service sex scandal in Alaska involving local pimp Todd Palin and Agent David Chaney?

  30. The sad fact is that the President is not and has not been safe anywhere. There are very few people who can be trusted with his safety.

  31. Very fascinating, isn’t it? Malia has been getting the run around from the Department of Homeland Security for 2 years with numerous FOIA requests concerning this. They aren’t supposed to be able to withhold this information legally, but they are. Cover-up, maybe? Is Todd Palin getting away with crimes because the Dept. of HLS is covering the asses of the Secret Service? Not too far fetched sounding anymore with all of the other Secret Service CYA being exposed recently.

  32. My concern for the president is that some of the secret service are republicans and that they could careless about his safety. Maybe all those security breaches were not accidents.

  33. I am stunned. It seems most people working for the federal government are racists and are trying to get our POTUS murdered.

    Time to revamp the Secret Service as well as candidates who run for office or work for the federal government in any capacity. This is the twenty first century folks enough with racism.

  34. Signed… Hubby signed as well.

    As someone who was 10 yro girl on 11/22/1963, in Dallas, schoolgirl,I cannot handle another beloved President murdered by the racists and entire Klan of Repig EvangeliBaggers.

    The Secret Service is corrupt and must be totally revamped TODAY, not eventually…

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